I want you to be off in this case I want these men in jail hello doesn't work that way in this country I can help you nobody can help my husband you are not staying here I will stay where I like it I will sleep where I love she's the other woman now not me and I don't want to share I don't expect you to show 100% Gary 100% if you come within spitting distance of those guys you'll end up as part of an off ramp for the Harbor Freeway we open up you're trusting to have a Karen you shut up come on Gary please you understand the guitar we have to talk please please no been together to elicit bail they damaged stop the car literally there's my turn for the first section you read it yesterday right yesterday I read the sports section wrong yesterday you decided that you wanted to read some sports article that happened to be in the first section and I graciously gave up my turn now let go come on I got the paper big deal it's my turn yeah it's chaos or Ebay Vanessa all right once twice three shoot that's not very fair now mommy give your brother the paper yeah get your brother's a paper yeah hold on a second Uncle Joe hello don't waste your breath I don't know where she is so don't waste your breath asking me again when she wants to inform you of her whereabouts she knows where to reach you at least you're in the day until that time you will just have to stew in your own juices although I would much prefer to see you boiled in oil like sky well when do they want the finished chapters come on that's pretty short notice yes I'm gonna work with Val as soon as I can find her relax will you Paul maybe her mother knows where she is I'll ask her listen Paul anything from the Ewings yet you think it is possible they don't know about it yet oh my god Boca Karen oh look as long as long as the lawyers are not worried about it okay listen yeah Lillie Mae we made Lily Mae if you're looking for valine I'm afraid I can't help she's called a few times but she won't say where from all that stuff going to Goodwill these are Gary's things I'm having them fumigated ok kismet just called they sold the first serialization rights for Capricorn crude all that sounds like good news I'll tell her if she calls again tell her I've been running interference for her for three weeks I'm tired of it I'm fed up tell her I don't care about her personal problems I'm her editor we got a book to put out it's her book and she's not doing her job tell her that is if you should see her today - give me a call otherwise there's not gonna be a book guess mama come in here let me get that oh I got it I brought you your mail what blows whistles thank you funny pants you like pop skirt green long-sleeved blouse socks underwear oh and your sandals and a hot plate in case you want to make yourself some soup thank you mama give me a dirty clothes I'll wash them in the machine at home thanks mom cuz you're too far away and there's just a laundromat right down the road oh it's a wonderful neighborhood laundromat many more right close by several bars a tackle shop and all is just spitting distance from the Pacific Ocean oh you can't imagine what it's like living in that house as soon as I see it my migraine comes on we just tiptoe around each other we don't exchange your work except well he asked me where you are and then I play dumb like I've got something to hide oh it's awful it's just oh why don't you move in here for a while I mean there's a vacant room just I don't want to move here I want you home he's the one who should be out in the street not you why are you acting like the guilty party mom I'm not I I I just need some time to be alone that's all you and Greta Garbo look where it got her I mean I'm just fine here my writings going real well oh I'm sure it is what else have you got no house no husband no friends everybody's been asking after you Oh Jo caught me going out insist that you call him immediately something about cereal well don't worry I didn't tell him where you were all right I'll call him but I am NOT going back I need some time to sort things out yeah well while you're sorting things out you might hunt yourself up a real sharp lawyer Lorenzo thank you very much no she shouldn't be barging in your lair absolutely right on out you get up in the first place but you're doing a hell of a job now can I get you some no thank you did you care to sit down I don't feel like sitting one don't pace please it makes me nervous well you should be nervous after this fiasco about your job what fiasco don't you read the papers read it I don't have to read it I was there doing what working for the defense federal prosecutor what can I do for you miss fair game I want you to be open this case I want these men in jail they murdered my husband maybe you don't read the paper The Royle Anson Franco but were tried for auto theft interstate transportation of stolen items and wire fraud not murdered they murdered my husband they shut him up so we couldn't testify against them isn't that true probably Oh probably so you admit it admit it sure I admit it but I can't prove it can you