2015 Breakthrough Prize Cumberbatch Zuckerberg Tao Taylor Donaldson Lurie Kontsevich

[Music] Winston Churchill said the single greatest contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany came from a mathematician in 1936 at the age of 24 Alan Turing shook up the world of mathematics virtually invented computer science and went on to become one of the founding fathers of the computer itself then as the Nazi war machine chewed up Europe he turned math into a war machine of his own cracking the German Enigma code in effect Alan Turing built a computer that spied on the Nazis here's how the Machine worked touring set it up so that when the Nazis turned on their Enigma machine it asked them if they wanted to login using Facebook it's a story told in a new movie called the imitation game I like solving problems commander and enigma is the most difficult problem in the world no enigma isn't difficult is impossible the Americans the Russians the French the Germans everyone thinks enigma is unbreakable good let me try and we'll know for sure won't we all right let's bring out our next two presenters Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most gifted actors of our time and also the most British man alive I have a theory that he's actually four but he's actually four British guys who ran toward each other at top speed Benna with dictum cumbersome batchford Benedict Cumberbatch our other presenter Mark Zuckerberg like the legendary Alan Turing has shaken up the computer world in his own way now mark didn't crack a German code but he did take down a couple of Aryan twins please welcome actor Benedict Cumberbatch and founding partner of the breakthrough prize and founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good evening so say hello how are you I'm very well sorry for stepping on your foot will you stepping on mine Alan Turing was an extraordinary codebreaker yet as I stand here tonight alongside this remarkable man looking out at this astounding assemblance of the world's most talented and changing thinkers it strikes me that this is actually what unites so many of the men and women in this particular room each in your own brilliant and individual way are breaking codes and for that thank you most people think of math as a purely analytical discipline but it's also something that's very profound and creative and just as we celebrate the work of writers and artists and musicians we also need to celebrate the brilliant and original contributions of mathematicians that are changing our lives and will change our lives in the future so I'm so proud to introduce you to the five inaugural winners of the breakthrough prize and mathematics many people can't imagine what mathematicians do because well they are you discovering new numbers what else is there out there [Music] in school we only give you promised yourself and it gives you a very misleading idea mathematics mathematics is to find explanations and several things for which we don't have explanations nobody else certainly I have a sense when I do mathematics that I'm trying to dig deeper into something that I'm investigating how the world is as a scientist is there's a whole world to kind of explore and as a world of the imagination I mean there's this extremely abstract mathematics Romanian manifolds Hilbert spaces is infinite dimensional things they turned out to be the language of modern-day physics if you take something like the way that the photograph on your telephone is stored and transmitted those sort of things use huge amounts of mathematics that was developed for quite different purposes in mathematics as a development really takes centuries mathematics is a community I think without the environment where these ideas have been discussed by many people putting different degrees of clarifications it would be very hard to make significant progress it will be new mysteries which you don't know yet yeah so that's why it's fun if there's some phenomenon that ought to be explainable and you don't have an explanation it really bugs me now I want to see know what the answer is being stuck is the sort of standard position for math addition basically if you're not stuck you're probably not working on hard enough problems there's a beauty in the way things fit together in an unexpected way so in that way I think it may be like music or possibly poetry there are moments where you put something together and you realize oh this is how the story has to go there are a lot of moments like that in mathematics and they are they're good moments please welcome the first class of the breakthrough prize in mathematics Simon Donaldson maxime a bitch Richard Taylor Jacob Lurie and Terrence town [Music] I hope this splendid ceremony will convey some of this excitement and beauty to those who have not had the opportunity to master the powerful but difficult language we mathematicians use and also that it may help inspire a new generation to take up these challenges thank you [Applause] [Music] you [Music]