19 Ancient Black Ops Ninja

they're the Special Forces of feudal Japan shadow warriors will stop at nothing to get the job done the ninja were very much the unconventional warfare experts which any army needs the deadliest killers a genius is deception they're lethal in battle and specialists in cunning betrayal and strategy never trust a ninja even your own ninjas do not trust them they will lie and make things up into a mush infiltration assassination and espionage their techniques are timeless we live on in the methods of today's special forces speed aggression and surprise the way they move of silence and stealth and in small teams it's still very much the same now they're facing the greatest fight in their history at stake is their very existence and they'll need everything they've got to survive this is the incredible story of the ninjas of eager and their extraordinary rise to become an indispensable part of the Japanese military machine it's 1562 and japan is in the grip of a civil war that's lasted over a hundred years warlords and militias roam the countryside in a rampage of destruction that's tearing the country apart in the wilds of central Japan a year-long campaign is culminating in a siege and the prize for the attacker is kami no Joe Qasim determined to take it is an ambitious young warlord called Tokugawa yusin but he's facing a serious problem because inside the castle are his daughters and they'll be killed if he attacks years earlier he agreed to send them to camino joe in a peace deal it's not a procedure in a country when no one trusts anyone now he badly needs to go back on the deal with warlords fighting against each other allegiances were quite often made and broken at a moment's notice it was recognized very early on that a hostage system would help keep allegiances there's a long as they behaved and followed the rules the families will be kept safe if they broke the rules the families would be executed it was a great way of keeping control despite his massive army Yasu has had his hands tied for over a year he can't touch the castle but eásá was smart but he's contacted a uniquely gifted fighter a specialist called hattori hanzo and Hanzel is known for one thing unconventional warfare hattori hanzo is the leader of the finest special forces in a japanese world they are experts at a secret martial art called shinobi much later they will be known as a ninja Ninja is actually a very modern turn back in the 1500s they were known as shinobi no mono Shadow Warrior ninja were renowned for never being spotted and being invisible and having magic powers the shinobi warrior of the fifteen hundreds is so skilled he is regarded almost as a supernatural being but just like today's special forces he's developed a unique set of tactics to solve problems on the battlefield conventional troops can't and the ninjas particular talent is for intelligence gathering and infiltration the summer army needed spies and needed commandos so ninja would develop these skills they spy and they do commando infiltration raids and these were needed for frontline troops or for information gathering and there's another reason by hattori hanzo at his ninja are so highly prized yeah japanese armies are run by an officer class of samurai at the heart of their combat training is a strict code of gentlemanly honor the one thing they won't touch are dirty tricks we call black ops assassination murder and sabotage the ninja were very much the unconventional warfare experts which any army needs samurai honor precluded them from doing certain tasks that they saw beneath them the ninja didn't follow the same code of honor and were able to effectively achieve what the samurai could not Hanzo but his ninja are the best in the business he even has a track record in one particular area of shinobi is an old hand penetrating castles and freeing hostages Yasu doesn't take much persuading to sign the ninja up and it's just one order a guard a rescue my daughter's now asset saw the immense capability of hattori hanzo as the commander the general for the ninja and he brought them in as one of his generals and as one of his generals he was feared and he became known as battle hands on hattori hanzo now starts an intelligence gathering operation that will decide his strategy to do that he'll draw to the full on his shinobi skills but the mission and his options are familiar to operatives everywhere tactics that are routine today were pioneered by the shadow warriors 500 years ago the ninjas have developed a series of tactics are almost universal and now they haven't really evolved or change months those little marginal improvements here and there and technology comes in two in different weapon systems the essential elements are still very much the same speed aggression and surprise the way they move of silence and stealth and in small teams it's still very much the same one man who knows all about the problems facing hattori hanzo zhn injures at Camino Joe is Jason Williams now living in Japan he fought for five years in Iraq and Afghanistan with the SAS and that presented intelligence-gathering challenges that are very familiar terra-tory handsome getting good information bottles down to a handful of options you're usually going into an enemy complex or an enemy enemy building maybe I'm an enemy compound there are two ways of doing you can do a long-term operation you can use short term long term means more of a