18 Weeks Pregnant Your 18th Week Of Pregnancy

welcome to your week by week pregnancy video series brought to you by ultrasound dimensions medical a maternity ultrasound center hi I'm Monica Healy welcome to pregnancy chat and week 18 of your pregnancy this is a really exciting time for your baby it's at this phase of development that baby becomes more active baby still has lots of room inside the womb baby can turn over stretch punch kick baby's brain is developing more neural pathways as well so that as baby kicks and punches it can sense its own body parts you may not be able to feel these movements yet but you will very soon in the weeks ahead your baby it weighs about six ounces and is about five and a half inches long about the size of this mango your baby nerves are developing a covering a protective sheath it's called the myelin sheath the myelin consists of a fatty substance and protein and its purpose is to protect the nerves the nerves and also to provide quick pathways for the for the little messages that come from baby's brain out to the other parts of the body baby's eyes are in their correct position and the ears are in their final spot too and they just might stick out a little bit your your baby's genitals are fully developed now if during an ultrasound you looked inside the womb you could ask the sonographer to show you baby's gender on this ultrasound this is a baby girl the two bright lines on the side represent labia and the bright dot between them represents the clitoris in the other image you can see the scrotal sac of a baby boy and the penis your body's changing to you may find that you're not going to the loo quite as often as you use - but that's because your uterus indeed is growing but it is lifted itself out of the pelvis so causes a little less pressure on your bladder your blood volume is increasing so this may cause the veins of your arms and legs or other body parts to be a little more prominent it can also cause nosebleeds those tiny vessels within your nose can rupture easily so if you keep well hydrated or you can use a nasal lubricant can help if you do have a nosebleed you can use pressure and/or ice or both to alleviate the bleeding if this doesn't work please call your your doctor also at this time because of increased blood volume your blood pressure drops a bit so just be wary when you're you're getting up out of a chair or getting up from lying down because you might feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded it's also at this time that you may be offered a detailed anomaly ultrasound scan these scams are harmless imaging modalities used to assess your baby to make sure that baby is developing normally to make sure that baby is in a acceptable growth pattern also during this scan we look at amniotic fluid we look at the placenta and its position in work in reference to the birth canal we look at the umbilical cord we look at all the physical features of your baby it's also at this time that you can ask to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl and also don't forget now to ask for a photo before you leave and please if you have photos that you'd like to share with us like we'd love to see them and please post them below hope this helps and ask any questions you like and thank you very much for visiting thank you for watching if you're looking for a medical or maternity ultrasound scan we can help since 2007 ultrasound dimensions has been trusted by over 31,000 patients and doctors our Enterprise Ireland award-winning team offers you convenient appointments immediate results and always takes the time to give you peace of mind to schedule your appointment contact us today