2000 BET WITH CONNOR Fortnite Battle Royale




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you win this game I will send you $1,000 O'Connor is on your plate counter yeah sup did need it sup dude top need it sup dude shut up dude sup did guys stop dude it's going good man how are you good how was the party with ninja it was fun man Marcel wasn't invited yeah oh wow that was if you're here can basically go to your next party it's good it's great you know I'm fiber like that like where you can pave your videos so like how do i viewers paid one on I got or like that the Jesus of fiber the Sentry of video Oh God thank you a special message to Conner from the Jesus of fiber hold on here we go the Jesus of fire here goes nothing special message to Conner hello my children it's me Jesus and I just want to deliver a message from the world only carry cocoa to thank Connor and his staff for keeping his YouTube channel and discord channel Christian it's a Christian server [Laughter] are you rich now are you rich now off screaming thank you in Jackson and the switch I have Mario Kart 8 deluxe and and Super Smash Bros I like to play I he's a nice user no surprise there I guess easy the old times oh go ahead and buggy bomb me Connor no you're gonna will you love me okay all right right below us myself dance okay all right all right Connor there's 20,000 people watching him right now anything you want to say nope No except for Tim have you started to forget that you started to forget dude what oh so did my tribe so much crime to crochet be right now well done well done well done you gotta plug your YouTube channel to use lash comb what do the rights area nine zero got that guys if you haven't used your twitch prime someone courage ad and sub to basically I do work too and you JD you that contest Chris Davies yeah we really had every plug right there you think Marcel you got yours your mind which other invite wild cat but yeah I think he's too cool I know one time we stand too late I just play with him I like one in the morning we did it on Christmas what about Santa dog yeah he can come when I'm play game not like I'll hear munching cookies yeah much house got nervous they're all like well what about well Cheyenne I wouldn't come into my room but Santa Santa for me was it all thinking until I fall asleep when I was younger hey well I wasn't I was sleeping in my mind I think Connors toxic for Christmas Connor hate Santa oh my god chat capital T : Connors change that's you know what well hey ever since you hit 300 hey hey I look at a state under came back then I just wanted to play today guys this is so sad we didn't end get this up yeah chat twenty actually oh alright nothing are you back founder school again I can fly like a bird I'm gone oh good shot no Connors dead there's someone here me it's like right beside me I caught it are thrown in oh my god those days I oh my god two days can wobble come join I see online yeah noctem I got a plane flying me back in that house he's white they got it let's go good job save Marcel the llama is northeast all right yeah wait I just got beaned by something this is the ten the two kids are television no sick toxic I got you don't worry I'll be the mature player here he said there's a llama I got the video guys Marcel fights to to to kids listen up right now boys okay listen up and you listen good okay all right we're landing salty Springs okay we're landing bleak big blue and the corner house across the street the one story from it I don't want anyone go into brick I don't want any would go to tree house I don't want anyone landing it grandma's I don't want anyone landing it either mountain I don't want anyone landing at the sniper tower or the Cliff House kneel in a big blue or purple marker we're gonna land and loot up all right we're gonna get that loot revealed kill everybody when we kill everybody it's salty we're gonna go kill the rest of the lobby and we're gonna win I'm gonna take the L dance at the end yes sir and I don't want to hear nothing else I want exact call-outs of where they are chat I need you guys continually gassing us up dropping cutlets routing a son we're gonna keep moving as a unit and every enemy will perish in front of our eyes grabbing the shotgun the shotgun love it there's a bandage indeed was God let's got donated 50 bucks you want to hear it moving upstairs waiting every one of my streams about to redeem their twitch prime sub right chat wait I just got word people are ringing the bell on our YouTube channels they're all subbing and ringing the bell on his landing on it's like dynamite landing up letting a topic lift house top a clip house one on mobile kids nice nice knock and watch one of the house knocked as well 200 over right in front of me apparently it's an Omega it's a no note no to your Omega it's big big shield shield over he's dad is dead over everyone take them over take the L on his body over northeast east northeast over everyone say hi Simone over one that's absolute one-shot Lily couldn't be weaker if he got sneezed on he die IRL / I've been hit for five damage himself up over taking a bite of the first taco tell us how it is please / / / let's go start wailing / wait I actually love zero kills I don't like this wall right now this is kind of embarrassing / I'm going to fight got it stole it stole it just toxic guys I meet guys I meet guys I meet loeli loeli loeli dropping you mad Holly my kill yes nope he's dead died stood ya chat with me hoping I didn't get a kill huh I'm not a bot like you chats as you guys probably don't get kills you idiot don't resum he'll get less kills and if I don't get rest I leave this party forever I'm ready jackal let go look at this great man right yeah like they were nice fun stuff they used to go there mm-hmm and like and then like my friend is all like oh yeah he's dr. Rowe bookends by the way whoa they flex the dr. Wilkins car I stuffed it feels like weight you know courage I think it's a fan of you you know some thought to be a fan of someone this handsome chat about the snap I'm looking about the Popoff horse I'll tell you right I'm just letting you know Marcel right now okay okay nice creamy brick wall brick wall to the right what's thanks Oh jack Oh boys flying the flying 'bee hold fire hold fire door door door door door door hold fire I hate one tenant one Kingdom where exactly Marcel are you guys see open fire boys open fire we're getting dynamited what about me what about me my god what just happened - looking for a third one versus one counter for the full wipe of all the enemy players gonna get it done because he had the dough see is the guy for the video here's the guy here's one just drop down to the left Connor that didn't help the player off with the 1v4 Ottawa you witness gabe i will send you a thousand dollars where you win this game match you imagine thousand dollars yes by any means necessary yep you without a dollar to read [Music] bushcamp will give you a pizza lunchable Wow that best of all with the Capri Sun no not with a Capri subtitle you serious it's hotter do it you know what you can buy with two rare that's nearly three Nintendo Wii 27 players separate cars two thousand dollars really put up that's like the entire code is right for [Laughter] my back shaking Gigi's your back let's refocus back to the game 40 seconds own 24:23 players stand between you and $2,000 bro so so scared I'm just gonna wait till last squad and I'm only a fight then should I take I won't I don't want to take a plague so I want to be as smoothly as I can slide down that mountain oh my goodness Oh Connor is this the most nervous you've been in your life it's too grim when you kiss your girlfriend for the first time I'm jealous that Connor got to kiss a girl I want to I haven't that's not true Oh teen layers alive imagine I kill all of them you if he wiped the whole Lobby we but if I would have said what I think 10 grand no no my this coma Chad said brawl give you children [Laughter] oh yes oh no oh whoa I'm like I'm so nervous right now a very wet live no sodas so bad it's a looot lake and there's no hiding places oh yeah oh we go all the way up all the way up Chloe yeah we're play all the way up spy straight up yeah [Music] otherwise you can go keep going keep going the engine will stop right here so boost just keep boosting into that when you can 9 elimination that's all it takes Carter actually Heike hi a lot of bills is there a lot of build around you can look around with right-click oh my god and their big builds broken motor can actually do this there's one in broken I'm here with two thousand dollars right now today so that he'd be safe that this two had broken never look them actually yeah it's our dog no no see look that seems posted over there see him no right below you right below right there people are getting knocked hold on one just got a limbs I'm about and then when they go for zone fighting they're they're quite easy there's two Scot Connor let's owns it start to push down on the ground both super low go good try bro why are they focusing on me though like why is a squad focused remember solo okay I got nervous there that wasn't you playing right Cotter yeah how do you think I felt when I got told to play for $70,000 for one [Music]