5 Movies That Are LowKey Woke AF




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[Music] [Music] this high school comedy spoke about a number of issues mainly cultural appropriation year before it was the buzzword is today it's like every time we get some hear y'all come trying to steal it pin some blondes hair on it you calling it something different it also showed a group of black teenagers refusing a handout in their competition here I got my dad's company responsible stead looking into their own community for financial support we don't need you and beating the competition in the process they're just going to say you know captain's a captain that I respected to ask about their you guys were good thanks you were better we were huh okay so the movie isn't perfect cool outfit slam it slam it but it was one of the first major Hollywood films by depicted an interracial couple from the viewpoint of the black director and allow a young Kerry Washington a rare opportunity to critique that relationship is the big damn deal it's me and him not us and other people black people black women and here you come white so you gotta be right and you take a few decent men we have left after jail drugs and drive by that is what Nikki meant about you up in our world there's only one world chanel that is what they teach you we know different [Music] this slasher series was always made fun of common form would be element and also played them to them peepal Jada pinkett-smith and Omar Eva's characters drag war movies treatments of black characters the dumbass white movie about some dumbass white girls getting a white asses cut the you get your PhD in black cinema sister soldier forward they die in the first five minutes [Music] but the film's other black characters call out things that they're white leads aren't Moke enough to see brothers don't last long in situations like this stupid people go back ok smart people here in Disney's billion-dollar box office hit is basically a critique against discrimination its depiction of predator and prey stereotypes and police profiling share strong similarities to the human world all we know is that they are all members of the predator family they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators it may have something to do with biology no conscience no empathy we can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have to bring them to heel clearly there's a biological component these predators may be reverting back to their primitive savage ways are you serious egg stop it you're not like them oh there's a them now you know what I mean you're not that kind of predator Spike Lee served as executive producer of this cohort classic which is cleared during the opening segment which shows a political activist being beaten and killed by police I said I've got nothing against good cop but I will see lowlife scum like you run out of the department the film came out just three years after footage of Rodney King being brutalized by police caused five days of riots in Los Angeles in another scene a racist politician jhooth Mecca is causing concern by running for governor beyond the obvious concern that the black and Jewish communities share of the kandacy a one-time plan member dukkha Mecca there's clear similarities to former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke who from 1989 to 1992 was a Louisiana State Representative it's still an act of white supremacist to this day you