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whoa whoa whoa with going fells weird hello everybody the hair is uh looking recently dried but what does the hair matter what does the hair matter what matters is on the inside Nami is everything all right at home I wouldn't know I'm not at home how are you doing today I am doing well how are you doing today everybody ask yourself how you are doing today sometimes it is very important to re-evaluate how your life is going in your viewpoints in your perspective you know cuz sometimes we get so busy with living life and meeting deadlines and getting things done and confirming things and processing things that we just kind of forget to just chill out for one second and just ask yourselves is everything okay am i all right am i all here yes muy importante we reevaluate in it's sad uh I mean I I know I know you're joking but that is also something I did me to talk about I talked about in my recent concert and mental health is really important guys I don't I don't want to get like super serious all of a sudden but this is something that's really been burning in my heart and I feel like everybody should know and if possible maybe through my personal experiences you guys could find an easier route to being happy or a faster route um not gonna lie I talked about this during the last concert in London but Dan is really good it's really hard to talk about a guy shouldn't mm-hmm yeah mental health is really really important I actually been struggling a little bit not gonna lie I told you guys 2020 new year new me I want to be completely honest with you this isn't so that you guys worry about me cuz I promise I'm doing a lot better um you know I've gotten a lot of help from my friends I've gotten guidance from all over the place friends family professionally and I've been slowly finding myself again which I'm very proud of I mean I could be proud of myself right everybody give me a round of applause I'm proud of Jay Jay's been doing great Jay's been doing his best to reclaim Jay if that makes sense but just on that topic something that I do want to share for sure is when you start questioning if you're if you're if you're okay and that can be in any sort any kind of manner when you're questioning yourself and asking yourself am i okay there's always a reason for that you know something could happen that day something could be continuously happening something could be really burdening you and when you're in that situation take my advice I went the wrong I went the long road with this I took so long to finally accept that I was not okay that things weren't okay exactly okay ah okay okay okay okay okay okay uh-huh um okay but it took me so long to accept the fact that I wasn't okay and I wish I could have just thought about it a little bit more personally faster if that was the case I felt like I could have saved myself a lot of time of just being hurt by myself and not knowing what it was or why is feeling that way and you know I think it's just a human it's a human thing feeling hopeless and feeling empty it happens to everybody you know and just because it happens to everybody does not mean that it's not a point of concern if you're feeling a certain way if you're feeling helpless feeling empty inside please talk to someone about it just talking to someone helps so much because that's that's an outlet it's a way to vent and then sometimes while you're talking to people body you realized oh maybe I feel this way because of this and you're able to find a solution so guys mental health and like also even flipping the tables and being on the other side of that when you're talking to someone that has concerns or issues that have to do with that topic please be respectful and just really take it in because you know like I said everyone at one point in their life and I'm sure more than one one or two points in their lives feel that way and maybe when you're on the other side of the table talking to someone don't reciprocate your respect that you were spectated for that person so that is my thing if you're feeling a certain way don't wait don't tell yourself no I'm strong no I got this I don't I don't need help I'm always okay that's that's not that's not that's not a efficient way to go about it I think so everybody the chatroom please give yourself a pat on the back because no matter what you're doing you are doing great and no matter who you are you're loved it's as simple as that thumbs up to everybody oh okay oh oh okay I'm good okay I'm good anyway um that is just my perspective on the things I haven't gone through yeah sorry it got serious sorry as that was they okay okay let's just talk y'all I came I came to be cool and just uh just touch everybody and ya know I I agree with you we're all humans with flaws and exactly mm-hmm being human is about being imperfect it's the imperfections in the person that make that person you are you wait what rewind is the imperfections that make you who you are right because think about it if everybody was flawless and perfect and there were no problems with everybody then everybody would be exactly the same right yeah yeah no no yeah that makes sense that makes sense I think it makes it yeah that makes sense that was deep um so she really liked that yeah that was deep but um like honestly it's not guys just know that you're not supposed to be perfect life is about making mistakes learning from them growing and don't try to be perfect cuz right after you've been a mistake and then you learn from me grow from it you're gonna make another mistake it's it's the unavoidable path of life you know I mean so just some jeans really good at this but we have a saying before we go up on stage it's we're not perfect we're not gonna try to be perfect just do our best and let's go have fun with it now me yes sir yeah so jealous thing like that because haven't seen it in our um I don't know if they've ever come out like a basics vlog or something but we always put our hands together and we're like okay only that I climbed that only know bush that I was dead basics that was my songs yeah impersonation cuz voice gets really deep poison video movie oh no it's had a Glen you that whitey I do set disease oh my goodness I agree there's something beautiful in perspective imperfections