2014 Psychology Careers Expo College of Professional Psychology

that's very mature for coming to two decision and we don't have too much time it's still in it but I really like to use the time as profitably do this but you a lot better presentation it's there as a standby as there is a stopgap just in case we don't have any questions whatsoever so I much prefer for you to ask the questions that you may have regarding your registration program what we offer because I'm sure that the question of you asked will be pertinent and relevant for everyone else in the room all set Martin who needs no introduction Martin is a student at opting this registration program and I think it's also interesting for him to talk about his experiences and the reasons why he chose copy because you'll be obviously in a very solid position to to to him or or situation he was in before we made the decision so let's just open it up folks are the particular Christians things that he'd like to talk about to talk to answer what is called come is a private and dedicated to providing practical psychology training primary to psychology graduates to get the registration the original pop 1993 three people got together a guy called Tom Mackenzie he was plans like and at Scott Rufus who was a kid about consulting out there another person anyway and they really lamented the lack of practical skills and university graduates had entering into the field of organizational psychology so that's how it started up in that a couple of interns and there were primarily geared around providing organizational psychology skills over the last 21 years it's evolved and we now provide registration programs for interns instantly and now we have a program nationally work first Adelaide Brisbane and another so our whole focus is to get you to get your registration does that answer your question and by the way don't look into one of the founders has just completed his PhD at the tender age I think I'm 86 87 please could you just give some overview of what would be happening during the internship is two years minimum two years from comprising a minimum or 3080 hours from to attain eighty learning competence in sport activities through a series of learning activities I'll go through each one of us briefly if you run so the core capabilities are these the two that are highlighted are obviously the key ones that you need to work that's what psychologists to run into being provide intervention and psychological assessment the others are important but they inform that practice now you know they're going to sit an exam the exam covers two other than nights you can guess what they're to another matter in addition to original assessment you've got six kisses at it one time fitness must be plus sine X lock research communication absolutely right so the four domains are examined the psychology of Australia exam our intervention assessment communication and ethics and much exam does it actually looks at your clinical thinking scenario-based so that's the eight core capabilities and each of those can call capabilities are specific learning outcomes which you can read and find out from us a bit like a little detail but that's all capabilities are attained in the minimum 3088 in other words you'll be working for two years and you'll be obtained those poor capabilities through first with your placement which is nothing more nothing less than a job which meets the requirements of an accent now if you awkward with one things up to networks that one thing should be if you look for a replacement the employer will see it as being high maintenance but if you look for a job which means the requirement of a placement or less on your open up more possibilities around so what you're looking for is the job which gives you systemic exposure to the practice of psychology and that practice of psychology means you've got to be involved in the direction you've got involved in persistent you're going to experience across the lifespan and you've got to have experienced costs commercially those are the four broad things that you need to come now the definition of intervention and assessment is that is also defined but now I won't go into that in too much detail it's winter time but you'll be glad to know that most jobs out there like we have consultants counselor drug and alcohol counselor at urban youth works could probably meet the minimum requirements of a placement and so you can start your registration and operas happy people to do that that will grant your limitation and the mr. placement in other words saying that you can actually work in that placement for up to 1500 48 hours generally which if you do arithmetic very rudely is what half of 3,000 so you can generally spend up to one year at least as long as in your second year which can be comparable to another placement where the comp where the limitation is actually met by the other placement so you can have people in two placements at the same time where you have worked in one place and then really so this is the major challenge for most notably in terms and the polymer thing is that you would join our paragraph we will actually assist you to find their placement most people join us without a job we will work with you will shove the prodigal support will push will do whatever we need to to help you across that first hurdle and the person doing it is for herself a psychologist who their selfish bastard the registration program one so the best trainer the best teacher is someone who's gone down exactly the same journey to come instead for him and that's what we do so every will get you across the line and most of the interns are in pay patients maybe this in safety concerns so you know there is a great deal of learning to be hair we also any money rather than just being so that's a placement