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How are you? Good, Master. Feel good? Yes, Master! You look good. Is it too hot outside sometimes? Is it too hot outside sometimes? In the day? (Only a little.) You have a place to hide? Yes. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. You can shoot. Shoot your questions. Master, I have a question about Islam. Master, I have a question about Islam. Yes? I had a chance to work with Muslim people, and to me they are some of the most friendly and welcoming people that I’ve ever met. (Correct.) And yet there are some people who still think that Islam is a religion of violence. that Islam is a religion of violence. So I was wondering if the Prophet Muhammad had ever taught violence? No! No. Never, never. I have some quotes in the office. I have some quotes in the office. I don’t have here. Can you go in the office? And get the envelope, it has a “Q” on it. (Yes.) I have a look. Bring it here. I’m sorry. Can you go quick? (Yes.) I hope she can find it. If not, then we have to stop here. If not, then we have to stop here. And wait until I get the Quran. Actually, Islam, it means peace, yeah? Means the religion of peace. But some people do not follow the example of the Prophet and do not follow his teaching. I remember some quote in the Quran. It says that, I don’t know if it’s a hadith or it is another section. But it says like, “Even if you extend your hands to kill me, I will never extend my hands to kill you.” That’s in the Quran. And something, it said like, “You should forgive others.” Like, “You should forgive so that Allah will forgive you.” so that Allah will forgive you.” More or less like that. If you are Muslim, you can remind me some of the quotes in the Quran that are for peace. (I’m Muslim but I don’t know.) You don’t know anything? I know, I know something, but I can’t… I’m not a Muslim, but I remember that they always say, “Hallo, peace be with you.” Yeah, yeah! “Peace be with you” all the time. Salaam. As salaam alaikum. Always. And even to the Prophet, you say “peace be upon him.” you say “peace be upon him.” But that should not be always the case now because the Prophet already be in Heaven and surely he has peace there. It’s we who need. And I think some people do not really study the Quran very well. And then do not even follow, even if they study, they don’t see these talks. They just… Are you in there? You found it? (Yes.) Ah, yes. Thank you, thank you very much. I hope I have it somewhere. Yeah, yeah, here it is. Look at that. It’s better I have it black and white, because I don’t want to misquote or quote one word less, one word more. It makes a difference, yeah? Here: “If you extend your hand to kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you; for I fear God, Lord of the Worlds.” That’s in Quran Chapter 5, verse 28. That’s correct. To be exact. And then… “And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful. And whoever does that in aggression and injustice – then We will drive him into a Fire.” You know, barbecue. Somewhere down there, yeah? That’s in Quran Chapter 4, Surat An-Nisa, verses 29-30. Okay? You go home, look at that again, you Muslim! (I learned…) you Muslim! (I learned…) You learned? (I read them.) Yeah? You read them? (Yes.) I’m sure all the Muslims know this. Many of the Muslims learn the whole Quran by heart. And every year or every now and then, they have the competition to read the whole Quran. Yeah! And you win a big prize, a big honor if you can recite the Quran by heart. There’s another one. “Every time they kindle the fire of war, “Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it. Now they are striving to spread trouble in the land, and Allah does not love those who do mischief.” “Mischief” in Arabic means, “Mischief” in Arabic means, it’s a Fasad, means murder or corruption, evil or violence. So, you had enough or you want some more? Some more the proof of Islam is peaceful. You want more? (Yes.) You want more? (Yes.) Okay. “Let them forgive and overlook.” You know, the mistakes of others. You know, the mistakes of others. “Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? For Allah is Often Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Oh, the upper stanza is from Quran Chapter 5, Al-Ma’idah, verse 64. So that you go home, read it again, Muslim. “Don’t know”! No, you know it, just don’t remember, yeah? Of course, it’s like the Christians, sometimes they don’t remember that God forbid them to eat meat. “Meat for the belly and belly for the meat, and God shall destroy both meat and them.” “Who told you to kill all the she-sheep and he-bullocks to make offering to me? Repent your sin because your hands are full of blood. I will not forgive you if you don’t repent.” Something similar like that. More or less, all the time. But the Christian people, they don’t see that. They don’t see that. Including some who are supposed to see. Who are supposed to know by heart the Bible and don’t see, and don’t tell the others who have no time to read the Bible. So everybody eats meat, drinks wine all day. Not all day, but every day. Sorry, you can’t do it… after you’re full, you can’t do it again. You would if you could. The thing is, in the Bible, it says very clearly, “Do not be among meat eaters and wine drinkers.” Means alcohol. It’s so clear, isn’t it clear? (Yes.) Even five-year-old children would understand it and would know what it means. And also it says that, “I created all the trees in the field with beautiful fruits for your palate, and all the herbs, for you. That shall be your meat.” Means that shall be your food. Means that shall be your food. He doesn’t say, “Go kill the ox and chicken and eat.” Never. “Thou shall not kill.” Very simple. But how many Christians remember this? You go ask and you tell me. So, I don’t blame you Muslims So, I don’t blame you Muslims who don’t remember this. But even you don’t remember, you should read it every day. So that you remember. You can’t learn by heart. Maybe it’s too long, too big, you don’t have time. But you could read it every day so that you remember what God told you, you remember what God told you, what the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told you. Everybody knows that vegetarian diet is good for health and to save the planet. They will be awakening their own They will be awakening their own great, compassionate, loving, self-nature. And then their level of consciousness will rise up automatically. And they will understand more than they ever did. And they will be closer to Heaven than what they are right now. And another one: “It may be that Allah will ordain love between you and those ordain love between you and those of them with whom you are at enmity.” Means love your neighbor. Love your enemy. “Allah is Mighty, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” See that? And now some of the Muslims even talk on television openly, say, “We’re going to convert this and that whole nation into Muslim, and if they don’t, if they don’t get converted, if they don’t follow Muslim, we’re going to destroy them.” we’re going to destroy them.” Something like that. I saw it on TV. Not all the time, but occasionally. That’s not the teaching of Muslim. These people should learn the Quran. They should read again, and repent if they’re true Muslims. We don’t use religion, any religion at all, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, to gain our fame and power to control over other people. That’s not right. Even God doesn’t control us. You see that? Hes gives us free will. And of course, that’s why we’re a mess, of course, but… But even then, Hes loves us all and Hes says, Hes loves us all and Hes says, “Decide for yourself. Yeah? I teach you right and wrong. And you have to stick to the right.” And some don’t. But Hes doesn’t come and say, “You do this, you do that, or else!” Now, there’s some more. “A kind word with forgiveness is better than almsgiving followed by injury. Allah is Absolute, Clement.” “Muhammad, verily, Allah commands you to forgive those who wrong you, to give to those who deprive you, and to maintain relations with those who cut ties with you.” Many more, of course. That’s a hadith. The others are Quran, Chapters 24, 60, 2. Okay? Verse 263, the last one. The before last is verse 7. And the before last last, was verse 22. That’s all black and white, okay? I’m not making it up. And the last one was God spoke to Muhammad, probably the Prophet Muhammad, probably the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And that’s another thing I want to mention again before I read the last one. Some people… Some Muslims are even being accused of being infidels because he forgot to say “peace be upon him” after he mentioned the name of the Prophet. They say that’s a sin. It’s not. Would Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, punish you if you forget to say that word? Would he do that? (No.) Would he think it’s a sin? Ah, they are sinking. I’m telling you, when the Prophet was alive, Prophet Muhammad in this respect – peace be upon him, forgive me if I forgot… Yeah. It is scary sometimes if… even if you want to follow the Muslim, there are so many rules. And if you forget it, then peace be upon you! My God! We don’t make a religion into such a scary conspiracy or theory or policy. God is all-forgiving. The Prophet teaches always peace. See? Forgive your enemies, all the time. “Even if you extend your hand to kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you; I will not extend my hand to kill you; for I fear God, Lord of the Worlds.” for I fear God, Lord of the Worlds.” Even if you kill me, I won’t kill you. Even if you kill me, I won’t kill you. How would I go out and just kill anybody who did not even have anything to do with you or who never even offended the Muslims or the Prophet? Peace be upon him again. That is not Muslim. Really, these people should repent and think about it, and go back, read the Quran. Otherwise, they will besmear the great religion with their bloody hand and make people fear Islam. That’s not just. That’s not right. You should do things to honor your religion and your Prophet, not to do things that