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♪ Come to me; I'll change your fate ♪ ♪ I will turn you into a puppet of lies ♪ ♪ Come to me; I'll change your fate ♪ ♪ I will turn you into a puppet of lies ♪ ♪ I'll make you a prisoner of my addiction ♪ ♪ Then I'll prick your brain like a thorn ♪ ♪ Will lure you with sweetness and web of desires ♪ ♪ If you taste it, you'll be doomed ♪ ♪ Don't you yearn towards me, 'cause I'm that fungus ♪ ♪ which will infect your entire life ♪ ♪ I'm an imp or Fiend of high ♪ ♪ You're the prey of my incessant hunger ♪ ♪ I'm an imp; Or the fiend of your addiction ♪ ♪ I'm that taste you're high on ♪ ♪ I'm an imp or Fiend of high ♪ ♪ You're the prey of my incessant hunger ♪ ♪ I'm an imp; Or the fiend of your addiction ♪ ♪ I'm that taste you're high on ♪ ♪ Come to me; I'll change your fate ♪ ♪ I will turn you into a puppet of lies ♪ ♪ I'll make you a prisoner of my addiction ♪ ♪ Then I'll prick your brain like a thorn ♪ ♪ Will lure you with sweetness and web of desires ♪ ♪ If you taste it, you'll be doomed ♪ ♪ Don't you yearn towards me, 'cause I'm that fungus ♪ ♪ which will infect your entire life ♪ ♪ I'm an imp or Fiend of high ♪ ♪ You're the prey of my incessant hunger ♪ ♪ I'm an imp or Fiend of high ♪ ♪ You're the prey of my incessant hunger ♪ ♪ I'm an imp; Or the fiend of your addiction ♪ ♪ I'm that taste you're high on ♪ It's been 10 minutes, since they went inside Can you just shut up? There's no use in catching them, when they're not using it. We'll get them, when they start snorting it. Remember, my friend's brother? Careful! For which, we need to be inside... ...how will we know, if we're sitting ducks here Why wouldn't we? It's not new to us Once they enter the house-- --they'll close all the doors and windows 'Cause, light can mess up with their high. I'm sure that must be their friend's house So they'll call and ask them not to come. Then comes the alibi. They'll cook up something to avoid any suspicion They'll clear the systems. Anger or happiness, while they're high-- --it's limitless! So they'll make sure to hide all the dangerous tools around the house. Finally... The Powder! On an average, junkies take 20 minutes to snort. Which means-- it's time. Party is over, homies! My name is Aryan. Narcotics Control Bureau - Tamilnadu. They're my batch mates. Sathya and Varun. Since 5 years, the drug consumption and distribution in Tamilnadu has increased approximately to 60%. Alarming Indeed! Last year, there were 300 deaths due to overdose. And the crimes influenced by it, were over 400. Everything is happening right under our nose. See, in the name of group study. A guy has raped a fellow student. According to everyone it's a sexual crime but he had consumed the powder, half an hour prior to the incident. Who knows, if he was sober wouldn't have done it. Why is no one looking at it in this angle? This includes cocaine, heroin, meth, weed and LSD. Our team is lead by, Mr.Selvam. No nonsense person, but has got quite a temper. We've been operating under his guidance for past three years. Until now we were able to just get hold of temporary fixes never got lucky with permanent solutions. Every city has got a head distributor There are 3 stages to catch them. Stage 1: Nab the college students, who have started to use it they'll confess sooner fearing their future at stake. Sir, I'll confess from whom I bought the stash. Sir, just 'cause some college student said you're investigating an honest citizen. This isn't fair. I don't know anybody, Sir. Sir, my boss is Periyasamy ask me anything about him, I'll confess. Stage 3: Local Distributors. It's really hard to get them to confess. It's 'cause, the minute they get caught they tend to get out, backed with political or Police support We've never gone beyond the Stage 3. Tail tends to grow back, no matter how many times you cut it We've to smash the head. That's the only way. But the problem is-- --we have no clue about the mastermind behind this network. I'm well aware of who's behind this network. If we're aware, why are we sitting ducks? Tell me who is it? Let's move ahead. No offense, ok. It's safer if that identity stays with me for the moment. He's very powerful. He's got rats all over the department. There's no guarantee. One of our own might be his mole. Beyond everything, we'll get just one chance to catch the Big Fish. We shouldn't miss that. So, save your bullets. The reason I called you now, is to say, just lie low for a while. Make sure you don't