408 E Summer St Appleton WI

hi i'm gerry hofburg with heart and corporate real estate and coldwell banker and today i am standing in front of 40 AE summer street it's a house that's right off of wisconsin and drew street it's been on the market for a couple months so i want you to take another look at it because the fantastic house and it's only eighty-five thousand dollars the owners have done so much work to this house it's ready for you to move in it's super cute so i really am excited for you to look at it and one awesome feature about this house is a front porch on a nice Street you can sit down and relax enjoy the summer evening this house has three bedrooms one full bath it also has a toilet in the basement that's enclosed and it has great space it's very high open ceilings beautiful woodwork the windows are newer the roof is brand-new they just spent nine grand on a brand new room the furnace is newer the water heater and snore it's been pre-inspected it has a one year home warranty and this house is in really good shape it electricals all new this house is absolutely move-in ready you could just do a few little cosmetic changes to make it a perfect care of your home so come on I'll show you the spaces this is the entry way you could use this as a living room or they're using as an office you come in here this is they're using a living room it's a very nice space you can also turn part of it into a dining room if you want formal dining room and here is this adorable sunny bright kitchen it's all about the original tiles is super cute lots of cupboard space it has a newer gas stove the owners brought in a gas line slick have a gas stove it's super cute lots of sunlight when you walk in the front door off to the right is the master suite some people would like to use this as another living room if you want three bedrooms this is a great addition for your third bedroom one awesome thing about this house is come on here I'll show you that underneath all this carpet is fantastic hardwood floors I'm standing upstairs where we have two nice-sized bedrooms and the full bath I'm standing in the basement and the only reason why I'm taking you down here is because a lot of the character homes have scary basements this house its foundation is so solid it's like 18 inches thick it's not going anywhere it's dry it's pretty clean has nice space my storage like I said newer furnace in your water heater and if you turn around there is that little enclosed toilet that we're talking about you could easily add another half back down here this is the backyard and some people think it's really small but actually when you get back here you realize it actually it's a decent size and if you enclose the side part of the yard and some of this back you'd have a really nice fenced-in backyard for your animals or for your kids to come on play you