329th Knowledge Seekers Workshop May 21 2020

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are generated by computer and subject to further review and update by a human. hello everyone and welcome to the three hundred and twenty ninth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday May 21st 2020 this is a broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department and part of the public teachings in English my name is Rick cram and I'll be your host today along with Stan Lee and we are joined of course with mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation and I believe he's ready to begin today's workshop hello mr. Kesh hello good morning good day to wherever and whenever you listen to this knowledge seekers teaching as usual we start a new cycle and your way of teaching and in so many ways as since the last time and the times before all this are talking about after Crona we have started explaining a lot of things in the background but we could understand more last time but one of the mysteries of mankind has been how did he get to this planet where is the real origin of the matter and we need to know this has become manifest place we can explain we have to know our origin opie had delivered species on this planet or were be made by this plant by his conditions vice position-wise loved by his strength - beauty by its diversity is mankind ready to understand the truth about himself in last couple of weeks teaching when we start explaining about our religion our way of thinking our construction of body and soul and how even Crona managed to get in what did our body did not calculate when he was making itself to live on this planet was it isolated and in that isolation in looked at the physicality without considering what we call the energy packs on this planet and is it for this reason now mankind has become vulnerable to viruses and as we become travel of the universe take steps to divide his planet as the others do without all these fancy clothing and training in the swimming pools and everything else was the old-fashioned way people like NASA and Russian space agency know and will face to face with the creatures of the universe what do we tell them and not being able to handle the viruses through the strength of our physical structure would this be one of LZ for us in a space man cannot be weak in space man cannot allow nothing to touch it and the biggest weakness for man as we have seen in the past months his energy attacks what we call viruses so if we pass through a wanted fields opposite or something slightly different and our strengths we are doomed or if a race in the space out of kindness loving and kissing and cuddling colorless color so of physicality and transfer their energy which is in the level of the virus you don't kiss of death so what is important for mankind is to find out why has become so attached to the dimension of physicality not the smallest energy pack has become his demise what we see here with even Crona is nothing compared to what mankind will meet outside all the religious teaching all the scientific data only connects man to his physicality not to his energy not to understand the energy is built from the interaction of his energy needs to manifestation of his physicality when I tell you I adore you I love you I kiss you do I guess the physicality although I adore the soul or the energy or do I hug which one any of these in the depth of universe as we are men of this planet we'd love to touch and kiss and color one put everything in our mouth will become a doomsday this place become a scary place to be in except we cover ourselves like astronauts in clothing and crafts and everything else which even in a dimension of energy fields marijuana mankind has to learn what it means to me in space mankind has to learn a way to use his own immortality to become mortal not to become model both is his choice mankind has to understand more otherwise as they say he is sick stay home he cannot come and mankind won't be forever sick in space but we have to go to the origin to find out how we became what we are and not look at the fallacy is that we have accepted and I mean even the Apple and ribs and one belongs to the fruit shop and the under ones to the butchers as I said the last time how we came to believe in this because of the domination of the man in understanding his power in creating but we need to go before that much much before that and then look at different options now that we understand the science of the creation on this planet how did we become to be created doesn't matter if you say the first man was from Central Africa or in Central Australia or in Central or South America if you put the Pangaea together you will see that they were all connected and life started on one equator line just on a certain line now we speak about man which walked we go far me aunt Rick could you please put the map of Earth or what you call all that Feld's together on the screen please if we look we're wondering why and how and if you understand mankind will come to understand life started out one level one line when a very narrow band on this planet that narrow band created life if the structures were there to create if the structures were there the materials were there the positions were there and everything else that mankind wanted could have been created anywhere in the universe but in that process we only became part of we only created one thing and if we look at the original Pangaea we all created in one way another from the same structure in the same area and as we broke up and we developed into breaking up we spread we divided and we created exactly the same so he had an Origin he had a position he had a diversity of life and he had in so many ways understanding of totality if we look you see that creation was so simple so we see the life was one because we look at the present map but if you look at the map even before this this was all one piece so the life did not a start life started on a pond where the temperature and the composition of materials would allow it to live then we go backward even if you go back further before man before the first life the conditions had to be created that man could live materials had to be created materials had to be there materials were life to create the first cell had to be conditioned to be available what are these materials and how we became to be as beings on this planet in a soul system we started as a speck of dust embrace take billions of years to these aspects to come together somewhere and build the first seat and as every drop of rain falls back to his life his origin to the center of gravitational field forces of it as we understand in the world of the science of the plasma now everything which comes in has to go out so the Sun forever spews out to be able to recycle itself if you look at it the Sun is a recycling process for itself in the domain of his own in his solar system and unsmooth energies as magnetic fields as they lose their energy they become in two different stages of matter and when they get to the boundary and become mature in the dynamic position they collide they come together it's like a crushing system it pushes it's like you put yourself or something in a forge and you turn it all has to marriage all has to become alloys and has become alloys it becomes bigger and bigger and in that position becomes the first seed for structure it's a solid estate but gradually as the absorbs more and more energy from the Sun it gets covered with the material which itself will dissolve and become huge but at all time the journey does not stop because the gravitational pull of the mother pulls in from this point as a dust from this point as a first what we call planet which always is giant as it collects more guesses takes billions of years and then the journey stops as a fast motion and the slow journey to reach the mother starts by rotation and rotation and rotation and rotation and somewhere here in the middle of the journey this planet decided you to his composition of the material which was created in the outset and due to the magnetic field forces of the planet and his star to create and turn and that turning to position itself magnetically and gravitationally respectful to the others in the solar system outside took the dearth in that tilting by few degrees creates the present diversity and in that diversity new materials were absorbed because now it wasn't mono energetic facing the Sun it was continuously diverging and creating more what we know from this diversity and interaction of the fields of the Sun and Earth in an angle new materials in each level of degree and interactions in different seasons were started to be attracted one of the first ones was sodium then others as he became closer and the diversity became changing we know other materials start appearing in a way now because of what happened with fields and interaction inside he distorted gravitation took hold and in taking that gravitation by reduction the strength of the gravitation metals appeared but don't forget for materials to appear energy of the Sun had a say so slowly what we saw it was the creation of the lighter elements in the different angles which at the same time because of the diversity and the angle of the planet heavy materials were produced on one side while the lightest were absorbed on the other side more materials were created as less and less gravitational fields of different strengths were accepted so this became a combination planet this started creating diversity hydrogen from one end while plutonium and magnesium and others and gold and copper appeared under other strength the bridge of this planet is is what we call inclination of the angle in respect to the Sun it creates diversity of the fields not mono energetic as most of the planets do and so in that process in that energy of diversity sodium weight in so many ways connecting itself with hydrogen and oxygen and then by the creation of the carbon and everything else created the first cells so we have not been delivered from outside we are the children of this planet in the physical dimension but in that process many many many things will change because as different amount of materials were getting created by interaction of the fields of the planet we saw diversity and diversity through balance of energies led to the creation of amino acid in the line of what I showed you on the Pangaea this diversity met as much so many ways the amino acid became the first timers energy made by the planet does not exist anywhere but as it's heard the common denominator of everything it could link up it linked up with copper elect up with I in linked up itself with everything else that it could make as energy yes matter or whatever he needed a stability that he could progress it needed a stability that he could make a system that while this planet was falling back in to his mother somewhere in this point the process was completed and what we saw was the first life life meaning that the cell the amino acid could sustain and due to the energies within the environment replicate yourself which means now mr. cohan could make more of itself but it realized it cannot become like the Sun to receive and give it needs to create a structure that continuously can receive and give but in that process Hall to some and then it became very easy it need a mechanism it needed to create a simple system where as he absorbed energy it could release energy in any shape or form but keep his structure at either end and start attaching it so for the circulation blood it needed to attach itself the blood because I and needed to match the magnetic field of the planet to create circulation by different strengths in energy of iron in conjunction magnetic field of the earth as iron is magnetic it created the best motion system for it so cleverly we attach to some time he has created intelligence so intelligence was easy to do then it needed physicality because up to then it was just energy if we look at it amino acid in the space of no gravity is in reality a virus but getting involved in living and conditioning to the planet a very weak one extremely weak point if I was I mean I said mr. cohan I would have chosen was sliding one more material to add to my song nah I would have withstood the viruses - and this is where and did not happen and this is why the man on this planet is weak he cannot behave in the matter and energy or what you call a dissolve but it attached itself and found himself a way to do to attach yourself to any resource my diversity of the interaction of the fields of his own it created a new energy pack that it could stand better than yet and it could support it this is what we call the soul of the matter so the biggest mistake was made instead of going all the way through physical condition and attaching himself and itself the copper and zinc and every other metal ignored his own essence and the center of his own creation the energy pad we called so if if amino acid and a point of establishment of life on this planet would have learned to work in a slightly different system way I mean you know I said when I was state and the energy pack that could have handled the worst so this is the flaw in the structure of the map he should have interacted with energy with energy and energy with matter condition it went to the energy matter and left everything in the dimension of the mind of the soul or the energy center which had singularity but not dual purpose so it can only work one in the energy that will be called soul and one in the meta soul never which we call the body of the matter so if man wants to become a man of space to live in every dimension it needs to bring in to understand or in a way connect itself to it so that has the energy garden energy filtering system energy condition to be able to survive the span of universe as man was moving more and more into dimension of physicality it created an meaning system which he had to build on his own circulation blood storage deliverer digestion system to be able to use different materials of this planet long for a the stomach and digestion system for the liquid and the solid then he had to