pursue the stage 3 they'll get alert. Meanwhile, I'll gather strong evidence against them once the time is right, we'll move forward. Sir, how can you handle this all by yourself? It's not just him, who's got rats all over. Once, a Lion lived inside a Jungle. It was the undisputed KING, for the animals living there. If someone dares to instigate it... ♪ Born from the womb of a Hurricane ♪ ♪ An avatar of Tiger! ♪ ♪ He's like a God, who can't be tamed or seen ♪ ♪ Sleep always eludes him ♪ ♪ Form is commendable, That's him! ♪ ♪ You can't hide, he'll hunt you down ♪ ♪ In the belly of the beast, as I feast ♪ ♪ you better seize or be deceased ♪ ♪ Not a tease, yes please Get your demons on the knees ♪ ♪ Not another way, not another day ♪ ♪ It's judgment day, you gotta pay ♪ ♪ He came to slay, He's our guardian angel ♪ ♪ You dare to challenge him, unknown of his traits ♪ ♪ once you're aware, you'll run for your life ♪ ♪ One man army in enemy's territory ♪ ♪ Huntsman has arrived ♪ ♪ Huntsman has arrived ♪ People who are addicted to drugs-- --are present in all gender and age groups. Everyone has a specific reason behind it. I started using it, since my wife's demise I know, it was a mistake. Without it, I can't cope up with studies. It was my boyfriend, who got me used to it and I'm not able to quit anymore. I have no specific reason, I really enjoy getting high. ♪ Just a glance, staggers my compliance ♪ ♪ but the rest fancies your good-looks ♪ ♪ My heart sways in your cup of love ♪ ♪ You make my entire day pleasant ♪ ♪ Work is no different than you my dear ♪ ♪ it turned out to be our love-child. ♪ ♪ Crime gets suppressed under my shadow ♪ ♪ I'm an inferno in this age of darkness ♪ ♪ You dare to challenge him, unknown of his traits ♪ ♪ once you're aware, you'll run for your life ♪ ♪ I'll cleanse the streets like it's my own house ♪ ♪ Huntsman has arrived ♪ ♪ No one can stand a chance against him ♪ ♪ Get ready for the thunder now, Get ready for the pain ♪ ♪ Get ready for the showers, All bullets not the rain ♪ ♪ Listen up homies, the tables are turned ♪ ♪ no time for talk, I'm gonna end this for good ♪ ♪ Yes I'm a monster, a boogeyman, a Fowler ♪ ♪ Run and hide now, hit you like a baller ♪ ♪ Got my bow, got my arrows, I'm a hunter ♪ ♪ I'm an old-school OG with a brand new swagger ♪ We've got company. Hi! He told us a week ago, to lie low for a while. But Sowmya, he doesn't seem to care. He also mentioned you to do you job properly-- --did you ever do it? You deserve it, brother. Finish your meal sooner. Give me that. That's your Sir's brother. Dilip! He was your age, when he started using this dreadful powder. Unlike other parents-- --I was very lenient in raising him But he misused it. One day he had gone to a factory in Ambattur to get the stash Unfortunate turn of events there was a Police shoot out on that day [Varun] Listen, you siblings are mocking me too much One day, I'm going to get back at you guys. Stop laughing and get me the chutney. -Did you speak to him, dear? [Sowmya] Aren't you used to it? Not now aunty, he's quite obsessed with this case. Let him finish this case. Back then, even your Sir was in the college. When I used to ask him about his future he'll have a different choice every day But after that incident his mind was fixed, to make this place a drug free zone. I'm asking you guys as a parent Quit it! [Mom] You used to eat well -Why are you guys sitting on the floor? there's a couch right there, sit on that. [Varun] It's not that aunty, I'm watching my weight. -Are you dieting? -Kind of... Please take it Which college do you guys belong to? Dad, mom has been calling you to have food, please go. Listen Mugilan had called he wanted to meet. Make sure you meet him, once you're free. What's it regarding? Not sure, he just said wanted to meet. Why don't you ask him yourself? Mugilan! He's our neighbor. He's a social activist. If sees or hears anything wrong he will take it head on. He doesn't care about the consequences. That's why his social circle is very small. But the enemy circle is the exact opposite. He doesn't have a family neither he's got any friends. But my family has a good relationship with him. Sir, please don't mention this to our college. Our future will be doomed. That depends on you guys if you confess everything you can leave right away. If not-- the Police station is nearby if we investigate you guys over there, we'll have to file an FIR. Then you can't blame me. Sir, ask us anything, we'll confess. From whom did you