39 Massage Vs 490 Massage


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you ready for this brainstorm session mm-hmm all right eat some new worthless ideas go okay a words an episode on combs fish tank what's wrong but I said you're driving me crazy we're thick massages it's not bad honestly I know somebody who needs it more than we do I got my crotch whoa whoa so here we are we are going to get three different massages at three different price points and we're gonna see how they all stack up against each other I'm so excited for this our research team said it is not a good idea to do multiple massages so we're actually doing this over the course of it I think a lot of people think that massages are something that you used to like treat yourself which they are and they're fun and special but also like it should be a really important part of keeping your body health to eat Michelle and I basically treat our bodies like problems [Music] so this will be good for us well run in the yellow light hi my name is Johnson kami and I'm the owner of Papua Thai spa and I also run the Thai restaurant next door called Emporium Thai or we are considered one of the best Thai massage in town when you come for the Thai massage you get a combination of a lot of things most importantly I think the masseuse kind of use their body kind of harmonized with your body and then kind of work to relieve the stress we use a lot of pressure point a lot of stretching really into this stretch massage collar a lot of you know stepping on your back the intensity of my massage just went up a lot there she's on on the table oh I think I'm about to join you there's so much happening right now let's go [Music] no idea what just happened to my body they come real crazy at the end there I didn't mind I didn't either very nice whoa okay I guess I'll put our clothes back on I feel like that was a massage a contortion class and a chiropractor visit all in one and then we went next door and had delicious Thai food after which I feel like was exactly what my body needed so I'm gonna really have to be blown out of the water at this next place in order to feel like it's worth it on to the next one it's another day today we're getting the traditional couples massage just like a normal Swedish massage yes massage fact I got my period this morning so this is good not this is gonna be an extra interesting massage [Music] welcome to takuna Lucas spa we're here in Santa Monica I'm Nikki Schwartz and I'm the owner of the spa my husband is an orthopedic surgeon so this fall was really created with the concept of how we can heal people and today you have Jesse and Ariana are a couple of our top therapists massage is only as good as a therapist so we really pride ourselves with having the best therapists here how are you touching my feet and my neck at the state public so did you guys come here on a date now go [Music] okay can you guys like make conclusions about a person without knowing anything about them but having this understand what do you guys know about me and Jordans you can tell where they're holding emotionally as well where is started holding personally well in terms of the tightness in this mid back area the back in general is a past so kind of what's behind us of what we're holding on to this in our past oh that just got really deep definitely feel like I'm being healed I don't think I've ever gotten my stomach massage the chin its own is applied cheekbone applied energy work to the internal organs so it's not just the belly massage but you're actually going deep into the organs that's outta control that was like a physical and emotional journey I think yes they were like they were muscular psychics I feel really like at peace with any treatment that you get it includes a full axis of our spa we have two heated rooms we have farm Fred heated Kong to a clay room which is a special clay that comes in Korea that's very hot wall and then we have our Himalayan salt room and we also have a cold room yeah our eucalyptus steam room a clay sauna and then for the women we have a jacuzzi which is good because we have so much work after this man that was one of the best massages I have had in my life plus you get access to all those other rooms any time you go in there for a treatment oh I know I said this for the last one but I really don't know how we could top the value of that am I being massaged with puppies close to people at same time to people at the same time there is one downside to this massage though no we can only go one at a time that's nice Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot oh yes so are you going for a second I'll go first [Music] this way my name is Nadia Val Lopez I'm the spot director here at Four Seasons Los Angeles we're the ultimate luxury escape how's the time when we get naked are the people that are coming here like on vacation are these people that like live down the street and they want like a little getaway both we do like the day vacation escape or we have a big amount of travelers who come to our property and our big users of the spa so you do have access to our facilities as well that would include the sauna and steam I'm excited I'm excited to see what happens when we're laying down I'm having a success all just pure indulgence it's a foreign handed massage where two massage therapists are working in unison to massage the entire body and if you've never had experience its complete havoc I feel like there's a dozen hands on me right now oh it's like extra relaxing because you like also feel in balance the whole time we pride ourselves in hiring the best of the best in terms of massage therapists estheticians we also pride ourselves on providing treatments that you can't get anywhere else it added things to the experience you just can't get with one person like feeling balanced the whole time other parts of your body like never get a chance to tense up so you feel truly fully relaxed throughout the whole thing it was the perfect combination of incredibly executed choreography and experts it's true it's true gotta get you ready exactly what I dream about yeah weird dreams Michelle how do you feel feel great yeah that's fully relaxed it was a journey it was a dance it was and back again The Hobbit I don't know wow that was mind-blowing all right it was good but they've all been good but which one do you think was the most worth it I think if you ever have the opportunity to have a synchronised massage at the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa do it however tikkun Spa is my winner there I felt fully taken care of and I didn't leave feeling broke I think she is also my winner it felt like I don't know it was just such a full experience and for that price is amazing they were all amazing though don't get me wrong yeah I would do every single one of those skin all in all probably the best week of work we've had in a long time yeah sure beats punching each other in the face yes yes it does probably doing the opposite to our body like throwing it into a wall [Music]