5 Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind


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hi everyone as you may have noticed some of our episodes are dedicated to all kinds of intellectual riddles we hope you like them because today we have for you another video to stretch your brain remember you can always pause and use all the time you want to find the right answer let's get it on as usual let's warm up first here's the riddle a deaf-mute person went to a shop to buy a toothbrush using his hands he imitated how he brushes his teeth the seller was clever enough and understood what he meant the next customer was a man with vision problems he wanted a pair of glasses the question is how can he get what he needs from the seller the answer is simpler than he thought a visually impaired person just has to say I want to buy a pair of glasses got it then you won't have any problem to solve this one two fathers and two sons were all keen hunters one day while hunting they killed one Partridge each they came home with three partridges in total question how the hell did that happen elementary my dear Watson two fathers and two sons are simply son father and grandfather you've probably seen the next one before but still take a look at the screen you have nine dots in front of you the task is to connect all the dots with a pen using four straight lines and without lifting the pen redraw the picture on a sheet of paper and try to solve it this puzzle is not as simple as it may seem if you want to solve it you have to think outside the box literally let us give you a hint to help you remember that you can only draw straight lines to connect the dots but a line is not a segment therefore you're not limited by the space within these nine dots so let's try to draw a line that goes beyond the square after a little bit of brain work eventually or come up with one of the right answers and it'll look something like this moving on this one will make you sweat you'll need to turn on your attention search for even the tiniest details and show your best in logic well this picture is not new at all but that doesn't make it any less interesting look closely at this picture of some tourists outdoors and answer the next seven questions focus on the picture all the answers are in it how many tourists live in this camp when did they arrive today or a few days ago how did they get here where does the wind blow from from the north or from the south what time of the day is it where did Tom go who was on duty yesterday and what's his name now stop the video and try to answer these questions remember all the answers are inside the picture so how did it go let's have a look at the answers how many tourists live in the camp four if you look closely you'll see that there's cutlery for four people and there are four names in the duty roster when did they arrive today or a few days ago well not today judging by the spider net between the tree and the tent they came a few days ago how did they get here by boat look at the paddles near the tree where does the wind blow from from the north from the south there's a flagpole on the tent to identify the direction of the wind and look at the tree on one side the branches are shorter than on the other usually the branches are longer on the southern side so the wind blows from the south what time of the day is it it's morning from the previous question we know where are the north and the south and now it's obvious where the east and west is now we just have to look at the shadows based on this the Sun is on the east which means that it's morning where did Tom go he's catching butterflies the butterfly net can be seen behind the tent and it's obviously being used who was on duty yesterday and what's his name it's Bob you can see that Bob is looking for something in the bag with a letter B on it Tom is catching butterflies max is taking pictures because a tripod is seen in the bag with a letter M that means that John is on duty today therefore yesterday Bob was hopefully this video helped you to warm up your brain and now you're ready to make some incredible discoveries and meet the most difficult challenges amazing gadgets upcoming technologies incredible inventions and other cool stuff related to high-tech on tech sir subscribe you won't regret it the link is on the screen and in the description thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can