sleeper cell approach you'll be going in maybe a few years before you even get any information out it's a very long-term operation and there's a lot more risk to the individual who's involved a lot more stress on them by the time he's approached by Yasu Hanzo has already put in a sleeper cell of ninjas who have been undercover posing as civilians living near the castle it's a classic shinobi tactic when hostilities start hot and up the Lord of Kamino Joe starts hiring local men not realizing who they are and the ninjas sleeper cell walks right into the castle unopposed when their Lord would start to invade the ninja would get hired into his retinue this meant that the ninja was on the inside of the enemy as well as using his spies on the inside just like Special Forces today handsome sends commandos on a reconnaissance mission to assess the targets defenses you've set up they're what we call a CTR close target recce get as much information about the complex and around that area as possible and then once you've done that and can either go inside where you can no withdraw now that Hanzo has twin sources of information about the target he can build his strategy he decides to climb the walls of the castle alone while his commando support will wait for a signal then he'll go on into the complex in a solo snatch operation as soon as the princesses are safe the sleeper agents on the inside will signal for the attack to start with forces on the inside and outside it will be a pincer operation and hands Oh is ready to go it is now vital to ensure the timing is right at all conditions favor the ninja now normally a ninja did not infiltrate in the full moon he'd wait till eight days after the moon or eight days before the moon so it was darker he'd wear dark clothes using tried-and-tested ninja techniques hands oh now rises up the castle walls he'd use iron spikes and place spikes in the cattle wall and you climb all the way up to the top once at the top the ninja starts to soar through the walls using special shinobi tools an Ocoee toughest corridor deterrent is Kalani this is a type of so-called icicle it was used for making larger holes in clay or wooden walls usually so a ninja could climb through in ancient Japan it was standard kit for breaking into houses of knock-offs and then on the inside of the flame walls they'd have a crisscross of bamboo ikaw a section he'd go inside but scaling walls in total silence and secrecy is the easy part Panzer must now move unseen through a castle full of soldiers waiting for him now once he side he wait he would be waiting for the people to come along with torches on patrol hanzo's ninja skills allow him to elude detection completely but he can't afford to relax he knows the enemy will have prepared for him he has to be careful because they're dark patrol comes past these are the people without torches they would be looking for ninjas sleeper agents meet Hanzo to direct him to the Royal Apartments after that he's on his own a ninja must now overcome centuries and make his way deep into the castle complex once again he turns to classic shinobi techniques to fill his enemies with the guards dispatched Hanzo must seize the hostages as planned the ninja double agents signaled to hanzo's commanders and Yasu samurai by starting fires on the inside of the castle the commandos penetrate the defenses as he assumes conventional forces overwhelmed the castle the hostages are smuggled out in the mayhem this operation is a classic example of ninja technique being able to infiltrate the enemy's positions influence what went on and to attack from within classic shinobi Hanzo success not only confirms his reputation but that of his fearsome homeland now acknowledged as a region with the best ninja in Japan it's a place of mists on high mountain plateau cut off from the rest of the country its people are different fierce mountain folk with proud independent spirits its name is eager ninja were mainly hired from eager eager people were known as the blessed ninja they would go across all of your camp and they will present themselves to the air Lords and say I'm a ninja I'm from eager I'm trained in the art of ninjutsu then the Lord would hire them the ninja or shinobi skills practiced by the Manatee gosh have been developed over centuries of warfare they draw together the extreme physical power of the martial artists assault moonship of the samurai warrior with tactical expertise from ancient China the writings of a Chinese master military strategist some tool and it's in the rural hinterlands and Highland villages where shinobi is perfected living in eager means surviving a harsh Mountain climate and by the time a ninja starts his training he's already tough but we allowed to become a shinobi warrior must go through a series of brutal tests in Kaduna can't do them all the ninja needed to survive in a huge variety of environments where their own operations for intelligence gathering and they trained for that by enduring exposure and low temperatures at high altitude like special forces today constant training in mountain survival is at the core of the making of an effective operative all the soldiers have to go for a process which would involve a test their individual fitness in lone isolated marches in mountainous terrain then their personal skills would be tested to the utmost they'd be isolated in a combat survival environment where they'd be exposed in a wilderness with minimum