20162017 NBA Bloopers Funny Basketball Fails HD

[Applause] right [Music] GameChanger should Walker long [Applause] [Music] don't start dancing on no baby [Music] the past downloaded gortat Otto Porter just picked up his first windowpane scientist Carmelo Anthony who had a beautiful feed he rarely finds that kind of role that he misses some point-blank range in a smile from the line won't free-throws good by Gasol tippers bites head on they get it back gets you more are you kidding they get two more this is gettin silly I've never seen that in my life you're gonna see this on who has fun but you fail anyway the waters made of that skidded JaVale is going to inbound the ball for the sun's less than half a season enough for them to turn around open the door in the back that was right there but the culmination of a frustrating season [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] first of all all four guys were almost shoulder to shoulder like you got to get out wide and run Ricky Rubio can play all four Bulls players right there if he made a pass Rick Rubin's Rondo he breaking the bridge players don't get the pain smell that Oh [Applause] Parker the first two years was 13 and 51 and the steel [Applause] Joseph with a long rebound and everybody shout the windmill and two guys you have to worry about with this group means they have the rhythm spent 48 percent from three years he gets it out to for protection [Applause] gotta hurry and there's curry no delay hey mr. Loya three point four left they ran off the screen gals agree [Applause] and a travel called on Russell Westbrook [Applause] I didn't see that in the backcourt we were I was working up the other end [Laughter] you