5 Best UNIQUE Android Launchers You Must TRY 2020


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[Music] how's it going everybody mr android here one of the best feature of android is the fact that it offers limitless customization well you can change the entire look of your android device by simply applying a launcher with that being said in this video i will be showing you 5 amazing android launchers that you should definitely try out on your smartphone so make sure you guys watch this video till the very end also let's aim for thousand likes on this video so drop a like and let's get started [Music] alright guys first off we have material launcher material launcher is one of the fast light and a customizable launcher that you can get for your smartphone it has this beautiful material design that looks really good in the home screen you can set nine of your favorite application in this grid design and it also allows you to customize the grids like you can change the color change the icon pack rearrange them as per your preferences if you swipe right you get all your apps and by swiping left you have this card view which consists of your most used applications google search and then we have google feed as well all in all this launcher is simple yet a very good looking launcher so if you are looking for a fast minimal launcher with a material design then definitely try it out next up we have a very unique launcher called poseidon launcher one best feature about this launcher is while setting it up it allows you to choose from different skins like the one ui pixel or even ios and then it will customize the entire home screen based on your selection well this launcher doesn't have any pages it has this crawlable feed in which you can also add your widgets and make it even better below you get a dock where you can add up to 5 of your favorite applications and if you swipe up you get the app drawer with the search bar at the bottom to search anything apart from this it also has a ton of different customizations like you can customize the feed change the dock style choose different themes change the icon pack and it also has gesture support as well guys it will definitely take some time to get used to this launcher but once you start using it more effectively then i'm sure you will love this one before i move on with this video i just wanted to give a huge shout out to the guys over gear for sending me this gorgeous case to try out on my galaxy s20 guys they do have some amazing skin cases for your smartphone so definitely check out their website i will leave a direct link in the description also don't forget to use the promo code mr android tin to get 10 off on your purchase make sure you check it out next up we have one of my favorite launcher called wide launcher this launcher is one of the most unique launcher that we have on our list and the reason why i'm saying this is because it has some really unique features like it expands your home screen and make it two times wider so you get a feeling of using a foldable smartphone not only this but everything that we have on the home screen is fully accessible for example you can write anything on this note and then it will save directly on your home screen if you swipe left you get all your apps categorized in different folders and the overall animations looks really good as well well this launcher has a wide variety of inbuilt themes so you don't have to spend your time customizing the home screen you can easily set any theme that you like and then it will customize the entire home screen within seconds next up we have asl launcher this is a super clean and a very minimal launcher powered by artificial intelligence the home screen has a grid of 9 applications and all these apps are chosen by the ai based on the apps that you are using frequently i like how the interface is very clean and minimal which lets you perform all your daily tasks much better and faster apart from this you also get a dashboard with general shortcuts more ai based apps calendar shortcut and a date and time widget as well only drawback about this launcher is it's still in development so you might find some bugs but it's a great launcher and it is totally free in the play store so definitely try it out finally we have smart launcher this launcher is specially designed for the people who love to customize their android smartphone but at the same time they like it to keep it simple as well if you swipe up you get the app drawer where you will find all the apps categorized in a very clean way and by swiping left you get the microsoft feed which has all the latest news if you swipe right here you can add different widgets other than this you can also change the icon pack at different widgets choose different themes from the launcher and it has a ton of features to offer overall smart launcher is very snappy and it's a feature pack launcher that you can get for your smartphone so that's pretty much it guys these are 5 amazing launchers that you should definitely try out on your smartphone if you guys like this video then be sure to hit that like button subscribe to this channel if you haven't already i'm mr android and i'll see you guys in the next one