supplies as part of his training the ninja must learn to live off the land for an indefinite period so let's have him on the wall the ninja were experts in optimizing their diet so they could resist the cold and hunger they developed a special ration pack and just one would Kingdom going for up to three days a lot of the ninjas art is really about survival and in giannetta it isn't just physical demands that the trainee ninja has to learn to cope with the entire point of a ninja trainer was about endurance yet to enjoy mental problems he would be in the enemy's land they had to train himself to not break under pressure the people of Eden mostly worship nature spirits and follow Shintoism a religious practice focused on the natural world for an undercover ninja becoming one with nature it's a perfect training for blending in with the environment a ninja is a specialist of blending with the surrounding is the ultimate expression or war in a way Shintoism is all about so that achieving atmos harmony with the environment so the ninja would disappear to the eyes of the common viewer because he managed to become almost sort of seamlessly connected to the nature around us just like the ninja in 16th century Japan today's special forces like the Navy SEALs or the SAS have an advanced training in camouflage and concealment the ability to blend immediate surroundings is an essential skill during in any natural area in countryside are you're always aware of how people are looking at you or where they can be looking you from the SAS like the ninja have a sense of concealment drilled into them so it becomes instinctive when operating covertly shape shine shadow and silhouette are a constant concern as a shape so many ram shapes in nature or perfectly straight lines then their shine of a bridge of your nose your forehead any metal on your weapon we want to eliminate any shadow coming from yourself if you're on a Ridgeline you should avoid silhouette in yourself be mindful of your footfall leave no sign don't cause disturbances you know if there's a branch on the floor don't snap it off brush up against tree branches over several centuries the ninja rise to become an indispensable part of a Japanese military machine as intelligence gatherers and operational agents are the best security and special forces of the modern era they are never satisfied constantly upping their game and devising new strategies and techniques to gain advantage but now seventeen years after the siege at commando Joe castle the eager ninja face their biggest danger yet it's a gigantic army rolling through the country crushing all it encounters and it's led by a cooler Overlord known for his love of extreme violence he's a genocide all megalomaniac with a reputation unmatched who all of Japan's bloody history Oda Nobunaga is bent on one whom absolute power Nobunaga's plan was to unify all of Japan and that was his one goal so nobody was spared from his forces or his army this is what he was going to do Oda Nobunaga is single-minded cold calculating and disciplined and he crushes all resistance with utter ruthlessness the trouble is the eager don't bow down to anyone in the late 1500s the ninjas had a serious problem no bonaga needed complete and total obedience and they refused to give it two opposing forces are on a collision course neither is used to giving way and a devastating confrontation is inevitable the only solution no bonaga had was to invade and he did so with a vengeance to tame the ninjas of ego Nobunaga sends in his toughest samurai crack troops hardened by decades of bloodletting the orders are to spare no one but he makes one fatal error he appoints a general who is completely unsuited to the job that general is his son noble katsu noble katsu has no experience not just that he's impetuous and undisciplined it's about the worst combination of qualities and military they could have and he makes a host of errands one of the worst is to underestimate his enemy he thinks the code of honor of his samurai gentleman cannot fail against people he dismisses as a bunch of eager peasants right from the beginning nova katsu made some basic mistakes he utilized warfare in a samurai mentality he didn't recognize that you needed special forces his biggest mistake was not using ninja of his own without intelligence from ninja spies novel cats who charges blindly into enemy territory from that three fatal flaws in his strategy emerge he didn't prepare properly he didn't get the lay of the land and he chose a direct route without doing any reconnaissance it's a serious blunder noble katsu is entering unknown territory and what he doesn't know is that eager is unlike any other place in Japan so new eager has a river running through the middle called the hitori and on certain days the whole valley is thick with the midst sometimes eager can seem like a hidden world shrouded in mist and folded naba katsu samurai now enter narrow gorges with no idea of what's waiting for them suddenly in front of them is the last person noble castle and his troops want to see its hitori the devil hands up just a bad moment the weather closes in fog suddenly filled the valley and this is where the ninja do what they confess they got down close and personal they attack from the sides from the bank infiltrating the ranks of the samurai causing chaos so much chaos in fact but the samurai began to cut each other down not knowing who the enemy was it's an