1979 Brenda Spencer opens fire on Cleveland Elementary in San Diego

the shooting began around 8:30 a.m. a sniper was firing random shots at schoolchildren on their way to class at Cleveland elementary eight children and two adults the school principal and a custodian were felled quickly the principal and custodian would die for a while the sniper 16 year old Brenda Spencer kept police at bay firing from her house across the street from the school at anything that moved a police trainee was shot while trying to assist a wounded child inside the school 320 students huddled in the auditorium and just before noon they were evacuated in buses anxious parents were reunited with their children police had the situation in hand now while SWAT units approached and surrounded the house police parents and friends negotiated with Brenda Spencer on the phone she was armed with the 22 caliber semi-automatic with a scope and may have taken drugs and alcohol she had first refused to talk surrender claiming she could hold out for a week but towards 3:00 p.m. it became a question of surrender or SWAT people storming the house after a teargas barrage shortly after 3:00 the word was out that Spencer would give it up and then she did SWAT officers escorted her from the house to custody and the long and terrible San Carlos sniper siege was over Doug McAllister News 8 San Carlos the most seriously injured were taken out as soon as the gunfire led up surgical teams at Alvarado hospital went to work on the first six victims and quickly requested that no more of the injured be sent to the already overtaxed hospital the school's principal and custodian were among the victims brought here principal Burton dragged divert surgery custodian Mike sue Clark was dead on arrival at Grossmont hospital another four children were brought in by police ambulance each had suffered gunshot wounds in the sniper attack the hospital officials quickly pronounced their conditions as good concerned parents began to arrive not knowing yet whether their children were among the injured they chose to wait here together rather than at home alone and surprisingly a little more than an hour after she was brought in 10 year-old crystal heart he went home with her parents she had escaped with a minor injury and a bad fright I got shot mr. Barnes said crystal I mean they said she said um duck you guys run when I got shot and I went and nurses officer I was bleeding a lot I just just laying there please who came and brought me here I must've been really scared I was hurt the bullet that went through her wrist didn't harm anything it went through didn't hit the bone or we're just praising the Lord [Applause] Carol news a Lamesa