buy the stash? Sir... Hello? Inspector Naveen - B12 Aryan! -How? -Gunshot to the head. The servant, was the first one to spot the dead body he was in this condition, when he got here in the morning. Can we look around? -Sure [Naveen] Senthil... -Sir! are the reporters still waiting outside? [Senthil] Yes Sir, they don't seem to go away Look we're still at a very early stage we won't have answers to their questions at the moment. So, please ask them to leave before we clear the dead body. Ok, Sir. Once again, I'll try to speak to them. [Naveen] Aryan, Checkout the room opposite to the staircase I think the Killer left you something. [Aryan] Ya-Ya, just give me a minute. [Naveen] Are we done with the living room? [Senthil] Yes, Sir. We're done. Did we find anything during the swipe? Nothing at the moment. Any blood stains in the kitchen? Negative, Sir. -Oh! Sweep the entire area once again. -Sure, Sir. I think, it must be the same guy who we're looking for. Sir, I'll gather the info and call you back. Sure, Sir. Did you find anything? Last week, he did mention about gathering Intel about someone. Who was it? No idea. Sir... We won't register a case. We'll call you soon. Hello. -Aryan, Naveen here Tell me, Naveen -Can you come down to the Police station in the evening? -The DC wanted to brief you on something. B12, right? -Ya Ok, I'll be there. [Mom] Is your brother back home yet? He just got back. He looks very upset. Oh! That officer was very close to him. Ok, dear you take care of him. We'll be back by tonight. Ok, bye. We're going to Sir's house once again. You rest for a while. You need it. When do we have to go in the evening? 7 'O' Clock Hello? -[Mugilan] Aryan! Uncle, Dad had actually informed me Shall I come over now? I'm not home at the moment. Come by 10pm tonight. I need to discuss about few important things. Ok uncle, I'll be there. Vanakkam, Mugilan Sir. Sit down. Please sit down. We're guests. Rightfully you should be welcoming us. Looks like you're not in the mood to talk. I won't take much of your time. Are you aware of a Tamil proverb? "There are different ways to milk a cow" Ever wondered what that quote actually meant? The language in which one understands we have to convey it accordingly. I did request you not to speak about me or my business to anyone What's the point if you continue to do the same? So, last time I spoke your language now, I'm going to speak my language. I hope-- --you understand this time. Sir, they're from Narcotics bureau. -This is Aryan and Sathya -Hello, Sir -That's Varun -Jeganathan -Hello, Sir Hi! Sit. -It's ok, Sir Naveen mentioned that your Sir had gathered some information You're right, Sir There's a Mastermind behind the entire Tamilnadu drug distribution It was about him So, do you believe it must be him, who murdered your Sir? The evidence board in his room was vandalized proof enough, that it was him. But did Selvam share anything with you on that matter? No Sir. He had a reason for that But-- may be it was for our own safety. Fine, until we get a clarity on this case Mr.Naveen, will be working with you guys on behalf of our department. Thank you, Sir. -You can leave now Yes, Sir. Sir! This doesn't look like an ordinary murder. There's a strong motive behind it. Does he always stay alone? He wanted to discuss few important things with me. May be-- --I think, we lost the only lead we had. Fine, you guys leave I'll call you guys I need some time to think. Sure? Ya! Naveen! -I heard, Aryan I need a break for 2 days No problem, take your time. "I'm well aware of who's behind this network." "Come by 10pm tonight." "I need to discuss about few important things." "He's very powerful. He's got rats all over the department." "It's safer if that identity stays with me for the moment." Ey-- wake up. Wake up! Ey! Pogo is missing. Did you forget to put the leash on last night? I thought, Dad will look after him I looked for him in both the houses no clue where it went. Uncle, over here. Oi! Uncle, looks like you're a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Nah, it's just a safety precaution. I've placed a chip on that belt It'll be easier to track it down, when we lose him We got to update ourselves with the technology. Divakar! Divakar Kumaran! An Integral Cog of Metropolitan Chennai In public's view, Divakar is an entrepreneur He's got a good name and respect in the society. In fact-- he's a real charmer. He owns a company called, DK Software Solutions. Started as a small Start-up is now a big