Welcome to 2020. If you were born in 1990 congratulations, you will hit level 30 this year. But that has nothing to do with this video. We're talking about Premiere now. A video editing tool with tens of trillions of options and buttons and functions. And some of them are hidden. They're a little bit shy. But we found them and we will expose them. Starting off with the first one which I call "The Photoshop Tools". In your program monitor click on the plus icon to reveal all of the available buttons. You see they are hiding here. What I'm interested in are these four button. Starting off with"Safe Margin". Drag that to your layout. Do the same for "Rules", "Guides", and "Snap" and then just hit OK Enabling these options will give you various tools to help design something. Like, you can drag out guides from the rulers and have your elements align to that. Or if you need something in the middle then enable snap and it will help you with that. And finally are the "Safe Margins", which I always use to align text or lower thirds. And if you really want to get the Photoshop feeling, from your little tool icon in your program monitor you can choose Transparency Grids. Look at that! Very useful tools when working with graphics inside premiere, so that you don't have to do "this" anymore. All rights hidden feature number 2: When you are editing and you want to see your video in full screen for a moment, you could double-click on the program monitor to maximize it, but there's a better way to do it. From the Menu, Edit, Short Key, you can search for Full Screen and set a short key for it. Now you simply just fill up your screen with a press of a button and everything from your interface is gone. Pretty sweet! And you know what else is sweet? Our sponsor Storyblocks Video. Which is also a hidden feature because not everyone seems to be signed up for it yet. How many times do I have to tell it? Guys, it's an online library with hundreds of thousands of video assets. It's super cheap and with an active subscription you can download unlimited video assets. There are 4k high quality stock clips, backgrounds, visuals, motion graphics, and even After Effects templates. No, I don't have the skills to create such an awesome logo reveal but because of this template, I can put my logo in it. The intro that you saw as well at the beginning of this video is also just a Storyblocks template. It saves me time, and it looks great. So definitely check it out by clicking that first link in the description down below. Moving on to hidden feature number 3: Say if you've made an edit which is starting to look like a mess because you didn't label your footage. You can go ahead and select each clip individually for example all the stock clips that was used in your edits and give them a label color. But there's a much easier way to do that. Go to the Menu, File, Project Settings, General. On the bottom activated "Display the project item name and label color for all instances". From my project panel I can now select all of the clips in my folder "Stock Clips" then right click and give them a color label. They're now also updated in my timeline & it gives me an instant visualization of where all my stock clips are at. Tip number 4: As we all know we can change the height of our video and audio tracks. For example when I'm working on my audio I like to expand the audio tracks and make the video tracks a little bit smaller. Pretty cool now is that we can save this as a preset. From the tool icon menu we can find the "safe preset"option. Give it a name and ideally you want to assign your presets to a keyboard shortcut. You get 10 slots from which you can change the short key from in the keyboard shortcuts window. And this allows me to change my timeline layouts with the press of a button. Switching from my audio layouts to a video layout. And this brings me to the last one, which is something super easy, but if you don't know about it yet then it's time you do. How do you cut a clip? Do you use the razor blade tool for that and then just click on your clip? That are way too many step. By default you can hit ctrl + K to cut your clip on the position of the playheads. But, f course, you can also change that short key for that as well. Super simple! And if you didn't know about this before well, well then just get ready to edit a whole lot faster. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you Storyblocks for your support. And as always Stay creative! I know what it feels like guys. I became thirty last year I'm from 89, it hit me like a train, like a hurricane ,like you've seen these memes somewhere ... you know. Yeah ... It gets better, you know when you get 31. It brings you past 30. Now my next big hurricane is 40