make people scared, fearful, or injured. Or psychologically oppressed. Or follow you just so that they won’t get killed. No matter what religion, the Prophet of that religion always teaches merciful and love. Brotherly love. So, somebody forgets to say “peace be upon the Prophet” and then the other already accuses him that he’s sinful. How can that be? I’ll tell you why we should say “peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad,” peace be upon him. Because when he was alive, it’s a constant struggle with the authorities at that time, of the religious established order who doesn’t want to listen to the Truth of the living Master, like the Prophet Muhammad. For example, yes? For example. Or Jesus Christ, peace also be upon him. The reason is like that. Therefore, all the disciples always pray for the Master to be well and to have peace, of course, so that he can live long among them. Just like the other day, I said, “I don’t have good assistants.” I said, “I don’t have good assistants.” And you said, “Master, we pray for you, And you said, “Master, we pray for you, so that you will have a better assistant.” Thank you very much, and praying for anyone else is always good for you. That means you have a very loving heart. You’re very kind. So I told them, “Yes, you’re very kind. How kind. Please do pray.” Okay? If you pray for me, it’s good for you! Because you’re loving and kind to me. An old poor woman who has no assistant, who has no husband but so many children, who she cannot teach very well. What a bad mother. I try my best, you all know that, right? (Yes.) But children are not always doing according to what the parents wish. That’s normal everywhere. You know that. That’s normal everywhere. You know that. You have children, you know, right? (Yes.) You have children, you know, right? (Yes.) That’s the last one about peace. There are probably more, but this is some that I have collected. Like, “Faith prevented assassination. A believer should not assassinate.” Wow, that is strong. That’s a hadith from the collection “Sunan Abu Dawud.” I hope I speak it correctly. Peace be upon me if I didn’t. Peace be upon me if I didn’t. 2769. Okay? So now, our Prophet, peace be upon him, already in Heaven. He’s with eternal peace. Eternal happiness. Eternal bliss. So, whether we wish him peace or not, it’s overdoing. Of course, we love him, we pray for him. Fine, but he doesn’t need our prayers anymore. He needs us to follow his teaching. Literally. From A to Z. Non-violence. Then you really do honor to the Prophet. And you don’t even have to wish him peace. He will have peace. He already has peace. But he probably might not have peace if we continue to create violence and killing each other, brother Muslims, sister Muslims, or non-Muslim brothers/sisters. That is not doing the will of the Prophet. That is not wishing him peace. That’s doing exactly what he doesn’t want us to do. So no matter you say “peace be upon him” or not “peace be upon him,” why are you going out to do the non-peace things? That is not well, not well with the Quran. Not well with the Prophet. So, the Muslim people, the ordinary Muslim people, are very well-mannered. And they fear God, and they’re very generous, very kind, and very friendly. But only some group of people are using Muslim to gain power, or to vent their anger, or to do something that is harmful to others. That is absolutely opposite of what Muslim is all about. You go home and read the Quran again, whatever piece that you can remember about peace, about nonviolence, so that you can tell your brothers and sisters again. Whoever had a tendency to make violence or to condone violence, you tell them again. “Brother, this is not it!” “This is not the Quran, this is not our religion. Please change. So that the world will respect and love Muslim believers and the world will learn from the example of the Quran, of the Prophet, the world may become Muslim.” the world may become Muslim.” If Muslim is a religion of peace, If Muslim is a religion of peace, we all want to follow. But if we see bombing and assassinating and chopping heads on television, in front of the children to watch, who dares? No matter how right you are, you have no right to chop somebody else’s head. And show it to the whole world in front of television, all the children, and all that, even. Or to do it without television, without camera. This is really not the spirit of Muslim, I’m very sorry to say. I love Muslim people, so I have to say this, so that, please, whoever do injustice to Muslims should stop. Because like this, you harm the great religion, one of the greatest religions in the world. You do more harm than good. You do more harm than good. You scare people away from wanting to know Muslim people. You scare people away from the great teaching of the Prophet. And you make the Muslim community having trouble everywhere they go. You harm your brothers and sisters, because people will be scared and shun the Muslim community, for all that you have done and show to the world, the violence part, which is not included at all in the Muslim religion. Not to talk about kill innocent people Not to talk about kill innocent people and children, just blasting bombs everywhere, in the market, in the hotel, in the bus station, in the church, wherever. There is no love in the heart. Whoever does that cannot profess to have love for humanity. We cannot degrade ourselves into this kind of mentality, this kind of attitude, this is not… no matter what religion you come from, not to talk about Muslim or not. But the people who are doing violent things really, really make Muslim religion look bad, and make the real, beautiful, friendly, loving Muslim believers look bad. You see it all over the world, people now are very unfriendly toward Muslim community. They even forbid to wear veil on the Muslim people’s face, which is normally their tradition. which is normally their tradition. Because why? They’re so scared. They think hiding something, maybe a bomb inside, or a man who pretends to be a woman, who wears like that so that he can go assassinate someone or detonate a bomb somewhere without anybody even daring to look, to search him, because thinking it’s a woman, thinking it’s a lovely, loving, and friendly Muslim lady. So it’s just a group of people. But by the way, I’m also pleading with you, and your friends at home. Please do not shun the Muslim community. Do not treat them anything less than friendly and hospitable and neighborly love. Because the Muslims are not like that, all the Muslim people are very nice. all the Muslim people are very nice. It’s just some group of people, they’re using Muslim to do something bad. If the Prophet says, even if you kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you, so how can you say you are Muslim and go out, kill everybody, no care what. What race, or what age, or whether they do harm to you or not do harm to you. In the Prophet’s time, he has been persecuted, he and his followers have been persecuted, just as well as the time of Jesus, and others. So of course there are… his disciples died. Some of them died, because of maybe trying to shield the Prophet or trying to protect other Muslim believers at that time, or by chance be killed by the persecutors. By the enemies or the religious established authority at that time, or the government at that time. So he said, whoever dies for Muslim, for the religion, and for God, in this regard, would go straight to Heaven. I would say the same. Of course, when you sacrifice yourself for others, or because of your belief, truly believe in God and the Prophet’s teaching and do good things according to the Prophet’s teachings, and if you die, of course you go to Heaven, where else would you go? If somebody kills you because of your faith in the Prophet at that time, where would you go? Go Heaven, no? Yes? (Yes.) Of course. That’s normal, yeah? Any Prophet would say the same to you, no? They call you saint who dies for your faith. That is normal. I would say the same to you, but not to go out kill people to defend for your belief, but just happens, if happens that somebody kills you because of your belief or harasses you or imprisons you or harasses you or imprisons you because of your belief, then bear it and will go to Heaven. That’s what I say. The same as the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, if that is the case. Of course. But the Prophet never says, “Go and kill the non-believers, then you go to Heaven.” So whoever does that is not a Muslim! You don’t recognize such people as Muslim. They are the harmer of the Muslims. That’s what I would say. Excuse if I offend anybody or endanger myself. I would tell you the truth. That’s what it is, okay? (Yes, Master.) So please, protect the Muslims in your community, from harassment, from misunderstanding, okay? Because they’re real believers of the Prophet. If they’re doing things good, they pray five times a day, they do good things. And tell them please be vegetarian. Because the Prophet said that, too. He said to his cousin, “Oh, Ali, don’t eat that.” He means don’t eat meat. “Because that quality will come within you.” The bad quality. And already, before, we had Supreme Master Television, we showed many quotes in the Quran that tell you to eat vegetarian. So I don’t want to tire your ears again here. What I mean is, not every Muslim is a terrorist, okay? Not every Muslim is a fanatic. They’re all lovely, normal people, have even more faith than maybe some of other religious believers. They pray five times a day. They wash their hands, wash their feet, wash their face, before they go into the mosque. Or even if they don’t have the mosque, they pray outside. They stop the work and they pray for some time before they resume the work again. And they do many things that are good for people, the community, for the world. Understand? (Yes, Master.) So you be friendly to the Muslims around you. I am very sad to say, but in our history, (there are) many religious fanatics. So people have always been doing harm to their own religions. Either they don’t understand truly Either they don’t understand truly their religious teaching, or