chain of companies But, the investment pertaining to it during the early stages no one has a clue, who invested or where it came from? All this is just a front for him... ...'cause he's part of a syndicate called "THE DEN" Divakar's prime source of income is from drug distribution Divakar has many drop off points across Tamilnadu. You can find his men almost at all the check posts When they learn that the truck belongs to Divakar no one will check that truck It'll go Scott free. His mode of trafficking was not limited only to roads He even smuggles it through the waters. Majority of Divakar's operations are handled by his brother, Rudra. Divakar has got links with many infamous international cartels. Many politicians out here are under his control He'll do anything, so that they stay loyal to him. In order to expose Divakar's activities Narcotics Bureau Chennai Zonal Head Mr.Selvam, asked for my help He explained Divakar's system of operations. Until we come across a strong hold on the evidence against Divakar he requested me not to share the fact we were working together on this case. It's 'cause, anyone who comes to know of his dark side their life might be at risk. Divakar has got a warehouse on the outskirts of the city In order to observe the activities Selvam and I went over there secretly on July 30th On that day, a big consignment arrived and there were lot of men present at the warehouse. So, it was not easy to get inside the warehouse. Divakar who got a whiff of this secret operation he came down to Selvam's house to buy him off. Rudra was along with him. But when we asked, he mentioned he's his bodyguard Selvam did not agree to Divakar's terms. Beyond a stage, the conversation went out of control Divakar, just walked out of the house with a smile. I had no clue, what was running on his mind. ♪ Is he an avatar of Devil? ♪ ♪ An inception of dark desires ♪ ♪ Is he a carnation of beast in guise of the death ♪ ♪ Oh! is he a weapon raised from Hell? ♪ ♪ Is it a reign of Foxes? ♪ ♪ Will their reign wage a war? ♪ ♪ Beast in the house, It's your reign ♪ ♪ Beast in the house ♪ ♪ Beast in the house ♪ ♪ Is he an avatar of Devil? ♪ ♪ An inception of dark desires ♪ ♪ Is he a carnation of beast in guise of the death ♪ ♪ Everybody gonna fear us ♪ ♪ I'm the man in your mirror ♪ ♪ Bloody bloody I'm riding crazy with the Mafia, ♪ ♪ I'm a killer! ♪ ♪ More bodies I shoot with my eyes closed ♪ ♪ My aiming can never be wrong ♪ ♪ I can see people I know ♪ ♪ who wanna come settle the score ♪ ♪ No-nobody come near us ♪ ♪ I'm the fear in your mirror ♪ ♪ Bloody bloody I'm coming dirty ♪ ♪ What the eff' is up with your hero? ♪ ♪ More bodies I shoot with my eyes closed ♪ ♪ My aiming can never be wrong ♪ ♪ I can see people I know ♪ ♪ who wanna come settle the score ♪ In the same jungle lived a Hyena no one could understand its notion and actions. ♪ Don't you dare instigate him, he'll hunt you down ♪ ♪ If you bow down, he'll kill you with love ♪ ♪ Justice is not the word he's aware of ♪ ♪ at the brink of dawn, turns into the merchant of death ♪ ♪ I dare you to face me head on ♪ ♪ Our clash will be a total blood bath ♪ ♪ Beast in the house. Runaway when you hear my name ♪ ♪ Say your prayers, if you wanna stay the same. ♪ ♪ Beast in the house, It's your reign ♪ ♪ Beast in the house ♪ ♪ Beast in the house ♪ What happened with Selvam can happen to me as well anytime. I don't think, I have much time. ♪ More bodies I shoot with my eyes closed ♪ ♪ My aiming can never be wrong ♪ ♪ I can see people I know ♪ ♪ who wanna come settle the score ♪ ♪ No-nobody come near us ♪ ♪ I'm the fear in your mirror ♪ ♪ Bloody bloody I'm coming dirty ♪ ♪ What the eff' is up with your hero? ♪ I trust you with my heart that's why I felt like sharing this with you I believe you'll do the right thing. Vanakkam, Mugilan Sir. I think you're not planning to report this to the higher officials? What we have right now is half baked information. This is not a concrete evidence which will tie Divakar to it. If what Mugilan said is true-- --anyone could be behind this including Naveen. So, what do you have in mind? I've attached the exact co-ordinates of the warehouse with this document. Hope it's useful. [GPS] Turn right and go straight. Turn left. Keep traveling on NH-48 for 25 kms. You've arrived at your destination. Tell me, Dad. The body has arrived at his residence. I've arranged to cremate him in the evening. Fine, I'll be there. Dad! It's better you guys stay at our Porur residence for a