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Whats up guys and welcome to Team Edge Today, we're going to be reacting to another set of videos but this time it's all videos(Eats Cheeto) we were hit in the face *Matt dies of laughter* Comment down, below, what's another reaction video we should do? let's begin! (Furiously eating) J-Fred:I HATE IT!! Matt:Joey, have you ever seen? when he talks while he eats, he literally puts the food on the in front of his mouth, and he's like *Matthias makes weird noises with mouth* J-Fred: how come you never told me this?Alright (Matt:WAIT!) first video is the water challenge Matt:Wetness challenge Bryan:Dejavu man dejavu J-Fred:wow it's windy outside SHUT UP! Matt:Hey, bobby whoever's out there can, you kill them Bobby:EY! *Laughter* Matt in video:Basicly what happend in the water,now i have a giant headache, was like,i went like a straight up cannon ball down below. Bryan:I'm watching Joey dude he's looking at himself dude. Matt:yeah what *Smack Remix* Matt:It's a tungsten ring it's heavy! J-Fred:Tungsten? Matt: Well let's go back just a little bit if we can See J-Fred right here? You see this this is J-Fred looking at himself Bryan:That's when, we had that monitor on the cameras because we didn't have anyone operating the camera so We had to see if it was still recording Matt:He was literally looking at himself trying to look so cool! Bryan:He's flexing his, abs - he's like *Matthias makes impression of J-Freds flexing abiliteies* J-Fred: Two years ago, okay i was 23 at the time 20 24. Matt:Hey when i was 23 i wasn't this big of a dill hole [Wut] Bryan:You didn't even move, while Matts like moving around like Matt:Hes just like J-Fred:Giant hockey this, was the crossing of ice hockey and field hockey Matt: You kicked it, you literally kicked it the whole point of the game- J-Fred:Because i wanted to kick it right at Connors face Bryan: if you guys, want to see any of these videos and its entirety.. Click on the cards over there J-Fred:We have a playlist with all these videos J-Fred:Im guessing That this video like the last, one i'm the instigator.. In most of these. Matt:Wow Bryan:Yeah you're always hitting people on the crotch area.. Matt:ON the crotch area you're always hitting people on the crotch area. (Laughing) J-Fred:On the crotchal area Matt:Crotchal Bryan:Alright,here we go,here it comes Matt:That smacked him Bryan:at least- look at his smile after. J-FredThis was the video where, we knew Connor was gonna be so stoked To play hockey, because he plays hockey in real life, that we were just like didn't let Him, do anything we're just like, we're just trying to ruin it for him, basically Bryan:The whole time you were like THATS NOT HOW YOU PLAY HOCKEY, Matt:Trying to be a try-hard Trying to be a try-hard?thats like try-hard extreme! J-Fred:AUGHH! Bryan:This, is by far i lost it on this one Matt:Lost what? J-Fred:This was my birthday punishment challenge, where i got Punished at a different a bunch of different ways. Matt:Wheres my birthday? Bryan: so originally we were supposed to just- J-Fred:on September 20th Matt:How come there's no video from my birthday, celebrating me? J-Fred:because nobody loves you as much as they love me. Matt:True J-Fred:It hurt so bad it hit me like a punch to the face [lol] J-Fred:Gunner,gunner is an actor i don't fall for most of the stuff he does,but other people do I don't fall for this one Matt:I don't fall for any of this stuff you do. Bryan:oooooh J-Fred:.I don't i don't make up any of this stuff,im just an idiot. Matt:you make up stuff. J-Fred:it was fake! Who would hits- Bryan:I call thats a fake(Nice English) Matt:I call thats a fake! Bryan and J-Fred:I say thats a fake . Matt:I say you're a fake. J-Fred:People fall for it.Its good I appreciate it J-Fred:This is the giant beach ball baseball home run derby[Try saying that 3 times fast] Matt:Oh no Oh yeah Bryan:Oh no? J-Fred:OHH OH This is the... Bryan:Oh this is payback! J-Fred:Giant Wheel Of Misfortune video If you guys actually.. *Bryan hits himself in the face for whatever reason* Go and watch that video. We were sitting on a giant- Matt:He smacked himself in the face!! J-Fred:We were like sitting on a giant rotating wheel in this video We got stuff dumped on us but for this.. Bryan:This is payback! Matt:That wheel does not look giant.. J-Fred:that was pizza Conner in video:I did not mean to hit you in the face!! Bryan:BULL! J-Fred:Look at that!