15 Worst Catchphrases In Wrestling History

[Applause] hey guys what's up its me Joseph what culture dot-com joined by my other more bolder friend Andy Murray Deb alder we are definitely definitely oh you are more follically challenged you give you get Billy Corgan a run for his money in the bold department I'm not the one hiding it under a hat whoa I mean last some big shots fired but anyway you might wonder why we two are together and no it's not just because the bold convention is in town but it's actually because it is because of the fact that we are launching a sort of special slant on a list which is called two deep-fried logo animation it's fight we can't say that so it's what we're doing basically is we've taken a list and instead of delivering it in a regular dry sort of format what we're gonna do this time is actually just deliver it live we're gonna discuss it and try and turn it into a sort of pseudo podcast and today's subject is the worst catchphrases in wrestling and boy oh boy did this take a while to put together because there are most certainly a lot of them you know things like hash phrases used to be kind of a wife blood of professional wrestling presentation they've kind of dropped off in recent years but to be honest I still love them they're big and stupid and cheesy but wrestling is big and stupid and cheesy isn't it but the problem is just because you're repeating it day in day out doesn't mean that it's gonna get bleep up lord knows I'm the back end of that one I mean those t-shirt sales ain't going well anyways what we do is we decide to group together 15 of the worst and and Andy knows some of them I don't know the other half of the list and we're gonna deliver them back and forth and just have a little discussion so we're gonna kick things off with I believe it's Christians one from when he joined TNA which is if you don't know now you know this is when Chris was in TNA is Christian cage I said you Taurus b.i.g Eric it's me know now you know and then there's an exploitive words that I presume that Christian did not use in TNA otherwise he would be indeed canceled trash I mean history is certainly hard catchy or catch phrases doesn't yeah even when he was talking about peeps and all this nonsense the thing is I don't really get it because it's kind of like it's one of those things which is so stupid to say out it's like Sophie didn't know now you know it's just like what you're hoping to have achieved by that I mean it's it's clearly not meant to be a riff on the whole yeah and that's the bottom line because stone cold said so it's that sort of like a thing but you've just taken it and just turned it into a like a book library inversion boy it's like a polite dad oh that's you told her like come on man they might imagine like saying to something us that I'm gonna beat you with an inch of your life if you didn't know now you know so like psych you just take it all right it's about as frightening as a wet piece of bread oh praise the patient number 14 the second one and this is audience basis it is a bad catchphrase but one could argue that it's actually a good catchphrase cuz it really got over despite being objectively dumb right and that is mr. Kennedy Kennedy yeah just said his name twice and somehow that got over I mean you sure sound charismatic the guy that is true and under how unfortunately he was involved in a string and that's not even just like wild accusations that's what he got done for and got kicked out the double w but widely enjoyed Randy Orin as well yeah yeah yeah but the thing is is that like mr. Kennedy I enjoyed quite a lot and I really thought that his involvement in the angle that he was gonna be Vince is the illegitimate son and I think that the Kennedy Kennedy thing actually worked really well with that but I don't know I don't hate it I can definitely see that it's pretty trashed because it's not very Korea yeah that's all we knew I legit just same you same your name over and over again I mean you wouldn't walk around us doing that's like it's Marie wouldn't work although now we should definitely do that yeah I mean it kind of speaks to the fact that sometimes wrestling's most enjoyable things are also things that are pretty atrocious like this guy's just seeing his name twice that's awful but it's kind of great at the same time I think it falls into that worse doesn't always work yeah it falls into that horrible thing of being like so bad it's good yeah baby so what we're gonna give this one a pass but it definitely isn't worse it's one that is pretty goddamn atrocious and that is Zack Ryder trying to get the woo-woo-woo you know it now the thing is is that like I watched his YouTube T's show that he had well and you know I bought into it it was over the top it was silly and I liked that but once they put him on to the main roster it kind of fell apart because it realized that some things that work on the indie scene something's working there like a close so smaller skill don't carry over and it sounded so stupid hearing their through massive arenas I mean like I know the character got over and I knew it was like a big full kilo thing and I know it was one of the first examples of like modern wrestler getting themselves over all the company's help using the internet YouTube to do that la Zack man you're a grown man you can't be seeing fish like woo-woo-woo you know it on that come on but the thing is though if he just cut the woo-woo-woo out and if it was just like you know it that could have been alright a second upgraded version of the Christian one you know it is a bit more authoritative it's a bit more assertive