create his own filtering system the kidneys and what we call the large intestine then he had to create a condition a current that only used the airside as both cleaning up and absorb and then it needed to coordinate the working of all this in conjunction with sharing of the soul or the energy center and you controlled a control center called brain so in reality the process of the creation of physical man on this planet came out of the first interactions and then meaning systems to guarantee survival because in the dimension of physicality everything had to be handled in a physical dimension where in the dimension of the soul they had to be only energy or the Sun and these two got entangled and in the process man was more from the first interaction to the position of delivery of the face moving so with a full coordination to billions of years and according to the environment to the availability of the materials and in a condition of the position in respect to the angle of the planet new creatures new animals new clients and new life started because this planet is rich in diversity of material and diversity of the material on this planet if he understood comes from diversity of the energy through the angle of inclination in respect to the Sun and in that process or animals those who could absorb more found easier way to absorb more they became bigger they became dominant but at the same time even today as we speak this process has not stopped in the jungles of Amazon in the jungles of South America and the jungles of Africa every day due to change in the strength of the field of this planet continuously new lives are created when the scientists tell you they found new species of this and that most of it doesn't go back billions of years due to the ignorance of understanding the process of continuous process of creation on this planet many of them took shape few years ago or many of the new animals we discover in the jungles or incarnate on the created new creation in interaction with the new fields and all the poisoning and the pollution and everything else which we have done these are the children of us our abuse of this planet life doesn't stop and did not stop billions of years ago creation of diversity on this planet will last till the last second when he enters the womb of his mother when you bring your own means and joins back in the life of his life with his mother when the rain falls back on earth a son returns and it receives his own child has a life on this planet as we call it billions of years it's just a temporary trip a very very temporary trip as a window of the span of existence and so as we get pulled more and more into it life as we see it will not exist the condition of this planet will not allow the new position is too close to the Sun and closer the hotter so at this point beyond and this point within his own William endure life no more enormous and in this process where we are created in this process where the whole structure is created is a flicker of a second in the life of the universe in a way if you look at it it's a desert which gets rain and energy and blossoms and you see live on it for a very short time that the heat of the Sun destroys the rest this is what we are a short is band very very short to spend and even in this short span of your million we choose a few years of it in so many ways is it worth it to live on this planet or we use this window and we become passengers of the universe and even in that dimension even in that damage our lives will be a flick of a finger and if we can use the step by steps to become closer to the origin of the light as even our Sun and the galaxies within it will move towards it because they're in the same process as we were as a dust on edge of the solar system we all come from and we all go back to the Creator does not matter if you are a drop of rain if you are a solar system if you are a galaxy or even if you are a universe everything is dynamic everything will stand the same pause and everything is the same and what we look at is literally this what we call our lives what we call the life on this planet is a small window of opportunity where the rain has come and the desert becomes green and soon we'll call back to be a desert but in this process when we understand that the interaction between the physicality and the dimension of the energy creates what we call intelligence decreased diversity of energies which in that process of life we go back to one point we can we have the ability to become energy pack in all the minions and reach the Creator and in so many ways will be the vice versa as was were the Sun we went out of or we came back to and in this process if you could understand the condition then what we called the energy or giving up the Creator creates his own condition to be able to become part of the energy pack of the creation then the man receives the gift of life the gift of intelligence in our own lab a lion is intelligent as much as a tree they communicate instead so when we speak about the soul of the man and the creation of the man and the soul which can be aligned with the creator and us to all our understanding it's only for us not the plants animals man is so involved in zone hypocrisy that does not see the truth and in this process we have up depending on position we are created and how long we last we take different position and conditions with dominate for certain time in that process mankind has lost the track hoe his own existence so in fact what has happened in this diversity and interaction of the matter of fields we became mad or a memo or who could think and it could use his environment at the same time to have interaction between his energy part and his physical back we created the Dominion we call it the brain we call it the conscious we call it emotion and when the mankind understood this and when the first creator of the cycle realized this that it is in the control of his own destiny for small environment he lives in he has the intelligence to affect the position animation direction of the motion of the physicality and his behavior instruct to other energy packs of physicality and energy man became conscious of correctness then knows who understood the direction of correctness means that one thing to understood this and understood this and when you understood both then we became conscious we became human conscious and consciousness created two things for us if we understood correctly we became to believe in what we called the energy which created us and if we found weakness ourselves they found intermediaries statutes religion and another hand in strength and the path of the soul of the map the further we became from religion and more hypocrisy the more we came to understand the truth and energy between our physicality and the energy and the energy part which created us we became faster mature and we did not exist when it so the first being who understood this by K Mitra it means understanding the connection between the energy and the physicality and its connection what is created but he had to come to that point because she wasn't created herself she was a mother the true Mitra is in reality the first person who understood this and so the beauty of anyone he creates then in the progress of the mankind by whisperin talk it became a Mis system it meant that we had to understand and if we create a balanced connection between the energy what we call the soul and the physicality was called body of the man and creator where everything comes from and goes back to you live in harmony and from then others who understood this and doubt with the more and literate people created divisions so in fact we are made oh.what called the matters and the states of this planet we came from interaction of the fields of this planet and in so many ways we have a very short time on this moving spaceship the conflict we have chosen different ways of in so many ways to control the energy or the physicality and those who created the control of is Garrity when for statues and also and for creating and controlling the soul for all body called religion both imprisoning wonder physicality and what the energy with this new technology we free man from Earth because now you understand and then in reality you'll see through your eyes what we call Dimitra the origin the first thoughts who understood the balance between the creation the creator and the environment which was created it and if you look at it that's all what me tries amaze the Creator they're created and the environmental condition that he connects the Creator to the create top good - good and thinked and if you understood this then you can travel the span of universe fine place any and any point in the universe so now the human race has to decide in the simple process if this is our solar system and we are just about to reach and past hour window gap do we want to stay there or do we want to jump in a bigger pool and then even then we jump into the bigger pool and then in jump in there we join a fool which will become part of the totality of where this is the solar system and the galaxy and the universe and the unicorns and the Creator the journey to this will take what and now we are teaching for the man to jump to this and maybe in the very near future to this and maybe in a distance time to the and maybe in a much longer time to this and maybe maybe if you matured to the sole meters made the journey and in so many ways in all the what we called the galaxies and the stars in them and all the galaxies in the universes and the stars in them and every other aspects their lives in every dimension because every little planet or star has a different angle to create so in fact they create life but not visible to the eye of the matter because we don't see that memo we don't see what we call uniformity in energy and then if we take these leaps we have to understand the totality of it and what we teach is to give you a choice it's go fight in the space of this solar system which go fight in a galaxy in the universe and the unicorns or a combination of both in the energy physicality or in the recent past teachings through the energy part because energy pack does not need so much transformation it needs to be stripped and become of the higher order strength to reach profit it's easier to reach the domain of the Creator with the energy now physicality physicality takes time physicality needs space of physicality this soul and energy needs none but of the same strength zero time communication as we said in other teachings depends what fear do you want to travel it now we understand you want the physicality in the merit or galaxy or the universe all unicorns or their soul and then as you have to create I come from this and I'll go back to this by my own show that as I come from it I have given this gift to buy me an indication our nation they have to choose to keep the path to bring mankind to this dimension as their mothers and shall become the mothers of the creation for the dimension of the amino acid of the human race and wedded unica's there is one thing that you will understand something we teach not for mankind but we teach for the unicorns as they can diverse and travel the dimension so their souls and the dimension of the strength of the songs will be heard by the totality the love of creator does not shine on the right it shines in the spherical shape equal and everlasting as long as the Creator lives in this process as we taught you before I want to bring in and what I call enigma into your understanding and this enigma this what I call the puzzle point is for you to suit and will answer many questions when you asked many times are they with us are they part of us have they been here the matter of this unit costs and universes to visit us and have to take enough shape or are we part of in my teachings I try to explain in a very simple way especially knowing that we come to this day that you have to understand I brought Alex a couple of weeks ago to explain to you how he makes the food there was a purpose for this I tell you what you understand this is the salt and water and against us and this is the Apple and the courage and in so many ways different fruits as they have so they have transferred the energy the taste and the Dominion under water you drink as you yourself or the mixture of cancers and diversity of the now you understand one thing more if this is your planet and this is his surface and within it we have created so much water and even a mixture and even your own body on it as a liquid against and if I am the visitor of this planet and he was against water all the see what you think haven't you received my soul in reality is there any difference between this and this this being a fruit this being the soul of a visitor of this planet so mankind's knowledge comes from diversity of universal community and itself it comes with its energies and beauties without interference and if you understand this this planet soon becomes the unity costs and so as messengers of this planet we become not caught and we become that orange and this is why we try to put the physicality and the conduct of the man right that we need solve when it becomes the creator of others is perfection in this Frost's in this understanding in this understanding of the totality we come to one point and that is we need to understand and it is we need to be able to comprehend the totality of the process the totality of understanding the truth about ourselves and the reason of our creation and those who have created us through the dimension the interaction of their fields mankind needs to know the truth the truth man itself and in our process why and how we became and more now we to become how far and to what extent would be changed how far and to what extent we will become part and how far and to what extent we come to understand the reality in the truth maybe maybe it's time for mankind to understand that's the whole process and understand every step and then you understand in the process of the creation we are little salt that these souls in time will become according to the position of their lives a feeder of information to the others the feeder of new life and