while. Why? I have to get some work done with my team. We need some space. Why all of a sudden? I'll explain it later. You can leave tonight It will be a change for you people. Why are you chasing us away? The house is in a total mess. We'll get it cleaned and leave tomorrow. Why don't you listen, Ma? She hasn't slept since yesterday at least let her rest today for a while. We left from the crematorium You and Varun come to my house. We're left with just one option to prove Mugilan's evidence against Divakar We'll have to pick someone from Divakar's gang, and make him confess. You're saying this, as if it's an easy task. We too ran a background check today Getting near Divakar, is close to impossible. Why should we go to him? Let him come looking for us. I went to the warehouse, which was mentioned in Mugilan's document. It's not located in a deserted region in fact, it's a residential area. The warehouse is just hiding in plain sight. As far as I observed, there were around 10-15 men inside I don't think so, they were armed. It's enough, if he gets the message that "Divakar is being watched". How? How else? Someone who speaks the language of Gun and Bullets will understand only if we speak their language. Hmmm...it sounds good though I don't think we're going to find someone important at an ordinary warehouse. There might be few henchmen. What do we do with them? It's very simple. We're going over there with guns blazing! If possible, we'll question a few If not, we'll let them getaway Automatically, the news will reach Divakar. Fine, what next? One step at a time. I'll keep giving you guys instructions. Just improvise! Sathya, position check? I'm at the spot you'd mentioned. Varun? In position -Ok, listen to me carefully No matter what happens, you shouldn't leave your position Ok? First, I'll fire a bullet exactly 5 seconds later, Sathya you fire a bullet 5 seconds after Sathya fired her bullet, you fire one Ok. Remember, only on the trucks and buildings no deaths. What if someone takes a shot at us? Should we still shoot at trucks and buildings? If that happens, you can do as you desire. Thank you. -Ok. That helps. Rapid Fire! Assemble. They might return anytime Stay sharp! Aryan, we'll search the entire perimeter. There's no one on the right side of the building. Left side of the building is clear. Clear as in, are there no trucks? Or there's no activity? There's no activity. Did you check if there's another way to get in or out? I don't see any other way in or out to this building. Did you check thoroughly? Main gate is the only way, in and out. Varun, keep an eye Ya, ok. Aryan, there's no one around the building it's better we leave now, before they return with back-up. And guess what-- the truck parked outside is fully loaded. No one got caught, everyone escaped. -That's good. Good? What's next? I'm tired. Let's go home. Hello? Get inside. Ey! Ey! When did you get home last night? I got back home a bit late I thought you had some important work to do? Hope everything went well? Oh yes! Fine, we're leaving. Lock the door. Come on. Ey-- wake up damn it. If you guys had got married, then you wouldn't be sleeping on this bed. Get lost! At least tell me now, what's our next move? We don't have to do anything now Everything will happen on its own -What? Can you please explain it better? It's 7 'O' clock. The news of attack should've reached Divakar. If you say yes, then you'll reap all the regular benefits If you say no-- --you're on your own. Sir, the warehouse was attacked. Why? Our men doesn't carry weapons? Sir, it's not that. Didn't expect anyone will attack us Don't be delusional. Overconfidence shouldn't cloud your judgment. Divakar is well aware no Policeman will mess with him. So first-- --he'll rule out that idea. What if the Police got greedy and planned an attack? Not a chance. This is someone else. There's an important detail in Mugilan's file Both Selvam and him went over there for a stake out I don't think, they created any noise Then, how do you think Divakar tracked them down? Don't stress too hard. At times, simple answers are the correct ones. Was it 'cause of security cams? Exactly! But only Mugilan got down from the car then how? Whose house did Divakar paid a visit? He went to Selvam's house. And the car, in which they went to that spot? That was Selvam's car. He tracked them down using number plate But we didn't get there in a car That's why I took my Dad's bike in the afternoon to do a recon If he tracks it down, he'll get