200603 Happy SinB day The birth of an amazing dancer놀라운 댄서의 탄생




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I know Buddy, people around me, and my family are more sad about it. I try my best to take care of my body.d I realized that things don't always go your way Like today, we always Buddy: It's okay. Don't cry I'm fine, please hear me out We always receive lots of energy from Buddy. I was hoping to return the energy with performance It didn't quite go as I planned I'm so disappointed about that I wanted to show you a perfect stage There seems to be misunderstanding among buddies You know, I still perform with hurting shoulder Our agency doesn't dorce me to do it Even just now, (our staff) recommended me to just sing while sitting down I just wanted to finnish the stage Today is your day sister. Hopefully, today is happier than usual! Happy birthday to our Ttinbi~ Hello Hwang Eunbi! Thank you for growing with us, happy birthday SinB. Happy Birthday to SinB Buddy is always proud of you because we have one SinB in this world. Happy birthday my Hwang Eunbi I hope you are always happy. Take care of your health. Buddy always loved the mysterious sister Take care of your health. Buddy loves you my brother Sinb Happy birthday to you, sister. I hope you always stay healthy If you can't perform during the performance, don't spread. Sister, be happy. Happy Birthday Always be healthy, don't get sick and always be happy. Forever I will support you. I love you! (The manager took the post-it given by a fan to SinB and SinB was "Why ?!" He asked his manager to give it back to her.) (The manager told fan to move quickly, but SinB asked the manager to wait and told her fan to keep talking.) (When the manager tries to take it fan gifts while they are still talking, SinB doesn't let it do it.) (SinB asked her manager to get a tissue for a fan because he is sweating.) (A fan wants to give his letter to him but was blocked by manager. SinB stops in its tracks, and reach for fan letters.)