if you pay a visit to another planet and universe what would you like this cup your cup to give to that soul you meet warm anger aggression or peace love and care as are certain teachings before what would you like a child of yourself to be because you become that soul you become that food you become that position of the transfer of your emotion and in so many ways if you understand it what we done with mankind is a very very simple the universal community has locked you down for centuries and thousands of years because the present behavior of man is not acceptable because if you understand you in fact the universe so many means you have already infected many times that's why we have brought everything under control so instead of you becoming small problems and a bigger problems in the future we have come to solve the problem as it routes as answered we stopped we know where the problem has come in creation of physicality and we know where the mistake has happened in diversity of the energies that the two needed to come into operation so in reality what we are giving to the mankind is both in both damaged understanding the power of the soul of the physicality and understanding the power of the soul of the man and the energy that in space the two together become their formidable path that they can stand what we call the different feel the strength of the universe it is very hard to break an atom of hydrogen if you understand it's one and it's very easy to create separation for an atom of hydrogen if you know how to introduce new fields to create that what we call distance and if mankind understand this if mankind understands that it never can kill it can never destroy but if he needs be he can puts his emotion in the feeling and a saw to create the closeness of separation then mankind will take off with this ethos in the universe that is a whale about to be give and is available to receive but does not have the power to destroy to kill but an Mundek but is this what and what is this what and where the difference comes and in fact what does the to read to creation in so many ways we can choose any name for this as we can for this and a combination of the two needs to be to create life in order and with respect and peace up to now man has been deluded of this and now we put the order back in singularity has never worked because he has to create compromises for it to exist then you come with anything you like and anything you want and any other name in the universe and then you create the polarity for your own satisfaction in any shape or form in any dimension the universe but there is no control and the mayhem like on earth creates the perfection comes well you create balance in any name from the beginning then this will not exist and man will be a man and the rest of the creatures will stay the same and the balance will be create this is the change in the new cycle not just for me but the entirety of the creation in the dimension of the universe in a way we create a balance on the other end if you understand that between the two we create harmony and mankind should have understood something very simple in the world of the creation of the unicorns the earth in its galaxies and is universe sits over here where up to now we had this and this new balance this new understanding will create balance fields the monks and across the universe now you understand why such a position time and evolution in time of man at this time is to move the whole thing into a balanced position and there is a reason for it which mankind at this moment is not open to understand and that's what we say from the interaction of the two we create a new zone that all becomes in balance and the problem doesn't sit only with solar system of the earth where the parents are pronounced at right across the universe a proton needs an electron to be able to keep his existence so now we see the same try to understand this face and will be very difficult for many many human beings to go through this transition but at the same time the beauty of this is in this process mankind has created many souls who become the stars of this galaxy and the universe and the universe now that man is educated and man will travel the span of universe as for example you go from England to another country and a continent and you see another Englishman you say Oh from England let's go to the pub and have a drink now in the space you come and say oh you're a soul from the earth because the fingerprint of them you know I see that the man the planet is unique and then you understand this planet has been creating many and in so many ways now that we put the totality in correct conduct all those hoping misbehaving and the systems which have been the problem through the dimension of interaction of the origin will correct themselves we've had too many mischievous souls in the dimension of creation and with decimal we put everything but but understand one thing mankind amino-acid energy sits in balance with both ends of the soul of the creator and submit to man solid so you have to be the balance between and maybe that's why we chose the earth and this time and this place in this position we choose the place and the time and at the same time Mitra chooses all the balance will come in a short time but we don't have that much time in so many ways to pass the slide so we have to complete in this window and man is getting very close to this line or the earth is getting so close to this once you pass certain position the fall to this lines become faster as I said before the dinosaurs were created at this point and a man is somewhere here and even today the new creation and animals and plants are created according to the level of the strength of the fields in every way if you understand it if this is our solar system and this is the Sun they started the life from here and forever every time every year we are circling the time of dinosaurs was there and the time of the man is here and fly across in our life as we know this is why on this end we could see larger animals as the pressure of the Sun on earth was not that much and now the larger and as we go up where the rain will see small and smaller animals he when a drop will be a giant very soon and dinosaurs used to be when we were here is the compression of the magnetic fields an interaction with the pressures from the Rays and the field the Sun which creates this tiny follows the laws of magnetic fields and plasmatic means if you increase the gravitation the magnetical will change to because it has to because it dictates by the absorption of the fields from set maybe today's teaching they're open I have many to reality and to the fact and as one of the knowledge seekers said it's a shock to understand everything is different and Adam wasn't the first thing in fact and up couldn't be because he couldn't create Adam is a gamer creation of life comes from the one who can create equality and balance that all the cells as in the womb of the mother grow together in harmony and divide at the same time to create life and body of the man and a man as the giver does not have this ability to be correct to just when you have the cells in a womb of the mother she does not give one to one and a letter to the other she gives equal because she is the creator she wants to create and this brings a different mentality different understanding justice and quickness and this is why the behavior in the womb of the mother is the term mitra and comes with it the woman is I warned for many years and many years before that the next prophet the next cycle of generation will be and now you understand why and there is a big difference between these two it needs a balance within itself to be correct otherwise we'll become arrogant and singularity it's the same when you put whether God or the Creator and needs balance otherwise we'll be the mess we've seen in similarity it will be very hard for many people to accept the prophecy they are bleeding in so many ways the situation is very simple when you enter a new environment being a planet being a galaxy being a universe look at the interaction of this physical fields and look at the interaction of the energy fields and then somewhere in between you find life intelligence and interaction but earth we have something very strict in the universe when man entries will come across another dimension and this dimension is very different then what we have imaged man will come to know and to live according to this if you look man life in the periodic table sits in sub energy atomic periodic table which the man does not understand yet and in what I call create a line of the energies which man's not aware and physicality exists in all strength in all levels the physicality of the man has chosen between the lowest part and the interaction of the middle part and somewhere a higher part within the hydrogen to zinc plus any other bits to create a bubble so this gives a very small window but a diversity of life with intelligence on this planet in other creation in the universe which you are fortunately gonna fall into you have this in your life or you have this in another life which means life will exist in the two extremities or life estates above the field of the matter because that environment creates this condition and then you understand how you become a virus to one order you are part of the energy pack but you are not in their physicality and this is what I explained before that mankind has to understand not only is physical positioning but the energy which he has created which we call the salt and this is big a problem for you when in part of the universe you get hit by a life which lives in this domain or in this domain or the most disaster for them is if they live in this domain now you become a stronger energy pack about you become their Corona now we can understand and the further you go that way the more you move towards the musicals and the creator and the further you go this way this time of the recycling to go back in fact that's what we said you sit here and now mankind is here then you understand why and how we have introduced without you knowing a new dimension that it is we can live the span of the Chinese for offices understood that Ross affairs of China they call it Union but they could never find away from yen to yen and yen Dean for the first time in understanding the construction of the life and existence it should be easy for them to unravel and complete the cycle that their soul can live in all the minions and the structures and they give one to the other maybe come and they move to this side and as they give one to the other mo underside I explained this in a hidden way in the teachings for years and now maybe maybe you understood I said we start from field an interaction of two fields gives us a plasma an interaction of two plasmas gives us physics and the prior an interaction of two physics give us chemistry an interaction of two chemistry's you just biology and the interaction of the two biology's gives us the soul and the interaction of two souls and then what you understand this it becomes the soul of the universe and then the soul of the universe which is the level of the creator and there are two become the same of the tool to become and in days there are still different now you see how we accommodate and in that process mankind can exist in all dimensions if he chooses and chooses the matter state on this end and energy state on that end and its maximum use by one of the two compounds because in fact what you can do is the ability to put two of these together in one package that interact and you know how it's done in the womb of the mother by interaction of packages of two you created the soul or the energy so man is fully aware of how to move across and if you understood this in the universe you can stand any any energy or physical damage and as we will see as I was informed by the webmaster yesterday that today is the 20th and next week during our teachings or sometimes during that day we will see the first two astronauts Americans to be launched back into the space from United States for the first time around they fly with exact suits that we have given to you as a chrono suit if you put your suits on next Thursday and is received you will feel much much more powerful and you can travel the deeper depth of the space without a rocket and a funny hat this is the difference between the suit which made by the scientists of the Americans and the Russians and the suits which will receive and he can wear it and if you'd know how in exact condition and exact position to use it then something interesting happened and I tell you what's gonna be the interesting part I hope as a Chinese team of Keshe foundation is sending out the krona suits today in this week for those of you who are boarded the Americans will provide in the mask and oxygen in their 20 suits on 27 and the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers next week they will get into the same silver suits and by increasing their energy you know what to do not only for kronor that will travel the span of you anywhere without their oxygen and what is at the moment the highest achievement to the lowest intelligence now you understand the same material the same shape the same silver color but if those of you who understood this will shine with the silver shiny and with the silver lining where our American friends still need a rocket up their backside to push them few meters up as I said now that the new enhancement units I'm going to stop being releasing around the world many of you when you go in you'll find yourself if you want to become passengers of the universe or if you are in for a physical repair in so many ways the makings will be scared up very very very very tiny hole in those suits as there will be nothing left but in so many ways knowledge seekers and those who go into the dimension and understanding of the what we call enhancement unit we have increased your suits to a dimension where you choose the freedom of non tangibility they go takes them billions of years to across the galaxies and universe and what in seconds you become the travels of unica's now you understand where this