this address. Get it done tonight. He's a righteous man, who works only during the night So, in order to kill us tonight, he'll send his so called bodyguard. We'll grab the prey coming over here, looking for us. Until this operation is done, it'll be just the three of us. No one else should know about it. Sathya, anything? No. Varun? Ok, stay sharp. Sathya? -Heads up! Aryan, someone is coming towards the house. I have a clear shot. Is he carrying any weapon? Not sure. Madam, someone just gave me this and asked to put it here other than that, I have no clue about it. Aryan, come outside Hey, get lost! Dear Aryan, I'm sorry for your loss. Or should I say, losses! They were just like you-- kept poking their nose in my business. Let me tell you, what I am doing now I'm having a well cooked steak and listening to the Beethoven's Allegretto Symphony No.7 It's such a beauty. You tricked us to come looking for you Smart move! They say, it's important to think from enemy's perspective So for a second, I thought from your perspective I wouldn't keep my family with me, when there's impending danger No way! If you were thinking from my perspective I'm quite sure, you must be aware what I would've done Act fast, Aryan. You have a ticking clock on your tail. He's going after my family. He went after my family. Act fast, Aryan. You have a ticking clock on your tail. Dad! Mom! Sowmya! Mom! Dad! Hey, check if someone spotted them outside. Officer Aryan from narcotics bureau. Yes Sir. I need co-ordinates for three mobile numbers right away. Tell me, Sir. Any luck? -No. I've inquired everyone in the neighborhood. In fact, no one's aware that they were here. Sir, the three numbers you gave are switched off not able to track them. Ok, but keep an eye on this. If you pick up a signal, please inform me right away. It's not imperative for a call to be made from these numbers we can track it down with sim card ID, if it just comes on. We'll keep you informed. Thank you. Any luck? Aryan Aryan!? Stay calm, nothing would've happened to them. Vanakkam, Aryan. If I knew any better, you must've reached your house by now. Not bad, you're spot on. Where's my family? That's a wrong question, Aryan. You question should be, "Where should I come?" If I return your load of stash, will you let them go? Bring it to me, then we'll discuss about it. Where should I come? Same place from where you took the stash away. Your family is out there too Bring back my stuff and you can take them with you. And please, don't try anything heroic. You can't do squat. Bye for now. What is he saying? He didn't answer to my questions Asked me to come to warehouse Don't think twice, come on... Until he gets his hand on the stash, he won't harm my family But, the very second after he gets it not only them, us too Will kill us all. Aryan will be coming over to the warehouse along with him, his team and his family all of them know a little too much about us I'm sure you're aware what do with people who knows too much about us? I'm left with just one option... ...gotta catch him, before dawn Dead or Alive! Sounds like a long shot. But no other go. First we need to confirm, if my family is really at the warehouse. Can you guys do me a favor? We won't register a case. Will call you if need be. Tell me, Sir. I'll give you a location. Go and get powder from them I'll be connected on your number so that I can hear the person opposite to you. Have your earphones on. I'll keep giving you guys instructions. Bro! Bro! I want some powder Powder, uh? Bloody, does this look like a provision store to you? You've come to the wrong place. Don't make me beat you guys. Bloody morons! Mention your dealer's name and tell him he gave you this location Actually, It was Paranthaman bro who said we can get the stash over here Which Paranthaman? The guy who deals stash near Chris College. Oh, that guy? I think he needs a bullet in his mouth idiot is giving away the location to everyone. Moreover, you guys are one of us Hey, it's risky to send them inside. Don't! Hey, they're harmless Please listen to me. Make sure you get in and get out in a jiffy Ok? Sure, brother. -Understood? -Sure Go! Hey -Don't you understand? it's risky Hey stop right there are you holding a phone in your hand? Come on, show it to me. It looks awesome, where did you get it? On Flipkart, brother. Can I get the same with Thalapathy's picture on it? Ya, they should have it. Fine, put the phone inside your pocket. Ok brother. Hey Kandha, they're here for the