ambush that's textbook ninja drawing the samurai into unfamiliar terrain and destroying them with tactics they're completely unprepared for it has disastrous consequences for the invaders noble cats whose bodyguards are cut to pieces now the general must stand alone against the ninja and account for himself in that chaos no the catsuit made a run for it and he was the only one to survive a complete massacre the defeat sends shockwaves through the country the almost total annihilation of Nobunaga's finest samurai goes down as one of the ninjas greatest triumphs but it will also unleash forces that will test the men of eager as never before within days the ninja spy Network reports Nobunaga mustering the biggest army in Japan has ever seen columns are streaming from every region with one order destroy eager the ninja know they can't defeat so huge an army and there's only one solution Nobunaga must be assassinated there's only one shonali lawyer who can do the job born into a powerful eager clan the ninja Ishikawa Goemon has every reason to want to kill not Nagas personally his whole family was murdered by Nobunaga's forces and getting revenge has been his life's ambition the job of killing Nobunaga will go down as the toughest assignment ever faced by a ninja assassin the warlord is constantly surrounded by a crack force of bodyguards and employs ninja killers himself from the egos rivals he has a highly skilled network of spies adept at infiltrating and extracting information throughout Japan Nobunaga knows that the eager almost certainly plotting to kill him and he's convinced he's ready for them but the eager spy network manages to secure some crucial information the only time Nobunaga lets his guard down is when he's in his heavily fortified castle Gorman's only chance is to infiltrate the castle and using double agents on the inside assassinate the warlord himself in the royal appartments ninja blackops techniques are of a height of development and their armoury boasts a massive array of weapons and technology unmatched anywhere Diamond now has everything put at his disposal I fell ninja had something called the auto fire and they used gunpowder for everything from signaling to explosions and lighting effects and there were masters at vanishing behind smoke screens the golden knows the Nobunaga is fully aware of an engine specialist tools and tactics to kill the overlord he's going to have to surprise Nobunaga and think laterally he decides to use poison but it has to be done in a truly novel way there's different ways to use poison you can either go in a house of someone's guest and you can poison the people there one manual tells us to use strychnine and they would mix it with cakes and they would give it to people that way Paula knows poisoned cakes won't work Nobunaga keeps a retinue of food tasters precisely to protect him from this threat ninja needs something more cunning they did something called well poisoning they take the poisonous part of a puffer fish they mix it with excrement or lead and arsenic and they would drop this into the enemy as well once again Nobunaga's tasters would detect poisoned water well before it reached the overlords lips Goldman realizes he must deliver the toxin to Nobunaga personally and he'll only get one shot he turns to a substance that remains today one of the most toxic in the world it's called Wolfsbane a couple of drops will kill an adult in minutes there is no antidote victims died writhing in agony now golden musk raft his method of delivery and he only has the tools and materials of his remote mountain community fortunately the ninja are masters at repurposing everyday items into weapons one of the things that the ninja were very good at was adaptation and using anything at their disposal as a weapon now the word weapon can tend to get people quite narrow-minded but the ninja thought with weapons as more as tools and that allowed them to be very adaptable and very flexible ninjas were recruited from relatively low income who part of the population they were accustomed to use very busy tools connected to agriculture like tutors so most of the weapons resemble tools that you would define in the garden something like that a traditional sickle and the hands of a ninja for instance has multiple uses in a combat situation look so y'all in this is called a cursory gamma so eager farmers can play with it but the ninja used it as a weapon in two ways first the ninja were throw the iron weight at the end of the chain so it wrapped around the legs or the enemy sister I do not think when he fell the ninja would attack him with the blade very effective what am i which is most of this hormones plan is now ready he's going to put the wolf stain into Nobunaga's mouth in a way no one's ever thought of but before he goes into action there's one more vital element for the ninjas attack in the chaos of battle fear is the greatest enemy and the ninja learnt from a very early stage that fear is something to be embraced as I quite often before an operation and begin a meditation they would meditate on the fact that they had no home no family no friends no country all they had was themselves their weapons and their spirit this was said that he could act completely without destruction going on turns to his spiritual training of Shintoism to prepare his mind for an assignment he uses an ancient practice that hones concentration and produces complete psychological