side of it consider yep it says a job which means them harm to the placement concurrently with that you need to work with a supervisor a supervisor is there who is a psychologist Cena psychologist they will mentor support guide you with whom you'll meet every week to degree cases to talk about challenges to help you mean to be particularly we done believed in one principle supervisor is enough psychology the record feel so what we'll do is we'll give you between two to four supervisors from disparate not dare spread from district feels to give you an enhanced learning across those fields over the two years and in addition to that you'll also be supported by hand or secondary supervisors and what on the board doesn't require it allows a board sigh be over we believe that group supervision is critical it's a different learning dynamic so it will also have the opportunity to to work in small groups where your network where you do role plays you just feel practice we talk to your ethical dilemmas headset on set right the very rich learning opportunity and we structure like jump right on the floor well so I thought what you're saying is you're putting a job generally full-time in Midland supervisor outside of work and in addition to that you attend professional development workshops we should but just passed this one thank you you'll be coming along to workshops every on average every second Thursday Thursday evening as well as on a Saturday now what is handing out is a is the list is the menu of all of our options it's a menu that you have to have not one from which you choose so everything on that menu is something that will be taken why do we do that because those workshops are geared specifically to cover the wide range of competences that you need to meet that we believe that you need to have met before you're competent as a psychologist are there any questions on the content of no this is to become a registered psychologist but let me just say as a registered psychologist you are able to practice clinical I think what greener birds it is that the regulation is about managing your title not your practice as long as she operate with individuals and scope of capability the new telephone so for instance of my practice our work alongside a clinical psychologist who refers plans to me I refer clients I'm supervising the psychologist be in Queensland and I'm just a general garden variety so you can practice clinically using all those competencies as long as you do it mainly it's done through the professional development through your workplace and through a range of activities which I'll show you what do you feel about that they've ever contacted us are they interesting copies for you you can see the color purple arranged so so far we've done the easy part you go to a job you do supervision once a week you've come along to a professional development work from the Thursday you process and probably on about ten Saturday's a year in addition to that in your own time you're quite engage in a range of your valuation for one of its own activities they include writing up six face things up two and a half thousand of each of those case studies three of them have to be marked bar opera and Karina Burge is actually one of the markets who will assist you with your case studies right now we understand that the pass rate for case studies when they go to operate is about seventy percent our pass rate so far is about 95 isn't the reason for that really embodies and symbolizes what we're on about and that is your work do paran√° motor on case studies will write a new case study your word with a supervisor when she or he is happy with it it then gets reviewed by two independent supervisors who will then provide your feedback and only when you get it absolutely right according to our standard little bit so we might turn a very high standard but make it a lot easier for you you also need to do things on target property dilemmas live reviews and so on but the other big one is psychometric assistance you need 27 assistance at least five times each on real-life clients in the water place until you become competent it's really tests of memory intelligence and nostalgic plan so those are the three big ones and the former others are on much less intensity equipment to things like the desk that 18 so the bit three big ones and four little ones and when I say do that is we're talking about administering scoring interpreting and reporting so you can see that there's a fair amount of other work that needs to happen to measure and to take off your competency yep in addition to that girls have a few assignments not because what I make things difficult for you but we believe that with some gaps that are best met through self-study in addition to that we have something called a in vivo which a lot of our students are busily preparing for the moment what can be various is that in your second year towards the interview registration we asked you to compare 43 typical presenting cases work leverage applied it is so you'll need to formulate the case for each one of them and on the appointed day will actually meet in the reverse situation the times we have a disability to be a first year and you'll need to actually deliver any intervention session which is appropriate based on a case formulation and we'll need to our before why you chose that particular intervention basically credible collection and why not something else and deliver that and a seamless fashion so what we looking for is when you to develop your confidence in your competence because in a couple months time you'll be able to hear after shingle in as an independent practitioner and we don't want to lead you out until we feel that you talk so you can see that there's a fair amount of work involved it can be quite complex but every single intern who's joined us since 92 93 and finished up very good guess what has gone on to become a psychologist so we're not looking to change that statistic in a hurry but it does mean that we do support push and make it pretty safe for you to enter typical boxes now don't get this point but it's useful to talk about the experience as a as a student many of you will know me doctor my face a very motivational motion having they will have done they bought it so I've taken technically I'm still employer uws but I've taken two years out to get my professional registration as I retri decision-making process as to which the park racism show up a secure where your three primary pathways are clinical masters or doctorate 5 plus 12 extra fifth year and Finney and in one year of supplies practice or four plus two so once about you fourth year two years of practice dr. exciting that we wanted to do the research side of things sense of masters and determine and doctorate I wasn't that interesting I also wasn't sure what area of psychology opportunity I thought I was having having purely on the teaching and research bug decided what to do by Pepsi triangle you practice a try the video which area so I chose it for us too because that will give me the most sort of real-world experience and all the options is one that you work as a psychologist 20 years so if you give you the most of hands-on experience any of the registration options so I chose for us to the problem with the 4 plus 2 root as long as pointed out there's a lot that you have to do to meet the board's requirements to actually gain at registration it's not just the work itself is a huge amount of supervision there is 120 hours of federal development and there's a lot of a science courses touched on fewer than 10 there's a lot of other things it's quite involved us too I know a number of people who don't know for us to just add up on their own unsupported and they're all finding it tough ones basically if you've got OCD you might be looking if you need ephrata bleep all artists a very efficient very self-motivated you can manage that process if you manage the time frame was the six monthly progress report anything you can manage for yourself do the people that I open at one we don't fit everybody else is strong they don't know all the things they have to do again behind in their analysis so that's where it's sometimes support program around the four plus two is really helpful there's another organization video the room out there which are offering the clock does I chose cotton specifically I done my research looked into it for some hundred reasons firstly as long as said there's we probably or compromise the support package that provide all the supervision of all you professional developments you just don't need to worry about sourcing the supervisor sourcing you upp finding next things for that skin to the workshop program gives me diploma at the end of this box it's actually packaged into any qualification and it's all the support they provide around all the paperwork is live set cop axe is intermediate between yourself at the board they check all your paperwork they help utility there's a number of very much forms you have to complete which those of you have done one follows are about as well as that is competitive and the ethics bowl about the second a length so a lot of paperwork you're going through and they just so much museum so the main reason I chose that was just it just facilitates that long process as Lawrence said because the workshops all that PB and the supervision can be organized am sorry business analyst because of all that is provided external to the workplace as he said it opens up much wider range of opportunities for the kinds of position so does give you a placement but it doesn't that I all that support my expansion helping find placements and you can jump between them and because the workplace doesn't have to be concerned with the fact that you love us too they don't have to be concerned with your supervision they don't have to be concerned with providing professional development learning there's a much wider range of organizations that we depend to take you on as long as said a lot of those can we paid positions they actually work within a job as long as doing things that are psychology related subscribe then you can sign off those hours and just you've got your supervision and your professional development compromise that provided support so that's the main reason I sleep transitive to go and cop out of all of the options and obviously you have to pay for the program but Adam all the options that I went through when I was making this decision last year because God provides that surround which enables you to get paid work if you can get paperwork this is basically the cheapest option for getting administration any of the options and plus you get it's a professional organization impressed with where your problems are now doing some work for them as well surprise already learning workshops are face-to-face though face-to-face workshops be a great experience about 80 interns in total there's a community there you get to meet the interns as Lawrence said a lot of people Google people who from the workshops as different people running worked at these times they're all registered sykes all different snow mobiles areas of expertise Pop's deliberately go on a napkin set right we've got workshop on dragon out at the hole let's go out and compliance on who's really experienced with drummer behold bring them in to teach this workshop so you get exposed to a wide range of practicing psychologists and a number of those people are beautiful publicinvasion pan as well you can jump around supervisors as long as you can get that a very diverse range of experience exposure a lot of network geez Chris