new technology will take you but in not conduct you have to choose the path of peace and here choose the path of peace we are on our way to open the unicorn a humanity otherwise please bookend with what I call the clowny an organization apply for the clowny suits we're in a space were Nino in life we're in this system the life is not a matter stays in this balloon will never burst because you travel with the dynamic energy of you so the reality will come home very soon as I said but in maybe six weeks four weeks and a bit more little bit less the first system is for you to enter already fantastic we send man to universe this way and our American friends will send man this way if your soul chooses you'll make preparations what NASA scientists to bring their lab and have a champagne on the moon you walk with the freedom of the universe they still have to hop around in the rabbit cross the purpose of the universal enhancement units is what it means an open we can churn it to any universe you like but you have to understand this criteria now as I said 2020 is the time of the space and the first two specials have been finished structurally and so it can go into the story of these two is very simple if you remember the Macon suspend over ten million u.s. dollar worked for years use 1.4 mega watt of energy and build a huge building to achieve and low save passing one point for cash foundation team is spent I think let's say to be fair to the Americans if $1000 they said you didn't bit of credibility $10,000 few weeks understand 12 what small building and achieved 129 test this round this is for the noise in their space they have spent trillions to spend seventy years they're using energies beyond tons and tons of megawatts we don't know and they can only ship one guy give one small rocket and they can only reach the Space Lab we would like to be car into the Americans and let's say 100 billion thus nothing compared to put the rest away the end understanding 11 billion 16 billion is what NASA gets for his space development this is just past five years we said the time the case for our nation has come with the less than a million in seven years I think we may be 500 watts and Space Lab you can travel the universe this is the American rocket technology is all this noise and this is a foundation a space technology but sitting in any living room anywhere on this planet we learned and we teach to travel with the energy of the soul and the physicality and these guys are still burning she'll bring man to this language and everything had to be in time and his to time and everything had to arrive last time they shouted foul play because they fell behind I wonder this time can anybody hear is the meaning of this even 200 meters of our earth nobody can hear that lungs man travels in this part of universe with the truth of his own now you understand the turning point we deliver the last time and many times more I will deliver more many times more well you got to understand man has to live like everywhere else man had to keep himself busy that his physicality does not become retired and useless but also trouble with the dimension of the new or Universal unit will have more beauty with that is that there will be aware of a quirk contact when Americans never learned anything about conduct porn and anymore nine animal just wrestler like you monkey the more they cheat the more they killed your job was knowledge seekers a man of a space the more you learn the more you understand humble you become this is the difference between the two cultures the more we developed the more we spend time for peace and the pleasure of it the more this guy is built created more death angelic and I said I found a mind with a Megan passport I said so you'll be asking or any other nationality passport except American very soon mankind understands the way they run to become American they will run away not to be American in 500 years the reverse to position themselves but it was supposed to be the land of honey and milk became the land of death and destruction now for this reason we turn everything back to go back to his origin where all came from bacteria and the two souls will control and bless and nourish this the new journey of the man in the space have to work together to be able to reach that point are you mad I'm ready to make one soul other the soul of him back in the depths of the universe now you understood how you became from nothingness and the ray of Sun in such a short time a full combination and man of space in a little bit of teaching a little bit of understanding makes a big difference when I went to Romania in 1991 after the opening of the borders I walked into the shoe factory to queen up at the factory with 22,000 workers 20,000 workers was trying to survive we struggled with the change of the policies and the opening of the frontiers alright so on the making I was playing with a shoe with holes no but there the next day he was still arguing about the holes and I said to him what's the difference between these holes you are arguing here for 22 days he said if these holes are a space like this it's chicken sandwich I can sell many holes like this is chicken excuse my work shit I cannot do and I lose I said such a tiny little space of all makes such a big difference for an American brain and I learned one thing in fact which one would you like to be the chicken sandwich and this sandwich is a sandwich a piece and this we have seen Billy's ended up with in a way if you look at it I would like to make a puncher in your soul and see how you wish if I can I know with this one well you know hole speck of dust will create the mess it's made up to be and in between if you're happy to be physical I'll give you the spaceship so in so many ways if you understood this you will understand mankind has moved on new dimension and nothing would I mentioned we are moving into one direction and the reality is to get off before we cross the line not in time we can find somewhere else in this universe to find home to establish and become peaceful or does the soul of mankind needs on the planet now that is matured would the next generation of humanity will live in his space cups of the universe in the fields of the energies and will leverage was home has many many other races and lives and cultures are doing in the universe many cultures don't Wow many colleges don't have planet because they themselves were created out of the fields of the energies they are not nomads they're highly educated and they mainly mainly sit most art on this end of the scale you'll be lucky even to be able to see them to communicate and these entered the dimension of the creation in the same process and others but through the higher understanding because that process to the perfection of the creator's creation now you know the eh-2-zed of your life and the total understanding of where you came from and where you're destined any questions thank you mr. Kesh and minor attendees they put their virtual hands up so we can let you speak dan has some questions in the Q&A but I think you better address some purse links I don't quite understand I don't understand this questions um so anyway we have Ruthie with their hand up and you've ad and a couple of others so go ahead briefing Allen thank you Rick Thank You mr. cash for the doodle yes but would you like to introduce us to tell us who you I'm Lin also Ruthie which name is fun yeah I'm the head of Keshe foundation China and I think today your teaching is so amazing but I just have a question I don't know if human humanity is monkeys or so unlucky or so lucky because from your teaching we know that we are we are in very lower situation or like transport chant point for very big change point mmm but compared to the whole the I mean the creation the create created of the creation we are in a very lower stage that means we have a long long way to go but the same time you told us like it's like we're in a very very fast attack we are coming from fields from nothing but just in the very short time of the window time on earth that we have the opportunity to directly go back to the origin of the creation like we are jumping in one go so I don't know if the this is very special on earth like this or the other thing in other planets or like also had this kind of opportunity I turned a question that the way around you are or your soul is one of the two souls which would last in the mankind which way you decide the decision in the future of humanity and the universe in understanding of the balance soul sits with your soul and the soul of mana it's a gift given you decided you had to decide how humanity turns from now on and sits in power the soul of the Creator so I think that's an answer who you have to give others in a way you are questioning or you should answer your own question where does the bank I'm going to go where is your vision what is your vision what you see where are you taking us where is your other how you to either explain to us what you envisage was for the human race at the future of these unions you are the creator of the new soul you are the parent spot how long do you want to make it for a man to reach the level of two understands not the Creator or you want to play around for a while what is your vision what is your soul tell us you're waiting it or Ella University there is silence and quiet I I believe it's the time for changing and live to order humanity T to NASA dimension because humanity or the whole of universe oh yes the whole universe partners say what is where are you Ella are you in the background as I said as I step down you to decide and you become teachers you are the two blesses also you offer the body and the soul and it was accepted so varicella are you there what is your vision link from your soul I can feel there's the kind of exciting like to know that Oh - looking forward for that changing coming cuz I don't know from my darling before they always say that the human body is very like human beings very young Ural it's very unique in the whole creation but I I never know like how it is I think today you're teaching explained part of that I need more understanding of that and then seems like we can know that we had them we had the the soul we had to create her within within us within our soul so is that means each humanity we have the energy pack from the Creator and that's why we are so unique if we like time recognize our position and identity as the Creator within us then we can have over a capability to change the whole creation of the Creator to change the whole universe to get the whole balance of that and that's the balance what you mentioned the balance between the the matter created an imbalance between the Creator together because we have that creator inside us and amatuer time the change point is the time that we will find the connection with our physics or with our soul and to reach the whole balance of the universe well well you see the balance you have a deep deep understanding of Buddhism and Taos and you're a balance point the other side of the equation as we call it with what you had as understanding and being a Buddhist for 10 years plus wordless what you see in the culture of the east there the culture of West brings the soul of the mansion you understand when Linda I yes for it's like a dumb Western culture is small to the matter side physics site and the insta culture is more close to the energy pack site because we have the tradition thousand years of this kind of cultivation and also like like all Taoism is the beginning and and the 2000 years ago we had the Buddhism join the in our culture's we have the like the middle Asia the culture to be to be connected and 4000 years you know it's like Chinese Chinese culture is a merge of all kinds of culture with all kinds of small nations and then to two thousand years ago we a joint as a one big impaired from that time although we have facing like different times all for split and been conquered with the other races but actually the the culture of China the I mean we can embrace embrace everything together to bring us to today so in the past maybe 100 years history China is in a very like bad situation the the nation is being bullied by different nations and we're very poor we're ruled by these drugs and everything to experience that the whole Chinese nation have this suffer but then they didn't know they find a way to to leading to leading the the whole planets to a more peaceful way because we experience a firm and the peace is what we want and actually in in history of China this Empire or these kings they don't like to like war to fighting with us when we are strong we always like give give gift to the small nations so when the small nations they come to us the dibbley talk and always bring back more so I think this kind of embarrassed in Empress and this candle for like suffering the the the pen they well bring down the whole like humanity on the earth to a kind of balance and and that's the Chinese traditional wisdom but sometimes maybe four of Western they will say it's like it's like you are easier to be bullied but I I think that's not that that's the that's the beauty of the Chinese culture because we are people more in love and more peaceful so how you gonna take us into space now with the soul you carry what is the destiny of mankind as I was saying to some friends I made a mess of it by creating the man how you gonna clean up the mess I made between you two women I used to not gonna go the path of physicality or do you choose the path of the soul because the solution the only way is that but it's not going as I said you two souls need time to mature to be able to do and beauty of it is the innocence and the clarity and what will be the vision where do you see you'll take us are we going the fast track or are we going to enjoy the beauty of it before we get to the destination I think all the souls who come to the to the earth is ready and prepared for that big transition and they will unite it as a one to lift us in one go but where do we go where is Ella is she still asleep or awake when she with us what is your vision as the other half what disbalance experience and that's about when I