(Bryan trying to say something) (Matthias laughing) (Matt and J-Fred saying gibberish) Bryan:This is gonna jack me up for sure dude! J-Fred:Boom! right there is where it hits him.And it like knocks him over *Karate moves* Matt:I know it's like seriously this flies our arch-nemesis? (Laughing) J-Fred:We always laugh so hard any-*Jacks up words* At any time any one of us stutters and messes up on our words. Matt: Comment down below if you laugh at us too. J-Fred:We die every time and like We try to make everybody else in the office laugh and they just don't think it's funny nobody else thinks as we do. Matt:They don't have humors the bone. J-Fred:Humerus? I have this idea, and they didn't like this idea but let me know if you guys like This idea i want Team Edge to come out with a book.. a dictionary of our own made-up words. Bryan:They're, not made up they're real Wourlds *Laughing* Bryan:DANG IT! Matt:They're real wourlds what's wourlds mean? Guys if you're interested in that... Buy our new dictionary! Bryan:COMING IN 2018! J-Fred:$400 Matt:No seriously give this video a like if you want to see that. J-Fred:Conner hits his face. Bryan:Watch..BOOM J-Fred:He had a bruise on his eye. [Ouch] (Laughing) Matt:You tryed to dodge it too. J-Fred:This is pretty good i actually put a picture on one of my social sites. Bryan:Matt swung hard! J-Fred:The frame that you like see it actually hit my face is like pretty good. Right there! Matt: I think marlins a better frame. J-Fred:Look at his face, i never even noticed his face right there. J-Fred:Look at my face! *J-Fred singing* Matt:Dude that hurts too. Where is this even from? Bryan: What is this one from? Matt:This is old school, dude. Matt:You, like, nailed him with like a- J-Fred:This is the last warehouse. I nailed him with the outlet cord. aww, this one. Bryan:How did you throw like that dude? Like the most awkward. Matt:That was like an anime throw. You guys know i'm talking about just like... HEEE YAAAA!! [Top 10 most powerful anime characters] J-Fred:It knocked my mask off Matt:That's what i was literally aiming for. J-Fred:it's actually me getting hit in the face most of the time. GoOd gOoD GoOOd gOoOD GOoOOod Bryan:Blind volleyball! Is that Bobby getting hit in the face? Matt:How dare Bobby wear my shirt. ITS A BETRAYAL! J-Fred:This is literally a challenge where people were like supposed to get hit in the face. Matt:Eww he spat. Bryan:Yeah, cuz, raw octopus got in my mouth. J-Fred:YEAH CUS EH RAW OCTOPUS Matt:YEAH CUZ EH RAW OCTOPUS IN MY MOUTH. J-Fred:He did not like that, his mouth is open, why, why, why were your mouth open? Bryan: I was in the middle of talking! J-Fred:This one my nose you to hurt my nose Matt:Yeah, that thing Its not like it's not a softball. J-Fred:it's like, that it's like a soild rock! Matt:Its like a hard plastic ball. Matt:Dude, did it shock your nose? J-Fred:Don't spit on me! Bryan:I didn't spit on you J-Fred:You did! Bryan:Not on purpose. Bryan:Was he acting on that? J-Fred:No he wasn't acting on that one. Matt:Hit his glasses off. Bryan:Smiling on the way down! Hair flopping. J-Fred:Look at Bryan just laughing at him. You weren't concerned or anything Look at Bryan just laughing Laughing it up. Matt: what do you expect, we're on Team Edge, dude. J-Fred:I was like "Awww did not mean to do that" J-Fred:You spit on me again! Matt:No Joey you spit J-Fred:Got em right in the face! This was water-filled volley ball. I was so happy, about that - i was like YASS Matt:Bryan's clap! J-Fred:so this was the dodgeball video Matt:what dodgeball video? J-Fred:: it hasn't come out yet! Matt:WOW!!! Matt:OWWW MY ELBOW!! J-Fred:Obviously it's not user... Matt:Generated? J-Fred:When we're recording this video it hasn't come out but By the time its uploaded it's out,so go watch it. Matt:So much thinking. Matt:He backs up Bryan:OOOH I forgot about that! J-Fred:I got some revenge for Bobby there! Bryan:I'm laughing J-Fred:And then I said "NOT MA BOBBY"! He really put some heat on to that and then Bobby just boom right in the face Then Bryans laughing at him, and he's not paying attention HE SEES THE BALL GOING IN! BOOOM Bryan:What kind of jump is that? J-Fred:A dying storm trooper! J-Fred:This is the.. Bryan:Tackle The Person In The Box (Football Edition) Conner in video:I HAVE TO PREFORM CPR! J-Fred:He was gonna go in. Do you, see how fast that went in the slo-mo? Matt:Yeah. J-Fred:Boom it's as accelerating into his face! We have a, new, task for you! Matt:UHH? J-Fred: let's do a reaction video to the best stutters or Team Edge slips of the tongue, LADADAL what, do you call that? Matt:Tongue slides J-Fred:A mess up where you're just like MMMUEH Matt:Flub! J-Fred:Best mouth diarrhea! Matt:Hmm you don't wanna title that. Matt:How about Flubs! J-Fred:Best Team Edge word flubs. BLUHLUBA It's probably, gonna be all Bryan! He had 10 in this video alone! Comment down, below, with the time codes so, we don't have to do it and we'll put your name in the video Just being honest. Guys, go check out our last react video best hit, below the be-*Flub* Bryan:THERES AT LEAST 20 FOR J-FRED IN THIS ONE J-Fred:Best hit below the belt moments on team edge, where We got hit in the crotch-ista and go check out the tiny car race, where we were using little children's cars to race and it hurt. the car was in me! [Wut] see, ya Peace