5 SIGNS You Might Be A LOW VALUE Man




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let me ask you a question what do you think it is that makes a man low value or high value is that his physical looks or is it the way that he dresses or is it something intrinsic like how much ambition or drive he has now this might not sound very fair but real life doesn't really play out like it does in the movies where the low value super awkward guy ends up defeating the bad guy in getting the girl obviously a plot like that makes people feel good because millions of guys all over the world can relate to being a super awkward shy or low value guy but in real life you have to have at least some value if you want other men to respect you and women to find you attractive and it's not always fair but it's just the rules of the game and you have the choice of whether or not you want to be a winner or a loser now the crazy part is that many guys are actually what most people would consider to be high value but they unknowingly do a few simple things that make other people perceive them as low value so I'm going to tell you what these things are so that you can make sure that you don't do them allowing you to avoid the dreaded low value label assigned I both men and women and with that said let's get right into it now first up we have the number one sign that a man is low value and it is having no friends now it's important to understand that not having any friends absolutely does not mean that there is something wrong with you and a lot of guys are so busy with work in school that they simply don't have much time for friends but even in these cases they usually have at least one or two friends that they talk to regularly now having no friends isn't some terrible thing that you need to fix right away but from the point of view of other people it can make you come off as a low value man and here's why now this is especially true if we're looking at it from a woman's point of view and this ties into the whole social status thing something that like 99 percent of women find absolutely intoxicating is a man who has social status which is why guys we're famous can almost pick and choose to be with any girl that they want from a primal instinctive point of view women are terrified of men who have no friends why because they look at it like if a guy has no friends then what is wrong with him that causes him to not have any and the opposite is also true if a guy actually has lots of friends then there must be some really good qualities about him that make all these different people want to like him think about it like this imagine you walk into the grocery store to buy a box of cereal and as you make your way down the cereal aisle on one side you see hundreds of boxes of different of cereal all stocked close together and on the other side you see only one box and there's not even a single other box of cereal around it on that entire side of the aisle even as a guy you would look at that and you'd think that's pretty weird right now what if that same box had even just one or two other boxes right next to it like almost like they are its close friends or something now it doesn't seem nearly as weird does it even if you're super focused on work school or whatever it might be make sure that you have at least one or two close friends or family members that you interact with at least occasionally and this will allow you to get away from people viewing you as a low-value man the next up is the second thing that many guys don't even know that they're doing right now that causes other people to view them as low value and this is a sneaky one now if you're a guy who wants women to find you extremely attractive then this one is super-important something that men do all the time without even knowing it is complaint and there are a few things that will catapult a men into the low value category faster than complaining now honestly as guys we all get frustrated and there will be many many things in life that make you incredibly mad but it's how you handle this frustration that determines whether or not you are at low or a high value myth and trust me when I say that you don't want to be the guy who is always complaining about every little thing all the time now the reason why complaining is so toxic is because it really doesn't do anything except to make you come off as a negative person sure it might make you feel better for a minute or two but it requires a host or another person to soak up all of that negative energy and guess what whoever that person is will quickly get tired of it and choose to spend their time with somebody who doesn't complain all the time now instead when you're frustrated about something don't talk about it simply do something about it and by handling it this way what you do is you get rid of the frustration and convert all that negative energy into positive momentum now up next we have the third thing that men unknowingly do that makes them come off as low value and this one is insecurities and this is quite possibly one of the biggest signs out there that other people use to identify as low value men especially women but no worries because it can be fixed insecurity is nothing more than being uncertain about yourself or feeling threatened and there isn't a man on this entire earth who doesn't have insecurities because we all have them even the most attractive most successful and most famous people alive have insecurities about various things but here's the difference a low-value man is one who has insecurities who knows that he has these insecurities but who does nothing about it sometimes insecurities are real things like going bald or having a weird shaped nose but in most cases they are