5 Life Changing Miracles of The Quran

hello friends its Neil welcome back to my channel for today's video I wanted to do something that would get us excited for Ramadan because I think it's 20 days away so because it's almost Ramadan I feel like it's really important to kind of get into the habit of doing more spiritual things which is actually the sort of the Prophet peace be upon him he's too fast before it was Ramadan so by the time I was Ramadan he was already used to fasting I'm not saying you know start fasting from now until Ramadan you know it's up to you guys whatever you guys whatever you guys want to do whatever you guys are comfortable with since Ramadan is the month of that the Quran came out I really wanted to do a video about amazing things that you can find in the Quran like miracles just absolutely mind-blowing things whether it has to do with science or just life psychology literally there's so many things in the Quran that you just read them and you're speechless so many things in the Quran the progressive psychology science everything literally everything which are miracles that were explained back when it was compiled that scientists are only just recently starting to discover so these are my favorite things to read about these are some of my favorite things to read about so I kind of wanted to make a list share with you guys some of the things that I found and because Ramadan is the month that the Quran came down I thought it would be just a perfect video to segue our way into Ramadan speaking of these let me know in the comments down below what kind of Ramadan videos you want to see from me and give me ideas you guys what do you want to see let me know so I did my research for this you guys if I make any mistakes please let me know in the comments down below because I don't want to make mistakes when it comes to this stuff and I don't want to say the wrong stuff but if I do make a mistake I'll write it in the comments or in the description box also I have my notes in front of me because I want to make sure that I say everything correctly now this one is just so interesting to me I don't know why it's just so interesting though for a long time it was thought that the feeling of pain came from the brain that rhyme the pain from the brain the sense of feeling of pain was coming from the brain still runs but recently it's been discovered that the reason that we actually feel pain is because of the receptors that we actually have on our skin and if we didn't have these pain receptors we wouldn't be able to feel pain which would be great actually not so amazing if we put our hand on a stove and we don't realize it's on the self so it's actually kind of a good thing pain it's kind of a blessing if you think about it okay so there's a verse that says we shall send those who reject our revelations to the fire when their skin has been burnt away we shall replace them with new ones so that they may continue to feel pain okay so I know that's a really heavy verse so it's making it really clear in this verses that pain is reliant on the skins I know it's a really intense verse inshallah God saves us from the Hellfire and that we don't ever have to experience any of this so on a happier note the mountains so the Quran says did we not make the earth a resting place and the mountains as stakes bran is indicating that the mountains have deep roots because it uses the word steaks not like eat steaks the lake I'm sure you all know what steaks are so according to a book title earth by geophysicist Frank pressed he claims that mountains are like steaks and are buried deep under the earth so the idea of mountains actually having steaks wasn't I keep thinking of like steak steaks like a steak instead of mountains having steaks in them wasn't developed until around the theory of tectonic plates came around which was around the beginning of the 20th century another thing that the Quran you before science even developed it before it even it could explain these things which is amazing reading these things just makes you realize how grand amazing goddess and how many elements goes into every little thing and sometimes just how it relates to us as human beings and just is just amazing so this one has to do with psychology and lying and with our brain during the time of the Prophet peace be upon him there was a cruel leader and God sent down a message to warn this leader which says no indeed if he does not stop a we will seize him by the forehead his lying sin forehead so you're probably just like okay what does this have to do with the brain though if we look at the verse God doesn't call this person a liar but he calls his forehead a liar okay so why does this matter what does this have to do with anything the front part of our brain has to do with voluntary movements so this is the part of the brain in the verse that God was saying that he'll sees and my friends this is the critical part the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that has to do with lying I just lying sinful forehead the frontal lobe as we said is a part of the brain that has to do with movement which is what he's doing he's doing you know bad things and whatnot this is why God sent down that first and it has to do with lying and these discoveries weren't made in modern science until the 20th century and we know that the Quran came way way before that next thing has to do with iron I know random random iron is actually not natural to earth so it actually came from outer space okay obviously it didn't magically appear here out of nowhere thousands and thousands of years ago meteorites and hit earth and with these meteorites along came iron so in the Quran it says we sent down iron with its great inherent strength and its many benefits for humankind just like the other things that I mentioned this wasn't discovered until very recently and the Quran was compiled so the next thing has to do with the ocean the Quran states that darkness out in a deep ocean which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are cloud layers of darkness one upon the other when one puts his hand therein he can hardly see it those God gives no light to they have no light so before in science it was commonly thought that waves only occur on the top part of the ocean but now oceanographers have found that waves occur beneath the surface of the ocean which is exactly what the quran stated to the human eye we wouldn't be able to see these waves only be detected with the proper equipment so the quran also mentioned that there's darkness in a deep ocean above which are waves above which are waves and then clouds above that in that verse it also describes the darkness within the ocean and if you don't know humans can only dive around 7 d what does it say here 70 meters without breathing equipment and within that range light is actually present when you dive that d but when you keep going down to like say a thousand meters it's going to be completely pitch dark and fourteen hundred years ago there was no such thing as submarines or diving equipment so there's absolutely no way anyone could have known this comes to both the waves beneath the ocean and when it comes to just how pitch-black the ocean really is when you really really go down anyway it's my friends i really hope you guys like this video give it a like thumbs up thanks for watching and i'll see you very soon bye you