4 Torajan Death Rituals That Are Out of The World

It may seem strange to the outside world, but Torajans are completely at home with the dead. Here are 4 Torajan death rituals that are out of this world. Fact number one, corpses of loved ones are kept at home for months. Even up to 30 years. The deceased are considered sick, not dead, till the funeral. Food, water and even cigarettes are offered to them daily… as funeral plans are being made. Fact Number 2: Torajan funerals are joyous celebrations with rituals and animal sacrifices. A 3-day funeral requires at least 7 buffaloes. That is the cost of 3 to 4 houses in Toraja! The coffin is escorted to the ceremonial tower. But this massive ceremony is not the end to their death rituals. Fact Number 3: Every August, Torajans uncover the corpses of their deceased relatives and dress them in new clothes. This usually calls for fresh family portraits. Last but not least, Fact Number 4. Torajans believe the dead never, really leave. They build intricate wooden effigies of their loved ones that are regarded as guardians of the tombs and protectors of the living.