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welcome to fermentation Friday today I'm gonna talk about three things bloggers will never tell you about kombucha number one kombucha will make you poop your pants stick with me on this one I didn't believe this I saw people talking about it online about how there is a bunch of probiotics in it and it's gonna be hard for your body to adjust so you should start with just one ounce servings at a time and I was like I think I can drink a cup of weird ferment juice it'll be fine but the first night then me and my husband had a glass of the kombucha we both went to bed and the worst farts you have ever smelled were coming out of both of us and I know for about a week it was like when I had to go I had to get straight to the bathroom you know like not crazy diarrhea but like things were happening down there so yes you will see it talked about on message boards and Facebook and stuff like that but bloggers aren't necessarily gonna be telling you about what they mean when they say to start slowly with kombu Jeff I can't even imagine people who might like be like oh yeah I'm just gonna like drink like a liter of this stuff the first time I drink it it would probably be pretty crazy also I'm gonna say this because this is just safety information if you've been drinking kombucha regularly and you're like having crazy diarrhea like just stop okay that's that's bad for you just like you're not detoxing just stop give it give it a bit slowly introduce it like don't don't poop yourself to death please okay - burping your bottles he's gonna make it really hard to get carbonation like all all the blogs are all like oh make sure after you bottle it - your second ferment that everyday you just like open it and like release the gas a little bit it's it's a for a safety measure you don't want your bottle to explode and it is true you don't want your bottle to explode but it's like a bottle pop every time you open up the bottle pop and it fizzes up it gets more and more flat so if you're not letting the pressure build up inside the bottle which is then gonna cause the carbon dioxide to get forced into the liquid which is creating carbonation then you're not necessarily going to get busy carbonated kombucha so you know the first couple times I did it there wasn't any fizz to it and there is fizz in it now even though it didn't do the big exploding thing but yeah you're you're gonna probably have to do the risk of keeping it closed I'm super paranoid about this I'm not recommending that you close it because that's why I've seen bloggers don't recommend it because I really don't want you to have a bottle explode in your face like you you could die from this exploding when you're you're near it so safety first but if you're having issues getting carbonation and you're doing daily burping like I was doing you might want to put them into a cooler like a little bomb shelter keep it safe and just let them do their thing for a couple days without the burping so that you can get the carbonation for me it was the only thing that actually got my konbu to carbonated number three kombucha doesn't have any sugar so therefore it doesn't have any calories this this is one that when I went to find info I couldn't actually find any concrete information on it but you know all the blogs are always talking about the fact that oh the sugar that you put into the tea it's there to feed the bacteria and like don't worry about the sugar don't worry don't worry don't worry and that's fine but then you go on to the message boards and everyone's like I started gaining weight since I started drinking kombucha like I thought that there was like sugar in it and so it's like this healthy thing and I should just be drinking it all the time and the reality is even if there is no sugar in it which I seriously doubt there's probably sugar in it that's why it tastes sweet there there's no magic there but no sugar doesn't mean calorie free the info that I found about commercial kombucha was saying that it has 30 calories per cup but I also like because that didn't make sense to me I'm like where where all the calories going that started with a cup of sugar like what it just like literally like just disappeared into thin air and one info point that I found was that yeast has almost as many calories as sugar has so like a teaspoon of yeast has as many calories as a teaspoon of sugar and what's going on in your kombucha is the yeasts are eating the sugar to make alcohol and they're replicating themselves and making more yeast so in the bottom of your homebrew bottle you're gonna have a layer of sediment and yeast and stuff and it's healthy it's good for you but it's not calorie free and commercial kombucha they're gonna have filtered out these because the yeast could actually cause the build-up of the carbonation that could then make it so their bottles explode when they're sitting on the shelf so commercial kombucha brewers are really careful about not having a lot of yeast in the complex but at home you're drinking the yeast and if you're drinking the east then you're getting calories so you know I mean I'm not gonna say that this glass of kombucha has as many calories as a pop would have but I'm definitely gonna say this glass of kombucha has more than 30 calories in it so yes kombucha is healthy for you but it's not a diet drink it's not you don't drink this to lose weight and if you drink a liter of it every day then yeah you need to account for those extra calories that you are getting in your diet one thing that I will say and the bloggers will say and everyone online will say is kombucha is really good I I was surprised I was like I'll start with kombu czy I want to make like a fizzy drink at home and then I'm gonna work my way through like the different like homemade pops and stuff and see what I like the best and so far I'm kind of like yeah I'm just gonna double down on this called bucho thing it's it's really tasty the the tang to it is is like a carbonated lemonade you know it's like those Arnold Palmer drinks where it's like the half ice tea half lemonade except for you're making it at home you know I'm in Canada I can't grow lemons here so this is amazing I'm making a homemade lemonade it's it blows my mind so yes I I love Kevin bucho I highly recommend you try brewing kombucha it's so easy you know just like anything in life maybe don't don't always take vlogers a hundred percent at their word they're quite often is a reason why they're saying what they're saying and there's a reason why they're not saying what they're not saying so I've found Facebook kombu to groups and also reddit kombucha groups super helpful in the link below I'm gonna post some of the places that have been interacting and I found that the info that I found on there though it's not conflicting the info that I found just doing research in in blogs and stuff it is definitely a really great supplement so if you love kombucha and you want to get involved in the kombucha community check out the links okay guys if you like kombucha you're probably gonna like other ferments so make sure that you subscribe to check out my other fermentation Friday videos every Friday I put up a video all about a different different topic on fermenting I'm just starting to learn so this isn't like a guide that's gonna teach you everything you need to know it's basically you can join along with me well I learned so you can see what's involved in learning and super excited if you guys will actually try these recipes along with me so that we can share info on swap tips and if you want to check out some of the other videos I got the playlist right there so see you next week