150 Indigo Pillows For 15 DIY




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- Hey, Hannah. - Hey. - So, I'm making a DIY video to make stuff to make my house look less shitty. - Do you know how? - I don't. - I was wondering if you could help me. (laughs) - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Do you wanna make a DIY video with me? - DI, why not? - Let's do it. Good high five. (laughing). - Hey. - Hey, you guys. Today we're gonna show you how to make $150 pillows for around 20 bucks each. Oh, no, oh, no. - Down down. - Throw pillows are the easiest way to transform a couch. - It's something that can tie your room together without having to spend a ton of money. But first, I gotta see what I'm working with. Can we just like check out the space first? - Yeah, actually we passed my house, like a couple. Okay. Welcome to my home. This is my house. So, I just moved here about a month ago. - A month? - Yeah. And I want this to be my first adult apartment. I love this place, I just kind of inherited all of this shitty furniture. - I think definitely, these couches are kind of a bland color. - [Zach] I can't afford a new couch, but I can afford new pillows. - I wanna do this technique called Shibori. It's a method of folding fabric, and then you're gonna use indigo dye to color it. I feel like with a little pop of color, because your walls are white, I think it's really gonna do a lot. Are these gonna stay? - Yeah, they're Samuri swords. - Do you play with them? - You don't play with them, they're decorative, and they're also for fighting. This is my bookshelf, it's built-in. - You wanna show me your toys? - Yeah. - Okay. - This is Lando Calrissian, this is Marty McFly. This is a novelization of the Rugrats Passover episode. - And it was a dollar. - Yeah, it was a dollar. It's a steal. This is Mr Bacon's Big Adventure. It's basically Candy Land with meat. I have all five of the Spice in my Pocket Spice Girl books. My favorite word is existentialism. I can't say it, and I'm not quite sure what it means. - This kind of reminds me of a dangerous children's room right now. - Thank you. - We'll focus on the pillows, and then maybe see where we can go from there. But we need to do something about this lamp. Did you find it on the sidewalk? - So, for this project, what do we need? - We need an indigo dye kit, five gallon bucket, rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, clothes pins, and some heavy duty rubber gloves. It covers more of your arm. I like your shade of pink. - Thank you, I love the shade of blue. It matches you're hair. - The important thing with indigo dye is you use 100% white cotton. - Just an all cotton white case, four bucks each. So the pillows $10 at IKEA. - So first things first, four gallons of warm water. We have our reducing agents, pour both of those in. And the indigo. - Wait, what's a reducing agent? - That's just gonna help it adhere to the fabric. When you're dying something, you need a reducing agent. - Cool, dope. Oh no, oh no. - It does not smell very good. - Oh, it's awful, smells like sweaty gym socks. - That's why we're outside. Mix that all together, let it sit for a little bit. - It's like a witch's caldron. - It is like potions class, right. Let's cover this up and set it to the side. - Oh that's heavy. - Oh careful. - Oh my god, I spilled on myself already. - Are you ready to start folding fabric? - So we got a few different folding techniques right. - We have so many pillow cases and they were so inexpensive I say we just try a few Do you need help? - No. The most basic fold is an accordion fold. It goes like eeh-eeh-eeh. So you're gonna do one fold over. Flip it and fold it the other way. And again so from this, you do a square. You're gonna accordian this way. - Okay. - This is gonna be the most frustrating part of the process, making sure your folds are even. - Your boy Zach over here fuckin' nailed it. - Beginner's luck. So we're gonna use these wooden blocks. These wooden blocks press where you don't want the dye to sink it. Rubber band these together nice and tight. - Look how cute they are. - Don't they look adorable, they're like little packages of joy. - Om nom nom - But the great thing is you don't really know if it's gonna be good or bad. You just do it. - You're so much more positive than my normal friends. (laughs) It's 'cause I have kids. So from this, there's so much you can do, triangles. - I love