asked if you can teach about the anger and how we can remove this from the human behavior to begin with and instead the decision was to teach about the world of creation and how we came to be and actually danced there was in that the answer to my question was in that because my thought was to go in the old way in steps in human way let's first do this I will do that and then we'll go to the next step but the actual explanation is that all we need is a new beginning a new soul that will give to all the soul to guide them and to have equality in kindness and remove that anger all at once so we don't need to go in steps we just need to start fresh from scratch and if it's in physicality or in soul I believe a component the physicality will still exist whenever a soul chooses to manifest itself in physicality so it will be the decision of the souls but when that man is manifestation happens that physicality will not be abusive it will not be hurtful it will not do what we did it will not abuse other beings so I still believe there is a option there is a choice for everyone to go at their own pace but important is that this new beginning puts the base that in this new way it's no no hurting no abusing no stealing and it's just enjoying so and I don't think we can say that ok now we were all believed in the souls and the physical it will cease to exist because in the end every soul can choose to manifest any point in the universe and to convert from energy to matter for matter to energy and to have this playful and joyful growth in both dimensions but at least that's what I see at the moment what are we interesting for knowledge seekers to observe in next few weeks and buds how these two young Souls will mature to run and how these two young Souls will reach or to guide the humanity and the rest to ultimate point war peace or they call universal peace come from two different backgrounds after soul will be very interesting to see how we watch in what we give to them from our soul to make sure to guide us and our new generation and the future generation we heard them both for the first time nor instead of cash Foundation and know that layers of Chinese mythology were that's two souls which will take us across this threshold and in so many ways as I said that in the toddling level and they have to get used so they be gifted and understand how to share the physicality and the soul together that the nuclear generation now creation creates a new damage if I ask you one question both of you what priority today in your salt when the mankind what is your wishes because from now on whatever you wish will become done and it enacted which one of you wants to go first right can you explain a little bit about your question and not fully understand what is your vision what where do you want to take us which way you're so not the human physicality will see us to go because what you decide what you wish as we say in u.s. or counsel your wish is my command and what is our salt or father or Midway because now there is a guide now there is a start point it will be very hard for a lot of people to understand this but monster start seeing the results of your auric all the fruit of your souls mankind will change mankind is a monkey add a sheep and this should not be we should understand and give and elevate what do you expect from us from mother call the soul of humanity and the universal to take us there another rhetoric in essence what is there what is the language of your soul spottily yeah my way she's the humanity really put down the arms and became united and peace and then we bring them into the universe community and to set them free let that sauce fly or what you imbecile what is our future in the hand of you two at this point I cannot say exactly but I can only stay until the next time - I just wish that everyone thinks about what they do when they do how they do before they don't they just they just take a pause and they breed and they think what would my soul do and I know that there is a big responsibility for me and game but the wish also has to come from within all the souls to be in acceptance with our wish and guides so this is why I'm just thinking maybe a soul search would be a starting step in in so many ways the humanity will come to love both of you and adore you for the souls we carry and I'm sure the soul of the universe will be with you too as two women we brought back the balance to the reality as I said Mitra means a lot for those of you who don't understand is the creator of the creation and in so many ways I hope when new to come in to explain to us next time will be through your souls not to work and the first introduction always is a most difficult word as no species is returned but the souls has transferred his energy any questions from any of the two ladies don't forget soon when I step down these two become the teachers and it takes time to be and part of clean has I started teaching in Chinese her vision and her work the past week horse for two weeks and in time we'll hear more about language when you listen to his teachings has a lot of soul it's got a lot of death because she understands a lot about the soul and balance of the souls and physicality as a Buddhist as a train but it's not by name does anybody have any questions would like them to explain you have are quite a few hands up here we have IDI allow you to speak and we've got Mariners and sweaters love which one has a question to us the two ladies you speak yeah I have everybody thank you sir I have a sort of a completion of what dearly said which I really feel the love of love for her uh she said I don't know what's special about us I think human being it's not your child no teacher but he's able to compassion and to a door which is different from love and he's passionately as an Iranian I know what it says that people can give passionately and that's I think what makes us different from other things in the universe I think it's a grace of love but just a some fashion given to us which is our force when we believe something is right and we have compassion and impacting with that and then we give we give completely are we ready to give complete and sing him a race ready to give completely why not subject that she said also when are we ready to to become like that I think with the level of elevation that man has had and this which we will give them he can create by himself condition to decide which way he wants to go this way or that way I think humanity decides by itself and creates the condition itself because it's a portion elevated and if they realize is they get to that point they create the condition that they decide and I hope they make a good decision probably they make a good decision in so many ways it's a responsibility or another about security or or to be in a position to create the condition of peace through their Kickstarter soul by Baldwin and by humanity and maybe maybe in the coming time when these two souls mature in a very short time we'll see new dimensions and I think today we have more from their physical understanding then they're sold as this also know the universal community as a whole within them needs to shine I think because of that compassion with the grain of compassion which the Creator has created us with that maybe one of these groups of people who are uncut shit in in them like a drunk person in a game they see a picture of a baby or a youngster dead really with all the stomach out and they feel that is looking like his son or his partner and they change they transfer they understand what they are doing and and without their knowing they change their way and things like that I count again on that brain of compassion and every soul even though they are playing the games by like too much power too much what you very physical possibilities I still contend that train of compassion one day they wake up we do our job and that I think that responsibility falls on the shoulder of the tool to work on both endless rendition is with the leaders and on the grassroot thank you very much I have a question mr. Kesh about 20 if you want to answer you don't mind I like tres because he talked about Trinity well does this Trinity of mine comes from where did we start what can he do or she do in my life and I can do with that I can better develop myself I think the pure example of the Trinity is in front of you between the two ladies but are they aware of me you are part of them as much as they're part of you in so many ways in so many ways mankind has got to learn a new understanding and do we or do we choose to listen to the twin souls of us and then with it we see from the twin souls that itself as a twin you got to understand from dawn is the balance is not singularity because singularity was made to dictate singularity was not made to accommodate even when we have a twin so why do we have a Tony soul because instead accommodate what we don't be Kondo it does and what we can do we do and this is what what it comes to him what do you be there and then when as toing we cannot do what do we do we asked for another person the side who knows more 12 and these two so become part of and it's over 20 souls of them will complete the process and this is a new China what are called the life of the universe in time you will understand in time mankind understand the beginning of the new trait and has there been before in the history of man this sort of combination of the point of creation now that's a change to we are copying the universal community no we are learning to bring balance in any other college and is waiting here and Stefania ah hello this is you can hear me out here I have two systems going and I have a lag between the two you loose one up please okay it's just better yes well you were you from I'm from Indiana Bloomington Indiana in the US my original question didn't was not addressed to linen Ella but since that is our focus right now I guess I have more of a comment and would like to state it and see if they could clarify it I get I love both of these ladies so much as I hear them speak and have introduced themselves in the past couple of weeks and from when I get the direction that we are ready for a change more into the soul level and to develop along those lines a radical change and from Ella I get that as well but it seems to be more that she would like to see the physicality change to be more influenced by the soul with its kindness and its love and for us to go that direction of experiencing that somewhat I was wondering if that is correct that's why there were chosen this way one from the east someone from the West any comments from any of the ladies you got to understand we put both of them on the spot today they were not expecting such a thing but I warned both of them to be ready as they become the islands and the teachers they have to speak to their soul not to write and think it'll take time and the hallways to set about a time you need to mature and to get to the position of maturity needs a lot of understanding through the soul and not the physicality and as you said you see it clearly in the first times any other question any comments from Merlin or Ella in a in a comic time we'll leave the teachings that there's the teachings gradually to one or the other lady or combination of the two with me part of it that we go through a transitional time of teaching that was the Chinese word and you're the question maybe of first a finger up next and then Sabattus was love it's the thing I think is a question from a person in the Italian community OOP yes can she find the button yes good mr.keshe I have a question from Sabrina she actually she's the fire lady they won a touch about yes if they got to do with this teacher today or is something else uh she I will ask her I think it's something to do with the vision the vision of of of the new world to see what she asked should she ask on her vision um Sabrina you do you want to me too because it is never too severe Papa really cozy cozy teruko she said she is not a requester she just want to thank you for in the world she said that when she came to this world she wanted to stand when she was here and she always felt like myself lucky to be different but to build about so if it does make the banter between the two prima donna Mac you know since it no capital annually I think it was really time when put little less addition okay sorry she said that since she been part of the Keshe foundation she and learning about this knowledge she really feeling they been united free through all the souls and she really felt this unconditional love from for example for this for for the Italian community for example dealing with me and even all the people of the of the Italian community she really can fill this expansion it is the union between all the soul even all over the world and she really when we elevate when we elevate others like like for example when being a limiting the petition and she really filled that is really happening now something will make you smile I she said every time I had the birthday I already said to everyone believe more than two hundred years and everyone was a little bit mad but now thanks to this technology or this knowledge now I have the tools to make it possible so I just want to thank mr. cash thank you very much any other question thank you okay thank you good good okay we've got uh sweaters laugh would you like to go ahead she be able to speak to her now thank you hello mr. Kesh I think the whole point of point of existing resistance being the saw being the physical body is together acknowledge we do acknowledge we can change the whole universe and I think when lots of people see the spaceship or some other thing from the Chi foundation they will start to to teach and to learn the technologies and they will elevate and we are going to change the situation in the planet in the universe in the better way and the Creator who get the knowledge of our knowledge and we will give the his knowledge and love and care if Ike is needed so my question is if we use the free plasma to energize the water will be the same effect as the gas in the water to reduce that as we know if we put the gas in the jar and we this is