5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared – 2021

are you looking to create a membership site in wordpress setting something up like this is a big endeavor so we'll cover the five best membership plugins that you can use for your website cya and i will talk about features that you want to look at like restricting access to certain content on your site to selling being able to set up courses for your site setting up memberships sections and so much more and then at the end we'll talk about our favorite one overall so you can get up and running quickly hey there i'm christina with wpbeginner where we teach all about wordpress so you can grow your website and reach your audience if you find value in this video go ahead and give us a like it really does help out and all the links that i talk about you can find them in the description below so let's play then number one is member press it is one of the most popular wordpress membership plugin in the market it's super easy to use it comes with really robust content access control so you can see which part and which areas of your website should be restricted to which plan of the user so you can restrict a specific category or section to a gold member or platinum member or any higher level member whatever you want to call that plan name memberpress recently added the ability for you to sell courses it has really robust and interactive learning experience now that helps you get users to complete the course uh it looks really really good no matter which wordpress theme you're using i personally really like their content dripping feature which allows you to show restricted content to members after a specific time this is a very very useful feature if you're selling courses or learning materials so you can you know release specific lessons after every week or every month this way you can plan the course ahead of time and then release it so it really is a good way for bloggers to earn income on autopilot memorypress integrates with all the popular payment gateways stripe paypal authorize.net etc also comes with uh integration with all the popular email marketing services like the aweber or the mailchimp uh getresponse etc so if you're looking to create a membership site or sell courses then memberpress is by far my number one choice uh the creators that are using memorypress are generating over 700 million dollars in sales every year so it is hands down the best in the market number two is learn dash learndash is a flexible and easy to use wordpress lms plugin and it comes with some advanced membership models and a ton of integrations some of the pros of learndash is that it is easy to set up you can set up a course and an afternoon you can do content restrictions so you can easily hide content to people who don't have access to it you can also sell courses so they allow you to sell right from your website you can drip content as well they have a built-in community feature and comes with tools for polling or quizzes doing user badges and things like that to really engage your student in the integrations and payments they offer amazing set of integrations including woocommerce member press bb press and slack and things like that some of the cons are it does lack some membership features so a lot of people nowadays are doing cohort based classes and that's where something like member press would do really well because they offer lms including membership and that's where one of the cons of this is if you're trying to build up a whole membership site this might not be the best thing for you but it's a perfect solution if you want to sell simple courses online on your wordpress website number three is teachable although it is not a wordpress plugin a lot of wordpress site owners end up using teachable because it is a sas online course platform it basically packs the ability of a membership website an lms section a discussion forum email marketing and analytics all under one dashboard so if you want to separate out your wordpress site and not have people log into it then teachable is a good option it's super easy to use has all the drip content features a lot of engagement features like forums quizzes certificates and everything the downside of it is that it is not a wordpress plugin so it is a lot more expensive to use than than a normal site you're paying basically a hosting fee and i believe on their lower plan they also charge a percentage of payments on on top of that so those were the downsides but it is very easy to use this by a lot of wordpress site owners who don't want to set up a membership plugin end up using teachable number four is restrict content pro and this is one of the most powerful contenders for the title of best membership for wordpress it's created by the same team who does easy digital download and affiliate wp plugins they are the ease of use is really great it integrates with wordpress very easily it allows you to easily figure out how to use it the built-in integrations unlike other membership plugins restrict content pro comes with built-in integrations that other plugins ship as paid add-ons meaning it has stripe paypal mailchimp mail poet email manager csv export and many other features already built into it also has payment gateways including stripe paypal braintree and they come as free add-ons other supported payment gateways are like to check out paypal website payments pro paypal express try checkout as well and it will work easily with edd easy digital downloads as a selling digital products if you need to do that it's a perfect companion for that they have great support so if you need to reach out to them they have super documentation available but then also you get professional support by email with a really fast response time some of the cons are there are fewer integrations that you can do with restrict content pro and the pricing and we found that restrict content pro to be one of the most easy to use membership plugins out there and it's developer friendly so you can extend the functionality even more number five is s2 member it is a popular free wordpress membership plugin although there's a pro version available as well and it's been around for quite some time i think one of the reasons why this plugin got really popular was because of the of the free base it gives you limited features and support but it's a good starting point if you were looking to build a membership site and didn't want to pay the pro version comes with content dripping and a lot more integrations but the free version does have support for payments like paypal um if you want to set up credit cards with striper authorized then again you're gonna have to upgrade for the pro version um overall the plugin is a little harder to use it doesn't have as easy of a flow as some of the other ones that we've mentioned but because the cost is free it has to be mentioned as one of the five uh best membership plugins for wordpress that are in the market as i had mentioned member press is our number one pick for everything that he talked about with setting up a course for your site getting paid setting up restricted access to your site as well as drip content and so much more to get started you can just click on the link in the description below once you pick your membership plugin to use and set up your membership course then one of the best ways to sell your course is by setting up a sales page sometimes that can be really a daunting task to design everything from scratch but something like seed prod helps you do that even easier cpred is the number one landing page builder for wordpress and they have tons of templates to start from you can look through all of the sales templates to get started quickly to get started just head over to seedproduct.com and make sure you use promo code wpb vip and you'll get the best discount on c-trot and now make sure you watch this video next as i walk you through step-by-step on how to set up your own membership site with memberpress and i'll see you over there