2YearOld Girl and Mom Discover New Species of Bug

she may be only five but little Sylvie Becker's has already made a scientific breakthrough it happened while she was gardening with her mom at their Kentucky home water and she watered and watered and watered and there were all these tree hoppers that were bright green so they really contrasted with the soil they floated to the top and that's when I saw them going oh that's weird tree hoppers belong on trees Laura Sullivan Becker's is an assistant professor of biology at Murray State University a self-proclaimed lover of bugs she decided to look into the ground dwelling tree hoppers further the mom and daughter science duo discovered a new species right in their own backyard they don't know much about these bugs because the only ones they've been able to find so far were dead that was really close by and grab the tree hoppers sting them and then buried them in the soil for their offspring to feed on that's all I know is they're their prey species for this wasp and for their discovery they got to name the new bug as a nod to Sylvie the budding scientist it's been named habibika Sylvie a the family hopes stories like theirs will inspire others to do some exploring of their own Ohio the discovery encouraged other people to to get outside and look around biodiversity for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Meryl montalbano [Music]