they have been misled by someone who doesn’t understand it, or they are using the religion as a pretext to grab power, to kill for fun, to kill to show their power. But killing other people to frighten them, to scare them into subduing to you, that’s a weakness. It’s not strength. Real men don’t kill to suppress people, to make people obey your command. to make people obey your command. Real men don’t do that. Would you do that? (No.) Would you consider yourself real men? (No, Master.) yourself real men? (No, Master.) No. That’s why, whatever your wife says at home, you say, “Yes ma’am.” Because we are gentlemen, right? We are tough, big guys, we don’t argue with a lady who’s a weaker lady, no? And lovely. Real men, real women don’t kill to win people’s obedience. Maybe you win them, obedience, because they are scared of you, but you cannot win their heart that way. That’s the sign of weakness I see. Because if you can’t even reason with them… You cannot even talk to them and tell them to convert themselves into your religion or whatever you believe. And then you have to use gun, use a knife to force them. use gun, use a knife to force them. That’s weak! That means you don’t have enough eloquence. That means you don’t have enough spiritual power. You see Jesus just goes out on the Mount of Olives. He just speaks a few words, everybody’s flocking to him, love him, lie at his feet. Want to give him all the treasure and everything. And Buddha, he forsook his own kingdom. He could even stay there and be a king and tell everybody to kneel in front of him. He didn’t do that. He just goes out and wears just one or two wrapping clothes, and he even begs for food. And, oh! Countless of people come and kneel in front of him and look at him with loving eyes, and look at him with loving eyes, and do everything he asks. He has not even an inch of metal with him to scare people. So all the real men have power. Invisible power. The power from the heart. The power of love. The power of real conviction and spiritual realization. Confucius, he also didn’t do anything. He didn’t have anything with him. How many people followed him? How many people followed him? Still does! Still do now. People still follow Jesus. What did he have? They even prosecuted him and he could not even defend himself. He had nothing to defend himself. He had nothing to defend himself. Nor that he wanted to. He just let it be. You see? And people still follow him. Build big churches and every day go there to sing his praises. Buddha – people build temples. I’m sorry, we don’t have, but… You see what I mean? I cannot prove that I am a great, powerful Master, nothing, I don’t have a temple. You know that. So I don’t mean to include me. So I don’t mean to include me. Now you can forget me. But you see the Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Lao Tzu. Thousands of years after they have gone to Heaven, people still worship them. And when they were alive, did they shoot anybody? (No.) Did they blow a bomb in the supermarket, killing countless of innocent people? (No.) No! They did none, nothing like that. They just spoke a few words, if they even did. Some didn’t even say anything. Yeah, Bodhidharma, he said nothing, he just sat and looked at the wall for nine years. How many people followed him, at that time? And still worship him now? Still painting him and worshiping him, including him in the temple. You see what I mean? (Yes.) So real men don’t kill. Real men have spiritual understanding, wisdom, and heart power. That’s when you conquer people. That’s when you conquer people. That’s when you win over them. That’s when you win over them. You can’t conquer by too many laws and rules and regulations, and imprison them all and torturing them and all that kind of things. Well I do not mean that prisons are not necessary. In some rare cases, it is, yes? To protect the society if somebody lost their mind, lost their understanding. Or possessed by evil spirit and go out and kill innocents. Then okay, maybe we should keep him safe somewhere, to protect others, yeah? But go out and killing anybody at random, no care what and no care when, no care where, no care whether they are enemies or friends, whether they are brothers and sisters of the same faith, this is a shame. Not religious believers. Not doing good for your religion but doing shame. Damaging, ruin your religion. These people should not call themselves Muslim or Christian, or whomever they belong to. “Thou shall not kill.” That’s the commandment in every religion. Love your enemy. That is the teaching of every religion, yeah? How can you go kill some innocents? You should even love your enemies! Not to talk about killing people who have nothing to do with you, who have never known you. (Yes, Master.) So, Islam is the religion of peace. Islam believers are the people of peace. Okay? (Yes, Master.) All right. Yeah, any more? That’s why I was very surprised to hear some Muslims, very rare, saying that if they kill in the name of Allah as their duty, they will go right away to Heaven afterwards. (No.) So I was really surprised to hear that. So I was really surprised to hear that. No, no. No. Prophet never taught like that. Never. They just use it somehow, you know? It’s just like in some group, they say if a girl marries an Islam boy, she gains many points in Heaven. So, it is not like that. If that be, would be too easy. I would tell you go marry all the Muslim men. Gain points! This a misuse of the Prophet’s teaching. I’m surprised too. What the Prophet means was that, when you’re persecuted by the government or the power that be at that time and if you happen to, because of protecting your friends and your brother and sister or your family of faith, the same faith, and you die, then you go to Heaven, of course. then you go to Heaven, of course. But he never said, “Go kill anybody in the name of Allah, then you go to Heaven.” Does it say something like that in the Quran? You, Muslim? No? It does? (Some…) Some? I think it’s a misinterpretation. (Yes, yes.) Okay. For example. If your Prophet, the Prophet was in front of you, and some enemies come, want to kill him. And then you use whatever weapon you have to shield him, no? And then maybe in that case, you die. Or maybe the enemy might die in the course of clash. Then, of course, because your heart is pure, you did not want to kill, just you want to protect your brothers and sisters or your Prophet. And then accidentally it happened. Then of course you go to Heaven. But it says so clearly, “Even if you extend your hand to kill me, I will not extend my hand to kill you.” So how do you argue with that? So how do you argue with that? There is a lot of misinterpretation. Allah never asks you to kill anybody. Does he? Okay, suppose Allah says that, if Hes comes to me and tells me I should kill somebody then I go to Heaven, then I probably would. But Allah never said anything! Did Allah ever come to any of them and say, “Please kill somebody and then you go to Heaven in my name”? (No.) No! Nobody ever heard that from Allah. Nobody ever heard that from Allah. So cut the crap! Don’t smear the greatest name of Heaven and Earth. I mean, don’t smear the name of Allah with your bloody hands. Go on. I’m in the heat of defending for your religion, for the Muslims because I think a lot of people misunderstand Islam because of a group, some group of people who don’t do well as Islam believers, and then harm many of Islam communities. Even nowadays in Myanmar, people are also scared of Muslims, and they want to separate from them, want them to go away from Myanmar. Some even Buddhist monks don’t want them. Normally Buddhist monks never ever do anything against anybody. But even nowadays, they’re so scared of Muslims that they even support the public, tell them to separate from them. So whatever they want to do for Islam, So whatever they want to do for Islam, they have to do it more peacefully, lovingly, to prove that Islam is the religion of love and of peace, of harmlessness. Otherwise, they scare the hell out of everybody. How anybody will come to convert into Muslim? Whoever has been converted into Muslim up to this date, I mean wholeheartedly, it is because due to these loving, friendly, helpful Muslims nearby them. Not because of these guns and gun-wielding and knife-thrusting this group of people. No. The more you scare them, the more they shun away from you. So the people who are converted into Muslim nowadays, it’s just because they know some beautiful Muslims as friends or neighbors or acquaintances. These are the qualities that convert people into anywhere, any group, any religion, not just Muslim. Any more questions? (Yes, Master.) Okay. Hallo. Hallo. Hear you. In speaking of Islam, I also have a related question. May we know why some of the Masters had to face more physical persecution than others? For example, Prophet Muhammad, For example, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had to endure a lot of violent attacks during his lifetime. violent attacks during his lifetime. Yeah. Or Jesus, for example. Or Jesus, for example. Many other Masters that you don’t know. You should read the history of religions in Hindu, in Sanskrit or in Hindus’ language. They recorded all the suffering They recorded all the suffering of different Masters. Not just Hindu but maybe Iran before, many Masters suffered. The Sufis’ Master or any Master suffered a lot. Terrible, terrible suffering. Terrible death. But only the most famous we know, But only the most famous we know, that’s the Prophet of Islam and Jesus Christ. But there are many, countless of them. The reason was that in those times, people probably were still very more aggressive than now. still very more aggressive than now. And the communication between humans was not as efficient as nowadays. Even nowadays, we have internet and television and telephone and all that, the Master is still being harassed. the Master is still being harassed. And it’s different groups of people. And it’s different groups of people. If you teach people to be good, then the bad people hate you. If you teach people don’t gamble, then the casinos hate you. If you teach people