look like that tries just because you and the federal government can you dump to know went this stuff but you're not even under the Lord now you go on with this you break the law for whatever reason I'll arrest you you want to be queen of the Ewings yeah I'll settle for princess lease side roads cut through to 109 that'll take us the hospital what are you reading mr. Ewing story my life are you you've got an imagination NZ why did you give Karen those transcripts transcripts her amount of public record anybody can get him that's not what I asked well I didn't want her to think that we had anything to hide oh she's going through those transcripts with a fine-tooth comb she called Richard 9 times yesterday with legal questions who's Richard hello a friend he lives next door he said those guys probably got off on a technicality what does he mean by that I don't know ask Richard someone screwed up nobody screwed up that's Sid Fairgate there was no case you had Sid and Gary wired you had Hey the hell do you think you are the governor I don't owe you an explanation now I guess you don't you lost the case all no days work and I'm mr. prosecutor Joe holders look there were too many cooks the feds are suing the local cops got to a judge the locals assumed the feds did it Mac I know my sister she's not reading those transcripts because she's curious she's looking for information annoying Frank and if he finds out that you guys blew this case she's gonna go after Roy Anne Frank herself no no bad guys Joe then you better tell her that I already did she didn't listen then we've got trouble Wayne oh I'm sorry I should have not that's okay look at this a lot of cars I'm making myself do you well they're nice I like what you've done with the office Thanks listen I just got the new price list from the Java that Gary was using and then they hiked their prices where it seems like everything costs more these days yeah but I don't want to pass the increase on to the customers do you know any place we can get parts the old prices want me to look into it would you I mean there's got to be some place in town where we can still get a good deal on parts I'm doing my best Thanks your first job is an executive looks good on you I didn't imagine it I was having contractions this time I was Braxton Hicks who Braxton Hicks this sort of practice contractions that you get during the late stages of pregnancy they're no different from early labor contractions except they're irregularly spaced like yours that's why I thought it wasn't the real thing I'm sorry I wasn't a total loss at least we know how to get to the hospital great who's it Addie's nobody we know huh that Gary's brother what's-his-name Hey what brings you to Knott's landing well hello there Avery in it yeah yeah you're looking for Gary Gary hey daddy's here I guess you two don't stay in touch well you know how it is between brothers what's going on well Gary moved in with a B Val's cross the street with her mother Lillie Mae Clements Lettie Mae well when that all happened a couple of weeks ago well nice friendly little neighborhood you got here more like a war zone yeah nice seeing you a senior Avery that's all right just be a minute but just look at these pictures I mean that even look like look that's Bobby and there's jr. valine this is a woman's magazine it's not a literary journal sure they're gonna exploit the connection and so what well I just hate it that's so bad I mean I never intended it to look like that right well don't just stand there with your mouth hanging open aren't you gonna give your favorite brother-in-law a big kiss what what do you want uh well I was doing a little business in town I thought I'd drop by huh I suppose I should have called yes you should have Gary's not here when's he coming home from work Valli when twins gary come home gary not together anymore what I said that Gary and I have separated separate separated from what we're separated from each other oh yeah separated like split up yes Oh oh yeah I'm sorry hear about that huh yes I need a drink well I'm sorry I didn't mean say that either well I hope it's just temporary am I being indiscreet er no don't look at me I'm just a redditor Joe Cooper her editor oh well it is true then you know there's been rumors flying all around Dallas about a book called up corn crude or crude porn or corn pone Capricorn crew yeah that's it Capricorn true yeah supposed to be all about my family well I Stickle death hear about that core said it's more than I can say for my mama and Sue Ellen nice but I told my mom not to worry about anything cuz who would want to read about us in here it's not about the family it's it's just a novel oh it's that fiction yes oh well I'm count this point in that real life is a hell of a lot more interesting fiction you of all people should know about that belly well you're gonna want to read this book when it comes out it'll be a blockbuster yeah well I don't know book business kind of dicey everybody's watching TV nowadays yeah you got some iced tea there's me hurt yes that's iced tea I probably need a glass won't you but publishing is really in bad shape but kismat press that sounds publisher I'm sorry it's alright fouls publishers gonna be taken over by a Chicago based conglomerate that is at least they made an offer I think well I hope because they really liked the book Edom enterprises you ever heard of them medium enterprises oh yeah I think the granddaddy was in