4lb Solid Milk Chocolate Chicken


The King of Random


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Ok, guys, I get it. You want a chocolate chicken. So, yes I m back in the kitchen today. Because of you! You called me out to make a chocolate chicken, so that's what I'm spending my day doing today. I'm making a chocolate chicken for no other reason than to give it to one of you. Just picked up over $30 worth of melting chocolate here. We got our acrylic case and our gummi mold all dried out. This is totally clean and ready for chocolate so i'm going to reassemble this thing, then melt down the chocolate using this double boiler I have a dish in a pot of water that's boiling and this is going to be used to melt our chocolate make sure it doesn't burn did you know i'm giving away prizes on every video I release now when I upload a new video if you're one of the first people to see it within the first 12 hours there will be a link down in the comments section that will take you to a secret giveaway. Click the link in the comments section--I'll have it pinned at the top--and it will take you to a place where you can submit multiple entries and when the contest is over a winner will be selected and we're going to ship your prize and this works internationally so it doesn't matter where you live in the world you can participate. A big shout-out to all your subscribers have been joining recently from the gummy chicken video it's good to have you on board it's fun to have you here and you are the reason that I'm making this chocolate chicken today you guys requested it so I'm doing this for you can see it's had a couple of days to dry out so this thing should be ready for pouring chocolate. All we have to do now is melt it down, and pour it in. Guess I better turn that down a little bit. We got six pounds of chocolate here. So how do you join the notification squad? Here it is step-by-step. First of all if you're not subscribed then go ahead and hit the red subscribe button and then you're going to notice that there is a bell right beside it click on that bell. You want to click the box that says send me all notifications for this channel and then you want to click save. Now when you look back at the bell it should be ringing and that means you're on the notification squad. That's a good amount of chocolate right there. There's a chance we're going to have some left over. Let's do it, let's pour ourselves some chicken! Ooh that's beautiful. That just jiggles into place there. Alright I think that's gonna be it. Surprisingly that chicken didn't take as much chocolate as i thought i was going to. We might have about 4 or 5 pounds into it. Ok so, how do you win the chocolate chicken? Follow me on instagram and follow me on facebook. Those are the only two places where I'm going to be announcing how to win the chocolate chicken, so just scroll down a little bit and click the links in the description to follow me on instagram and follow me on facebook. When you log into my Instagram page you're going to see a button right here that says follow. Go ahead and click that I also post a lot of behind-the-scenes and projects and experiments as they're happening, so if you want a heads-up on videos that are coming out in the future, Instagram and Facebook's a good place to see that today. I'm going to be announcing the winner for the chocolate chicken on Instagram so if you're not following me there's a good chance you're gonna miss it you'll find me on facebook at facebook.com/thekingofrandomfanpage and all you have to do to follow me on Facebook is click Like. It's two thirty in the morning, i'm still working on this video for you guys. That is one heavy block of chocolate. Don't drop it now. This thing's been sitting in the fridge for about 10 hours, and you can see as it cooled how the chocolate sunk down a little bit there's a little bit of an indentation in the center there. I was gonna wait till tomorrow morning but I guess technically it is tomorrow morning. It's already 2:s0 am. OK, let's crack this thing open I just took two of the walls off of this acrylic box and now we should be able to grab the rubber and there we go now we can get to work on separating this thing. Whoaaa no way... That's amazing! Oh no! Snapped the leg. Bummer. So to whoever wins this chicken, I'm sorry I broke off one of the legs, I was a little bit excited to get out and try to get a camera angle and I wasn't quite gentle enough. Wow, look at that. Well there's your solid chocolate chicken, guys. Now who wants it? Ok, let's weigh this beast and see what we got. Just about four pounds, that's probably because that other little bone broke off, lemme go get that. This is the piece of the chicken leg broke off. It does look like a bone, but if you look at the cross section you can tell it's definitely chocolate. And if we add that to the pile, you can see that brings us almost up to an even four pounds. Now check this out, just for laughs I went and picked up an actual chicken container, to store this chocolate chicken in. Now it genuinely looks like the real thing oh my gosh it's unbelievable. whoop-- almost lost it there. It's just like one massive chicken-shaped chocolate bar. four pounds solid chocolate chicken and this is going to one of YOU. so hop over to my instagram, follow me, and look for how you're going to win this in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I'm gonna pack this thing away in the fridge. So there you have it guys and just to recap the three things you need to take away from this video. One: every new video I release will have a contest where you can win a prize. Two: ring the bell and select be notified by email push notifications and desktop notifications so you don't miss an upload because you need to be at my video within the first 12 hours and number three follow me on instagram and follow me on Facebook because I'm a lot more active on those platforms now than I used to be so there you have guys chocolate chicken in all its glory and it's going to one of you and I'm probably gonna put this thing to rest for a few days and move on to new projects, I've got some cool chemical experiments coming up in the next few videos so if you like my videos please give them a thumbs up it lets me know that you liked the content you're seeing and i'll make more of it so I'll be looking for you and those in the meantime thanks for joining me for this video i'll be looking for the next one talk to you then