5 Older Guy Qualities Younger Women Chase in a Man Use THESE Instead of Money to Attract Her

what makes an older guy sexy to women what do women find attractive in an older guy even younger women that's what we're gonna discuss in this video hi I'm Bobby Rio and for the past 12 years I've been working with guys one on one and over the past several years more and more of my clients are guys in their 40s 50s and 60s and I love working with these guys because they get the best results they get immediate results because a lot of times they don't realize the untapped potential that they have in the dating scene in fact a lot of my clients after a little while working with me will say man like it's actually easier now than it was in my 20s and I think a lot of it stems from this idea that there are actually the women out there younger women women that find older guys instinctively more attractive now I know the first thing anybody says when they hear that is it's all about money right I'm sure that if you're watching this there's a part of your brain that always goes when you think of older guys being successful with women there's always a part of the brain that goes it's money I know this because every time I create one of these videos there's like 50 comments from guys saying women only like money whatever whatever whatever but the truth is that there's plenty of guys out there with average incomes that do really really well with women even as they get older they come out of a divorce they come out of a long-term relationship get back into the dating scene and find that it is even easier now so why is that well because there's a few qualities that older guys when they embrace these qualities become irresistibly attractive to women we're gonna go over these qualities right now so the first quality that I want to discuss is the word and the quality of certainty so certainty is a very attractive quality when somebody has it a lot of people say what is confidence well confidence really is certainty it's in it's in believing that you're the best option that where you choose to go is the best place what you're interested in is the best right a lot of guys fall into this trap when they get back in the dating scene older guys where they lack certainty and a lot of it is because they have this negative association with the fact that they're getting older with the fact that they're now unsure of things they're unsure what music is popular there are unsure of what places are the cool trendy places to go to so they meet a woman especially when they meet a younger woman they begin second-guessing themselves when they when they plan a date they they kind of one out weasel around it to get the woman to choose the place because they're afraid that they might choose the wrong place or even in terms of making their move on a woman I see this all the time with my older clients where they'll be with a woman who's giving them all the signs in the world but they they kind of tiptoe around it they don't really believe she could be into them so they never really that you know they might take on the role of a mentor they might kind of toe the friendzone line but they never actually make a move well the truth is that certainty is an extremely attractive quality like you're the best option because I always say women have a bit of make up my mind for me syndrome they don't really know and the interesting thing for an older guy is that when a woman meets you if she's feeling attraction to you it could go either way very quickly you can become the creepy older guy or you can become the sexy older guy and who determines which role you play into you do she's kind of looking at you for the clues and if you come in and you kind of act all creepy and all like you doubting yourself then that's what you're projecting and that's what she's gonna react to but if you come in certain that she should enjoy talking to you right certain that going out on a date with you would be an extremely good choice for her she's going to react to that I mean you see older guys all the time who have that attitude they've been through life and they're very comfortable in the choices they make and that's what you need to project certainty that you're the best option number two and this kind of plays into this idea of certainty is nonreactive what does that mean non reactive so nonreactive means that you don't you're able to hold your composure because again what happens to older guys especially older guys who are talking to a younger woman is the younger woman because like I said she often isn't sure about you on one hand you could be the sexy mature attractive older guy on the other hand you could be kind of the creepy older guy and she's really not sure so what she does is she tests you she throws out these little tests and all women do it they do it to young guys they do it to old guys but they tend to do it to old guys more because they need to want to figure you out faster so they may throw a test out there like how will do you where you're you're like my dad's age they might say something like that or they might they might make fun of you in something you're wearing they might go oh those those shoes you're wearing or whatever and what they're doing is they're subconsciously doing it to see if you lose your cool around her and the more you can keep your composure and let those kind of comments roll off you the more attractive you become so if a woman says how old are you and you start going well you know I'm I'm 55 but I look good and I'm like you know nobody really thinks on that age well you just failed that test because you reacted to it you started explaining and justifying yourself and she immediately goes oh I have all the power in this situation he's trying to impress me a younger woman doesn't really want to have to impress an older guy I mean she doesn't want the older guy to impress have to impress her she wants to have to impress him because that's that's that's her mindset right in her entire life is older guys are distinguished they're sophisticated I should have to impress them so when you turn around and you start trying to impress her it throws her off a little bit and she loses that attraction so being able if a woman goes says something to you about the clothes you're wearing and makes like a comment oh well I don't like guys that wear that and you go thanks for the fashion advice like kind of sarcastically and go back to talking about anything you just you just passed her test and that's what she wants even though she's doing it in a way to kind of throw you off the more you're able to keep your cool the more attraction she begins to feel for you so the third quality that women find attractive is what I call quiet power quiet power is when you have an authoritative presence around people not when you lose your cool and you demand things and you throw your temper around quiet power is when she feels safe around you because you get shit done and you don't have to make a big deal about it because you got to realize women especially women who are used to dating younger guys younger guys tend to not have their shit together and a lot of times the girl if you ever notice relationships with younger people a lot of times the woman actually has to take on the man role because the guy is so clueless and he's you know he doesn't have his shit together that she's got to have that power and kind of dominate things but when she meets an older guy who has that quiet dominating power that's really what she finds attractive she doesn't want to be in the masculine role a lot of younger guys forced her into that because they're just clueless and they don't have they're you know they don't really know what they're doing they're kind of still figuring life out so when she meets an older guy and he has that quiet