the best water assess as I guess a if you're planning to jump in the swimming pool and drink on the pool now I mean because lots of people when they put the gas in the jars and they start to drink they drink the gas and the gas is depleted and I am searching a way to to energize the water the in the same quality as the gas is in the water in the same job if I can say and I think the free plasma between let's say five milliliters and 10 milliliters it creates free plasma right were the winner if we put the jar with water between the gas which one container is is fully 10 milliliters of gas and in the other side is 5 milliliters between them they will create a free plasma so the free plasma will be in the jar if I can say that and plasma will energize you in the dress the water in the jar and we can drink the water without swallow the gasses if we put directly at the gas in the water is that correct correct I still don't understand what you're trying to gather my question is if I create this and start breaking the water will be the same effect as in the gas is in the water because you know if Rick can somebody explain to him well that questions been answered before mr. Kesh and somebody suggested what if he just looks like Ganz in a jar and put the jar in you know water won't that create the same effect for or no because the virus and so on but they won't it doesn't have the same field effect as having the Gans actually in the water and it's been explained several times that way although you can have some effect with it they may not have this field strength that's required for certain the free plasma is the stronger than both of them so then your soul would be stronger than all of it and you wouldn't need any of that physicality correct that would be my answer what do you think mr. Kesh because the soul the free plasma is the so if I can say that and he's stronger than the gas by itself correct and what you mean by stronger I suppose is they're stronger Gans that kills the virus or it is it against that the virus gives its energy to doesn't matter what kind of gases the energy is more stronger than yes itself correct the free plasma between the two gases is more stronger no I think you're confusing and mixing too many things but once you have the source and you take from the source the what water you take from the source continuously supplies into the into the field but once you take your water from the from the source and you give it to the others has no source to add to it so it loses its energy and this we have answered as Rick said before that it cannot take without the sauce this is why even in the new announce when we made yesterday we're trying to put an inter international yeah all the international channels of the cash machine regarding the kronor we we follow the the same line of understanding of changing what we call the new protocol and I think that's where you you asking a question and break answer you directly thank you very much any other question how do we have Genet like to go ahead good morning mr. Kesh this is Janette Orozco from the Spanish community there's the questions one is related to the teachings of today the other one is not the first related says could you please ask if there is no step into the reconnection with our souls is through the transformation the conscious transformation of the hydrogen's that we assimilate in the physicality as we always say everything in a universe even if you become wise enough even the energy fields of the soul of the creator has a measurement because then we can see how much and how far it can expand so everything has a measurement and even the soul ultimate because if it didn't have measurement and value the soul of physicality will not have been able to capture it or to engage it so if mankind understand is mankind can create a condition that can free his soul without anything without death because if he can create the fields around the soul of the man that has no the I mentioned you know interruption and imprisonment by the brain cells or combination of the cells in the brain of the man then they would have been free it's amazing how when I look is very simple understanding and it is if you remember I think John from Arizona when two discs had all but you never get never got to understand what was heading for and he saw a lot of people try to do this if this is your understanding of your brain and understanding why we go back to the teaching we explain why you have this split brain juice the copper compounds in our body physicality has forced the brain to a split physicality and the field forces of the planet has forced the brain if was not so if we didn't have the physicality of the copper and the gravitational field forces of the planet most probably most wrongly the brain of the man would have been this shape in respect to the solar to the gravity has pulled and is creating a physical condition and in a pole and in a condition of physicality will exist of the copper has created a split so it has to reach all this years are going to teach so our salt would have been in this shape our soul would have been the center it would have been the Sun the same way you'll find out especially especially as we travel into Springs their physical appearance of their entities which are far away from center of gravity's is without arms and legs they take any shape because it depends what field brings them this is one of the first things you see life like a jelly shape and the minute you enforce a gravitational field on it he has to take shape in respect it even though yes it's also it's us in the position of the gravitational field of the earth that we have created the body of the man and presence of being able to have handle the position of the physicality not to fall we can be imagine if you were just one leg you were you could not hop you it just like a tree in a condition of creating a balance in two legs or four legs whether we call it it needed copper to be part of it that's why copper is part of our muscle tissue he creates that division of the splitter balance so if we take the copper away and we take the gravitational field forces of the body of the man a man could create in the space in the direction and in the shape of the womb of the mother if you look the fetus stays like this because it's a dynamic shape is centralized and the same is with the soul of man Pakistan so this position and misunderstanding will open man's eyes into a law of new knowledge into space it'll become a more balanced thinking it's a more balanced emotional reaction we will find out in depth of the space the races which can combat and coming commute between the two in a dimension of non physicality always will be like this they can interchange show themselves and it's beer depends what is the purpose of it but you still feel their forces in in the coming time mankind will go this way it's what the fields of the environment dictates our manifestation presentation even our condition and our emotion we seen this we notice this is what has made us different cultures well we never looked at it as we here Lin has a deep deep understanding of Chinese culture and I know her I spent two years with her in China and she's where much deep into understanding of nature nature of child nature of his/her own nation the reasons and going deep into philosophy or understanding she's more tuned into emotion they the Chinese have that kind of mentality that the emotion has more and mainly is now warning Wyman has done into what they call it and they were I'm innocence them is mainly because of the environment and what they have been forced to what they're accustomed to and we seal in another side very much emotionally very much connected to what the souls will do when you look at ella ella comes from the west she's very much connected to the matter states logical has to have a meaning in the physical dimension and if you look at it we already see that position of the soul of physicality and the soul of the man it's very clear and if you understand is the more we become detached from it and the more where we live in a condition of environment and in a condition of the way we have been brought up we have featured ourselves that way our environment made social be geographical has created us and we are not immune from it when we go into the depth of the space this is why these two souls will work in absolute harmony when more leads in the dimension of physicality Darwin covers the soul dimension of emotion dimension of the energies of the universe are vice-versa and they will learn from each other in the dimension of soul is no school to go to we don't need to talk and this is what you will understand very soon mankind will have one of the very biggest shocks is when mankind learns to travel and be detached or move away from their physicality push and the poles of this planet it won't be in a spacesuit anymore that he can do all sorts of things with it it'll be in the shape of where I am we have a beautiful saying Farsi if you translated into into the poetry of the language this is how I naturally respond I'm brandy Jamaat you it means if you don't want to stand out become part of the crowd if you want to survive in this in the space you have to understand the place the position and the culture and the environmental pressures environmental energies I think one of the biggest biggest shock which will come to mankind a lot of you and I mean a lot of you gonna have a shot with it is you see you stand on a traffic jam or your part in a traffic jam and you see a car coming what do you do you move to accommodate for the car to pass because it's so slow or is coming you can overcome it but and this is what we have now with rocket space technology is so slow that all the souls above us they say look these humans are coming with a little bow away they are community donkeys and letting the superest beat so we haven't interacted in physical dimension even with those who live above us on earth we are only concerned about the donkey and cat and the fish we have never looked into the souls and the lives of ours and this also away from the earth gravitational field forces that never needed to create their own manifestation of physicality in the dimension we do the clouds are nothing in this level compared to where they are clouds are the last level of the conversion the highest level commercial to matter state you get is the clouds why do we have the clutch why do the clouds have a combination of the oxygen oxygen is the gravitational field Pole to the earth with the highest body core with the lowest energy or the first element we tie the hydrogen down with oxygen we need you hold on there because we take your energies and what do you see at the highest level of what we call the clouds is the last point that matter states can be created in respective gravitational magnetic field of the earth above that to the upper atmosphere still there is a gravity reinforce up there this still there is a protection of the fields of the planet and then I sleeve there they don't have the bones and they don't have what you call you want to tangibly hold them instead of like jellyfish and now as the Macon's fly or the Russians fly and go to add mercy it's just a bunch of little people coming so open this space for them now that you start traveling with the strength of the soul of the man you are a rocket watch who you are running over as you leave they exist there amongst we are made of them because you know why I've said any time before we are the bottom eaters we have as I've said many times we have the bottom eaters of the Seas we are the bottom editors of the air what Falls of the energy we pick up we are not on top of everything we are a bottom of everything in respect to the field of the earth now that you start troubling and understand this you better watch who you touch you understand very soon when you end up in one of these big journeys you think I'll end up in having a new planet no nothing you haven't even blessed birth you got you some jammed we know they exist we have seen them there are videos and videos in different ways of national security with NASA and some of it in public then the worst thing for you is when you leave the earth they exist the same of a higher order outside earth in the galaxy so how do you manifest yourself if you understand this and you want to stay I want to be with earth I don't want to leave where further don't like the physicality and the food and the work so I change I live in this level you have that option now you still can be connected if you understand the dimension of the soul that sends you carry you are conditioned yourself to the environment you can still feel the emotion you can see still the beauties of the oceans and the mountains and if you choose you have options come back you just don't want to be in their physical condition of being sick and everything else which goes with it now with the new technology now we understanding this you have the option but if you die because of Corona whatever the options are the via hand has a gravitational magnetic fields and in that process in the eunuch horse he has a field match that he has to find his position it so in this environment of beyond in the galaxy you decide to manifest yourself you have to understand this think of the field doesn't need to be a planet you don't need to have a city to have a picnic you go in the fields in open spaces you have a connection with earth and everybody knows you are here we will have a party at this position because this is my GPS this is my strength you're all connected to me you know where I am at that point in the universe in the unit cause the galaxies even about Earth you can have your party if you decide to manifest yourself to those who are observant to your energy and a part of you the game has changed if the mankind on this dance you know forget nobody jumps into one end it takes time it takes time to bring things in one step at a time in the all of you those of you who made sure two days you jump I go into the soul of the man and I said many many times I had this part of many times with Caroline she says to me I know what you are doing don't do