meatpacking and boys branched out and supposed to be pretty good outfit as a matter of fact I think they got offices in Dallas say would you want me to nose around when I get back home I guess it's pretty much of a feather comple ah yeah I don't know much about literary and business but you know my business is a singer winner when a big fish eat little fish there's blood in the water you know or me thank you thank you ah Helene you still got away with iced tea thank you look I gotta be run along right I think you got a real winner here darlin it's about time to not see Ben well let it make clamorous what a pleasant surprise now let let me take this darling that sure is a pretty little thing you got there oh I just love what y'all done with this room it's him it's really you what's he doing in this house about a known that brother some cars has got to be boring I think you'd make a terrific movie star I mean it you're tall and very good-looking and I think that you're not gonna be running I'm starving we having steak meatless I hate meatloaf I know I found the best way to deal with Brian is to agree a hamburger oh yeah look at this see it can raise your children right you never need domestic help hi honey what a good girl thank you any luck today well Olivia thinks I should be a movie star yeah well how about a movie kiss a movie kiss where'd they go I think they got sick I'm sorry I'm so late I got stuck on the freeway okay I must have driven 300 miles today Fitness Manhattan Beach Santa Monica it's not easy finding a place look finding an apartment is my problem soon as I get a job hello are you free for lunch tomorrow Wendy hi how are you lunch tomorrow sure what time it's 10:30 at night if you're not in bed and asleep by the time I count ten you are not going to Magic Mountain on Saturday with Zachary you hear me one two three four five six seven he's in the kitchen maybe he's hungry eight nine ten I wound up the milk and put some honey in it like you do and I can't get to sleep oh honey thank you that's really sweet of you she can't see I want him to be a girl oh well I'll do my best aren't you neat your cookies well you know most babies arrive in the middle of the night so I don't think I'd better eat anything right now how come remember when you had your tonsils out and dr. Klein said don't eat anything before you go in the hospital because when you have anesthesia that only applies to general anesthesia you're having an epidural she can eat the cookies hear you why don't you take the cookies and go to bed it's getting late okay here there's a whole chapter in anesthesia once you read it if I stand corrected all right let's just leave it at that yeah yeah if the baby's born tonight can I go to the hospital with him only if you drive can i daddy you know I don't understand you you're an intelligent woman don't you even want to know mm-hmm why maybe wouldn't be so frightened if if what if I were taking natural childbirth I'm not talking about natural childbirth that's all you've been talking about ever since I moved back in every time I turn around you're reading Lamaze or Laboy a or Elizabeth Bing I'm interested that's all maybe it's vicarious but that's my problem isn't it the reason you don't want to have natural childbirth is that you you you don't want me to participate you don't trust me yet right right okay I can accept that but I mean don't you even want to know fruit for yourself no look you do the reading I'll have the baby okay very nice nice TV you know I've been some time Don uh yep you're not giving yourself chance another time huh all right no I swear you're still the best-looking thing on two legs outside of Dallas thank you kind of uh tired though little drawn around the mouth maybe a bit off more than you could chew what do you mean yeah Gary's fine he just didn't have had a brother like you haha don't believe everything you read are you enjoying the book oh yeah yeah it's real nice huh kind of hard to fault seeing him you didn't send chapters 2 5 6 11 and 18 no man what do you want photos a wedding present you're kind of jumping the gun arts it they're not even divorced yet they will be but Gary's a little worried about his inheritance he's afraid it might be tied in with Bali and so uh I want to know what's in the will yeah you don't need me to find that out it's gonna be red and month or so that's interesting that'll coincide with the publication of the book no honey you know you're not the only person in God's green earth it's got a copy of that thing I know what by the time you get your hands on one it won't be too late to stop it how do you know won't stop it don't what do you do there out of ham and cheese so I got your bail speak oh okay they didn't have any orange juice so I got you apple juice oh okay and they were out of episode cookies oh good how many napkins I'll get your paper hi oh hi I was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd see if you were free for lunch oh I guess I missed my chance huh well I just got the sandwich from the truck outside you want something no that's okay are you sure I can get you anything you want no believe it or not I've lost my beret shis appetite game 37 pounds so it's probably just as well oh thanks Marsha uh could you get Laura an iced tea sure Thanks um I will take a load off my feet and join you if you don't mind no I don't mind at all oh I can't really wait till this is over what will you do any any day now edge it's a week late already it's all I can think of I mean I can't even find a position that's comfortable lying down is difficult well at least Richards being helpful right Richard mm-hmm the only case on record of womb and B I think his only regret is that he can't have this baby himself I don't really think he trusts that I'm gonna do it right well at least it's better than his being apathetic but all he talks about is natural childbirth I mean he talks about it all the time I can't seem to get through to him but I don't want natural childbirth why why don't I want natural childbirth mm-hmm because I'm afraid of the pain that's why my mother never told me about sex but she sure drummed into me about childbirth and how it hurts I am so chicken well that's what what the breathing is for to ease the pain it doesn't have to be unbearable she said that no woman would have a second child if she remembered the pain of the first Laura I've got three children and there's so much more to the experience than the pain but my mother said that childbirth is a woman's curse that the best thing to do was just lie there suffer through it and then pray you don't die I know I I know it's nonsense it's an old wives tale but I heard it all my life my mother had a million stories about women dying in childbirth Laura I'm sorry it's just I'm scared to death I just want to be out of it until it's over with honey everything's gonna be all right nothing's gonna happen nothing's gonna go wrong yeah yeah I got you sewed up Thanks great she made me a head of the whole parts department she trusts me I handle the whole inventory fucking Oh departs from wherever I want this affair gate doesn't care as long as I see it it's perfect setup hey it's a great thing you got promoted Wayne yes congratulations yeah but what is your promotion got to do with us we can bring in the parts we we're not in the auto parts business anymore I know but you lost paying us to stay out paint us pretty good well if you gentlemen will excuse me wait you shouldn't have come here today that was a very stupid thing to do and you don't know me Wayne and you don't know Frank all right huh swear on your mother's life can't swim smash I swear when I tell you Frank what did I say to you never hire an amateur we're not in the auto parts business anymore right right right good hey listen uh drive carefully and have a nice day Matt Karen uh listen I have a few questions uh if it's about the transcripts forget it I want them back what do you mean but I haven't got time to talk right now I'll see you tonight my husband the record producer makes a great labor coach except he can't count hey you weren't breathing right what do you expect are you try breathing in 6/8 time that's back last really way to meet him sorry I'm late I'm still reading them oh well let's talk about that later I'm here to meet everyone right if you're afraid I'm gonna find something in the transcripts you're a little late hi I'm Mack hi Kenzie he's darling he is he's very a travel case depended on the wiretap but they declared it inadmissible you never told me that you read the whole brick don't change the subject some imbecile forgot to get a court order so so they could use it I'm on it the whole array I told me you were there now if I have a friend of mine at the phone records the bad guys have a friend at the Hall of Records and if I know you've been snooping around the files because some dumb oversight there's nothing I can do about well maybe you can't but I can I hope that doesn't mean what it sounds like it does just because you and the federal government can't maybe if you dumped in a winter stuff but you're not even under the law now you go on with this you picked a look for whatever reason I'll arrest you listen to him he'd understand you it's not for just for your own protection of that I like you that's my job don't look at me I'm on his side arrest me is that what you said Karen don't you dare patronize me come on Karen come on what he just threatened to arrest me excuse me thanks Petey Mac the man is frightened for you some i frightened frightened I'm not asking for your help I'll do what I have to do and I'll do it on my own I've had it with you we talked about doing something where do you think your sister you're gonna talk to your Godfather poison there well people like us civilized people we're not equipped to deal with the roy's and Frank's this world we need the law the people I can to enforce it Sid believed that Sid was right dead right I don't want to go out to dinner with him I I don't want to meet him I mean I don't want to meet anybody please listen to me well then and Martha need him a nice people I'm not saying that they're not it's just that right now hey wait what Needham enterprises has money to burn if they hadn't have bought hizmet your book would have been lost for lack of publication come on they're gonna spend a fortune you've got everything to gain the only common courtesy valine if the new owners that company want to meet you mama I am sorry I just can't handle it please meet for a drink they're so excited about the book and they absolutely have the right to meet the author look I don't feel like going out for a drink okay oh I'll ask them to come over here for dessert and coffee oh but we're not ready for company I mean the house being the way of the year look I hate talking about this book I I hate her we'll invite I mean to say hello I've already the last thing that I feel like no party call a few neighbors come over there could be a hand they'll give you something to talk about the same book valium they're gonna love you do when they love you they're gonna make your star I don't wanna be a stone oh that's playing foolishness sugar everybody wants to be a star I hope I have something to wear come on in it's over top it all right hold it Hey if you want the rest of you gonna have to get him yourself Joe is right if you work it right about what um nice lady with three kids a house and a business to run not Michael Corleone I'm sorry what goes around comes around you know you have to learn no wait wait for what first offense they usually get off they don't know when to stop or how most of the time sooner or later he'll make a mistake you can make book on it I'll be that again you really believe that I couldn't do my job if I didn't well I guess I'll just have to wait as promised chapters 2 5 6 11 18 now the will yeah you don't think I brought a copy with me do ya I guess I can wait until tomorrow no you're gonna have to wait until it read I don't even have a copy wait a minute I know what's in the will generally speaking and generally it's all you need to know in it here he's coming into money big money balli ain't got nothing to do it get better yes indeed oh my poor little baby brother you just gonna eat him alive aren't you what makes you think I'd want to do a thing like that hun drinks not the only thing he can't handle he handles me very nicely thank you but that's not what I'm talking about you know when Gary was 16 he somehow got in his head that he wanted a motorcycle and our family it spoiled us boys rotten but on this issue my daddy put his foot down he says you wanted motorcycles gonna have to earn it and my god he did and for dawn up everyday mucking out the stables and pitching hay working all the ribs in the Blazing Sun he just never missed one single day come September my daddy took him down to the showroom gave him a slap on the back a blank check and of course Gary had read all the brochures and motorcycle magazines he knew exactly what opponent signed a check and revved that old motorcycle up he drove straight through that play glass window some people take longer to come over yeah that's you and then of course some people never grow up at all are you really gonna marry him I love it you mean it hmm don't you do me keep him out of my showroom your show keep him out of Dallas what makes you think that I want to be in Dallas you're not bowing when they were together he wouldn't come within spitting distance of me but you're different you want to be queen of the Ewings yeah I'll settle for princess fine you got it you get the Ehrman's in the jewels but the crown stays in Dallas cause the crown is mine if I do keep Gary out of Dallas what do I get in return my blessing when you swim instructors on the phone uh what you swimming teacher that's what he said hello yeah but I'll be there it was Marshall Marshall is the only one that you talk to from now on Wayne we talked to Marshall you know about a guy named of Angelo we know what to avoid them like the plague even Angela never figured that we'd be moving stuff from Knott's landing motors again and that's why we called you back we'll worry about Angelo you worry about KarenT faggot nothing to worry about - trust me keep it that way in Patrick McKenzie what's the M stand for yeah he's coming back Mac it loud sales ripples you mark my words and Martha is the reader in our family at home they used to say if you keep a knife under the bed it cuts the pain into it I was in labor but a long time mine am so nauseous oh well we'll just stay half an hour and then we'll go well then would you please get me another cup soda I've in it twice in one week why it's gonna be bigger than the carpetbaggers you mark my words about that do you know and it was Martha who talked me into bidding for kismet you know this is our very first literary venture there is one thing though that you've got to tell me it is all true isn't it what do you mean I mean about er and and the brothers and that poor live assume look see the book is fish I think you'll like this evening I want the first autographed copy well don't you want to wait for the real bullet Richard Richard what crazy let's go we can't go now yes we can we're going to the hospital don't tell me having another contraction no my water just broke can't you drive any faster no we're almost there just take it easy take it easy don't tell me Oh God Oh tell me when it passes what's this what's going on mudslide half the hill just came down about a quarter-mile up there's no way to get through not unless you got a tractor so what are we gonna do now where are you going I'm gonna turn it around where are we going oh all these side roads cut through to 109 that'll take us the hospital are you sure there's a map in the glove department thousand twenty thousand twenty one thousand twenty two thousand twenty three oh stop counting I'm timing your contractions the last one LS the thirtieth get me the hospital that's what I'm trying to do do it faster Laura the roads way Laura look we can just calm down you're not even an active labor yet thank you very much doctor all right okay all right I'm just trying to just try to make me so I know you read all the books you know everything I don't want to do it that way are you okay mm-hmm yeah I'm fine I'm great just