power that gets shit done attitude where when she goes out to a restaurant with you and her she orders a steak rare and the state comes and it's well-done and she's all kind of nervous to send it back you just kind of call the waiter over and you go hey you know how she ordered this rare can you have a have that cook make another one just very quiet very confidently do that you're showing a masculine side that a lot of younger guys don't take the initiative a lot of younger guys would be scared to call the waiter over there they're gonna spit in the food they don't have that that that commanding presence that an older guy has and women find that really attractive when you present that to them so the next quality is integrity and integrity is when you do what you say you're gonna do and you don't make excuses for yourself again what happens and and I one of the things that I do have to smack around my older clients sometimes is they they kind of take a victim mentality when I first start working with them and they start saying things like well women only like money and and I go no that's not true it's it's not true yes you cannot be piss-poor at 50 years old and expected to be you know but you don't need to be rich you just have to be financially stable right you have to you have to just not you have to not be like so broke that you're living in your parents basement but you do have to have integrity because when a woman meets an older guy and he starts making excuses for his situation that is very much a turn-off on the other hand when she meets a guy who says something and then does it this is really really a turn-on so if he says that he's gonna take her somewhere and then he actually shows up and does it that alone sometimes is enough to differentiate yourself but having her knowing that she can count on your word is really important because again a lot of guys aren't like that I you know it's funny and the YouTube comments session of videos it's the prime example of finding guys who have a victim mentality who have a blame everybody but themselves mentality and I laugh because I'll my videos well you know we'll have a handful of comments like telling me how whatever criticizing me sizing something I said and always coming back and you could just see the negativity in them and it really is a lack of self responsibility because a responsible person takes on the responsibility and it's in words you say right so if you're talking to a woman and you're saying things like well I could have I could have been more successful with my career but my my old business partner was the one who ruined things well you're not taking responsibility that's a lack of integrity integrity is when you take full responsibility for everything in your life and the reason that's so attractive to a woman is because she feels safe and secure around a man who has this level of integrity and not many guys have it trust me so the next quality that is attractive and my friend Hank kind of summed up this word I never really knew the word but he's the one that's first started using it and he says you have to have clean you have to clean things and if you ever notice the guys in life who are really really successful not just with women but successful with with their jobs their careers they don't really wait for approval they don't really wait for the the person to come along and say it's okay now now you can do it they claim it and it's the same thing with women that the guy especially older guys when you meet a woman and you claim her as being yours not in a creepy you know in a way but it's just more of a psychological way like where you're just like yeah I'm gonna have her I'm gonna she's gonna be mine and you think like that that's an attractive well you couldn't go well isn't it isn't it whatever we'll compare that to the average guy the average guy as I said especially older guys they lack that certainty so they never claim the woman I see it all the time because I have so many clients that come to me and they're telling me all this my salsa teacher or this woman at work or I met this woman on this side and we went out on a date but I couldn't tell so I never made a move well that's on a track because as an older guy you're supposed to be the leader in the interaction you're like a leader cleans what's his and when you wait for a woman to go it's okay for you to kiss me now well then you're just not giving her what she wants and I know some guys know what about the me2 movement doesn't it isn't that no listen guys have been kissing women forever right going for a kiss is not me - is Harvey Weinstein doing really messed up shit going out on a date with a woman and going for the kiss is human dynamics that's what two humans do when they're attracted to each other so not doing it places yourself in the friendzone a lot of guys say well I always wind up in the friendzone why we say you guy doesn't wind up a woman doesn't put you in the friend zone you put yourself in the friend zone by the way you act towards a woman and unfortunately some nice older guys and nice guys they act like a friend because they're insecure to let the real intentions known maybe they feel guilty that they're attracted to this woman maybe they feel like it's wrong that I'm hitting on my coworker this woman possibly couldn't like me because she's 10 years younger than me well the truth is a woman is attracted to your attitude to your traits to your overall vibe and if your overall vibe is saying yeah you couldn't possibly be attracted to me well you're making up her mind for her and like I said women have that make up my mind for me syndrome so as an older guy stop obsessing about things like money and start thinking how can I incorporate being more certain how can I be not not a nonreactive is great a lot of guys get really hung up on this idea that oh she's testing me Oh women say these things and it throws me off learn to love when women do this because when you know how to pass these tests when you know how to pass these tests it it actually is a chance to make her more attracted to you look for opportunities to demonstrate that quiet power to show off your integrity and to clean now a lot of older guys like I said I've been working with them individually for a while but I've just wrapped up a brand new free completely free a class that I do a couple times a week with my friend Hank who also has been teaching this stuff extremely extremely knowledgeable Hank is 55 years old and just has a wealth of information and I actually resort to asking him questions often to help my clients out and I got him and he's very very under the radar nowadays and I got him to do a session with a session with me and we recorded this training it's called how to turn your age into the ultimate advantage with women and it's specifically geared for guys because we talk about things we talk about the common test right how to answer when a woman tests you how old you are what do you say we talk about how to demonstrate we practical ways to demonstrate claim and integrity and quiet power we talk about the other things that I didn't even mention today that women find really attractive and older guys that you got to begin showcasing you've got to begin actively showing women that you have this stop thinking I have to show women that I have money because it's not money it's the things that we're going to discuss in this new training completely free you can register at the link below it's called how to turn your age into the ultimate advantage with women and I want to see on that class especially like I said if you're 35 40 50 years old because you're gonna your mind is gonna really expand and the things that we're gonna go over so register now I don't know how long we are going to be putting on this free class so you do want to register now