than going ah yeah that's that's yeah Christians they're just going like damn if only I'd drop the second censors I would have been fine but yeah I think it's the woo-woo-woo especially that make this annoying like only kids with walk around I mean imagine just going like again we have to put into context I challenge you Undertaker a lot of magic TLC for some reason no no I mean like oh that's simple hey Shh that's the thing about some of these things we just remove all of the fret speaking of threatening guys number 12 here Rick Steiner remember him the dog-faced gremlin Scott's right yes kind of less funny brother the fact that he's called the dog-faced great just shows he just got the absolute crap beaten out of him in terms of all the packaging and promotion really if you saw there's some of their matches back in Japan they certainly did a good job of beating the crap up I would be very ultimately head drops next stuff all that stuff anyway his catchphrase back in the day and I'm just gonna read this cuz it's really stupid okay if you want some get some if you don't fight be white the dog the dog-faced gremlin you bite him okay when you friends in the first part of it I was like okay that's not a bad catchphrase you know John Cena yes yeah but but then just add it and if you don't bite me it sounds like such a like a petulant school child sort of response sort of thing like somebody's not like us we're not allowed to swear technically on YouTube anymore thank you very much for D monetizing all of our videos thank you for that yeah it's just going to crap like I mean Scott Steiner of course is very famous for some of the verbal diarrhea he is come on the years that maths probable from back in TNA being the classic but Rick not much of a talker now and it's a real shame there because it's like you think that if some of that character that charisma had rubbed off onto Rick then maybe Hugh too would have been up there but clearly he just wasn't utterly babbles mentalize brother was there there were a great tag team but Steiner Scott reinvented himself as a banker wrestle early only years Rick yeah he just kind of and if you want to see the ultimate epitome of Scott Steiners absolutely behind the wrestling thing then it is to watch his workout videos oh my god he he bench presses while a woman sits on his chest it is utterly ridiculous the big big bad booty daddy is right and Noah Taylor you hear me now this one number 11 it's just Jeff Jarrett just spelling his name like because racket lately but they're just je double F because I because I'm je double F J de a dolar man he suspends his whole name you're just like just stop and this is coming from a man who wasn't intelligent enough to because he coined that phrase was it he said w don't double double w he said something he didn't even come up with w w Jeff that is the obvious one and he didn't do it it's a pretty damning and I mean I love Jeff Jerry and I love all this stupid crap like this thing nor any responses the time he M tried to market global force wrestling as global forced gold which was a Ponzi scheme in which he stole your money by anyway he's the king of banner and the Missis thing like he's had success with fairly good matches like he's is his career speaks for himself he's been involved in some ludicrous angles but it's just one of those things expecting this particular thing to get over was asking a bit much I'd say about other countries going to get over a JBL Oh favorite well I mean if you're and if you don't got it get it and if you don't get it figure it out again it sounds like he's just about safe and if you don't that just seems again really dry isn't it just kind of mean there's no I'm not gonna help you do it your own and then we've got a lovely one here from x-pac now what do you think this is great that was great we are the New Age Outlaws you think of like catchphrases are plenty because it's like you know got two words for you suck it that's great and then you've got the the other thing when Road Dogg comes out he announces everything like Bill who's and gentleman yes that's fantastic x-pac on his own though your ass is grass and I'm going to slow this man who has a fairly outstanding porn career well I wouldn't want to be talking about smoking asses like you know he's smoking arses and all so easy he's really into cigarettes on WWE television the Michael Dubin spanks copyright Josh Brown 2018 is a big fan of the green isn't he but looks like it's it's just funny looking back on this knowing how experts personal life and stuff go in how his career when I'll have Sean Waltman so much but that is that's awesome it's about like it's really bad take that one right back skip Sheffield this is number eight back in the day when he was skip Sheffield and I don't fall it would be very hard for this man to somehow do worse than it's reading time I don't mind feed me more right but I might add mind the repetitiveness of debt that was all it was an intro music for about 30 seconds I love right I'm not gonna lie I love all that crap I think it's awful but I love it there's fat people it's a pig what he's claiming lay of what length cling to everything is rated under the wrestling certain catchphrases skip Sheffield cars yep yep yep what it do [Music] next yep yep yep that's what it dude no no yep yep yep what it dude not even understand mean spilitt a Jason the Gillette I don't get it stupid steroid it let's move on the thing is like okay fair enough with thanks but yeah okay so they're always Jeff Jarrett back again I don't actually mind this one listen up slash choke on these slap notes because probably