that don't go inside you see them as they are naked but they don't see what you see nothing is hidden to us but I still play the game one of us I have nothing left to do because I create a condition of environment of your soul I'm in it I know which President is lying and cheating do you want me to open up the voice box but we have to let the course of the life lives just because we can do it does not make me have the right to do it I cannot steal but I can be witness when I sit within the emotion of Ella or Lynne I know exactly what they think I know exactly where they feel I can elevate in one second or any of you but that's not my child because they have to go through the process of taking in a correct way and giving in a quirk way to elevate the totality I don't need a spy's I already live within I know the know-how I know the technique this is what's poking a lot of world leaders I know what they're up to so I change according to the position and because if you remember what I've told you a few weeks ago when you put a magnet magnet doesn't have one line you see all the lines of this so I can be at any time and everywhere just need to turn to the strength of this is my capability because I've created it but I still have to play the fool they rob from the foundation they like they betrayed their adulteress everything else I see but always say the souls have to accommodate we don't steal but they know what we need to accommodate what is my pleasure is for them to accommodate as I accommodate their pleasure this is what mankind understand i can manifest physically inside any of any soul anyway because all i need to do to become lower than nestle and I become dimension of their physicality I can become worse than and better than anything they can imagine but the worse creates fear and the fear is not the point and up to attributes or to create now you have that option especially the two ladies they cannot why because they'll be as transparent I said many times when you see members of Universal Council the true Universal councils you will see them as a light if you can see them as right these two ladies will shine like a star but they need is the beginning of a star being born Dow twins and they way that they bring the parents and they are themselves into another then we'll see the shine will see the light if you look in the universe we have a twin if you look at the pictures from NASA one of the first things you realize is the extent of the Trinity just look if you look you should have realized this a long long time ago when we see the shape of the universe they always give us like this they don't give us our universe like this because the universe itself has a tween and that shape gives its shape of unique universe and this is what you're going to see the change up to now the universe as a unit cost was like this and functioning of it was not easy now with the presence of these two souls we created a balance it was very hard in a way if you look at it to put these things inside the sphere now they fit perfect inside this shape because they can take in the shape on it the change is done a lot mankind doesn't understand but those who are above understand so when you leave and you sit in these new enhancement units which we have made for you to start gradually understanding it remember one thing the shape of it you see when your soul becomes a toying with the system and you take that path be careful you don't hit no one now making the backwards they're accommodated you go too fast be careful you don't eat anything because to do your a speed is too high and secondly where if you mankind have managed to cross the line this is what is to come this is what the new understanding is and this is what you have to understand game has changed each one has to stunt his own term and condition now you understand more now you have to you have no choice you know you call it crash course in management this is a crash course in soul management which for past millions of years mankind never understood you are responsible for it you have made it and from now on this 20 souls are responsible to set the course for the totality it took me a long time to bring this soul here a long long time tolkien years ago this is not coincidental I understand something just you think is there so you got to understand now you have more or less gradually getting the tools the guideline the guidance for your soaps in a way when I put you in the enhancement unit I'll give you an option repair the physicality I want to stay here elevate the soul and I want to be around here and show me the guidelines I want to go for a long trip one of the first things which we got you to do before without you knowing it you sign the world peace treaty you committed yourself to peace we gave you the freedom of the planet you commit yourself to universal peace we give you the universe sign to it the first one you sign with a pen and next one you sign with a pen of your soul and you have the join souls and the soul of the Creator to guide you then you can see the beauty of the universe and unica's some of you is beyond your understanding and some of you in a short time will reach the furthest point not only in this universe for the cross units acceptance of the truth and abiding mido law of the universe is the only key I suffered long enough to bring this soul here now from it to start a new creation a new cycle as I said we can watch you all to the give us this planet to free of human being doesn't take long and your leaders are accommodating it faster than fast I never thought would have such an incompetent leaders across this planet but in a way is a gift to us if we do it we interfered if you do it you done it yourself become by many more you created the virus and now your depopulating yourself soon there'll be none even those with other immune they didn't immune you solve themselves with the energy and the physicality which this virus will show we had to go to souls and we have a beautiful planet empty to enjoy all all souls for calm minutes and change simply change and it will interchange with the ethers of use my job is done you're not aware what I brought you and so was the same just because there is no man this planet would stop creating his beauty the mountains the valley to see in the oceans no factories to pop to pollute and no animals to disturb letís if we were after the planet we know how to do that long time but we want to share we want to guide and we want to start a new site we have much more powerful by resistant what you have as kronor as I said to one it is an hour daily breakfast because we live up to higher order energies so it's very easy your leaders are making life much easier for us much my cheese I'd never thought of mine is the stupidest leaders in America than the other places you open your doors to viruses now everyone to Mingo thank you very much I was explaining let me explain to you something what's gonna happen the biggest mistake your governments and your leaders have made and you thought you're free is this you know it's a typical what they call English school time you go to school in September we have brought all the disease of where you went in summer with your cousins and everywhere else you travel around the world into the classroom now you brought from everywhere India so the first second third week of school time this always you see depletion many children go sick because now they get used to all this the new one which the different people Brody and then you hit the Christmas which is a cold time and you go for two weeks holidays what do you do we go and see all the cousins you haven't seen and everything else and you come back to school by tradition their first week everybody's in second and third week many sick because now they have to get used to all these viruses they brought in and then we go to April again we see the same gap every piece itself the same kids come back to school the next year recycle customerís is changing the realizes so kids usually miss one or two weeks flus and everything else and once a I always have to look going on in the school because these are the viruses we got from the ways which are around all now your leaders are making the same with a call English education system they let you lose to get infected they'd locked you down many of you died and got sick now they're opening the borders for you to go out and to go shopping every one of you had disease from other places now you come in they open the door you're gonna get sick and then they're gonna open like European community you will hear very soon we're all gonna get sick we all have the disease so in Europe we don't need quarantine because if you want to go for two weeks holiday in Spain and you have to stay two weeks in the hotel it's no good to go to a holiday so we open it up and so what we're gonna get a massive increase of Italian version the Spanish version and everything else version hate you that rate will go up massive dad will put another cap on it then you open internationally more or less bright than 40% of your population will be infected and dead the worst thing elitist it is to open up it's the story of English school you will see it and we have seen it the government's now they tell you a corona has reduced now they open up his increase because they only consider kroner as a long the infection not at the rest they're hiding and by opening we have gone from 30 a day in some nations to a hundred in less than a week and nobody dies we see this especially how much lie sits in the deception of it Italy dying in huge numbers Germany has a problem France has a problem funny enough smallest nation Austria shows nothing do the wire have a borderline or somebody is lying as is the habit of the government the same with the Scandinavian countries how come that line dying like flies in England and nothing happens here somebody is fiddling with something because you have to go we have no money to give you you have to exist because there is no money in social services and taxes to pay the open the doors we'll see a massive massive massive increase not the long long ways finished the virus has evolved they are fooling you heart attack paying homage amputation of the legs and arms pain in the bones and in next six months a year cancers in the large order we don't need to do to occupy this planet you're only doing it yourself and this virus because it's amino acid connected will touch the plants the animals the fish and everything else we're gonna get a virgin beautiful planet we waited billions of years it in couple of years or 50 years will make much difference to us we have two gorgeous Souls and beautiful part to enjoy we didn't do it your leaders are doing it and from this heaven we can show the beauty of the creation to the rest of the universe now you understand what is to come your leaders are absolutely incompetent and on top of it they have a more incompetent person call mr. gate who have enticed them with a banks which their dead body has no use now you understand you should hope we learn this in so many ways as I've said before you thought the boat have Noah was a joke you have to decide if you want to be the passengers of it now the earth is reaching to that point in the talk of the two today we get one message if you go deep you know peace will give you that position to be a passenger and you decide you want to go physical trouble or a soldier any other question we've got Ike that's been waiting and then Nikolai and Liliana sorry mr. Kesh there was another question from the Spanish group but it's not related to the theme would it be okay for me to do it leave it till next time please okay sir thank you yes hello mr. Kesh hello yes introduced from Los Angeles I got a question I was trying to ask you that question last time since we're learning to get to the balance on the onset we deviated from the soul and focus more physicality to get to the balance would it be appropriate to learn our activities of daily living in terms of having this soul alternative to the physicality activities of daily living the way you used to what do you mean how to give an example we we know how we we know how we eat we know how interact with people in terms of our physical nature but if we had to get to the balance and we we have to Stalin in on the soul level is it possible to learn the soul level on how we interact with people and how we eat and how we do that is this something possible to do to get to this so to get to the balance faster we're doing murdered I know how we can get to this soul to learn how to get to the soul quicker since we are you so our physicality so why isn't it possible is in very way that we can learn an alternate of our physical ways in terms of the soul we get a so alternative to our physical way so we have like two left hooks like we left on right the left is the physical way of doing things and the red is the soul alternative you like the others you want a shortcut no shortcut you should have learned it billions of years while you were here so that's not seen any shortcuts that's called the cheating tell us how a lot of people like to know that people take a lot of time to know that you had plenty of time millions of years you allowed in the name of God and religion to cheat your soul that's your problem you abused you saw with your physicality because you listened to false a lot of policies this all didn't so it's you now you know it's your turn to you see you have to accommodate the two and I mentioned it just now here is in a few minutes even these two in Souls have to learn to accommodate each other in peace and harmony and one become the creator of the other and other one becomes the savior of the other and it's the same in our lives it's the same with the soul of the man and a physicality if mankind wanted to take everything mankind would have taken everything but mankind decided to cheat and Coppock and I keep on repeating from the very first teachings always said physicality is the leech on the soul of the man gets a free ride and gives very little for it you provide 80% of my living and I just get very very little to do the rest myself I'm hanging on you because I'm not