completely made up inside of our own head now here's the major difference between how low value and a high value men handle insecurity and it's super easy to understand when faced with a situation that triggers insecurities a low value man allows his insecurities to get out of control and turn into something negative for everybody around him why like high value men quickly become self-aware of the insecurity and actively neutralizes it for example imagine a guy who was really insecure about being skinny and he happens to have a girlfriend now let's say that they're in a restaurant and the waiter walks up and he's this big strong masculine looking man with a deep voice and all the things that the skinny guy wishes that he had and the waiter starts talking to his girlfriend and as this happens the skinny guy does nothing to neutralize the insecure feelings and allows them to grow out of control and then once the waiter walks away he loads all of his insecure feelings off onto his girlfriend by being really rude and passive-aggressive towards her this is a perfect example of how a low value man would react and in the same exact situation a high value man would recognize the insecurities for what it is which is not a real thing and simply shrug it off as a passing emotion remember insecurity is actually an emotion which means it will come and then it will pass and what a high value man is able to do is stay calm and cool during this time and when all said and done by doing this he is able to completely avoid a disaster so the third sign that many guys give off that makes other people view them as low value is allowing insecurities to control them rather than the other way around the next up is the fourth sign that a man is low value and you could be doing this right now every single day without even realizing it and it's constantly criticizing other people imagine you're with this girl you just met and you guys are walking through the mall and there are hundreds of different people all around you and as you're walking you see a guy that really bugs you but you're not really sure why he bugs you so you say to the girl hey look at how stupid that guy looks now this happens once the girl will most likely just laugh a little bit at what you said but what if it happens again and then many more times a guy who is constantly making fun of other people thinks he is making funny jokes but what he's really doing is making it extremely obvious that he is a low-value man and the thing with low value men is that they regularly make fun of other people while they are around a group of people and in most cases they will make fun of people who they envy or people who they secretly want to be like it's almost like when a guy who is always super boring you sees a guy who is jumping around full of excitement and energy while entertaining a bunch of people they always say that your haters are secretly your biggest fans but the point here is that it's one thing to look at a guy that has a funny looking nose and laugh a little bit in your head and it's something completely different to make fun of this person in public out loud around other people in the moment that you do this you instantly toss yourself into the low-value man category now I'm not saying to laugh and make fun of people in your head because ideally you should always try your best not to make fun of anyone but if you do slip up a little bit just make sure that you at least keep it to yourself and don't say anything about it out loud now next up is the fifth sign that will cause a man to be viewed by others as having low value some experts will tell you that emotional intelligence is responsible for as much as 90% of the success that you will have in your life so what exactly is it emotional intelligence is simply how well you know yourself how will you manage yourself and your emotions how will you understand other people's emotions and how easily you're able to create good connections with other people and this is essentially every aspect of social skills in a nutshell so a low-value man is a guy who has low emotional intelligence and here's what that looks like first this guy is not very self-aware meaning he doesn't know himself very well so he doesn't know what he wants out of life what he likes to do and due to not knowing himself very well he also doesn't understand why he does the things that he does that frequently cause him to get negative results during social interactions now since this type of guy is also very bad at managing himself he frequently seeks short-term pleasure instead of long-term results and this is one of the major traits of poor people and it's the primary reason why lottery winners go broke after winning millions a guy with low emotional intelligence is also likely to spend way more time than most people gossiping about others watching mindless TV and trying to direct other people's lives instead of his own and the third part of lacking emotional intelligence is absolutely huge and it's easily the most important and it's being very bad at picking up on the emotions of others one of the most powerful skills that women have is a very strong ability to accurately the emotions and body language of others which is almost like reading a person's mind and the skill in the hands of a man is incredibly useful and it can give him a very powerful edge because so many men are completely lacking in this ability and this is especially true for low value men this has been five signs that a man is low value or five things that men do that cause other people to view them as low value so if you'd like to be perceived as a high value man then simply don't do these things and with that said I'm Julian and until next time thanks for watching