don’t eat meat, then the slaughterhouses and the ones who live from the blood of the animals, they hate you. If you teach people don’t take drugs, If you teach people don’t take drugs, don’t smoke, then these powerful companies also hate you. Especially the drug dealers, the drug lords. You saw it on TV, and on internet or newspapers, they chop people’s heads off. You know, these drug people. Because maybe they don’t work with them anymore, they want to come clean to go out and work like normal people. Or maybe they suspect that they are informants for the police to come and get them or something like that. and get them or something like that. It makes your mind blurred. It makes your mind blurred. It shrinks your brain. It clogs your nerves. It makes you hallucinate. It makes you hallucinate. It makes you go crazy when you don't have it and become addicted to it. It breaks your family love, relationship. It makes you become a criminal sometimes. We have enough confusion with work, with war, with disaster, with relationship already. Do not create more confusion Do not create more confusion for yourselves and damage your only vehicle to reach God; this is the body, the temple. this is the body, the temple. Keep it well, in order, healthy, because you must use it. Drug is no, no, no, no. There are always two forces in this world, negative and positive. The negative tells people to do all the bad things that are harmful to societies and to themselves. The positive people try to stop that and tell people to do good, whatever good for the nation, for the world, and for themselves. And these are always at odds with each other. This is the temptation that we always heard about in this world. The negative always tries to give temptation to people, to make people bad. And the positive power tries to save them, tries to tell them to do the right thing, go into the better, correct direction. So, the Master, the Prophet always represents this positive power. And many negative representatives on this planet of course will not want the Master to be alive or to be well. Because if the Master takes all the souls to Heaven, then what do they do here? They cannot control people anymore, they cannot tell people to kill each other anymore, they cannot tell people to drug themselves to death or harm their bodies by drugs and by all kinds of bad habits anymore. All souls are free. So they’re afraid. They want to keep the souls here, enslaved forever. Imagine the king without any subjects. I proclaim myself to be the queen of what, of whom? I sit in the throne and I, “I’m the queen, I’m the queen,” “I’m the queen, I’m the queen,” all day long, nobody cares. Same with the negative power. The king of maya, the king of the negative force, wants to have subjects, wants everybody to slave under his power, listen to him, do whatever he wants. And the more you do what he wants, the more you stay here. And then you might even inflict other people, infect other people around and keep more souls, bring more souls to his kingdom. Then he controls more and more and more. That’s why. Okay? Otherwise, we can never understand how such a benevolent Master like Buddha or Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad would ever be hated or persecuted or assassinated or tried to be harmed by anybody else. Right? (Yes, Master.) Even just average people would never understand that. Normally we would think, “Oh, whoever does good, they’re praised on television, have a medal here from the president or certificate from the governor, whatever. Then how come the Prophet, the best of all the good, get persecuted, harassed, or even assassinated?” You see? How would we understand that? How would we understand that? Only because the negative power doesn’t want the Master to come here and save any souls. Any stray souls come here, the negative power tries to make him worse, make him worse than before – he probably was not too bad. Or maybe he was good and then he tempts him with all kind of things. Sends his subordinates to be his friends and tell him, “Oh, alcohol is good. Womanizing is good. Brothel is good. Casino, lose all money is good. Who cares about money?” For example. Just tempting him, sending people to be his friends, sending his subordinates, the low-level, negative-influenced people to be around him, be his friends, and drag the soul into the bad company. Then if he’s not strong enough or if he’s not lucky to find some better friends to get him out, then he will be lost also into that company. You are the company you keep. Tell me who are your friends and I would know who you are. That’s what it is. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we also say, “If you are with the ink, you will get blackened. If you are with the light, you will be brightened.” Okay? Yeah. Master, have there been any Masters in the past who used up so, so much of their spiritual merit points for the sake of their disciples, that they could not return to the Fifth Level after they passed away? Let me check. Let me ask. No, no. (I see.) Once the Master is already from the Fifth Level, they don’t go down. They probably look like going down or maybe persecuted and died in such agony. But because of that, they will be cleansed of all the karma (retribution), and then they go to Heaven. If they don’t have enough spiritual merit even, they would suffer a lot and then they would go to Heaven. Thank God. That’s why all the Masters suffer a lot. That’s why all the Masters suffer a lot. Because sometimes they don’t have enough time to replenish their spiritual merit store. Because they’re allowed to, I told you guys before, Supreme Master TV before, they’re allowed to bring only how much spiritual merit points into this world. And then, here they have to earn again and again. Just like if you go to America, you’re allowed to bring not more than US$10,000. And then, if you have some reason to be there, and then you can transfer your big bank account into America, but not without checking, not without limiting, not without “why you do this, why you do that.” Not without any good reason. And even then, if you just stay there and give it all to your friends, then you will also squander it all, squander it. After a while, you have no more money left. But luckily your family still has money and you have all the Swiss bank account, and you survive. Hi, Master. (Yeah.) You mentioned before that your Light manifestation bodies can be used to sit in various divine connection zones, but that the power cannot be used for Master’s own benefit. So, what if your physical body sits in the Karmic Immunity zone while your Light manifestation bodies sit in places that benefit the world? Would that be allowed and protect Master more? Wow, that’d be a dream. I never said anything like my manifestation bodies sit in a different... I did not. Did I say that? Oh. Maybe I misheard. No, no. I said I could go astrally first to check. Before, I had to run with the bus or with the taxi or with a car or with the airplane in order to go right there to check. in order to go right there to check. And I said to you later, “I know better, I do it astrally.” “I know better, I do it astrally.” Maybe I didn’t say it clearly enough, but that would be a dream. You don’t know how many manifestation bodies I have, then I would have done it in no seconds. It’s not possible. But luckily, in some of the places that I have found, there are many connections, just very tight with each other. Last time, I told you I have eight of them. Not so tight to each other, about this area. But I just found some, five, five even stronger than that eight. Those eight connections were 62 trillion something percent. (Wow. Cool.) Compared to the one I had before. I had like the whole bed. For example, the whole bed area, it’s about 85 spiritual connections. it’s about 85 spiritual connections. Oh! I wrote it in the book. Oh! If you see it, you see that I tape it on each position. It’s full, full, the whole area is full of different spiritual connections. But I missed out this eight, and now I missed out this five. It’s not about missing out, but I have to climb one by one. So before that, I wasn’t allowed to be shown this deepest level. Not “not allowed,” but because, for example, I have to step to the first step in order to go to the second step, and then go to the third step, and then go fifth and tenth and then go upstairs. So I just found another five which is, wow, wow, which is like zillions percent now, compared to the eight before. Before, the whole area was only, for example, the whole area compared, then 100%. And I found these eight connections lately that is 62 trillion percent compared to this 100% of the whole area. Before, I found the whole area – wow, so nice! I extended my socks, my hair, I flipped it over. I put my cut nails… Spread out everything. And I thought, “Wow, that’s nice!” And after I found the eight, it seems nothing. The whole area is, if it’s only 100%, this one’s 62 trillion percent, and now it’s zillions of percent, and now it’s zillions of percent, compared to that 100%. Oh, I’m so happy. So, very lucky. And these five connections are very tight together, tightly knitted together in such a position like this only. It’s not round like this, it’s here and there, there, there. it’s here and there, there, there. But I could sit with my whole butt on it. So, for example, yeah? And on top of that, I have the eight nearby and the whole area with the 85 connections. So I made good use of all that. So luckily it’s like that. So, what I mean is, in one session I could make use of tens of spiritual connections of different levels and different benefits at the same time. Very lucky. Before, it wasn’t like that. Before, sometimes I have to drive many tens of hours to find them, scattered here and there. One or two, and I was happy already. Or I have to fly many ten of hours to different countries in order to find one or two. And now I’m up. Now it’s all up for grabs. I’m very lucky nowadays. Thank you. Anyone else? Hi. May we know some of the new divine connection zones that you have discovered since the last teleconference? Oh, it’s almost the same now. It’s