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Hey, didn’t I tell you, don’t wash it for me, I'll do it myself I told you, right, my own boyfriend, I can support myself I'm serious You don't need to be so nice to me what's wrong with you? is it work? yes the company that contacted me was a direct sales company pin just went to the interview It's okay, no matter what, I'll always be with you Just do your job don't worry about it I want to help out we all graduated, and look at me wait for me I just don't want you to suffer for me just seeing you when I go home you charge me up Thank you hmm where do you want to go today? hmm our house is a mess today is cleaning day, let me be your helping hand okay Subscribe Uh ~ Catch! Wish You're dead Did it fall again? Recently, your vlog is not good at all, so boring Change the content, Big sister, other influencers are better than you Are you dating recently? Recruiting content creator urgent The room is finally clean It's clean now Are you clean? Well, you’re going to clean up if you want to win Wait for me Who's here? mhmm Spoil my good deed for no reason You're in a bad mood What are you feelings so bad about? What do you want? I'm cleaning up Are you going to shower? - yes Do you take a shower like this? yes What the hell are you doing? - Get dressed and take a shower What's up? It’s like this, Xiao’e called back all our proposals back, and all of them were null and void. You know, my boss scolded me and said that I didn’t seriously understand the customer’s needs. I wanted to call and tell you But you weren’t answering your phone Didn't I answer my phone? What was I supposed to do? Xiao’e is so bad, this is the wrong thing to do and the boss scolded you that’s wrong, you’re the best Hm, yes Yeah you really know what to do So what do we do next? Submit a proposal at 10 am tomorrow Huh? It’s a holiday tomorrow What else can you do? The client wants it, what else can you do My holiday p’Art hello Hello nice to finally get to meet you in person Hey! What are you looking at! That’s mine! Ow ~ Because he is so cute Can’t you see? Are you guys talking about work? Then I’ll go up and wait for you Hmm I’ll be up in a minute - We need to hurry up What are you doing? Your little boyfriend is cute. Must be cute, so cute that I want to marry him If you have any personal work, you can tell me. I want to make more money recently To save money and get married, right? Do you want to help vlog with the planning? Yeah? yeah, sure Then I'll send you a con What's a con? condo ( Apartment ) - Hey! condom ( Condoms ) - Hey! contact ( Contact information ) - Hey! That’s right! It’s a girl ( Hey and girl sound similar ) Hey! - Hey! I should turn a blind eye to your performance Hello Miss Xiao’e Hello Where's the other guy? Is he late? Oh, I’m here alone. I can introduce you We are in the same group so I'll arrange it after I go back Okay, great. I’m fine today. I just want to cancel the contract What? You heard me right because I found a new team to replace you because the suggestions you gave me are a waste of time Do you know why you’re wasting your time? because you don’t understand my proposal Creative planning for that copy, do you still want to take the time to do it, Mr. Two? Actually, I still like your previous idea If you want to do it, I feel ok Then... What about my labor costs? You can make an offer, But my work must be delivered on time If you are lazy and don't stick to the object, you may not be able to do it I'll do it That’s about it. I think this will definitely make you flourish I think this will definitely make you a fan if you want to add, delete, or modify something, you can take a look I just want to sell more products Mhmm ok - Sister you are so beautiful Ok - It’s like this… - Sister, what are you talking about? Ai’, let your sister work Xiao, calm down It’s just a kid, I’ll take care of it Brother, don’t disturb my sister first, let’s work first ok? then let's shake hands Where’s the hand? Where’s the hand? Ok - sorry Ok - Go back to me and don’t disturb the family Bye-bye - I will come over and play with you Xiao’e, I’m going to use the restroom Where did you go? Do you have to work today? Uh, are you coming back for dinner? ok I’m hungry, let’s get something to eat Alright What are you going to eat? Pasta? Okay, whatever you want Spaghetti with white sauce, salmon salad, french fries, and cheese gratin - one for each Oh, you are so young, you eat a lot Just because I’m so small, I have to eat more It’s right there… Sister Xiao’e, can we take a picture together? sure Thank you... Is that your boyfriend? hey! can you take pictures together? May I? - Yes, you can come on, take the picture ok, thank you - thank you hey, what are you doing? Oh, it’s a fan. Fan benefits. Don’t think too much Haha, don’t think too much, I’m just a planner You first - you eat first - you eat first Then take a picture of it first i'm impressed a lot where to put? - don't put it down yet, take a photo first just hold it like this ok ok P’kong, hello, where are you? I’m working, today the whole place is full of customers Fighting with your boyfriend again? It’s p’Two. He said he went to work and was close with a strange woman, and I saw a picture of them together Isn’t it just work? Two is a workaholic I understand and I trust my boyfriend But I don’t trust that girl, I can’t believe it Let me tell