18 Injured WWE Stars And When Theyre Set To Return

[Applause] hello friends Andy here for what culture wrestling back with another one of our semi regular runs through WWE's injury list which let's be honest that any given time leads with the length of a bad airport novella now as always there are a whole bunch of men and women out on the sidelines at the moment ranging from performance Center recruits all the way up to the main event seen on the main roster and they're all out for a variety of different reasons we'll take a look at that in just a moment but first two let's get a couple of notable exclusions out of the way the knee injury that Becky Lynch is currently sporting on Smackdown is all kayfabe is just an angle while she has gone as far as weighing a cast in public to put the thing over it is just that to put the storyline over and as far as Paige goes while she technically is a currently injured WWE star she's retired so that would be a bit of a cheat entry that leaves us with 18 absent T's and I've arranged them in a nice convenient list format just for you now they're not ranked in any particular order I just really like lists more so than everything apart from Gangrel and Gangrel so let's blast through them I'm Andy for what culture Wrestling and here are 18 injured WWE stars and when they're set to return number 18 Laura Sullivan now this one technically isn't an injury but it's a very severe situation and potentially one of the most worrying and troubling on our list what we know is the Sullivan suffered an anxiety attack before a scheduled debut in a raw dark match unfortunately he has since kind of gone off the grid since then and nobody really knows what's going on so our most recent update comes from January 28th and on that day the person who runs Laura's Twitter account who only goes by the initials WC posted the following information I'm just going to read this out to you there has been a lot of speculation about Lars recently it's true he went missing several weeks ago and I was just able to contact him this morning Lars wants everyone to know that he's in a good place and is sorry to everyone he has disappointed best w see now the Twitter account has since been said to private which heaps further ambiguity on this troubling situation let's just hope that wherever Sullivan is he's in a good place mentally expected return totally unknown number 17 t no Sabbat le this big muscly dude suffered a torn pectoral muscle back in May 2018 and he's been missing ever since now what's interesting here is that his former tag team partner Riddick Moss who is also in NXT suffered a near identical injury soon after but his since returned to TV and indeed action a few months ago sabatello is still on the sidelines but given that he was initially prescribed with a nine months recovery periods it's safe to say that he'll be back on our screens before long expected return imminent number 16 Dakota Kai it felt like the affable Dakota Kai was finally building some momentum in NXT and NXT UK at the end of last year but alas the injury bug is a cruel cruel mistress and she tore her ACL hai underwent surgery in January 2019 but unfortunately the injury turned out to be a lot worse than was first expected however injuries like this do tend to come with a six-month recovery period expected return summer 2019 number 15 Teigen knocks one of the saddest injury stories of the Maul Tegan logs destroyed her knee in last year's may young classic when she was wrestling via Ripley and suffered a complete freak accident this came just a few short months after missing a full year of in ring action after suffering similar knee problems in 2017 leading into 2018 and yeah it's hard not to feel immensely sorry for her so to give you an idea of the full extent of her knee problems Knox suffered a torn ACL a torn MCL a torn LCL dislocated kneecap and two torn meniscus in the May young classic and is currently no timetable on her return expected return on noon number 14 Sin Cara absent from TV since August 2018 WWE's hardest and most notorious backstage shooter underwent knee surgery that month on a number of lingering and long-standing knee issues he's already teasing his return on Twitter and other forms of social media and this talk that he might even be cleared to return already expected return imminent number 14 tie Dillinger paroled tie was lucky enough to make television when he was healthy let alone injured so really the broken hand that he suffered in October 2018 hasn't had that big an impact on his kayfabe fortunes on Smackdown now what's curious about this situation is that I recently went through all the social media accounts and removed every single reference to WWE I don't necessarily know if that means anything but he is expected to return anytime soon and has already been cleared expected return imminent number 12 Goldust a few weeks ago there was actually and I was like bear the Goldust days of Wrestling and WWE might actually have been over as he was 49 years old he's just had double knee surgery and he's been linked with aew but fortunately that doesn't seem to be the case as the beloved veteran was last evaluated towards the end of January and should be good to go anytime soon expected return whenever creative quote-unquote has something for him number 11 Matt Hardy this is a curious one because Matt actually recently claimed on Twitter that he'd been cleared to return and that he felt healthier than he had at any point throughout the past 20 years but this is wrestling guys like Hardy are always working you might just have done this to get people talking now it would be great to see him back but given the reports last summer claimed his pelvis and lower spine were fusing together we might be waiting a while yet expected return unknown number 10 a.m. a cam went down on a January 6th house show in Florida where he suffered an undisclosed knee issue now the full extent of his injury wasn't divulged but Dave Meltzer has since reported that a commode require a two-month recovery period after undergoing surgery on the problematic joint and he's just had surgery so let's do the maps expected return March or April number 9 Harper my big bad bald brother ruin returned to action at the Royal Rumble without the aid of his longtime tag partner Harper and that's because the one with err hasn't yet been cleared to return after undergoing wrist surgery last year Harper of course took advantage of ruins torn bicep last summer and used the window of inactivity to get some much-needed work done on his wrist and while we don't have a precise return date for him yet all reports indicate that he won't be gone for much longer expected return imminent number eight Fandango another tag team wrestler currently stuck with nothing to do because his partner's injured is Tyler breeze who's been going out alone since July 2018 which was when Fandango was ruled out with a torn left labrum which if you recall was the injury that cost finn bálor the universal title a couple of years ago now Fandango was initially given e six-month recovery period and he has returned to training at the performance center so all signs look good and that was just a case of him getting cleared expected return within the next month number seven and burr moon the former NXT Women's Champions injury was only made clear last week when she announced there herself in a video uploaded to WWE's YouTube channel and she noted that she has been working with a goosed arm for several weeks including in the Royal Rumble match and yes goosed is a technical term that was particularly impressive about this and truth the ember is indeed hard as nails is that she actually lasted 50 goddamn minutes in that Royal Rumble so hats off to her but she's gonna be out for a while expected return unknown but it will be a matter of months rather than weeks number 6 Jason Jordan you've got to feel bad for Jason Jordan who's really turning the corner as a deluded pseudo heel / babyface in early 2018 but he hasn't wrestled since last January now he's hard neck surgery but there have been all kinds of worrying reports about him losing sensation in his limbs and yeah unfortunately at the moment it just isn't looking too good for mr. Jordan WWE to their credit have at least had Jason working as a backstage producer in order to prepare him for the worst news of course we hope that doesn't happen but his career in the ring does hang in the balance expected return unknown and maybe never number five Kevin Owens ever the worker that cheeky scamp Keo sent the rumor mill flying out of control just last week when he tweeted that him and Adam Cole it just worked a match at the WWE Performance Center and he even gave himself a star rating what guy but that doesn't actually mean he's returning in a follow-up tweet Owens would say that I'm sorry but you're probably not gonna see me for another few months after all the man himself did have double knee surgery in the fall so it looks like all those return vignettes the aired on Raw in December were a little premature now initial reports suggested that Owens would be out until WrestleMania 35 he might be healthy before then but it's looking likely that WWE will just hold off wrap-up all the current season of programming and give him a fresh start after mania expected return about two more months number four Sami Zayn Zayn like his buddy Kevin Owens was written off WWE television after being bashed around by big Bobby Lashley but of course that was all kayfabe Lashley didn't actually injure him that would be kind of dodgy he's not nyeh Jax Sammy underwent double shoulder surgery in June 2018 having suffered two torn rotator cuffs that sounds incredibly painful and yeah like Kevin he did have those returned vignette in December but like Kevin again they were premature now Zayn himself did say back in December that he was quote nowhere near ready to return but their husband talked recently that he's been in the performance center working himself out so maybe that return is closer than he let on that would be great to see him back obviously but we might need to stay patient for a little while longer expected return sometime around WrestleMania 35 number three Seth Rollins now there's a chance you didn't even know that Seth Rollins is actually working with a legitimate injury at the moment but he is and it's gonna be a few weeks before we see him wrestle again post wrestling calm broke this news the other day Rollins has been removed from live events and while he will be on Raw he'll be restricted to non-physical angles and he'll solely be doing promo work now while we don't have any specifics on the injury itself it doesn't look like that WrestleMania 35 March were Brock Lesnar is in any kind of jeopardy and it sounds like Rollins is gonna make a swift return expected return within weeks number two Triple H Papa Hunter messed himself up real bad while wrestling the Brothers of Destruction a super showdown back in November 2018 suffering a torn pectoral muscle during the brawl he underwent successful surgery on November 8th and was given an unknown timeframe for his return but because he's Triple H and Triple H is a goddamn cyborg he's already training for his comeback and his rehab is over now the game is relatively early in his recovery training program but who knows maybe that WrestleMania 35 with Batista that has been so heavily rumored might actually happen after all expected return possibly for Wrestlemania 35 and at number one Roman reigns now obviously Roman reigns leukemia isn't an injury it's a horrible horrible horrible disease but there is some good news surrounding the big dog and how he's doing Roman himself as well as several of his peers keep speaking positively about his recovery he's already talking about a return to the ring and he was recently well enough to film shirtless fight scenes for a new movie with the rock all of these things are very positive signs now of course nobody outside Romans doctors can say with any degree of certainty when or if he'll be able to return to wrestling but it's still encouraging nonetheless personally I'm hoping he's healthy enough to make an appearance at WrestleMania 35 can you imagine the pop after Seth Rollins wins the universal Championship from Brock Lesnar and Roman comes down to congratulate his buddy that might even make me cry and I'm hard as hell so there we have it guys that's every poor unfortunate soul currently sidelined in WWE but go ahead and let us know what you think which of these returns are you most anticipating and when do you think we'll see the buck let us know in the comments section below don't forget to Like share and subscribe and as always I've been Andy and I'll see you later