like I was saying people aren't people are people because of imperfections right like I was saying once again if everything was perfect we wouldn't be individuals so guys good morning to everybody that just woke up as well as good afternoon everybody who was going about their beautiful day good evening to people who are about to sleep I'm probably gonna go to sleep after this one - okay also also something to clarify okay how do you guys pronounce ei J let me see him let me see him real quick how do you guys think that is pronounced I thought about oh I thought about that a lot of my friends oh well tapioca says ee j see the rien says ah you knew he says like ear ee j ear oh oh wo says you yeah my reason that she says Iggy Pop it's kind of interesting okay here is the correct pronunciation of it pronunciation does it pronunciation I don't know my English is not English heart and gentlemen the correct pronounce pronunciation of EI j is eva i said it it's each super easy super simple nothing too much nothing too fancy just opposite of J each bear I pronunce she ate it did there you go you [Laughter] know it's it's so easy isn't it it's like really easy to pronounce they're good at first I was like if I do my name backwards and now B yosh right but then like I really thought about it and that's kind of hard to pronounce you know so I was like maybe I'll go an easier route and then we could do easy yes is sunshine dot NFS you've said it correctly this whole time you are a genius everybody is a genius you are all tuned in ok and I guess actually segues into have you guys seen the post that I just posted yes I dropped a little teaser um talking about a certain song I guess I just really a snippet I wouldn't call it a song it's a it's a snippet but I plan to uh release very soon if you haven't seen it yet please why is my hair keep party if you haven't seen it yet please uh you can check it out on my Instagram at Eva Park or my Twitter which is basics underscore J um ok so I guess with that whole project that does tie in to my journey that I was talking about before my mental awareness cuz um like Austin I was finding guidance and counseling from my friends family etc etc and I came to the conclusion that you know I might be in this place where I'm like a little hopeless and without direction and I don't really know what I'm doing like with myself mentally you know like obviously I was having a great time on stage and writing music with DES cigs doing closeted with y'all but like something at the end of the day when the room gets quiet and everything is not there anymore and you guys aren't there and the members are everyone's in their room and I'm just I'm my bed and I'm just like you just you just go to a really dark place sometimes right so I finally accepted it that there might be something wrong with me and I started seeking help and I got guidance counseling and through a collective group of thoughts and conversations I came to the conclusion that maybe I just had lost a sense of direction for myself you know because there was always direction I'm working because you know we're busy we're going on tour or writing music where we're doing this project which we that project and there was always something to do and after a certain point in time we don't get quiet and that wasn't there anymore I wouldn't know what to do I'm like I just really started wandering and once again I know I'm repeating myself over and over but I just want to get it really clear that I came to the conscious conclusion with a group of people that maybe I'd lost myself right I didn't know what Jay wanted anymore I don't know what kind of music Jay would do if given the opportunity or I didn't know what Jay would do with these kind of projects or Jay would want to make in this kind of situation or what kind of decisions Jay would make and I just completely forgot because I kind of put myself on autopilot right I was depending on my boys to always be there for me I was depending on the company to always be there for me down my back and I think I kind just forgot a function so I realize asked to find out there right and so I guess it just pops me that well honestly at first I tried a couple things I tried you know kicking with my friends more I tried you know Spain without family talking to them more opened up a lot obviously I'm RELIGIOUS like that and it all helped which is like something something was missing no I don't know what it was and it's still like it still felt like I'll still conscious like out in desert searching for something I just didn't know what it was it's not like loss right and then I just kind of got in the studio one day and it was without it was without any thought or direction and just got in the studio major code and I kind of just wrote like I forgot all the rules that I've made till then like lines have to be this way lyrics have to be this way this is kind of how it works this what gets confirmed and I kind of just put that all aside for a second and I guess that's where each was really born and that became kind of something that I became passionate about almost something that I looked forward to like all the time like almost like like a new game or like something like that you know I mean I'm a super hardcore gamer I love games and when you get lost in the game you think about that game oh the time boy all the time alright times became something like that and I always find myself in the studio just doing random things that I never thought I'd do exploring genres doing this and that and I found that that became an outlet for me right and I thought and then I found myself like visibly getting better like legitimately starting to feel better and I guess I have this pent up necessity for my own personal creativity that once I started letting it loose I started just feeling a lot healthier you know I mean like like you wake up in the morning and then you have a smile on your face you're like okay oh my goodness today but it's oh right I made the studio today you know you just feel really good how much fight this know what try this how much try this isn't almost like you know it was just such a great feeling I kept it going for a while and with that I guess the product that came out of that whole journey to reclaiming myself again to