4 Signs You Try To ACT Tough Around Other Men

what's up guys welcome back to the channel now if you're like me you've seen those guys and you know who I'm talking about the ones who are always trying to act tough and there's no place in the world except maybe Canada where you will not find these guys and since I'm always watching out for you I want you to know for waist that guys try to act tough so that you can make sure that you are never doing these things because men who try too hard to look tough are simply not high-value men and I want you guys to beat the highest value men that you deserve to be so what that said let's get right into it and the first thing that wannabe tough guys do is stare at you for way too long now how many times have you been out with your boys and while you guys are just having fun and hanging out and doing what you do you notice some weird guy off in the distance who is staring at you so you look at him for a second and then you look away thinking that he will do the same then you look back over at him a few more times and you notice that he's still staring at you and since you're not doing anything really crazy you can't figure out why he's still doing this and it's not just the stare itself it is also his body language and the look that he has in his eyes this guy is staring at you in the same way that a gorilla might stare at another gorilla who has just entered his territory this is the type of look that a guy gets on his face when he's challenging the dominance of another guy but here's the funny part the only struggle for dominance that's taking place is inside of this guy's own head and not the real world and for guys who try to act tough all the time this struggle is always raging with every person in that every time and it's caused by insecurity there are times in life when you will need to challenge the dominance of another guy but this is a really rare situation so in most cases when I do just looking at you like this there is really no reason for it other than there being something wrong with him so don't be that guy who is always trying to stare down other guys for no reason and instead just be confident and secure in yourself and this will help to elevate you to the status of a higher value man next up is the second thing that guys do to try to act tough that actually just makes them look ridiculous and it involves the way they dress now if you're someone who lives weights you know how hard it is to build muscle so if you've worked really hard to build muscle naturally you want to show it up but as always there is a fine line between doing this and a confident high value way and doing it in a sleazy I'm trying to act tough kind of way now something that wanna be tough guys do all the time is constantly wear things like super tight tank tops or shirts or other pieces of clothing that are way too tight now guys you have to trust me that it might feel right putting on a super tight shirt but you're going to look so funny in front of people that it's simply not worth it but what you have to realize is that it's not just a single tight shirt and instead it is all of your clothes and your body language put together that makes you come off like this now the guys who tend to do this the most are the ones who actually don't have much muscle at all and they're usually really skinny and you know exactly who I'm talking about your clothes say a lot about you and if you have to wear super tight shirts to show off your muscles then your body is simply telling you that you haven't built enough muscle yet so if you don't to look like one of those guys who is trying to act tough simply make sure that you're not dressing like this now next up we have the third thing that guys do all the time to try to act tough and this is something that you don't want to be caught doing any day of the week and it's acting like you don't care about anything wanna be tough guys are well known for trying to suppress their emotions too much now obviously you don't want to go around crying every time you talk to somebody but at the same time you never want to act like you don't care about anything I said this friend and we would get into mischief all the time and whenever one of our friends would say dude you're going to get the cops called on us this guy would always say that he doesn't care or I would try to explain to him why the girls that we were with thought he was really weird whenever he would do something really weird and he would once again just tell me that he doesn't care and it's like no matter what it was he never cared about anything and these days the type of life that he is living definitely reflects that he didn't care now I didn't realize until later that guys who do this are trying to act tough and like all of the other things that they do it is just an act and it's a really bad one to be totally honest with you now when a guy acts like he doesn't care about anyone or anything it doesn't make him look tough and it definitely doesn't make him look cool and instead it really just makes him look weak while also making him look like a loner so if you don't want to come off like this make sure that you are not the guy who was acting like he simply doesn't care about anything or anyone now next up is the fourth thing that guys think makes them look tough that really just makes them look ridiculous and this one is easily one of the most common things that men do but also the most insidious of the group because so many guys do it many times per day without even realizing it I've even been guilty of doing this at some point in my life and you probably have too and what this thing is is putting other people down but here's where it gets a bit tricky after hearing this most guys probably think that this means putting guys down to their face but in reality it is usually the opposite in fact most wannabe tough guys actually put people down behind their back by saying things about them to other people and this is one of the worst things that you can do because putting people down to make yourself feel better is just another way to tell everyone around you that you are insecure and not actually tough but guys still do this every single day thinking that it makes them look tough when it really just makes them look super weak now this has been four ways that guys try to act tough so just make sure that you don't do these things and with that said I'm Julian and until next time thanks for watching