you, those wildflowers and weeds, don’t think about it The two of you have been together so much You have to trust your boyfriend a bit. Don’t be so depressed Okay, P’, I will do my best, thanks Oh, what about the picture? If I say nothing, it’s nothing it's just work Don’t talk to me about this, old friend, if there is a situation You remember! well whatever i'm hanging up sweet dreams still not sleeping? Uh, you are too loud and woke me up Well, what are you doing? Oh I was just charging this for you You have to trust me Don’t think about it too much, it’s okay Everything I do is for the two of us hmm I know work is work I’m going to sleep Black coffee from black heart Mhmm ~ ( my, my, my, my~ ) What about that weekend just now, P’Two What? Nothing, it’s normal. Nothing What? Is there nothing more to say about it? Nothing? That’s xiao’e Um, Xiao’e? You don’t get to talk - hey I need to remember this uh, uh, uh I’m sorry, I’m sorry Then I’m not talking I’ll remember that… - I need you to write that down okay, i left you... okay - alright You abandoned me - I abandoned you - I’ll remember that you abandoned me… Still playing… and keeping accounts You give it to me. I’ll eat it if you don’t eat it I'll eat it These snacks are getting more and more everyday I don’t know if it’s good. It looks weird But I haven’t seen those rich sisters today Ah do you have more sisters? I don’t think so, I don’t know But it’s delicious Hey, guys Hello, Xiao’e - Hello, sister E Why don’t you come with me to the awards ceremony tonight? Me? - Hmm Ah, when do you get off work? I’ll be off at 5 o’clock - yes! See you then You're not allowed to go Alright, why don’t you just go with her Since you are all in the same team Now since you’re all working together, you can help A little thing… - a little thing… Get off What are you doing? What about my snacks? - Not for you A pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, and a pinch of pepper Is this salt or sugar? Put it all Pepper oh Working late, must have eaten near the office put it in the oven done! the sun where are you going two? there's something serious going on really serious business see you tomorrow - ok, bye Thank you very much, Miss Xiao’e Oh, it’s hard to come out It’s hard to come out wait a minute Thank you for your effort You’ve invited me here I'll pay for your services it's alright What’s wrong pin What did you do to wish? what do you mean? Can you make it clear yourself? He’s at Gun’s house now Hurry up and he doesn’t look right ok ok, I will hurry and thank you Wait a minute What’s the matter, Xiao’e? I’m going to find my partner I have something to tell you I like you. You should know But I have someone and I love him Hmm, I know you’re with a guy. i'm also getting married so... How many years can boys be with boys I don’t love my boyfriend anymore The more I see you, the more I know my heart I don’t think you should look down on other people’s love Whether I like girls or boys How do you feel about me you’re a client to me Do you think you are special? It’s not very special you're an ordinary perosn I’m also an ordinary person An ordinary person who doesn’t feel anything for you Excuse me You need to calm down Why don’t you let him explain? why, p'? I treat him so well, but he doesn't do the same for me You have been with him for so many years It’s just a small thing, do you seen him as that kind of person ? i don't know, p' You have to remember He’s always been so concerned about you, and he’s always been so protective of you Two, talked to me… talked to me about marrying you marry? I'll be right back What are you doing here? to explain Explain where you misunderstood me Misunderstanding? I misunderstood? Pictures, chats, and you walking together. Am I wrong? You’re not listening to me She’s just asking me to plan her video nothing else and the reason I don’t want to talk to you is because I’m afraid that you’re going to be confused, afraid that you’re going to be upset, Afraid you feel like you are my burden I don’t want to see you like this I want you to believe me again Everything I do and everything I’ve done is for our wedding I used to trust you, but you ruined my trust I’m sorry I'm so sorry Actually I should have told you at the beginning I’m sorry let's be apart for awhile I want to be alone So you don't have to work so hard you don't have to be a workaholic for me and you dont have to hide for me or lie to me please take care of him for me take good care of him yeah, i got it, thank you bye miss him? yes I miss him so much you haven't eaten any food if you don't you'll die in the office I lost my job and went back, you go first are you sure? uh uh, then i'm leaving hurry back bye okay bye Why are you back? Did you forget something? Hmm, are you not hungry? I've done a lot I really miss you Where did you go? i'm here where else can I go? that's enough please give me another chance let's start over okay let me take a test ok ok I’ll get back to you then If you don’t answer, your mouth will be swollen by me what? just do it! yay! - hmm be a couple, you can kiss hey! There's an end credit scene! What do you think happened to the two of them? It looks like Two is hooked on Wish’s charred fish steak That’s our old friend, come on, let’s go For example, our supporting actors, uh, go to the wedding that’s what I thought 360 00:31:23,000 --> 00:00:00,000 Let’s go get a suit