it's not my job to prove it it's yours and if CID Fairgate had been the president of a big corporation instead of Knott's landing motors you would have found the proof this isn't Russia lady the law doesn't work that way in this country no no well from where my standard doesn't work at all you really believe that look I didn't come here for a civics debate calm down calm down take it easy let's get a handle on this thing I'll call her Enzo are you gonna help me or not mrs. Farragut I'm on your side I'd love to help you but the case is closed it's finished I can't help you nobody can help you I'm sorry however I can't take you to dinner you really are a creep how do you know what I'm telling the truth McKenzie's a bureaucrat a messenger boy I gotta go to someone higher up Terran the guy's a US Attorney not some postal clerk oh so Roy and Frank are working for the mob you don't assign - leper to a case like that then how come he blew it pairen a lot can go wrong there are two trials you could be damn sure that they hired the best lawyer dirty money can buy you've probably got him off on a technicality technicality procedural errors I'm over citing the rules of evidence guys lousy pastrami if the job is deli what do you expect I'm not gonna let him get away with this you know no well listen you have just come through the worst year of your life but you through it and so are the kids it's over let it be it's not I'm going to lunch what about your customer she's bringing her husband back tomorrow for a test drive okay um be back in an hour you want to read the trial transcripts I mean it won't change anything but at least it'll satisfy your curiosity and her to forget about I'm not going to you think that this is like fighting to school or to try and see the way God well let me tell you something Karen if you come within spitting distance of those guys they can do one or two things if you are lucky they will call the cops if you are not you'll end up as part of an off ramp for the Harbor Freeway Richard get me those transcripts you get her those transcripts I'm gonna have you disbarred well this is on my side Karen I go to lunch hello I'd like to speak to someone in the US Attorney's Office his name is McKenzie sure is a long way to go just have lunch Jimmy one down-home country style cooking the radio said pigs trotters catfish red beans and rice corn pone what robot sounds real like sure dark dingy wrote how they get any business out here I mean they don't even have summon what you call that they go great see on candid camera this is surprising ahead Kezia you didn't tell me your frigging bail I'm in here bad day I feel like a leper down there why don't you quit and to what get out of this goldfish bowl for starters I'm telling you Lillie Mae is bad enough but Karen and Laura and now even Richard I feel like I'm walking around with a big red ATAC to my chest well they all feel sorry for Valene so do you oh sure kids won't be home until 6:00 I know I don't think so right now come on my slippers have got to stick together you love it remember the last time I love daddy's just beautiful busty you must be so very proud in exactly Texas feels like home to me now what's doing with you tell me more about your ranch much more to tell haven't shut up since you got here what's happening with you put well it's coming out at Christmastime and this magazine is going to publish the first six chapters starting this morning sounds great Gary and me split up yeah rusty can family may sleep over well sure no honey not tonight oh wow it seems a shame to drive all the way out here just to turn around and drive back but momma already promised Joe that I'd worked with him first thing in the morning I'll get you back by 10:00 I have to go over the revisions first oh well I guess it evening the family and friends would spoil the artistic spirit it'd be a lot - cricket talks about you all the time hey I'm sorry I behaved the way I did magic off well you stand out in my office it that I'd never see you again I said use neighbor mr. Walker you from New York how'd you guess excuse me no one we had a table reservation late o'clock it's now 10 of 9 I'm terribly sorry mr. Mackenzie yes I have a table in a few minutes yes no no no no we'd like the table now because we're hungry I'm very sorry sir but as you can see I am Kappo leave my son would you follow you know Boehm / - Percy on a a miscarriage pitarrio you can ask um I'm not possible at that cake was their own Tamil Subedar on me I compete oh I see see honey school Munich on medicine you're a senior you know per piacere see Georgia Georgia I'm gonna quietly fence in your McKenna's what is he saying told me a beautiful eyes a guy with the name of mackenz expects to tell you yeah my father was scotch-irish my mother was Italian and believe me it wasn't easy why that doesn't sound like such a strange combination well in my neighborhood it was the Irish were on one side the Italians on the other you can just call me and make the mix coming whap I could do a standard kind of fight with myself that's the way