not too much new, it’s just some different names. For example, if before I told you that I have found the place like Producing Peace, for example. Then now I found a different kind of peace connection like Total Peace or Peace for All or Peace from God, for example like that. Or maybe the same section, it just goes deeper, deeper, more to the source, so it’s more powerful. So recently I haven’t found anything new. Whatever I found new, it was in that full coverage. Some of them are new. But now it’s not new anymore, it’s just the same, just very deep, deeper. And I was thinking that was deep enough already, but it wasn’t. So I still keep going. I mean, the soul still keeps going. And because I have connections in all different planets, in different levels of consciousness now, so the soul can give messages to the mind. Or through some agency. Even through my dogs. Deceased dogs, and then the live dogs. But they cannot help me with the higher levels. Just with lower levels, a little lower than just what I have now. So now, everything I have to find myself. I mean, with my mind and with my body. Yes? Hi, Master. We understand that humans are not able to access these divine connection zones. However, are celestial beings able to connect to these divine connection zones located within the Five Worlds, such as in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth realms? (Yeah, understand.) Or are these divine connection zones exclusively only for Master’s use? No, no. In the lower zones, almost anyone can do it if they have something to do with it. (Understand.) You got it? (Thank you, Master.) Okay. You’re welcome. Next one. Hi, Master. You mentioned earlier in this retreat that Hermit has now reached the Fifth Level. And that he sometimes tells Happy the location of a divine connection zone. (Yeah.) And then Happy… It was a lower one. Okay. And then Happy will go and sit on that spot to show you where it is. Yeah, yeah. To remind me, to get my attention to it. Right. So I was wondering if Happy gains any benefit from sitting on that spot? No. No. No. Hermit just tells her to sit. She doesn’t know anything. Because they are connected with each other. But only when I was on a lower level. Right now, they have no use for me. Thank you, Master. I have another question. If a disciple in a past life does something bad to Master, we understand that the bad karmic residue will remain with that person during this lifetime and sometimes have a negative effect on Master. (Yes.) So I was wondering if there’s any way during this lifetime that negative karmic residue can be resolved. Or is that with that person for his whole life, even if he tries to make amends such as sincerely repenting or wanting to change inside? It’s a little difficult. It’s a price. It’s a price I have to pay, even if he tries. It’s not about residues, it’s just that whatever you did bad, it remains in the universe even. It’s not completely dissolved. Whatever you do good, it still remains there. So if you want to go back to the physical world, the price is that you have to take up your bad karma (retribution) again, if you did not resolve it completely in the last life and there’s some left. If you had a Master then, then probably it’s already cut off for you, cut off the karmic tie for you. But if you didn’t, and you did harm to the Master, you come back. You want to come back to do good to the Master or do… make up for, do something. And then that karma immediately jumps on you, attaches itself to you. That’s what we call the fixed karma in this lifetime. So it’s very difficult for him to get rid of. And also, the maya (negative force) doesn’t want it any other way. So that he can disturb Master for fun. Any more questions? (Thank you, Master. That’s all.) You’re welcome. Hi, Master. How come Heaven can’t send down a Fifth Level enlightened Master to be your attendant so that you don’t have to encounter such difficulty all the time with low-level disciple attendants? Wow! I wonder myself. You can’t have too many Fifth Level Masters on one planet. And if there is one, he has work to do. The maya doesn’t allow so many goodies to come into a bad world. If you are good, I mean if the world is good, then I’ll probably have one. But this is the price to pay. If you want to do it here, you have to do the way… Package, you know? You can’t have it too good, otherwise the world has been liberated all these years, or these decades, all these centuries already, and I don’t have to come down. Fifth Level Master, wow. It’s a dream again. Yeah, it would be nice, hey? I wish. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Thank you very much for your concern. Behind there. Hi, Master. Hi! Can we know if the Heaven portals Can we know if the Heaven portals can be placed next to hell portals in order to neutralize their bad influences? No, no. Can’t. It’s mostly Heaven’s gates are already fixed where it is. are already fixed where it is. If it’s nearby, we can move it a little bit, but it cannot move too much. And the hell portal is right there for that reason. Okay? For whatever reason that is, it’s right there. And if the Heaven (gate) goes nearby, maybe both become hell. (I see, Master.) Yes, because they don’t mix. They don’t mix. Cannot mix. The people who are supposed to be near the Heaven gates are already destined, and the people who are supposed to be near the hell gates are there for some reason. All right? Thank you very much. I wish we could do that. Yeah, here you are. Hi, Master. (Hi.) Lots more people are going vegan now in the world, and I mean, that’s fantastic. (Fantastic.) And I know that you said that there’s so much blessing power now for everyone to go vegan. (Yeah?) And I’m just wondering, if we could see this blessing power, if we could see this blessing power, what would it look like and how does it actually work? If you could see it? If we could see it. How can you see some power? How can you see some power? Can you see love? Can you see love from your husband? (No.) Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Can you see? No. Cannot see. How it works? Okay. It’s like this. Okay? It’s not allowed, any power, not allowed to force upon humans’ free will. But it could be smoothing out their obstacles, for example. And then, for example, normally they don’t think of being vegan or anything – a person. But because you come nearby. And then you have more of this power with you now. The one that helps (others) to be vegan. And you talk to that person and he understands quicker. Because you’re more powerful now. Or anyone who hesitated to become vegan before, but because he’s also influenced somehow by this goodness of the power overall in the world, it’s easier for him to become vegan now. Before, it was very difficult for him and now suddenly it’s more easy. Or before, it’s difficult for you Or before, it’s difficult for you to tell people to be vegan, now suddenly it’s more easy for you. now suddenly it’s more easy for you. It’s like that. But any power, positive power, But any power, positive power, is not allowed to impose, change people’s free will by power. change people’s free will by power. That’s the pact with the maya (negative force). This world is the world of maya, more or less. So if you want to work here, you have to abide by the law. Okay? I have another question if that’s okay. (Please.) You mentioned that you have placed the storehouses with tools and powers for you to use at the beginning of time. So, what exactly is the beginning of time? Okay. Beginning of my time, okay? It has been there forever. Okay? In the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the beginning. Because someday we will have to use it. Not just today, but maybe another time in the future. Or maybe sometime in the past. If really necessary. But also, some human standard has to be elevated a little bit more in order to be able to absorb this power, as well. So it’s not like, okay, any Master comes down and then just goes up and gets all the power and then everybody... It’s not. For example, this power will not be useful in hell. People cannot absorb it. So, because nowadays many people practice Quan Yin Method and “be good” and “be vegan” – the percentage – and also open their hearts to understand more of the Truth. to understand more of the Truth. So, Heaven even can negotiate with the maya and say, “Oh, look! They’re good!” And they will… So, can try to do it. You see? Not like can always do this. It just has to be at the right time. So this is the right time. I’m glad. I was also wondering how can there be war in the three heavenly realms? (Fighting?) Yes, fighting. (Fighting?) Yes, fighting. Is it like, the heavenly beings fighting with each other or is it the heavenly beings fighting with the hellish beings who try to come up? Heaven and hell you were talking about is in the astral world. Astral world, there were heaven and hell, I told you already. And the hell people try to impress the heaven section. They are neighbors. And the heaven says, “No. Get lost. Go out. Go down.” They try… more territorial. And heaven defends their territory. Because in the astral world, there’s no very definite border between the two different levels of the people of the astral. So most people, when they die, So most people, when they die, they go through the tunnels and they go to see the Light being at the end, and beautiful beings and beautiful scenery – and these are astral heaven. But the Second Level and the Third Level heavens don’t fight with each other, or don’t fight with the hell. Of course, they try to protect other beings, or protect their citizens, but they don’t really fight per se, like the war in Iraq or whatever. (Yes.) Okay. All right. Any more? Master, in the previous conference, Master, in the previous conference, you said that you’ve repaired the universe in the past, before the new period began. Could Master please explain what is the new period? The Master power did repair sometimes the universe. What I mean is, when it’s broken somewhere, then we have to repair. So that it will be renewed again. Okay? Yes, Master. That’s it. Probably that’s what it was. What new period, I guess