2YearOld Beams as He Gets Homemade Home Depot Walker

with a sweet attitude look at that smile and the biggest grin Logan is ready to conquer the world with dreams any two-year-old might have and a skill that is extraordinary for this special little boy walking you took everything I had not to crowded it was it was really amazing Logan has hypotonia commonly known as floppy baby syndrome it affects his muscle tone which makes it hard for him to walk while his parents waited for insurance to approve a walker for Logan they wanted to make their own temporary fix out of pipes so they went to Home Depot in Georgia to get materials everything that it took to build that thing we went got and we said come back in an hour and we'll have this thing built for you the store not only gave them the parts for free employees assembled Logan's Walker the little boy was thrilled little Logan they just put him down on there and he just at all look at that smile one happy kid on the move thanks to his new Walker [Music] for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Lea Shep's [Music]