Powder. Take the money and finish the deal sooner. Once you've entered the compound, check if there are hostages. They're regular customers. Keep moving. Fine, how much do you want? Stash for 10,000 rupees -Give me the money Wait right here. Hey! Paranthaman bro... -What are you guys doing here? Aryan, we should move Came over to get stash How did you guys know about this place? Bloody dog! Are you trying to negotiate with them? I was inquiring how they knew about this location. What? But they said, you gave them the location. Why would I do that? Don't show that you're panicked Stress and say it was him. Bro, it was you who gave us the location Me? Don't bluff... ...I've never mentioned it to anyone about this location Tell him he was high when he gave up the location Last time, when we came to get the stash, you were really high You ran out of stock and gave us this address to get more stuff. When did this happen? Always high, wants to take all the booty Buddy, trust me I didn't Did they pay? -Yes. Boss will be here anytime. Don't come back over here again. Uh? Take this and keep moving. Sir, we came outside. What did you see inside? We saw your mother and sister inside. What about my father? No Sir, I don't think I saw him Did you happen to? -No, Sir. Fine, you guys can leave. For God sake, don't mention about this to anyone. Ok, Sir. Hey, wait right there! Give back the stash. Trying to scoot with stash is it? Get lost! Anticipating we'll break them out if held captive at the same place he is holding Dad at a different place. Aryan, my men said you haven't reached the warehouse yet Do you have something more important to do? I want to meet you. I'm like a God, Aryan. You can't meet me. But I will make sure my presence is felt by everyone. No problem, just make one appearance, that's enough I'm not in a mood to negotiate. I'll give you half an hour grace period Make sure you're at the warehouse Hope you understood? Understood. Ya! 5 minutes ago one of the numbers was switched on currently at Blue Ruby Hotel. Hey, why did you switch on the mobile? I didn't, I was just holding and it came on Idiot, switch it off. Which number was it? 9659232302 Thank you. Dad is at the Blue Ruby Hotel. I was just offering as a goodwill gesture Divakar is out there too. What makes you say that? Can't you see? He's using my Dad as a shield. What's the plan? I'll go alone to the hotel I'll inform you guys once I secure Dad You can raid the place. Remember, we should attack at the same time at both the places We shouldn't miss the timing. Hi. Welcome Sir. I want to meet Divakar -Sorry, Sir? I want to meet, Divakar Kumaran Divakar? Ok, your good name, Sir? -Aryan Just a minute, Sir. How did he know where I was? Sorry, Sir I have no idea. He just showed up Is he alone? Yes Sir, he's alone. Let him come. Your son has arrived. According to him, you're at the warehouse. So be it. Ey-- you have a walkie right? Sir, Mr.Divakar is at 10th Floor Penthouse You can go and meet him. We shifted him to a different room. Hey Aryan! Ah-- Hi! "Inspector Naveen - B12" Here for restaurant? No, no...I'm just meeting someone. Oh! Monisha, this is my friend Aryan Aryan, this is my wife, Monisha -Hi -Hello Today is our wedding anniversary so she insisted to go out for dinner Ok. I had to convince him a lot to get out. Ok, fine. Carry on. See you -Bye. Are we headed somewhere else? Do you have any plans? Hey, say something Wait up, I'll be back. Hey where are you going? -I'll just be back Hey! -Wait for me, I'll be back. "This is Aryan and Sathya -Hello, Sir" "Naveen mentioned that your Sir had gathered some information" I've told you many times to keep the gate open, when I'm here Open the gate! Wow! Finally... Ya. Finally! Someone seems pissed off. Just out of curiosity. Who gave up my location? Narcotics, are strong in sniffing things out And you-- are not difficult to miss. Makes sense. Are you here to return my stash? First, tell me where's my dad? We can negotiate later. I'm not gonna lie... ...I'm mighty impressed. The bribe you feed in, is just to ignore your distribution these things will attract more charges. Speak to you brother about it. I'm talking to you, just 'cause my brother said so If not, my way of handling things are different. Aryan won't make it through the night. Make sure Aryan and Selvam's death doesn't bother us. There are many available to replace you Tell me, Naveen Sir, I'm at the Blue Ruby Hotel Blue Ruby? -Yes, Sir I ran into Aryan over here Seems like he's in