after screening out all the badness or bad elements and the universe is repaired somehow, then of course the new era begins. Better. Repaired. (Yes, Master.) Right. (Thank you, Master.) You’re welcome. Yeah, yeah. Master, may we know why Master has been reincarnated as kings and queens of all these different countries throughout history? Was it to sow affinity with a large number of people, or make peace in that region? Or... Or? Or maybe you had to gain experience as a ruler? Ah! Not sure. If I want to rule, I’d rule Heaven. I don’t want to rule this world. Well, it’s just whatever necessary, a role to play at that time, then the Master will play like that, play the role. Because at that time maybe it’s necessary (for) an enlightened king to help this group of people or the people of that period of time, or necessary to be a queen, or necessary to be a high official. Yeah? Master, on the other hand, you’ve also been an ordinary citizen, and I was wondering how could that bring help to the masses if you’re just an ordinary citizen? How could it not? Could I have helped? I am nothing nowadays, I’m an ordinary citizen, and could I have helped you? (That’s very true, Master.) Yeah. It depends, yeah? Affinity and the need of the time. It is not important to be king or queen or ordinary citizen. It depends. Whatever helps at that time, then we do it. Yes, Master. And so, do the experiences and skills that you acquired over these lifetimes, do they help you in your mission now in your lifetime, this lifetime? I don’t think it helps anything. No. No. Am I lording over you like a queen or something? Do I treat you like I’m a king or queen or anything? (No, Master.) See? Nothing. Nothing changed. Nothing… You know? If I was a queen, a king, then I’d probably behave like one. then I’d probably behave like one. And now I’m not, then I behave like I’m not. Do I act like king or queen or something in front of you at anytime? (No, Master.) in front of you at anytime? (No, Master.) Sometimes I wear some king’s hat, Sometimes I wear some king’s hat, just for fun. Sometimes in Formosa (Taiwan), we have a New Year or some special festival and they just design some dress, or they buy some or they rent some somewhere. And they say, “Master, we have a program.” They make me wear this and don this hat like a king of old time, and they make a chair to carry, a chariot to carry. And then they beat the gong. And then they beat the gong. And they also wear mandarin officials’ dress. Just for fun. Yeah? I think we love to see you when you dress like a king or queen. when you dress like a king or queen. No. The dress doesn’t make you a king. The dress doesn’t make you a king. Yeah. Just fun sometimes, that’s all. Okay? Or sometimes people saw me in a past life as a king and all that, and they just told everybody else. That’s all. Right now, I’m nobody. Okay? Yes. (Thank you, Master.) Yeah, over there. Master, why did you choose to be born in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) in this lifetime, which is the first time you’ve been Aulacese (Vietnamese)? No. No. It’s the second time. I was a king of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) before. Long time ago, long time ago. The one who went to the temple, became a monk. Yeah? What else? Master, may we know more about the power that you have brought down for us to assimilate during this retreat? All kinds, all kinds of power. Whatever you wish, you can access to. Like the power to help people to be vegan, the power to help people to make more peace with each other, the power of love, the power of God’s Light, the power of the Almighty love, all kinds of powers. Whatever I have is here. Or everywhere in the world, too. Oh! There are more than hundreds or more, hundreds of different kinds of divine stores. So many kinds. Even… Even to be younger, or to be young forever, to be healthy. Yes? Even to change yourself into breatharian if you are courageous enough, if you want to. If you’re fed up with the soups in the kitchen, you can do. There’s one guy, the Mexican, he’s here somewhere. Because of the soup, it helps him to become fruitarian. It does help, no? It’s easy for him now, fruitarian. The soup’s so lousy, every day soup, soup, soup and… He couldn’t “soup” it anymore. He couldn’t “soup” it anymore. So he just “zoup” the fruit. But it depends. Whatever necessary, you use. For example, in daily life, sometimes you want to go out and you want to talk to people and to tell them that vegetarian is good for you and all that. Before, you tell them, they don’t listen. And now they will. At least they accept. They don’t “shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo.” They don’t “shoo, shoo” you. Before, they, “Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo!” And now they say, “Oui, oui, oui, oui!” (“yes” in French) “Okay, okay, okay.” Like that. Before, they looked at you like the Loch Ness monster or something. And now they respect you. They look at you kindly. For example like that. But you also cannot use all the powers that have been brought down because you have to also assimilate it well first. The higher level, the better for you. The higher level, the more you can use. Because you cannot bear it if you’re too low. It’s too strong. This is from the extreme cosmic corner of the universe, from the extreme area. So if it’s too powerful, you cannot… Just, it will be distributed to you according to your level of digestion. Anything else? Is there any specific level that this or any of these powers that this or any of these powers have come down from? Oh, I told you it’s from the extreme cosmic region. High above the Tenth and Twelfth Levels. Above the Tenth, there is no more governing body or anything anymore. It just still exists – regions. It’s like, for example, here is a meditation hall for all of you to enjoy. And spill over is the front yard, you sit under canopy, meditate. And then, in your room, you have a bed or whatever. But in the backyard, we have the kitchen and the storeroom for all your goodies. Okay? We don’t go there to meditate or anything. And the Master doesn’t go there and you don’t go there. We don’t use it for general purposes, but it still exists there. The storeroom exists. And the storeroom for video, and the rooms for workers. For the guards. For the guards, etc., for the workers. You can’t just go in the storeroom. You can’t just go in the storeroom. The guards here will kick you out. And maybe your ID card will go on vacation for a long time. You see what I mean? The storeroom behind there is full of goodies. I can bring it here for you. I can tell the guards to bring it here for you, you see? to bring it here for you, you see? But you don’t go there, break the lock, come in and take whatever you want. Even though it’s for you, intended for you, but for all of you. Got it now? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, okay. It’s like that. Thank you. We appreciate that, Master. Was it difficult or easy for you in any way to bring this power down? Was there any hardship that you had to go through? Beginning, yes. Beginning, very uncomfortable sometimes. The body was not used to it yet. Because my body is not just a normal body yet, it’s still, you know… And there was too much bad karma (retribution) also from the disciples. And so I had to clean it up, clean up the mind and the energy and the body where it goes through sufferings, in order to clean up. And then after that, the first many times I received the power to go up there, it was very uncomfortable for the body. Sometimes I could not even sit still. Sometimes I could not even sit still. It’s like somebody stabbing you It’s like somebody stabbing you or somebody pinching you or somebody pushed you, all kinds of things. But you have to try to continue, no? And then now it’s better. Better, but then I go higher and deeper. It’s sometimes similar, the same. The body is not all that good. Because the soul is up there, but the body’s here. And even though the body has become more refined, the vibration of the body has become more refined, but it has to also go slowly. Sometimes I’m greedy. I want it fast. I want to take more, quick. And it backfires. It makes me very, very uncomfortable. So I had to stop sometimes. There’s no way we can thank you enough (No, it’s okay.) for all that you’ve done for us, Master. I do it with pleasure, with pleasure. I just wish I could do it faster. But if I do it faster, sometimes it’s too troublesome for the body. I have pain, or I have sickness, or I could not eat. Or if I eat, I have to vomit or I bleed inside, or I bleed outside, or something happens. Suffering, different kinds. So I just do it slowly. It’s all my fault, I go too fast. It’s okay. I love it. I love to do it. Is there any advice on how we can retain this power or assimilate it as best we can, here and also at home? You are doing it all the time. And you will notice it when you use it. For example, before, if a neighbor is fighting or your family is fighting, and you could not make them peaceful with each other. Now, you want to, you can. For example like that. Okay? But again, you must be a little bit higher in order to have more power, take more of that power. It’s like children. You cannot give him 50 kilograms of rice. But I can give you, you carry it to take home. Okay? (Understand.) Like that. (Thank you very much, Master.) You’re welcome. And before, for example, before, if you have some healing power… Natural, not like you want to or you know it. And it’s very little. Now, you have a lot. Maybe somebody’s sick, outsider people. You just pass by him and he got well. For no reason. If you just look at him and feel sorry for him. Like, “I wish the poor thing doesn’t have to suffer so much.” Or somebody… Like somebody lay in the hospital and almost like vegetable stage already. But some people have sympathy on him. Maybe one of our disciples, one of our Association members wishes him well. Then that person will get well out of nowhere. Improve drastically and like come back to life. Even when he’s already 90-something. I don’t want to mention whom, but you know. Things happen. Hi, Master. (Hi.) You’ve shared so many secrets of the universe to help people feel more happy and elevated, even if it means that you’d be temporarily blocked. And this time, Master, you’re sharing this beautiful two-month retreat with us, and we feel so, so blessed and so thankful. But Master, we can’t help to be concerned for you, as well. Master, have you encountered many difficulties because of your commitment to this retreat? Oh, yes, some. Nothing I can’t handle. I can handle it. Of course there is a price to pay. But this time, they don’t attack my body. Just attack something around. One bathroom broken pipe after another. At home and here. For example like that. Or the dog got sick. Maybe they don’t attack me drastically, but they still can do something. Like influence the food I eat. And suddenly, it’s fresh, but I eat it, I still will get sick. They can’t do it directly, do indirectly. Or making trouble, all different kinds. But it’s nothing, nothing that stops me. If I say, “We do it,” then we do it. It doesn’t matter. Okay? Because I have to see you. You have to see me. You want to. And… I have a duty. And also, some new people also want to see me. And old people also want to see me. (Yes! Yes!) Oldest also want to see me. (Yes!) That’s the trouble. So, many of you have the wish, I have to fulfill. Okay? No problem. (Thank you so much.) They don’t scare me. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and for your love. for your sacrifice and for your love. It’s okay. It’s okay, love. Master, if we ever encounter a god or goddess, and we ask them if they are, would they confirm to us that they are a god or goddess? Sometimes they do. Sometimes they just smile and disappear, and that’s also a confirmation. Sometimes, you see, they don’t always appear as human. (Yes.) They appear like pigeons… Oh! I never forget these pigeons. Oh! I never forget these pigeons. So beautiful! So glowing, my God! At first, I thought, “What kind of parrot that is more beautiful than all the parrots I have ever seen?” than all the parrots I have ever seen?” And I have seen almost all the parrots, all the most colorful ones, because I visit different centers, because I visit different centers, different places where they have parrots of different colors. Wow. Some are so big like this, and so green. Some… All kinds of colors, and some, even small ones, so beautiful. They’re all different kinds, different colors. Sometimes so colorful, all over. Sometimes so colorful, all over. But I have never seen pigeons like that! At first, I thought they were parrots, At first, I thought they were parrots, but I’ve never seen parrots there before. So I thought, “It cannot be.” And then, when they flew around me, I knew, “Oh! They are pigeons.” And then, they aligned again on the trees and made a lot of singing noise for me to look. I said, "Oh! They are pigeons.” But what kind of pigeons? Oh! So pink like… Oh! So… Not this. Pigeon is pink like this, the shocking pink like – no, no, like the flowers that she wears. And then, bluer than his shirt, and glowing, shining. And the yellow like the sun, shining. And green… I don’t know what color… Real green. Have you ever seen a green pigeon in your life? No! Completely green and beautiful! Shining, like glowing like the sun. So beautiful. All kinds of colors: blue and green and yellow and red and pink and… Oh, and mixing also. They were so happy, happy, happy, and even pretended to be hungry. I gave them cakes, they ate it. They ate them. And then they just disappeared. And then they just disappeared. Nobody had seen them flying away, no. They just disintegrated, right there. I asked my nearby two assistants, “Did you see them go?” “No, we haven’t seen them go.” Because we were watching them eating. They haven’t seen them go. Just like that. I thought maybe I didn’t see but they see. No, they didn’t. So beautiful. They just came to make me happy. Congratulate me. They really said, “Congratulations for your new gains.” Like, new levels. Okay. Yeah. I have another question. Please, please. Sometimes we are inconsiderate to others or we’re being selfish or arrogant, and we don’t see it ourselves. Even after somebody points it out to us, we still don’t see it ourselves. So, Master, what can we do when we are blind in these kinds of bad habits? Just don’t do it. Well, it’s difficult to remember, Well, it’s difficult to remember, but if you remember, then stop it. And if you know you were wrong, go apologize. Okay? (Yes.) Apologize and make it up for him or her. Make her happy. If you have money, buy a box of vegan chocolates. (Okay.) Okay? (Yes. Thank you, Master.) Yes. Thank you so much for talking about the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. Is the present conflict in the Middle East due to the effects of the bad karma (retribution) of the people during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him? Some, some. Yeah. Whenever we harm the Prophet, we are harming ourselves for many lifetimes. We could even go to hell for that – not because the Prophet doesn’t forgive. The karmic law here is very strict. You harm anybody, you pay. You harm anybody, you pay. Okay? So some of the conflicts anywhere are also due to – not just Middle East, anywhere – it’s due to the fact that we humans have not been kind to one another, least of all to the Prophet. Always something, did something wrong to him or her. Also because we’re killing each other. And also, we’re killing the believers of the Prophets, whichever time that was. Maybe, it may be Jesus’ believers, Prophet Muhammad’s believers, Buddha’s believers, or Master Mahavira’s believers, or Guru Nanak’s believers, etc., etc. Or Krishna’s believers at that time. You see? So many Masters, I cannot say it all. Then we have to come back and then we have to pay for what we have done. We have to be the victims in order to experience what suffering we have inflicted in the last life or last time. So that we understand: Doing this kind of thing is making people suffer, like people are doing it to us now makes us suffer. Once we understand that, then the soul will change. Not the soul understands, but the mind will understand and then will change, and then will allow the soul to maneuver our life, and we become a better person. We don’t keep listening to the mind We don’t keep listening to the mind or the bad influence around, but we listen to the soul and the oversoul. And the oversoul is listening to God. For example like that. And we change. I have one more question for you. (Please, yes.) During the musical “Loving the Silent Tears,” there was a really beautiful piece. It was the Middle Eastern one. (Yes?) And they had Israeli and Iranian and Arabian singers. (Yeah, I remember.) And it was just so beautiful but so powerful as well. And I was just wondering, could this performance have somehow spiritually transformed or uplifted the countries and the people involved in some particular way, and maybe even created a signal for peace in the Middle East? Yeah. It influenced some. Yeah. I just hope they’re making peace soon. Right now Israel and Palestine are talking to each other. They promised to talk for nine months and try to make peace within this period of time. Let’s pray that they will listen to their own Godness inside and not listen to the mind, which is very confused in this world and also poisoned by the environment and by the food, by the alcohol, by chemicals – all kinds of things. Okay? Master, as the world is becoming more and more peaceful, what’s going to happen to all those hell portals and lower roads, like the ones that influence all those leaders’ headquarters? You worry about them? They probably will disintegrate, They probably will disintegrate, or they just stay there but we don’t use them. And there will be no use of them. Truly, I hope the leaders of the world… do follow what I have suggested. do follow what I have suggested. Then their world will be more peaceful. Then their world will be more peaceful. Their own world will be more peaceful, not just to talk about the whole world. I remember telling you some countries’ leaders have some hell roads or hell portals – it depends on how near and how big. They will also themselves be influenced and be harmed also. Not just influenced, doing bad or make a not very correct decision, but also they will harm them, harm them in different ways. Or their relatives or their friends. You check it out and you see what harm has been done to these people or their relatives or friends. For example, the White House. It was built after the war finished, right? So, a lot of karma (retribution) led this event to happen, led the… so that it made the building to be built there. You see, oh, I told you, so, there are bad hell influences in there. You remember or not? (Yes.) Yes. Well, did you ever see any country who has so many presidents who have been assassinated, attempted assassinated, or protested against or harmed or… smeared reputation and all that like the White House presidents and their helpers? You know, the assistants and all that. But I do pray they do change. If they stay there, there will be more trouble. And so many wars with every country, so many enemies, living in fear. The American people are living in fear, fear of revenge, fear of attack by the enemies, because they made so many enemies. And the more enemies, the more fear, the more weapons, the more fear, the more weapons, the more destruction, the more killing. the more destruction, the more killing. This is not going to help anything. It’s like a cycle without end. Even the President Obama has also somebody even attempted to assassinate him. Even though he did not die, but there has been an attempt. For example. And even if he’s not, then there are other problems. Even President Clinton was sick, very ill. Hillary Clinton also very ill in the hospital. Before. And President Reagan, what has become of him? And even if he did not die or was not assassinated, what became of President Nixon? And such a good president like Kennedy, shot dead. You see my point? Yes, Master. How many more presidents do they want to get into trouble living in that house? I wouldn’t call that White House, I