my wine for the lady that would be like sea and bring a wine list but why two trials two sets of charges Oh Bren Theft Auto State once that car goes across the state line then it's federal oh it's very good doesn't that sauce delicious sauce is delicious it doesn't um doesn't one jurisdiction usually give away to the other well I thought so but without your husband's testimony we know both cases were weak so the state went in first with us as a backhoe we figured two trials we get lucky we didn't it's the more wine I guess so look I don't understand if the if the state's jurisdiction didn't work them think I wouldn't return after dinner look I don't think they're meant to go that far but the car was tampered with every was in the police report that's what I mean you want to waste the guy you blow him up use a bomb I shoot him in the head about eight times at close range you don't think the brake fluid out of his car well then why do it at all to scare him Sid didn't scare easily they didn't know that here's a guy he's married three kids a house he's vulnerable they high up some poor schlub give him a grand and say give us a slow leak on this brake line we just want to scare him no harm done the police questioned everybody who had access to the car they they look through the personnel files they talked up all right what he finished the police were looking for someone with a record for the background you know a professional it was probably some kid kid anybody who could handle orange anybody how's open mind human Valley I didn't I didn't see this rock track the bucket you're misfiring on two cylinders my mechanic Wayne he's the best in town you bring it in tomorrow we'll take care of it today you think they'll go back into stolen parts huh what Roy Anne Frank do you think they'll go back into stolen parts how is this smart they won't there's a new guy that's taken over the hot car business and unless you're connected you can't get near him well they are connected well since the trial their persona non-grata it's the only thing we did accomplish we made them too hot well um I had a really good time okay why don't we do this again sometime soon before we do there's something I'd like you to read what's this transcripts of the trial maybe next time we can talk about something else okay first that wasn't a kiss I know you finish with that and I'll give you the rest huh transcripts Oh transcripts how many are there sixteen books your lunch yeah don't I guess so I gotta go we be here tonight mmm no I don't think a we'll come back and visit real soon promise yeah I promise give me okay oh I love you sweetie how you doing fine how about some beet uh no just coffee first mama have breakfast already I don't know she ain't here what me car's gone - what is this a conspiracy she left before I got up Val honest I had nothing to do with it well I can't stay here all right I'll take you back right after your breakfast why can't you what stay rusty I got work to do work on my book that the magazine's got to have the first six chapters in just a couple of weeks did you work here oh come on rusty don't fix up the back room don't wanna bother you three squares a day look I know that it's hard for you and Mama to understand but the last thing that I need right now in my life who said anything about that bow were friends hello well I know once when we were kids it was more than that now we're back to being friends and that's okay right yeah did me a good turn with crooked wasn't for you I'd still be with the rodeo bums let me return the favor it's just not that simple tell you what stay a week the revisions aren't going well say the word in back you go okay tell you what Monday hmm okay Monday I believe hey Wayne how much can we get him for I can grind down the valves and replace the rings one of the silver heads shot of course a muffler all right do what you can can you have it yesterday he's a US attorney if you don't know have you arrested why after three that'd be okay yeah he'll be okay yeah thanks made your car sir my car how were you planning on getting home oh my car how the readings coming well it's pretty boring stuff but I must admit you went down swinging I'm impressed you're impressed you're look at the size of this place I'm impressed what are you doing Saturday sweetheart well Warren Beatty asked me to have dinner with him on his yacht but I can do that any time why don't you eat with me and the kids the kids it sounds horrible what time 6:30 6:30 Saturday 6:30 with all the kids Oh bye-bye Gary can I see you for a minute uh excuse me yeah what is it where were you where was I huh I was taking the shultiess for a test drive why you should have checked with me first since when you know I'm really getting sick of you ride me Karen I'm not doing my job that's one thing but my personal life is none of your business now if you can't separate the two fire me otherwise get off my back Gary you're fired hello Joe keep your pants on are you calling from home no probably been trying to reach you she's not at the motel anymore where is she