triangles. - We're gonna fold it in an accordion triangle. If you wanna get really fancy - I do. - Do some like clothes pins clipped around it. Let's do circles. This is the easiest tie you're going to do. So you're gonna find the middle, poke it up. So you have this little clump right here. You're gonna take your rubber band. You can do one large circle or a bunch of little ones, and they both look really really cool. - It's like a little ghost. What do you think his name would be? - Percy, no, too fancy. - Let's get to dippin'. - So these are gonna go in. We're gonna submerge them very slowly so the air bubbles completely out of them as we're sticking 'em down. - In you go you ghost. - No! - Not me! If they're floating to the surface a little bit, you can just give 'em a good spin every so often. - And this is why you wear the gloves. - We're gonna keep these in for one to three minutes. We're gonna take them out, hang 'em for 20 minutes and allow them to oxidize. - Whoa, it's so green. - Watch it change. We're gonna squeeze it out, 'cause we just don't want indigo dye dripping all over the place. - Whoa and look at the difference between this one and that one. It's only been out for a few seconds, but you can see the gradient of how it oxidizes over time. I mean, look at that. - We'll do this twice, and then fully rinse them out, and then see what happens here. So one to three minutes, out for 20, repeat, rinse, done. - What are we gonna do for 20 minutes? (dramatic music) - It is pretty cool, right? (swords clanging) - Yeah, it's kind of fun. - Okay so now we are rinsing off the cases. - This is like the most annoying process where you're just like rinsing and squeezing. When it starts to run clear, we're good. - Man you got a really work it. - This is yours. - Oh no, I think you should do it, I'm too nervous. - Ready? - Yeah. Whoa! That's beautiful. So we do this with all of them now, we rinse the out and they we put this in the washer dryer? - Yup. - With like soap and everything. - Laundry detergent, yeah. - Okay. - That's it. I have an itch right now. - Yeah, here use my elbow. - Okay, that actually worked, thank you. - Teamwork. All right so it's about three weeks later. Why three weeks? We're busy, deal with it. I have seen the pillows because I live here, but Hannah, you have not. - You haven't invited me over, what the heck? I've been a little nervous to see how they turn out. It's kind of hit and miss, you never know what you're gonna get. - Oh also, the pillows actually inspired me to do a little more decorating. - Oh my gosh. - So, but. - Wait, I'm so proud of you though. - Thank you. I think we've talked enough on this stoop. This is not even my stoop, it's a stranger's stoop. - He might come out. - Yeah, we should go. - Let's go. - Cut. (jazz music) Welcome. - Oh my gosh! - Did we do goo? - Oh my gosh. I feel like breathing a hug sigh of relief right now. The room has so much color. It looks brighter. - It's brighter. - Yeah and I mean these couches don't look so dull. Oh my gosh. (high fives) The pillows helped brighten up the room and they made me realize what kind of carpet I should get. The carpet made me realize like what I should put on the walls. I know it sounds silly but this one piece kinda helped me just figure out what everything else should look like. - I just can't get over how each of the patterns looked. And it kind of has these darker patches. - Which I love, the imperfections just become details. - Oh my gosh. So online these shibori pillows can cost up to $150. - Now it's time to find out what did we actually spend? (upbeat music) - Okay. - 2.28 - Okay. - plus 15.48 - Hold on, I lost my calculator. - Okay, start it over. - Hold on. $14.11 a pillow. Confetti effect. - Under budget. - Not only that, you can make up to 15 things with one batch. So that price will come down and down. And shibori t-shirt, it shrunk. It's now a child's shirt. - You're a child size. - Thank you. I guess that's it, huh. - Now that we've transformed the couches and the walls. - You wanna keep goin'? - There's a lot more we can do. Starting with that table. - What's wrong with the table? DIY difficulty out of 10. - Three. - What's a one? - Popsicle stick frames? - No, that's way harder, the glue slips. - Oh my god. - So there's Sabrina the Teenage Witch, PC game. - Wait, can I borrow this sometime? This is so cool. And it has Salem on the front. - Dang it's not even like scratched.