2 Tutorial EliminationFinal Set Up

in this tutorial we will discover how to set up the software ESL to manage individual and team match round we're starting with the competition that we created last time that was international tournament opening it and you can see that in the event management from individual sutapa we already have all the match around scepter that according to the rules that we choose in the standard set up and for each of this event you can read a code that will be connected to the event the extend the name the progressive position in the printout you can choose between such system and cumulative system motive system is the old systems they'll use it for the compound and the starting phase we can choose from 64 32 16 8 4 semi-final and 441 48 and 124 in case of new rules and a target type that we are going to use therefore this met round is connected to the video layout if you're going to use this sir we create now a new event to the score out to do we will prepare compound senior man so man you're ready avatar return man so we did it and we recreate as to know how to do it so it's a procurement extended this is the first position it's a comparator with a set system we start from 30 to 24 as 64 fragments is more easy and the target faces the vertical man is of course 1 2 X means the complete target face and we must offer who should save now we must tell to the system who is going to shoot in this category it's a record man to choose the return of course and the man if want to have also junior and shooting with the record man we can push command key on Mac or ctrl key windows and save so we can see here that in this class we competed the man and junior man of recurve if we change our mind we can simply delete the category that we don't want back and now the event is completely settled and ready to be use it when we find it now on the first place first and second step for the management is to choose how many archers or targets we should recover men in the category that we create we can say that on 64 and 32 and 64 us have no so many bats so we we are the two archers per target and after one Archer per target and we've saved and next step is to decide where they are going to shoot so if you remember we create a competition on 3 & 4 3 was the qualification so for of September 2011 the format date is written here in the international standard and we are going to start a one match in nine dot and when we did it we can see the set of all and you will see that all the first match are set at a nine o'clock we can do the same for each phase but there is some shortcut then we are going to see if you simply enter plus and the number of minutes that you think will be between the first second match maybe 30 or 25 set to old when you see that each metro release at a 9:30 and after other 30 minutes for all the 16 files 30 minutes for the 8 finals is always the same and we had all our match 7 what you don't have here because this is the first that we are entering but we can see in another category we want to set up on selected woman is that you have another shortcut when you already have to set it up we have a fourth final you can choose the time that you're ready insert so you want to have at the same time that 4500 movements if you set this at all here you look if you change once more you will have you can choose between the time of relative minor of the woman for final that already set it to be set of this and the last step for this it is to decide the schedule the target number assignment oh it's recruitment very easy here you can you see the match is the first versus 128 we should have drive it 1 2 and so on but it's very long to do we have a three shortcuts here simply is one followed by plus simply and we tap you are already all targets use it from 1 up to 64 of course automatically set it is add one number for each targets raise another shortcut sells one minus and this will simply assigned targets for match after the last match on that phase increment one but only for no bite matches here the system doesn't have idea how many archers we have because we didn't have the qualification yet so we'll set all the targets but if the trap number one as a by the first line you will see I'm TVs I will start counting from the two and another shortcut that you can see here is one star one star you have here assigned targets but leaving one target free between the different matches simply tab always want to and after you see free is not present for five I saw this is very comfortable when you have a matches like here in the hate finals because you have a match pick sometimes assign one two and the match and after you have a corridor for five and the six is empty for a corridor seven eight and so on and this is w sin answer to that time e we said that target so we can go to take a look what happened to our you open here for field of play layout it's a graphic or the whole so from here the second tab you see you have here all the targets assign a nine o'clock how many Harrow how many and five hand three heroin citron this is maximum and you can see how many outlets for targets here here are the two others per target to a district target we have only one other it's on target one one on target too and you have also the date and the time when you have a complex management with the main events this is incredible useful and what we can do now is that one more step is to setup also the skin sorry the the warm-up scheduling this will light you simply zero four zero nine eleven we want to have a warm-up and to show to our adverts which started they can use for a warm up so it goes one sixty four from the return man it's okay we add it if you go to check the pop layout now and also the session of warm-up here is not so useful but if you have another event start setting later you can maybe setting up the warm-up here so the people can see where they can practice the same that you do for individual can be done for team files set up the same but you have not to choose how many address per target because it would be always one team per targets of course you see that it's missing better the difference is in the event creation that is a little bit more complicated let's rate total team man you can set up any kind of team that you want here simply choosing how to compose him after that you created the same way sorry you can click on the code like you did for individual but here you must go to say to the computer how many athletes are composing the team for each kind of category in our total team will have one recurve man or junior maths or junior man or carrot man or master man of course and saving you see here you have one choose between these athletes one choose between the same for the compound this looks like a field competition compound one vert ball one recurve and if you want to have a team or four so with two athletes choose between the verbal it's very easy you simply write to that's the one it's typical team Mann Mann junior man always with command or control key save here the system we create a team with one record choosing this category one compound choosing this category in one verbal choose in this category and if you want to use these shortcuts they help to create mixed team events is that this is connected to the number of arrows that you know in the mixed team is 12 less arrows and I will not complete teams means that the whole team that have only recurve and compound can compete they will have only two can happen for big events with very big teams and you can create automatically also multiple team that's when you want to have a more team for the same company for the same nation and so on and these do we have our team created it's already done you don't need to do anything else and coming back here in the vendor management you will find your total team already created of course if you already inserted archers and scores you must've really sir almost one point to someone after taking out to recreate events because the results are created only after that we insert the points so if you change something here or individual after the team's at the point you must come back to input score to create the result of the team you