detachment from fear it's called Cugini kiri kiri is one of the ninja spiritual arts a ninja will to summon niner concepts with his hands to make his mind strong the power energy harmony healing intuition awareness force creation Zen Bowman has submitted himself utterly to the protection of his spiritual guides his mind is in peak readiness now he must go in in classic style Bonin makes himself virtually invisible as he closes in on Lobby nagas apartments double agents working on the Warlord's staff have given him the information he needs to navigate his way into the target once inside the apartment complex he maneuvers himself to a space above the Royal bedchamber ninja agents in the castle have drilled a tiny hole in the ceiling and positioned the Royal beds so that the targets head is directly beneath it now the ninja applies the Wolfsbane to the stream but just as he's delivering the lethal dose Nobunaga Winx Oh Colin knows he's fainted don't know him enough and now must escape the only way he can when a ninja wanted to escape we could do a few things normally they would have caltrops now caltrops a small balls of iron with spikes moving out any position these in certain places where he knew the enemy would chase him so those pursuers would stand on it falling over toilet has slowed his pursuers but he's still not safe if the samurai body guys catch up with him he's dead now he has to reach her another tool in the ninja system it's time for the shorter Ken she Deanna would use shuriken like this when they were on the run from the enemy they're secretly helped and used in an extreme situation they throw them at the enemy like this Gorman may have failed but the assassination attempt is a textbook example of Shinobi ingenuity adapting simple everyday objects to lethal effect Nobunaga now goes on the warpath against the ninjas of eager with violent determination he takes personal command of his massive army and he launches it against the whole region unlike his son Lovell katsu he uses majors who are Hanson's deadliest rivals he gives only one order spare no one would I think in you all Nobunaga was completely cold-blooded he ordered his soldiers to kill everyone in eager women children or monks they were all sorted we got the killing made the eager ninjas scatter across Japan it's a bloodletting that remains notorious in Japanese history to this day nothing is left of the old eager villages Nobunaga have destroyed their homes destroyed their families this made them drop in social class they had been displaced this changed the history of the ether people forever the once-proud ninjas of eager are now scattered and in flight while Nobunaga's troops scour the hills to hunt them down all looks lost for them with no land no status and no money all they can do is hope to scrape a living as peasants in some other region where no one will know them then justice all seems lost some extraordinary news comes through in a past coup the cruel Overlord Oda Nobunaga has been assassinated at Quixote Nova Naga had just become the ultimate power in Japan and he sent his troops out to the provinces to spread the word while no bonaga was distracted one of his close generals took advantage of that and assassinated MOBA Naga to take power for himself it's good news for the ninjas of ego but it also plunges Japan into political chaos Nobunaga's killers now turn on overlords allies summary executions of all the senior figures associated with the old regime begin immediately one high-ranking warlord in particular is suddenly in serious trouble he's none other than Tokugawa yossel he has wasn't to become a close strategic ally of Nobunaga and by chance happen to be visiting him now he assumes far from home and on the wrong side while a revolution RuPt surround him the road home is teaming with his enemies and he's trapped when Alden over Naga was assassinated Tokugawa ass who found himself in a really dangerous situation he had to get home he had to get back to his lungs however which was the best way to go how could he do this the only way Yasu can get home is to take a perilous journey across the mountains of ego it's a golden opportunity for handsome who immediately uses his contacts and his dispossessed ninja force to help his old friend Hans inaudible kilowatt eager is Hans own territory the eager people still there didn't trust you soon but hands over sway did them to protecting and help him across the mountains and so have great Authority with his people and used his connections and influence in Eagle as he ah soo Hanzo and their men flee across the mountains word gets back to the new regime a hunter-killer unit of samurai pursue the ninjas believing they can stop the escaping force and seize the awesome this time it's the ninja will face an ambush Oh it's a narrow escape for Tokugawa Ieyasu by the making of hattori hanzo and his ninjas now because of this Tokugawa yatta was extremely grateful they had saved his life so he hired up to a hundred of their men to help garden at Edo Castle modern-day Tokyo with Nobunaga dead the number of military campaigns and warring factions starts to dwindle eoz whose political career finally takes him to the very top and he assumes complete control of the united and peaceful Japan his triumph inaugurates a golden era for Japan the 265 year dynasty of Shogun's and with them all the way other ninja and the descendants of the greatest of them all hitori the devil Hanzo you