letting you know because you're a good 80 percenter and this is what my client has done to us all in so many ways most of the universal physical dimensions do this but it's done in different way it's done in a totally different understanding but mankind has perfect the art of thieving engaging and destroying and killing to get what why do man kill why do we destroy why do we kill under animal in reality we taking energy to engage that energy we have engaged we kill for it at the same time in his name we imprison it it's a very good political prisoner lizard but this time we we have to understand what we done we gonna kill animals to take energy that 20% which he provides the other 80% and we burn any bit more to make you a figure cage and to engage it more why does the soul chooses the point of death and why does it work so hard to get to that point to free itself we say we got old because the time comes that soul has gathered enough you done enough abuse when a man learns not to kill and man learns to live with a peaceful way has this been the rage of the two ladies man will change shape the appearance the way of thinking the way of looking the way of understanding and if you go back to many teachings many teachings pass if you look at their indians and pakistanis and even though our 2,000 years ago they used to be the same look the same feature the same and by just changing of the food you have seen the change of the physicality the same place and if you find a rootless group like british that notice the difference they said you look this way we call your Pakistan you look this way we keep you India so how what we take from this planet dictates how we look even if we live in the same place so how do we do it how do we go to understand this we are prisoners of our environment and prison of our own needs so which energy do we want to take or what happened when we don't kill anymore and what will happen to our feature would it become all peaceful ready so I will show you how all of you can feed yourself we're not ever touching another being in a way the biggest problem for Matt is to feed himself and as I said if we feel the oceans of this run it with all the answers that he has enough energy to feed all mankind he just need to go to the ocean and the sea and just take a glass a cup bucket and your friend and if you understand that we created the clouds and the rain we have no problem to feed you as 80% 90% 70% of the air you breathe is the moisture as you breathe we can feed then what would be the ultimate if your friend what will be the ultimate if we create the rings that creates a shelter of warm even doesn't matter summer rain oh wait then would that elevate your soul in a coming time we'll show you how to do in a way we started it without your knowing it in a way we are shown the path if you go back on a teaching I told you the Chinese that some time ago they start pouring ganses into the oceans into the rivers and China Sea in a way many of you are doing and in a way when we go on with the krona we go out with everything else and with all the answers then what would be the next step you have to do it to reach it we can't do that because is your term is your condition is your environment and is your planet next question and Nikolai could you go ahead please hello Nikolai we see or microphone is opened but not hearing any sound now is that better we still keep to nearly four hours yeah can you hear me Rick yes we hear you okay go ahead hi everybody my name is Nikolai and I'm from Vancouver Canada I had a number of questions mr. Kesh but as I was listening many of them have fallen away and so the one question that I wanted to ask is in reference to a few weeks ago you mentioned the virgin birth which would happen in a coming time and so my question is in regard to the role of the men on this planet and how will that change will we be in a position to perhaps like let go of the monogamous relationship of loving and kissing and holding and all the rest that we've been so used to and move into a condition where we support all the women in a different way and how that might have an effect on our growth as a humanity and moving forward you have to understand the difference between the virgin birth and their physical birth and in so many ways we give birth to physicality two dimensional physicality and a virgin birth comes that you give birth to the soul and the soul decide is our presence at the time and a place if we understand the difference we will be very very very very well educated it's hidden in right I mean I don't need to tell you because this is the problem with you understanding and not you as a mother I'm talking as a human you listen only to the part we suit you and in parts you're talking about the virgin birth and then you talk about the son of God where do you miss what did you miss let God create himself in the dimension of physicality to create a child or visit by the right of the energy of the birth did if you call it the son of God it physically that did God come made himself in a physical manifestation sneaked in made pregnancy and disappeared or is it in fact the complete understanding of the energies the beauty of creator manifested saw in Christ or in fact if you know the truth the personal virgin birth came from Mitra Mitra his original was born from a virgin birth and when they wrote the Christianity the Romans changed the metre to Christ and because Mitra was a woman born from a virgin mother then then the cries come from the same parents same way so here what we call about the virgin birth comes from the dimension of the soul or the energy and then the Christ soul decided to manifest yourself in the dimension of physicality resurrection of the energy and he did the same thing because he came that way he knew how to disappear when they put him on the cross a lot of you had the mystery of how he could - he came that way I can make any woman pregnant in no time through understanding of the transfer of energy from million miles kilometers of me because I know how we have the knowledge but when that soul is born has to decide his own damn mission of physicality you say the virgin birth you call him the son of God and that's it we know what happened the priest stole the connection that's why you're lost and then worse than that they stole this part of it - and you call his resurrection he came from that process he knew the process and he went back to it if you are a car mechanic and you build your car would you walk and not use a car when you need it you have minced the connections and in a way if I if you have a virgin movement against pregnant according to your understanding and then you call the guy Connor son of God which is in the writing because Mitra was daughter of the creator this is the so we stood who these two ladies are being given you will understand very soon very very soon sooner than you ever thought so how could you have a virgin and a son and this Sun disappears again he came out of no interaction it became something showed himself in physicality and this appeared again and manifests himself and he went to France now you see what you're missing that well universe came from interactional to say the interaction of the souls a manifestation in a womb of the mother in a moment a moment but mister soul of the Christ not the physicality of the Christ which is the son so how many were chambers would you like to have but unfortunate all be looking like me very hard to find a wife so we know the game you have to understand it loving and devoting is one of the prerequisite to adjust so now how many virgin birth to unity and do you have to become anonymous don't worry ladies won't leave you I've seen you you look very handsome and you do everything you like that's what she'll say this is why we come to the dimension of physicality for this purpose physicality has a lot of beauty but you have to keep the soul correct and just then the physicality really enjoy itself I said that the point of laughter or being understanding usually say the Sun same as the father yep and they say father the same as the Sun what the father does so does this the father came and have fun and created the birth of the what we call virgin birth what did the son do he went through the same path this time he enjoyed himself too much physical and I put him back on the same track to go back where he came from the father created out of the pleasure of creation but the son when he came he enjoyed all the physical pleasures on his own exactly how the father did but in a different way off his courage and I put it back on the cross to go back where he came from and go and enjoy yourself with your beauty another dimension the father is the man of pleasure the same as the sole physicality manifesting your creation if his whole dimension has a certain beauty but the son got drunk with the beauty at the love of the Father and he did what he liked you know what we call they say he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he enjoyed the silver and about to imagine that's why W when it was he thought he can get away with all of it as papa was there to do in Seoul he knew I hope you understand don't worry still life will go on same as the rest of the universe but man has to know or the soul has to know the position and the damage any other question Thank You mr. Kesh thank you see as I've explained many times and maybe for a lot of new listeners in the goal of Christianity especially cattle ISM there is a huge problem the problem is all the religions who found out people they wore themselves to have their blueprint and from this blueprint they took what they needed and they ignore the rest without them knowing and benefits themselves in different ways the original prophet which never believed in anything but the Creator was Mitra Mitra was born from a virgin mother Mitra had so many ways to the Rays of the Sun twelve disciples Mitra had the same way born with the light and she got herself through the light and many many things behind it you see the Christianity what you see repetition of Mitra you look at Judaism the tree which supposedly the Thief of Bagdad was given an installment and look it more or less in so many ways repeats part of what it suits so when you speak about Christianity present Christianity find a fact but the difference is Mitra came long long before ten thousand plus years before Christ came with the same people but the man molded him into Mitra the message was message a price is a cavity and everything else was molded by Romans because Romans were in bed with the Persians with hundreds of years and all the leaders of Rome were meatrix they followed the Prince of matrix so when it came to that the Romans become Chris was the law of the boss and the hanging man on the cross because the Romans were still statue worshippers they made the statue being in temples around the neck Optima with a cross over man where the cross shows the power of the wrong and a man hanging the weakness of cities the rest of Christianity is history rode by the Romans Emperor as a copy of their belief meters and you all leave your Christians 12 days of Christmas one day for a celebration of every ray of the Sun beginning of the spring if you look at the candles on the table of the Romanian new year is what you call it the rest in Christianity you had the three wise men of Persia which was the ethics of Mitra - good talk with an awkward and this was the three wisest was when they brought with them and you lost it Luke had the box of the gift not the essence and the ethos of it and you forgot about it because Roman emperors were through through meters the two Christians as you want to be one of the two Romans emperors who live beneath us now I wonder how long more you can achieve the Vatican going with the lights of cheese and if you look in Iran we celebrated 12 days of new year we have a candle on the table when I look at the Christmas setting in decoration to me is like the Persian New Year but I know the truth and I know the copy what I call you know what we call now made in China copies made in Rome a very good near copies no one read about the life of Mitra listener name and then you understand who lie to who and what's left for what and stay off more excel is stealing the soul of the net thank you much today thank the two polluters up there what we call the new cycle which you heard their voices between the ends of their voices and Sony will see they become mature mature voices and their wishes collectively become the destiny of you are the human race and the rest I get from my salt boat after the elevator weighs in a faster way that mankind can move away from this mess which is created once thank you very much and I'm sure whenever interesting time ahead of us thank you thank you the whole cage foundation thing for you to be here for years to support I'll thank you once again mr. Kesh for taking us through this journey over such a relatively short period of time in the past few years here it's quite an amazing piece of work thank you so much and thanks to everyone for supporting mr. Kesh and the Keshe foundation and all of the work that's been going on all around the world and perhaps all around the universe it's amazing and wonderful times we live in I'm just shocked and amazed by the day here okay I think we need to wrap it up for today so I thank everyone for attending today's three hundred and twenty ninth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday May 21st 2020 and we have the one nation one planet one race for world peace coming up on Tuesday at the usual time in place and invited to partake in private teachings if you're a student and also the telegram groups if you're interested in are taking in those ok thanks to everyone and we'll see you next time around bye for now I spend with my boy Tommy there spied out what you got Coquina tonight is reaching for order move bodies our daughter key very thunders who was a local fighters by hello we are the cash Foundation our mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal community we wish and work to bring man as equal in the universe by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate you