4 Secrets To BECOME A High Value Man




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what's up guys and welcome back to the channel now today I have something to share with you that is going to change how you view things and this is something that I wish somebody would have told me when I was younger because it would have definitely changed my life now what you're going to learn today are a few simple ways to dramatically increase your value as a mint now you're probably thinking yourself what exactly is a high value man this is the type of guy who just gets it in other words he's had really smooth guy that everything just seems to click and he always seems like he knows what he's doing now before we get started something else that you have to understand is that every single thing that I have ever told you on this channel are meant to be used as tools meaning they are tools to help you get what you want now the first way that you can dramatically increase your value as a man involves something called conviction now if you don't understand what this is basically what it means is what you believe in now right now we have a massive problem in society and this problem is that so many guys all over the world just simply don't know what they believe in or if they do know what they believe in they don't show it to other people for example maybe you see something on TV that in your head you're thinking man that's total crap there's no way that that's true but for some reason you end up believing it anyway or maybe you're hanging out with some of your buddies and they're talking about how cool this particular car is when deep down you think that car absolutely sucks and instead of voicing your opinion in what you believe in instead you just keep to yourself and you kind of just agree with what they're saying in this constant need for validation and constant seeking to please others is what causes so many men to never have the conviction that they need to elevate themselves to a higher value you guys always hear me talk about alpha males and one of the biggest defining traits of an alpha male is quite literally just standing up for what you believe in regardless of whether that's going to piss some people off or not in society these days so many men are so afraid of not being liked by the people around them or the people in a group that they completely lose themselves in who they are just so that they can continue seeking validation and getting people to like them something that most guys don't realize is that all men are born incredibly strong and it is through the conditioning of their environment as they grow up that slowly and gradually converts him into a weaker low-value man everybody starts out with roughly the same score I mean obviously some of us are gonna have a little bit better genetics but for the most part we start with the same basic score and it is things that happen throughout our life that change in shape in mold us into the guy that we currently are and being the guy who doesn't stand up for what he believes in is easily one of the biggest threats that you will ever face to your own identity think about it like this what type of man are you when nobody is around because that is the guy who you really are whoever you are when you're not around a group of people this is the type of guy that you really are one of the most effective ways by far to dramatically increase your value as a man right now is to simply become a man of conviction or a man who stands up for what he believes in and it sounds pretty simple on the surface but it's actually doing this every single day that is the hardest part and it's being able to voice your opinion when you're in a large group of people and telling somebody that you don't like something if you don't like it this is one of the major traits of these so called alpha male and if you just get this one thing right it will have such an impact on the overall value that you have to offer as a man and next up is the second thing that has the potential to dramatically increase your overall value as a men and it sort of ties into conviction I remember back in high school one of the absolute most terrifying things that I could ever think of was being shunned by a particular group of people or the group of people that I identified with in school now the second most effective way to elevate your value as a man is being able to speak your own mind so many guys are absolutely terrified of simply voicing their opinion and telling people how they really feel and the biggest reason for that is because people are scared to be challenged people are terrified to have their opinions challenged by other people so never be that guy who was afraid to get out there and speak as opinion no matter what other people will think of you or what the consequences will be now the third way to increase your value as a mentor the third way to become more like the guy that people would describe as somebody who just gets it is to pay more attention not to what people say but how they say it now it's no secret that as human beings we love to talk and talking is our primary form of communication something that will help to elevate you to the status of a higher value man is simply understanding that when somebody says something to you it's more about how they say it rather than what they're actually saying and your ability to read these tiny social cues is what has a huge impact on whether or not you're the type of guy that just gets it so to speak because people will say stuff to you all the time and if you simply go by what the face value of the words is what you will quickly find out is that most people tend to speak in some sort of code and it is the way that they say things that will tell you what you need to know rather than the actual words that they're speaking so why does this happen because why this happens is because people are afraid of offending other people and this doesn't matter if you're talking to a guy or a girl because everybody does this well people are extremely scared of rocking the boat so to speak or offending somebody else so if you say something to them that offends them they will most likely just kind of sub communicate how they're feeling rather than telling you straight out with words for example imagine you walk up to a guy and you're like hey how's it going and he's like oh it's going great he might say that things are going great but he'll say it in a way that obviously implies that things aren't going so great in this form of communication although not nearly as common with guys it's like the primary way that women communicate so whenever you're speaking to somebody you absolutely have to pay attention to their eye contact their body language and their nonverbals and the tiny little bits of information that you will gain from doing this will have a dramatic impact on how well you are able to understand and communicate with other people and communication is easily like the number one skill that a guy can have in terms of his overall value because it's a more effective of a communicator that you are the better that you will be able to get what you want out of life and the better that you'll be able to influence other people and make friends and create all of these social connections that you need to help you achieve your goals so being able to quickly read and analyze subtle social cues that people give off during communication is easily one of the most effective ways to almost instantly increase your value as a man because there's no denying the fact that women absolutely love a guy who just gets it so to speak and men can respect a man who is able to read between the lines now next up is the fourth thing that you can do right away to almost to instantly increase your value as a mint and once again this is something that's easier said than done but it's still incredibly possible as long as you put in enough effort to it now something that you have to understand is that one of the hallmarks of a high value man is simply believing in himself and not allowing other people to sow the seed of doubt within him every single great accomplishment that you have ever had in your life was the result of you believing in yourself before you could actually do it remember back when I was younger I started skateboarding and one of the most important tricks that I wanted to learn how to do was how to kickflip and it's funny because I remember I spent hours and hours every single day over and over and over again trying to perform this trick successfully I mean my buddy was skating down to the school and we basically just sit there and try to do tricks all day long and as a result of doing this I learned something incredibly important and the whole time that I was sitting here trying to do this trick what I didn't realize was that at the time I actually didn't believe that I could perform the trick so in other words I was completely filled with a doubt about myself and whether I could actually do the trick or not and so one night when we were skating my buddy was finally able to successfully perform the kickflip in the moment that I saw him do that I instantly believed in myself all the doubt that I had that I could do that trick myself instantly evaporated and in about an hour after that point I actually performed the kickflip successfully myself and what this taught me is that anything that you want to achieve in life but it's related to self-improvement or anything else you have to believe that you can do it before you can actually do it if you want it to ever happen and to be totally honest with you guys self-doubt is an incredibly sneaky thing because it will sneak into your mind when you least expect it and try to sabotage everything that you are doing I remember growing up in high school and we all know that guy who deep down we know that he doesn't know what he's doing but he manages to give Vince everyone around him that he somehow knows what he's doing this is the fake it till you make a type of guy and the crazy thing about this is that faking it until you make it actually works and the driving force behind this strategy that allows it to work so well is simply forcing yourself to believe that something is possible even if before you didn't think that it was in other words it's taking every piece of doubt that you have within your body and just completely eliminating this is why high-value men are so self-assured and they're so confident and it is because they have found a way to eliminate the doubt for pretty much every single thing that they do so whenever they do something whether it's talking to girls or closing on a huge business transaction they can do all of these things extremely confidently without having to worry about self-doubt coming in and sabotaging them these are four things that you can start doing right now to dramatically increase your value as a men which is so incredibly important because high value men are the guys who end up getting all of the rewards in life and as unfair as that might sound it's just simply the way that society works and by using these simple tricks to elevate your own value you will be able to play the game of life more so using kind of your own set of rules rather than the rules that are imposed on you by society and at the end of the day both women and men respect a man who is able to stick to his values and follow these simple tips that allow him to project the strong image of a high value man which will help to elevate you into a completely new League of men and with that said I'm Julian and until next time thanks for watching