get us out of here what's the matter why don't you just change the tire it's not as simple as that we're stuck stuck what do you mean we're stuck we can't be stuck Laura Laura Laura calm down we've still got time I'll go back to the highway I'll flag down a car I'll get some help oh we don't have time Richard don't go Laura I can't deliver this baby myself yes I can though still seething with anger she found herself caught up by his passion oh my god his hands were like steel pressing her against it just his kiss was molten fire his touch made her shiver her desire consumed her she did not think she yielded Oh Mac homeless by then nothing mattered but being granted his touch and when his lips followed the trail of his finger she heard her own voice crying out wild passionate shameless love Oh God listen Jason is a little upset because Richard hasn't called from the hospital yet I probably forgot you can't blame him yeah well I'm gonna go over there Michael's with him he could use a listen I really don't want to stay very long at this party okay sounds real wild no music no noise Vincent hey George great there's nothing worse than a coin orgy what you hear you it's your key look I know it's a little pushy of me to do this but uh well I think it's important that you have a place of your own to go to not just to get away from Val but to get away from me sometimes too look if you hate it it's all right I only left a small deposit I knew it was kind of sterile when I got up I you can't it's perfect I love it where are we going bedroom which is there's no band fire up a war room oh that's II don't complain I was lucky to find it this isn't exactly the Garden of Eden here just eat it throats gonna get dry from breathing so much you gotta breathe Laura oh you can't fight the contractions but the breathing makes it easier she's hurt so much it'll it'll hurt less if you breathe when you hold your breath you're fighting the contraction look at me now breathe into the nose out through the mouth sniff blow blow sniff blow good great you did great I'm glad it was good for you mom it's your shot oh thank you sir yeah where's my mom I told you honey she's at the hospital with daddy she okay Jason she's gonna be fine she's gonna be okay watch this shot anymore sit up good they're coming quite close together I think you're pretty close to transition what's that nice why do you think she doesn't call are you kidding your father's probably pacing up and down in the hospital halls wearing out the floor don't you know that's for the expectant fathers are supposed to do huh sure it's all it's all part of the contract yeah they pay so and they paced up and down and they worried and they act silly and ate popcorn oh come on face and then the nurse comes on said there it's a boy towards a girl many faints and he pisses out cigars that's what they do it's all worked out in advance so you come on pace hey so oh my worried what if it's twins then he's gotta be faint twice once so what interval I'm gonna die I'm dying here make it your position let me help no don't don't touch me good look at me look at me Laura concentrate look um I know look at my nose the end of my nose you know my nose all right a pant like a dog like a big dog come on that's it come on no no no don't don't push don't push don't push can't breathe breathe oh Allah the urge to push I know it hurts no no what do you know pushing makes it worse just worries Oh worse only you would say that you must be enjoying this natural childbirth well you got what you wanted Richard Richard always gets what he wants no matter what flowers give suicide notes guns Oh relax your shoulders relax your neck I can see the head the next cut the next contraction push others died in childbirth all the time babies die or both pals always like to write never been much of a talk of a cheese always not too much but I started writing when I went back to school this all stories oh yes you dream that I will read the stories much less put them into a book I just can't believe that all this is happening hello hello man it's all done if I came through really yeah I just heard from my lawyers I suppose nobody here from here it's pretty quick your little publishing company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of junior enterprises well that's the news I've been waiting for yeah glad to hear it now let's just keep this under our hats what'd he say tilde I's are dotted the t's crossed and we have some kind of official press place okay absolutely one more push one more big push Lord come on Laura try please no when I was at st. Mary's the heartbeats dropping her boyfriend found an abortion when Laura died you got a push her the next contraction sisters told me he can't do it himself you've gone 99 miles you can't quit now don't you understand there's something wrong you gotta push him out you gotta try come on Laura please I think I did it what I think I did it you did it it's a boy let me see you Richard he's not breathing Richard but he's blue not breathing clear the clear the airway suction the the nose mouth to cheek full severe well thank you the hospital says she was never admitted died she think you should cut the cord no no he's okay what's the doctor do that okay oh it's a great didn't we huh we did great I put you through hell I'm sorry what are we gonna name me a little guy huh we talked about give it out Helen Avery hada too many A's how about Martin after your father