such a good time when did you hear it no that's your favorite it's gonna be your favorite for like two more days and that's probably what I'm learning all the word yeah what is it what do they say I'll call you later one millions up already what are we doing well underway we have Kristen's trucks all filled up am i coming at this Jordan day job we could have actually fit everyone in here but save us work on Monday so he needed him Feeny discard so don't you have road trip funny I think I've seen here way home is a three-day summer festival and we've gone the last two years and this is what our third year we got a flight in late last night from Halifax and so we can make it we missed last night I'm on a Saturday I'm over it you're right I don't think you're over I hope she's not she's not another one there's our third year and only its third year not dedicated if we forget you to prove it anyway okay bye guys no I kill me who's ripping us off on children so that's word so I die happy I am in it and is looking at us coresight is talking about they have to stop with these VIP Pappy RP we are not the IP we're going to but somehow we're gonna be VIP just be good yeah we're gonna take it for these two days Bernie I see we have everything pad with an eye and we're ready to take a let me go Oh what do you want me an item oh oh yeah we get I guys what am I most upset about like I mean I know like Coraopolis I'm really excited to see des okay Tom taro yep and I'm psychic eating up there I think yeah I think we'll be good to UM also marshmallow oh yeah I think it's a good night tonight so we get to go in the hot air balloon flight oh he's really really excited never been in a hot air balloon I know I've never been I am actually a little nervous chuckle I a little surprised we're doing it I'll show you guys a bit about a photo assignment yeah we're going to try to vlog is going to be super okay we have two boyfriends right now [Music] [Laughter] [Music] sorry [Music] what did you win me hello we're gonna be yourself even better [Music] I love the way you used to be take the way it is now get looking what is stop so I think it's time to get out finger tips instead of lifting older content images great honey [Music] [Music] we were supposed to go do the hot-air balloon oh and we thought we weren't gonna get to do it because it's been windy all weekend but look what we see as we're walking over [Music] are you [Music] [Music] really huh oh my god 12:30 my windshield it's a little bit