reclaiming my meant a little Bing I meet a lot of snippets right and like I said new year new me I will really wanted to include you guys in this journey and it's not because all of the music that I wrote is like I think it's super good or like all the snippets are like like wow like this this music is so like revolutionary like it's not anything like that you'll realize once you start hearing the clips they were made with just one thing in mind whatever you feel like doing do it and it's actually been quite a journey you know we have a lot of songs I'm not gonna call some common snippets yeah so yeah anyway long story short I just really wanted to include you guys in this journey that I've been going through to finding myself again you know and as corny as cringy and as as weird as it may sound I really appreciate you guys a lot and I feel like because you guys have been such a big part of my development it's necessary for us to be on this write together you know what I mean it's not just when I'm J of day6 on stage singing and going crazy with you guys that I feel like we should be connected I feel like we should be connected you know all the time so I just wanted to be honest and clarify my thought process on that whole project is a little bit does that make sense guys yells are no it's not weird or cringe though do not lie to me I know I know it is not almost 30 cent and yeah but I mean with everything guys I guess just the whole all I really want to get across and all the things I said I know I've been ranting on and off like the longest time but just really really make sure just stop every once in a while ask yourself am i okay am i doing all right cuz sometimes you don't even know you don't even realize that you're struggling and you just you just have all this pent up all these emotions and you're hurting inside without knowing you're hurting you're subconsciously stressing and that that forms even physically you know yeah I just want everybody to be healthy health is the most important thing in life just like somebody who says all the time yes sir anyway anyway sorry I must stop being so serious and let's let's let's let's uh let's have a let's have a good time guys if you guys have any questions send those in we could talk about it 20:20 is gonna be an amazing year um there's a lot of things that we are so so excited to show you I got a lot of things that I'm excited to do with you guys - yeah damn shame I just joined you to do some next-level TED talk so uh for everyone that's been used to the beginning thank you welcome else my TED talk and uh [Music] Kevin Kevin with the ease thank you we love serious Jay but you know what the thing is I feel like I feel like lately I've been getting serious too often like usually I used to just be like but then like now it's like I'm finding myself in a place where I really wanna you know I really want to tell you the things that I've learned through personal experience so that you guys don't have to go through negative experiences in order to learn those same things Jay please be happy like I said I'm definitely definitely on a good route and I'm finding myself again this year this year is about mental well-being nice for me they weren't looking crazy right now oh my goodness our spiritual coach Kevin get out uh tik-tok has been affecting Jay okay I'ma be honest I I've downloaded it I haven't really opened the app too much I'm a little afraid could I saw a couple of videos and I saw how I could be on this for hours and hours in ours and not see the time go at all so I've been avoiding it just a little bit just a little bit yeah and um once again guys through this struggle through like all I don't want to see hardships but like um through the points of last year even this year where I felt like you know I really need a guidance I was so grateful and happy to have you guys to just always have my back and I'm not just saying that I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart that you guys are always like cheer for me and I know we like we joke around and stuff and like and all that stuff but I'm just I'm really appreciative that you guys have had my back and I'm also really appreciative because when I finally like just like really broke down I like can't do this anymore and you talk about a little people I'm not okay I talked to my bandmates my bandmates their food my boys are my boys 100% let's go back a little bit man my boys have been the reason that I was able to function as well as I do and even right now they are the reason for me being able to make my way back to reclaiming Jenna my boys have always had my back not one time have they doubted me or left me out in the dust like they've always had me you know what I mean and I'm so glad that I came into a team where we're genuinely genuinely care for each other you know I mean so it's been cool yeah yeah we've been cool all right if anyone else has any questions we could talk about equations it was what thank you guys everybody is so kind so I appreciate that very much what does Eve mean um I actually talked about this and while I was seeking a while I was talking to my friends about all the struggles some of my friends did bring up what if you used your name backwards and that's just you going back to your roots and find yourself again I was like that's perfect yeah yes are you coming back to SF anytime soon we would love to we had some amazing delicious crab it was so good I still remember the taste to this day and I crave it so badly yeah seafood an s it was really good yeah Nikki rich Brian or Joji all of them I really appreciate all of their music yeah I feel like all of them have a very unique sound and a very unique style right it's all really refreshing to listen to yeah see you a head in the clouds J it's a head in the clouds is gonna be crazy guys I will see you there and wow it is 1237 already and for me it is time to go good night so that I may get up in the morning and hopefully go exercise yesterday yeah I know I mumbled a lot today some of the things I said don't make sense I'm sorry I hope maybe in the future I clarify things if there were things that were not making sense but for now I'm gonna go to sleep and I do hope that you guys have the most beautiful of days of mornings and Nats everybody goodnight well