the sort of thing that ends up but slapping does because you had it written on the back of this continue yeah it was it was this thing it's the most bizarre wrestling insult of all time arrogance slaps apart from well some of the more problematic stuff that the rock used to call Kevin Kelly Oh dive into that slot notes I it's kind of iconic really listen up slap nuts and of course we've all seen the WCW backstage segment in which Beetlejuice of course was a commitment arson yeah said hey slap nuts but Jeff Jarrett just bunks it with big attorneys no you say bump him he slides on the rested on some kind of a hate crime legislation for doing that to a minor Betelgeuse is sighs but he must have signed off on the angle but whether or not he remembers signing off after there's another thing god blessed UF Garrett and God bless Roman reigns here at numbers yes no we might to be at this one a little bit this is Roman reigns I'm not a good guy I'm not a bad guy I'm the guy if it was anyone else at the time that could have worked but because he was so universally hated at the time I just it just never took off and people focused on every mistake that he was making and this one just came across as insincere I think it's because one of the things I will of staunchly defend Roman reigns I think that he's a fantastic safe other grounds in the in the ring I think that he's got a limited moveset but he's safe and I think that he did Steve Austin that's the thing a lot of people forget right and he brings out the best in a lot of his opponents the these four and of course we wish him a speedy recovery batters bring hope to see him soon but everything that he was told to say came across as insincere and you you realized this when he did his sort of I'm stepping away to deal with my illness speech because of the fact that that was real that was allowing him to John the heart and he just never sounded like he meant it when you're just like I'm the man yeah and Becky Lynch saw baton which is like her no I'm the man yeah I think like the idea of calling yourself the guy is great if you're a heel but not if you're a babyface and perhaps that's where the problem comes from like garlic score if he was the ultimate evildoer and he'd done all this after luck beating the piss out of the Undertaker at WrestleMania and all those other major things than perhaps this would have come off a little better but I think as a whole while it could be a good carries it kind of sums up all the problems with the character itself yes exactly right it's the deepest level of analysis you will find in this video I have real serious for a members let's go back a bit in time that's when we were silly and also back to the Stone Age because this is the rock saying yabba-dabba I kind of love that because I would because I know that how it would have come out and he would just be like yeah but Dabba like that thing is like even remember this rock he is like the most prolific catchphrase seriously is that as I said yesterday he's the Ayatollah of getting things over he really is but like this particular one was probably the weakest in his grand scheme of just catchphrases so I guess that the worst thing is you could just say it was forgettable yeah not one of his classics so if we could take over to a couple of former rivals of his the James Gang aka the New Age Outlaws yes Billy Gunn Road Dogg Jesse James I'm going under a number of moniker throughout their time and their career so back in the day they used to have this catch phrase that went if you're not done with that we've got three words for you Oh an extra one right what are the three words get it yep got it good five words not free so why do they even bother what the hell do they even bother I mean this ticks all the boxes it's not it's not catchy it sounds stupid they've got the mass wrong it sounds how horribly shoehorn yeah well doesn't it ripped off another infinitely more popular catchphrase they go over yes please oh that's that's that's the worst that's basically like repackaging them it's like you know when they you know I've watched a young video I think it was a bronze ain't shouting by the way so Grammys guy he did a video on repackages of wrestling tag teams as new versions I didn't like the new rockers and stuff at that oh yeah it only stays and like however whenever the new thing got attached to it it killed it this is like them trying that but in catchphrase form yes I'm gonna take something that work and absolutely bungle it yeah it's it's just die now not brains in Road Dogg we're definitely not brows I'm good yeah I um now going on someone that we had a bit of a discussion about because John Cena is as it stands right now the epitome of just having a laugh like he does matter he did not care I mean the Lightning fists are low though I do fish rules the haircut rules but we have to admit that you can't see me is really dumb it's what it since we're like I I think it's the hand gesture itself yeah that's the thing that annoys me because I think they ever say you can't see me because I'm so high above you or like I'm like I'm a god to an ant I think that's fine I always just thought that the hand thing I don't know I liked it as a package and obviously it's been used to sell thousands of t-shirts and start in true years it really caught on to degree I think it was more appropriate back when he was the arrogant battle rapper and even big heel because it's it's a really like arrogant thing to say obviously and that has always been an element of Cena's character I think again for part of this is down to the fact that Cena has been this kind of divisive