some kind of trouble What are you doing over there? I had come with my wife for dinner. And casually bumped into Aryan His actions seemed very suspicious to me Is it so? Aryan must be with his team, right? Ummm...Sathya and Varun. Did you meet them as well? No, Sir. He was alone. Fine, we'll discuss this in the morning. Sir, he was followed by 4 men Listen Naveen, do you understand what I am saying? Please leave from there. I swear, I didn't harm your father. You can check yourself. Once you're satisfied, we can talk terms. Sounds fair? And I'll give you a bonus Give up the location of my container I'll ask to release them right away and you can watch it live. First, I need to see my father. Be my guest. These two were with him during the raid, right? Yes Sir. They're around the warehouse Hey it's a bloody trap Shoot Aryan, shoot him. Dad, come out -Aryan? Come out, hurry up -Hey, hey, hey... Come on. Dad, don't wait up, please leave. Hey, what are you saying? -Go! All clear, Sir! I know you came here to rescue them Are they safe? Thank God. I got information before you guys did... Hey...! Oh no! That was my shot, damn it. Go! Ladies, Varun to the rescue. You could've mentioned... So, you heard about the news we stirred up? Yup! We should attack at the same time at both the places We shouldn't miss the timing. Finally, inform the press and media familiar to us that Divakar was caught in a cross fire and has been hospitalized Right now? Definitely this night will take us in one direction All out battle! In case if Divakar, tries to evade he'll have to come clean fearing it'll tarnish his reputation, with no option left, he'll surrender. In our Syndicate my code name is, Viper! Just a tiny input there are snakes poisonous than Viper. Even If I give up, they won't let me live. What do you mean? I'm sorry to disappoint you. Don't be under the impression this network will collapse if you catch me Instead, you've hurt the venomous snakes hiding in the pit. Now each one will come after you. Actually, I feel really sorry for you You mean to say, there's Mafia above you? Forget about the network you need to know a lot about yourself. Trust me, you'll be surprised. Good Luck finding... Hey, no, no! Good Luck finding... Hey, no, no! If what Divakar mentioned was true we'll be facing grave issues moving forward Until this case has been resolved let's keep his good reputation alive. Let's not portray him evil in the press. Ok, done. May be we did not look close enough. I feel like, we missed out on something Don't be under the impression this network will collapse if you catch me Instead, you've hurt the venomous snakes hiding in the pit. Now each one will come after you. Sowmya! Hey, Sowmya! That's your Sir's brother. Dilip! He was your age, when he started using this dreadful powder. One day he had gone to a factory in Ambattur to get the stash Unlike other parents-- --I was very lenient in raising him But he misused it. Unfortunate turn of events there was a Police shoot out on that day They couldn't even find his dead body Divakar! You need to know a lot about yourself. Trust me you'll be surprised. Dear Aryan, I'll tell you a short story There once lived a Lion and a Fox in the forest They never worried about life or death. One fine day, in middle of the forest they found booty more than they deserved if it was for other animals, they wouldn't have hunted for life But in the case of that Lion and the Fox, after running into it the desire to hunt grew larger But that was their greed. And that erased the line between right and wrong. Beyond a period the Lion could not save the Fox Divakar, things have gone out of control If your identity is exposed, our entire syndicate will be compromised. You know what to do. Ok. I'm gonna miss you. I'll make sure everyone pays for this. ♪ Look at me now ♪ ♪ Look who’s the King, ♪ ♪ Only in the darkness ♪ ♪ You’ll see my rage burning ♪ ♪ You’ll see my rage burning ♪ ♪ Tell me the king is back ♪ ♪ Look into my kingdom rise ♪ ♪ Gonna hunt you down ♪ ♪ Wherever you may roam ♪ ♪ You can run, you can hide, you can fight, ♪ ♪ Gonna hunt you down ♪ Enemies might've ended the Fox's conspiracy But they can't measure up to Lion's rage Aryan, both our worlds are poles apart. For a human, the epitome of addictions is-- Money and Power! I'll make sure you realize that truth sooner. You may know me as Dilip But people over here call me DEXTER! One of the snakes in "THE DEN". Code name: Cobra We'll meet soon, brother. Very Very Soon!