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a sneaky seagull walks inside a store and steals a bag of chips then runs away [Music] this video captured a piece of raw meat crawling out of the plate at this restaurant and made an escape [Music] a heroic cat quickly leaps into action to save a toddler before falling down the stairs [Music] this fighter anthony pettis made an outstanding superkick off the cage and knocked out his opponent in style when jared allen attempted a free throw of the ball spin for a very long time around the rim before actually going into the hoop [Music] he touched every bit of the rim about a dozen times [Music] look at it again [Music] this street performer will make you forget that it was only one person this whole entire time [Music] these chinese wushu fighters have really practiced their moves down to every millisecond one wrong move and could end up in a total disaster [Music] here's a guy placing a full glass of beer over the tank barrel to demonstrate its stabilization [Music] this woman made diy shoes that look exactly like the pigeon surrounding her which happened to confuse them [Music] if you've never seen the world's highest dive then here is rick charles jumping from 173 feet into a lake in 1983 [Applause] [Music] linda [Music] an orca whale in the distance threw a seal 80 feet into the air and got to experience what it's like being a [Music] yes yes bird [Music] a stunt driver terry grant managed to beat the world's record for the fastest mile drive in a car on two [Music] climbing wheels the time [Music] some students at a kenyan high school were able to jump as high as two meters over the pole and landed with ease [Music] these boaters welcomed an unexpected guest on their boat and fed him lots of fish [Music] oh [Music] there's a river in indiana called the wabash river where fish like to jump out of the water [Music] oh taj gibson the basketball player makes an incredible long distance buzzer beater shot [Applause] [Music] and the best ufc [Music] if you want to win an iphone 12 make sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications to be entered in the giveaway then just simply comment saying that you did this dash cam caught a styrofoam box jumped back in and out of the moving truck twice in a row watch as this man appears to throw ice on purpose to try and fake a slip for insurance money which he was then charged for insurance [Music] fraud this fighter pretended he was hurt by a punch to the stomach from his opponent when he actually tricked him [Music] [Music] instead [Music] when this skier had thought he messed up his landing he smoothly made an excellent turnaround back on his feet is sometimes it's better to leave bowling to the professionals otherwise things like this will happen one of the players accidentally deflected the soccer ball off his butt which made him score on his own goal post and his team was not happy about it [Music] foreign just sunday night experience here in toronto oh