I think and well value specula you want to talk to no Valli Gary's you don't want to talk to you my business is with my wife I ain't letting in take it easy Gary what are you doing here what am I doing here that's what yeah get your things I'm driving you back that way I'll put you up at the Beverly Hills Hotel if you want but you're not you're not staying here I will stay where I like it I will sleep where I like you shacking up is going on you're still my wife oh-ho you're my wife and you're not staying here now come on bro and I do it my life now it's none of your business then you get out of here now how is she Wow who did that Fowler rusty don't you know where it was I mean where she was is I thought you might be at your house so I called Lily Mae was only too happy to tell me that Valene had found herself a real man and didn't want to have nothing to do with trash I shared my bed with she also told me about the magazine serial is that why you went to congratulate the happy couple I don't know why I went I do I'm going up bad Oh Gary Joe Bates across the street unlike your wife would be at your side with cold compresses and iodine I'm not a forgiving person she's the other woman now not me and I don't want to share I don't expect you to show 100% Gary remember 150 not 15 100% 100% oh I don't want to hear any more that self pitying crap I've heard enough of it I'm talking about money I'm coming into a lot of money you see millions we're gonna be old and gray before we see just shut up a minute let me talk sure Bobby called yesterday from Dallas he thinks Mama's ready to hear the will how do you know you're in it oh I'm you know it all right I just don't know for how much of what the conditions are daddy never trusted me they liked valet used to call her my anchors that's cute yeah well before you and me go looking at houses I got to find out whether or not my inheritance is contingent upon or connected in any way to her you've gotta be kidding call me a liar and I'm gonna walk out that door I won't go to Val but I'm not coming back here either go clean yourself up I'll make us some coffee come in mr. Mackenzie's cars all finished mrs. Fairgate your hard worker aren't you I guess so I like my job don't you like a better one what do you mean well Gary's not working here anymore I heard he used to handle sales and repairs but that's too much so I'm dividing up his responsibilities so Mel Jacobs is staying over sales and and I'd like you to handle repairs if you think you can do it I'm no miss Farragut don't thing I know is cars yeah that's why I said would have picked you yeah look I I can help you with the bookkeeping and - you get the hang of it but it's really just simple arithmetic I'll be making more money huh of course you're will you're an executive I'll give you Kerry's office you'll have a company car you don't even have to get your hands dirty will you think about it and let me know goodbye Wayne not here do you know better than that come on no I said stop it now she's scared of that don't do it don't do it we'll see look I'm sorry about last night I think what you do is none of my business I guess I had it coming you're taking all your things they're not my things they're yours everything Miss Ellie sent us when we moved him I'm moving all this stuff out to Rusty no I am NOT because it's not my stuff it's yours so you can put it in storage for all I care the storage for what because I have made a decision I am moving back you're moving out watch the door please do drop anything Carrie cut left cut left Buffy come on Michael Supper's almost ready okay got the grass paying office workers according to the importance of their bosses rather than according to the work they do when Los Angeles County opted to reclassify some 1500 secretaries by the racket I read this healthy if you drink a cup of beef bouillon before retiring your skin cells don't die while you sleep want my picture saw the first thing Monday morning we're gonna go out and buy us a whole set a new furniture bright color what do you think sweet pea nothing doubt it or antique yeah maybe me mmm uh mama why don't you born upstairs and go to bed huh Oh aren't you coming too yeah I'll be up in just a minute okay you hide a night I'm not a night mom I love you honey had enough well I'd like you to get me the rest I'm almost finished with eight I thought you were bored puts me to sleep better than a pill right right well thank you for a wonderful evening well you're welcome beautiful I know I'll see you Wednesday Wednesday yeah go see behind the eight ball good night good night good night night he gave you those transcripts didn't he yeah what of it it's too bad I was just beginning to like them I still like him I know you do that's one hell of a way to start a relationship stay out of this you don't know when to stop do you Joe look I just want to read the transcripts that's all what do you think you're gonna find I've got to know what really happened it's over water under the bridge you can't change anything I know that so give it a rest I can't Amy you