all right so here's a quick walk around 2020 Volvo XC forty are designer in the Thunder gray metallic this also has the upgraded 20-inch wheels and the black roof which comes part of the art design package t5 all-wheel-drive makes about 250 horsepower it's a brand new car keyless entry our design gives you the nice sport trim here sport seats with the suede material they call it new buck so it's a mix of leather and suede by extension our design steering wheel with a nice white stitching and the paddle shifter is really nice it's a brand new car still has all the packaging on it at the time of this recording the vehicle has only seven kilometers on it so it's brand new this one has the pilot assist so you can adjust between adaptive cruise control and pilot assist here you can change the distance between the cars once the car is actually driving this is your main screen here these are your safety features I'll leap at a moment here in case you wanted to pause the video there's some settings here you can adjust on the vehicle so you can change for example how these look heated seats hit the steering wheel it was on climate control apple carplay Android auto standard USB ports there this is considered that trashcan in the Volvo XC 40 it actually does come out which is pretty interesting electronic gear shifter so the cars in park right now if you pull back with your foot on the brake it returns to the center and I'm a neutral one more time for drive now I'm in Reverse this is a 360 camera what it looks like you can toggle between the cameras like so devotedly park just chop the P and it goes back to Park full panoramic sunroof opens all the way to the back overall the fit and finish is really nice so that's a little bit of the 2020 hex Volvo XC 40 thanks guys for watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I'll see in the next video