4 Tips to Win Back Your Ex If Theyre Dating Other People

how do you get your ex back if your ex is dating someone else hi this is Ashley from Ashley Kay comm where I reveal the Royal make a truth on relationship success so in this video I want to share with you some tips for tips on how to get your ex back if they're dating someone else and this is especially true if your ex Saturday ting someone is very quickly after your breakup so tip number one is you do not want to appear affected by your ex and their new boyfriend or girlfriend a lot of times a lot of times it's very common your ex will probably jump to another relationship will flirt with another guy or a girl directly after your breakup and you're probably going to assume that means they've moved on really quickly when a lot of times you know when your ex have moved on to another relationship weekly that relation is probably just a rebound relationship and 90% of them do not work out and that's because your what your ex is essentially doing is trying to replace you very quickly with someone else and that's just really their way of coping with a breakup and moving trying to heal and move forward a lot of people especially if they're not that strong emotionally all that independent will want someone else to give them attention to feed them attention for them to transition from one relationship to out of the relationship or into another relationship that often that that transition from relationship to nothing is pretty hard for a lot of people to deal with that's why it's so common to see exes jump into another relationship super quick because what they're really doing is just trying to is really using another person as a tool to heal to move on to themselves feel better and that's just their way of doing it so I would not take that too personally because a lot of times it has nothing to do with you and your relationship with your ex it's just this is your ex's way of dealing with the break-up so what you don't want to do is appear affected if you were to appear effective if you were to give superjealous calling them abusing them and acting angry and all that kind of stuff that is what's going to push her its further away and push your ex into that other person even more okay so that's why don't act to affect it act happy for your ex and if you really love your ex you should be happy for them if they are showing they're genuinely happy be happy for them you know you want them to be happy and encourage their new relationship tip number two don't act as their relationship therapist or try to help them or meddle with their relationship in any way I'm saying this tip because it does happen sometimes if your ex is undecided if they still love you but they're dating someone else then that means they're probably still talking to you still sharing their feelings with you and sometimes you will hear more about the new relationship then you should and you want to be very clear about setting boundaries between your ex and their new relationship and your relationship with your ex okay you need to make sure they're very to different things and you don't want to get all metal up and tangled up in their dramas because it has nothing to do with you that's just your ex once again trying to heal or sort through their emotions using the new person and using you maybe I mean who knows so it's important that you don't fall into that game of trying to you know like compete with the new girl and new girl for your ex definitely do compete you have to be confident in your unique connection with your ex be confident in that and you know focusing focus on your game your connection rather than wanting to compete with disolve person okay do not compete that you will you're playing a losing game if you try to do that tip number three is more a tip for women because I think more women know of you know crazy ex-girlfriends just because women tend to be much more outwardly I guess confrontational sometimes or crazy when it comes to relationships and their feelings so first of all you don't want to be that crazy ex-girlfriend who's trying to obviously break up your guys new relationship that is big big no-no I am all for I am for women looking after each other not fighting against each other for a guy okay so you have to respect their relationship so if they're if they're pretty serious leave them alone okay do not meddle get into their dramas leave them alone because if your connection with the guy is strong enough he will give you signs himself and that's what you want you don't want to be the ones constantly texting he's fine blowing up his phone calling him because women are really good at detecting what you're trying to do and she's going to definitely put pressure on him to cut you off completely and he's going to follow I would be very careful about pushing any interactions with him and just like I said be cool just focus on your connection on a friendship level don't say anything sexual don't go ahead and anywhere sexual with him focus on the friendship and if there is something that he still feels something for you he will naturally show you that signal and ideally you should meet in person to talk don't blow up his phone and my last tip really is to watch my video on 11 tips to make your ex fall in love watch that video because a lot of those tips apply in this current situation the reason I say that is because once again your relationship with your ex is unique to you you should not care too much about what your ex is doing with this new person because that new person has nothing to do with you they're not your competition if you try to meddle with it you would just make things worse you will push your ex further into that other person's arms so just let that relationship but let their relationship play out because it will either work or it won't and like I said 90% rebound relationships won't work I hope you've liked this video please like share and subscribe to my channel and I'll be back with another video soon