babyface yes a pseudo Hulk Hogan thing for so long but I don't know why I really love you can't see me like it's just fun maybe maybe it's the sheer irony of the fact that when he says you can't see me yes we can John you're on every single bit of WWE marketing yeah like we can't ignore you wish we couldn't see you yeah occasionally just take a break John and number two Michael cool my old man he carries is a man of many marketing slogans and this one is very simple it is the word vintage insert wrestler here so like a toy a slepping I've a vintage Titus yeah yeah it's got not twice yeah it's like a guy doesn't move once friendly John dropping on us yes absolute bunk it's bad like it's wonderful I get you this is obviously uh sanely like junior and king used to say back in the day wrestling commentators have used this for ages but the fact that Michael called you starts air it is not his fault now but the fact that he does everything to death because his bosses tell them to Scott I mean it's not admittedly as bad as its bast hi yeah yeah here comes that big dog I mean you could probably just take Michael Cole and put that as the entry on this one however maybe you should refine that and say the people in Michael Cole's ear aka kept done and mr. McMahon yeah so I guess it's really them I feel bad for Michael cool he gets a lot of stick that he probably doesn't deserve because he's just doing what his bosses tell him to and he is doing exactly what they want but my god are these things greeting yes very very true and we end with what is probably the most prolific catchphrase but before we do that oh you've got some out of water I don't the MS I love them is very charismatic but some of his catchphrases over the year I'm the Miz and I'm awesome I mean it's so egotistical and crap it's garbage you know I went through that phase of going really really oh yeah I didn't take off it didn't take off which is like have you forgotten your lines yeah what you doing there me yeah a personal favorite of mine you're either NEX us or against us oh that's so cheesy I forgot about that let's agree and one that's not quite a catch phrase but mo Oren although I'm sorry dude to this no no no Adam Cole like Tom Morello plucking the strings of revolution as the undisputed era Rage Against the Machine in NXT Wow I thought you were gonna go for really controversial and say Mamma Mia but terrible as well the guy does it on body snap Mary imagine imagine imagine having to read that out and thinking to yourself yeah that was good yeah really Neil Darwin died on the Merc on moto 2 are these beloved and all that but Jesus Christ that that's bad everyone's gonna say yeah we can speaking of stinkers this is the thing when this first originated I absolutely adored it because I was just a wee little kid and I thought this was absolutely brilliant was I care the invasion angle was going on stone cold had just affected onto the alliance and I was just like okay this is what's going on here and he started listening to his watch and saying unbelievably it is still going as strong today but the problem is is that it completely derails people who are cutting promos it not people noise people have matches going on like it takes away a lot of the atmosphere it is your right to do that as a fan who has paid money to do that but it's just a pit we're getting to the point now which it's so old it's not the CM Punk shot yeah god yeah like it's you can make an argument for the Steve Austin what to be both the best yeah yeah because it's so simple and it's got longevity yeah but it's also kind of the worst because it is used to kind of interrupt people issues when crowds hijack show yeah I mean it was just really bloody annoying like this guy just butting into you and it can really just distract wrestlers from the performances obviously they should be professional and try to work through them but if you're someone who's maybe not as comfortable and microphone and the crowd starts going what between every cent yes oh it's pretty terrible tell you what there's a fantastic video on YouTube of thinking I think the double double you put it up for themselves which is 10 times the wrestlers beat the what chance and that is actually worth of watch because they obviously recognize how much or how prolific that catchphrase yeah but also realize how annoying it is yeah and talent but they ain't gonna stop it as a famous man once said stone cold created a monster with that line and there's gonna be an almighty hero needed to slay it very nice that ain't gonna be a catchphrase I know that most but yet they don't win this yeah at least there's not marrow or an hour plucking the strings of rabbit what anyway my role so those were 15 plus a few honorable mention worst catchphrases in wrestling of all time we hope you enjoyed this sort of bit more relaxed hormones and let us know down below if you'd like to see their do too deep-fried try because dudes will obviously what does that make me there's no Michaels I am so I am I such a prima donna so that is actually a very very big man he's the want man he sleeps with all the women good yeah anyway you want to follow us on Twitter you can follow me at retro J with a zero and you can follow me at Andy each morning and for all of your other wrestling news stay tuned to wat culture calm and subscribe to the channel do all the other bits and bobs that you know you love and swing by shot what cultured up comments by some more dead memes on a t-shirt because lord knows I think with too many of them I think way as far as I hope theme Jules I've been Andy you've been awesome speak to you soon bye