5 Coolest Handmade Cars


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hi everyone can you mean right now the brand of the car you've been dreaming of your whole life probably many of you will say Ferrari Lamborghini or Porsche Oh dreamy dreams and what if we tell you that you can make those cars with your own hands are you writing we're not joking in this video we're going to show you the craziest completely handmade cars in the world don't believe us then take a closer look let's get it on micro project who didn't make cars from construction step pieces as adults many engineers forget this exciting hobby remembering it sometimes only with their kids but 20 year old Romanian Rolo ADA still loved spending time with the Construction Set thanks to his devotion the first moving Lego car appeared and it can give a right to two adults this piece of fun was quite expensive about twenty thousand dollars were put into this project just imagine this to build the car over five hundred thousand LEGO bricks were needed they were used for the whole vehicle except for the wheels and the load-bearing construction this unusual automobile is powered by 256 pneumatic cylinders in four separate orbital engines and the creator of the car claims that its maximum speed is about 12 or 19 miles per hour higher loading is contraindicated McLaren f1 self-thought car mechanic just like Mozilla made a full copy of the McLaren f1 car with only $26,500 while the original supercar is worth 250 times more he saved quite a lot right he spent eight years building this car capable of speeding up to 200 miles per hour this polish guy made this replica from scratch using details of other cars and his friends and family helped him with his project the body shell is made from glass fiber and goes on top of a frame made out of tubes he borrowed the engine from an Aldi and the brakes are a Mercedes the Polish McLaren f1 replica can speed up to 124 miles per hour in six seconds it's two times slower than the original sports car but still pretty cool for a home invention Lamborghini Countach once upon a time an American named Ken M Hoff decided to build his own Lamborghini Countach and you know what he made us and pretty well he worked on this project in the basement of his house and when the car was ready he had to get it out from there with an excavator since there was no access road for the car but the most interesting fact of this story is the fact that almost all the parts of the car were made by M Hoff himself even the wheel discs the body was made from aluminium like in the original Lamborghini Countach this guy spent almost 17 years building this car and several thousands of dollars the vehicle has a v8 motor from a Ford Cleveland with 514 horsepower it also has a five-speed manual transmission the suspension comes from a Corvette some elements like the rear stop lights the parking lights the front mirror and the sign for the body were borrowed from an original Lamborghini Countach the car was sold to a new owner in Miami for more than $80,000 we don't know about Ken but we certainly would be sorry to sell this baby ferrari 355 Targa we all have hobbies but the mechanic gem jose Barbosa certainly made something incredible the thing is he built an exact copy of his favorite car in just eight months and he started to build his Ferrari right from scratch interestingly enough he didn't buy the whole set to build the body the car though rather gather the new vehicle up from parts of other cars the chassis the suspension and other parts were given to him by friends who were interested to see the resulting car in just a couple of months the car was on the outside an exact copy of the original Ferrari on the inside the car has a v6 motor with 200 horsepower and a five-speed transmission borrowed from an Audi to build the car Barbosa spent almost $100,000 what do you think was it worth it looking at the results we believe it was splinter Wood is the best material to build cars or at least that's what the creators of this project belief splinter is the name given to this wooden car which is as fast and as powerful as a Lamborghini or a Porsche the developers of this car used wood as much as possible for the body the suspension and even the central part of the wheel discs the creators used different kinds of wood at the same time they used Asajj orange wood for the suspension oak veneer for the wheels not wood for the front part of the car and cherry wood for the back on the rear steer of the splinter was installed a 4.6 liter v8 Cadillac engine using two turbos superchargers the car can reach a power of six hundred horsepower this cars not going to be produced in mass now only be one splinter in the world according to the designers they decided to show that cars can be made from all kinds of unexpected materials and we think they definitely succeeded guys check out our new channel jelly gummy bear our jelly berry will entertain our young viewers with interesting experiments exercising adventures and funny 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