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Chael Sonnen


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so guys I'm having a great week and the reason I'm having a great week is because I'm in my final week final week of camp if you will getting ready for the Machida fight I'll fly out Sunday and fight week is always kind of easy physically mentally it can be long be a lot of different stops and obligations but ultimately physically the works kind of done and will work out I don't know 40 minutes 4050 minutes a day with stretching and cool down and visit with your coaches the whole bit one hour a day each day until Thursday the weigh-ins on Thursday that days off then we'll just eat and drink and relax and recover than the match itself is is Friday Friday next week so I'm looking forward to getting this week done in behind me this week is just kind of a tough one and you've always got the way yeah we got the stress of the match things seem to only get worse under stress you end up having worse practices worse performance because your mind is wandering just the way it goes not just missing my teammates do it everybody you know right before a fight got always remind them hey don't judge yourself on that don't don't hold that against yourself you you've got some other obstacles that your training partners don't by example the training partners have the advantage of being relaxed so get this week done get out to New York I'm not checking my weight I will not check my weight until I get to New York I was 223 the last time I checked which is striking distance for me I don't want to be 223 I want to be much closer to 215 I feel like I move better I feel like I'm faster then I'll have to make the 205 pound weight limit but I I can sweat that out pretty quick I can do it from 223 I could go from 223 to 205 in a number of hours have a very uncomfortable experience but I just don't want to weigh to 23 I don't want to get in the ring at 223 I want to get in there more like 215 so I need to pull my body weight down before we take the water out the obstacle I'm running into and the reason I'm not getting on the scale is the scale keeps telling me things I don't want to see this guy swear to here's all I'm willing to do all I am willing to do between now and the fight is eat 1200 calories a day drink two gallons of water a day and go to every single practice that my coaches have scheduled that's all I'm willing to do if that does it pull enough weight up then we're gonna just suck it out in water and there's no difference and no point in getting on the scale two and three times a day like I'm in the habit of do it there's no point in doing that if the scale doesn't give me a number that I don't like I'm not eating less 1,200 mile I'm not even less than 1,200 just not willing to if I get ahead of things which simply isn't gonna happen but if it did I'm not eating any more I want a discipline and focus diet right now I'm gonna disciplined and focused water intake workout routine it's all I'm willing to do I have already put unplugged my scale I'm a nice digital scale at home I've already unplugged it and put it in the suitcase I fly out on Sunday it's ready to go to New York not getting on this gear let's see how that works out for me never done that before on subways it seems a little bit irresponsible even the good news for me I know I'm already within striking distance an absolute waste worst case scenario I'm not gonna gain weight by drinking water bean and calorie deprivation and doing two workouts a day that defies logic and I think I will lose weight I'm now doing the tube by the way what I'm now doing the two gallons as I say that to you guys it probably goes in one ear and out the other I'm - that is so hard it is a discipline to be able to drink two gallons so two gallons by perspective think of big milk jugs that's a gallon so two of those in one day it takes time I have to get up earlier in the morning and stay awake later at night because I've run out of time you can only put so much water then you got to rest a little bit drink some more water rest a little bit I was doing for a month one gallon and that's a chore one gallon a day requires a level of discipline you've gotta have it on your nightstand you got first thing you do when you get up in the morning start drink and start making some dents in that gown that's one gallon I did thirty days of that now I'll do a week of two gallons but it was like I had to train for the two guy I'll even have one day the day I fly to New York so don't be sad I drink three gallons that that you almost don't sleep because you got to drink that water someone you can't go anywhere without having that water with you you just run out of time at any rate just sharing with you guys thought you may think it was interesting that's a little bit of what I'm going through but I am enjoying the week I feel healthy and the week is coming to an end day by day work out my workout I am stacking these bricks chalking it off my block get ready to compete thought I would bring you guys up to speed