wouldn’t call that White House, it’s a black house. Very bad for them. it’s a black house. Very bad for them. Very bad. I feel very sorry. You pay me billions of trillions of dollars, I wouldn’t go and sit there and be a president of the United States of America. It’s a very dangerous place to be in. And then, that place even influences the whole world. That is the problem. So they should be in a more benevolent place for their own good, also, as well as the good of the nation and the world. So many killings. So much money spent in war overseas. So many Americans’ lives lost, So many Americans’ lives lost, so many other citizens lost wherever the war has been or continues to be. All that money! How much per week. Per day. Billions per day, yeah? Dollars. If they use that money to help the people there, they’ll win the war in no time! they’ll win the war in no time! No need to shoot anybody, no need to lose Americans’ lives, no need to be hated and feared of attack by the enemies anytime, anywhere, by the enemies anytime, anywhere, from any country. That is not a wise way to spend money. Right now, China is doing exactly the opposite. They use money to “conquer” the world. They help Africa, they help every smaller country. They all become Chinese “followers,” or something. Because China, they have strategy. Chinese are the warriors’ race. They have been fighting all the time, ever since they had their name on the map. They were fighting with each other, with neighboring countries and all that. They were fighting with each other, with neighboring countries and all that. They were fighting with each other, with neighboring countries and all that. But then, they had some wise strategists, warriors, or leaders. And so they advised the kings of those times that… It’s very logical, what they advised, you see? If they have to conquer, conquer the nearby only, and befriend the farther countries. Yeah. It’s easier to go to a neighbor and conquer the country than to send it thousands of miles away with a lot of food that has to go along with, and medicines and doctors and personnels and cars and horses. My God! And weapons. Go far away, the soldiers get tired and don’t know the new territory, get lost, or easily being ambushed by the native soldiers. And also the new water, new air makes them sick. And the hatred of the people makes them sick. All kinds of things. So, if they have to conquer, conquer the nearby. It’s quicker. Even if people hate you, you have time to escape and then make friends with them by giving them things afterward. You know, “a carrot and stick.” So, by doing this, they’re really expanding their territory all this time. You see how big is China? And their friends. Expanding all the time. But I would not even advise to conquer the neighbor country. You conquer them by love, by friendship, by helping. The people (will be) in debt to you forever. Even many generations, they’ll still say, “Oh, the Americans were so nice. You know, they built that school, they built that bridge. They helped that hospital. They bring us medicine. They bring us food when we’re hungry. They bring us clothes when we lost all our belongings due to disaster.” They will write your names in history. They will tell their children that the Americans are kind people, good people, or the French people are good people, kind people, or the English, whatever. That’s the way to conquer people, That’s the way to conquer people, not by gun. Not by force. Never mind, who am I to tell anything like this? Just because you ask, so... Did you ask? (Yes.) I forgot. I go on and on, you know. I forgot the calendar is turning to another day already. Yeah, what else? What did you ask? Ah, hell portal, okay. It will be gone if the whole world becomes good and benevolent, then it becomes like Heaven on Earth. Heaven doesn’t have hell portals, you see? Because all the people there are good, similar standard of virtues and benevolence. Okay? So Master, the hell portals won’t move or go away as long as we don’t have world peace? Yes, yes, of course. It won’t, it won’t move. The way it is carrying on, it won’t move. Because they keep warring with other people, continue, in whatever name. And then that will add it up more, strengthen the power of hell, of hell portal. It will be more solidated. Oh! My God. I hope I’m not getting myself into trouble, but I’m always getting myself into trouble already anyway. I don’t care anymore. Okay. What next? What’s the next question? Yes. Master, those past weeks during the retreat, we have heard so many great stories and positive stories about how the World Vegan, World Peace is unfolding all over the world in different countries. And I was wondering, when the World Vegan, World Peace is achieved, and when you’ve finished repairing the whole universe, I was wondering what would be your plans for the rest of your stay on this planet? I’ll go eat when I’m hungry, sleep when I’m tired. Then, still, we still need to meditate more to make people more holy, more saintly, uplifting higher and higher to a higher level of consciousness. It’s not finished with vegan and peace. It’s only the beginning. We are not even there yet. It’s the beginning of a greater journey, of a brighter future for humankind and all beings on this planet. It’s just the beginning. Yeah? Okay? Oh, our job is never finished, not yet. And if it’s finished here, I’ll go elsewhere. Or vacation. Or go where I’m needed. Okay? Just thank you so much for all your answers and your insights tonight. And we wish you that may peace be upon you always. Peace be upon all of you, too. Peace be upon all of you, too. Peace be upon all the world. That’s it? No more questions? Good questions. Thank you for your good questions. So I have a chance to clarify some things for everybody. That’s really good questions. These are the questions you should ask. Not always about the pickel (“pimple” in German) on your face or anything. Yeah? Or boil on your leg. Even though I don’t expect all of you to be in the same higher level like others, but please do try. Try at least to remember that there are higher purposes in life than just keeping a husband not to run away or… That you can do if you are nice to him. And if you put some nice makeup or make yourself look beautiful and cook nice. Then he will stay. But not to use Master power to force him to stay with you when you don’t change yourself. Okay? All right. There are some higher purposes in life than just worrying too much about your family, your body and that. Your family and body you take care differently. Use your intelligence, your charm, your kindness, your loving attitude to keep them happy with you. People stay where they are happy. No? No need to force. If they’re not happy, even God couldn’t make them stay, I’m sorry. Otherwise, Hes would have done that Otherwise, Hes would have done that for all the families and husbands and wives. Then nobody would divorce, nobody would cry over the loss of a husband to some other woman or vice versa. No? Yeah? God couldn’t care less, either. “Oh, your husband, you take care, man.” Right? “You know how.” Yes? There are books, you know. “How to Keep Your Man,” “How to Keep Your Wife.” “How to Make Your Children Loving to You.” All kinds of “how to.” You don’t need to come and ask a spiritual Master how to keep your husband. And even then, I have told you before. Right? Many times. I even showed you in one of the sessions how to make up to make yourself beautiful when you are not. You all can make yourself charming and more beautiful if you want to keep your husband or your wife. Men also. Try to take a shower often. All clean, yeah? Put deodorant or whatever. Don’t look at the other women. Don’t look at the other women. And if you have a first date, clean your fingers, nails. Shave. Wear some nice clothes. Wear a suit if necessary. Keep yourself looking tidy. All right? Okay. Anything more, important? No? Then I go upstairs, see the new people. Okay? Because we have a lot of new people today. I mean yesterday and today. Yesterday I couldn’t come. Okay? Not that I don’t want to. You know. Sometimes I could not. I could put down everything to come to see you, of course. It’s just sometimes not possible. It’s just sometimes not possible. For some reason. Even if you couldn’t see me today or this time, maybe you can see me next time. maybe you can see me next time. But if I am not there, then there is no chance. Okay? (Yes, Master.) Completely finished… everything, right? Okay, have more good look and then I go upstairs. Today and yesterday we have a lot of people new. So we cannot sit all in one area. So we cannot sit all in one area. I have to go upstairs, have look at them now. Okay? Thank you, Master. Thank you for good questions. I like good questions. I love good questions. Good questions are intelligent and also beneficial to other people spiritually. If it’s bad questions, then waste my time, waste people’s time to listen to garbage and waste the editing group – they have to cut all that… crap out. Americans, they say like that, “Cut the crap.” I don’t even know what “the crap” is. I don’t know what the crap is the crap. Sometimes I learn their slang. Sometimes I learn their slang. And I just speak. I don’t know what’s the meaning. Yeah. It couldn’t be anything good if they say, “Cut the crap,” that means… That couldn’t mean anything good, right? Okay. So don’t use “the crap.” Yeah? How are you guys? Are you still fruitarian, by the way? No. Why? Did the soup become better now? Actually, my throat started hurting a couple of days ago… Sore throat? A little bit, yes. (And then?) I had to eat some soup. Oh! What a good excuse! Yeah, by the way, if the soup is good, then good for you. If the soup is not good, it’s a good opportunity to become waterian or breatharian or fruitarian, whatever. Yeah? Okay? Sometimes people cannot eat too much fruit, it’s too acidic. And after too much acid, they like to eat some salty foods. I’m like that. If I cannot eat, I don’t feel appetite and I want a break, then I eat some fruits first. And then after I eat the fruit, then I feel like eating something else. Okay. You see me, I see you, and I go up.