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nine eight five four three two one [Music] for this next one I want to try something all of you guys all of you guys all of you guys land in the field at pleasant Park and stay there okay do not loot anything you guys are gonna try to one beaten you guys gonna try to 99v one me with just pickaxes everyone land their dance don't do anything we're gonna you guys are gonna try to one v99 me okay land my blue marker land there in the field do not lose you guys can dance whatever I'll tell you when you can attack oh this will never get a hole dude look at everyone bad everyone land right in that field I'm gonna loot all around stay right there stay right there check how am I gonna do this when the end game clock says one minute you all can sprint at me okay oh my God look at everyone 50 seconds 50 seconds ten nine eight five four three two one oh dear God oh dear God no no way no Jesus right oh my god I 50 kills already that's the three things these damn hamster balls bro that was some shit straight out of a walking dead again let's run it back let's run it back if you're in the game no building no building no weapons no vehicles literally the only thing you can use is a pickaxe okay alright land here everyone land in the field again remember no mass no building no vehicles no mats no building no vehicles nothing just your pickaxes Street look at that damn field remember no building no vehicles oh I got that art again I got it start again oh I need that I need a hundred god seven six five four three two one go don't shit my mango was that the nut mango no ah oh I'm gonna get it wait how how am I gonna get and we gonna get it down we're gonna get logo y'all's God I better get a memo I have 27 kills go Oh No No yes we missed 31 kills you can do this I can do this go go and heat load I need Lube Oh I'm gonna do it hi hi by they're so close they're so close they're so close they're suppose I'm gonna get them glider redeploys we're stopping from fine I like fewer you post left I'm a little do this I only to redeploys and they're catching up or spoon he was hiding bitch mango hahahaha mango trended 200 IQ me last meeting boy we'll don't [Music] but go jet let's go let's go dude I was here Fogg I was here Fogg does that count there's no way I was messing around I thought it one I'm getting I'm getting toxic laughed on alright it's one to one it's one to one no no no I won that one get out of here bro best of three alright land in the field land in the field don't loot you guys all stay in the field I'll loot will the courageous get smarter this time is the question last time you guys all trailed me like a bunch of zombies are people gonna start trying to predict my movement cut me off with blanks bro that's what my question is look at all you guys having fun out there who saw the goalposts doing the arts justice someone's I'm like so what's up a goalpost doing the damned our injustice I love it let's go be more freakin ammo though Mon Jacko I have two minutes and 15 seconds there's a hundred people alive bro the courageous of the best man yo shout-out to the courageous man look at this everyone's there no one's grief at each other just as this is this is why you guys are seriously the best community on Twitch for real 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 go all SAP surrogates after no you're fighting me the currents are getting smarter you guys are getting smarter No being flight I'm really getting sandwich I'll get it sandwich though none mMmmm no get away bhisma later I can't wait to coast I can't wait to post this one I cut way too close on this one I can't wait to boss on this one better him oh I know anyone anything I didn't reload this No Oh No ah No you guys got the full zerglings surround on me bro and I had to reload everything and since I had no movement I was like impossible dude oh my god that was actually incredible [Music]