This video is brought to by Storyblocks Video [Cinecom's intro music] What's up folks, it’s Jordy here for cinecom.net and welcome to Creative Tuesday! I've got 5 super easy and super fast title animations that you can create inside Adobe Premiere Pro. And we're gonna kick it off with the first one: The Morph! Yeah, I’m gonna name every animation, It's gonna be fun! From the Effects Library, search for the Turbulent Displace effect. Drag it to your title. And we're gonna simply animate the amount from something around 5000 to 0 a little bit further in time. And this already looks pretty cool. You can change the displacement to something else for a different look, if you like so. But if you also like to get that zoom-in effect, you wanna animate the size property as well. Start by increasing it a bunch and then create a keyframe. Move forward in time and decrease it to around 100. You could set it to 0, but that looks a little bit weird in my opinion. And that'll give you this cool looking animation. A little bonus tip is if you would like to use this more often, simply right click on the Turbulent Displace effect and chose 'save preset’. You could then find your custom animation in the presets folder. Animation number 2: The Background Mask! I think we've all seen those tutorials somewhere about how to get a video take up the shape of your text. Well, since the latest updates for Premiere, that actually goes a whole lot easier now. Instead of adding your photo or video into the timeline, we're going to use the Essential Graphics from the title that we've created. In here click on the ‘New item’ button and select 'From File...' Then find your background clip and hit OK. Make sure that the imported background sits below the text. Then select your text and all the way on the bottom check 'Mask with Text'. And that's it! A very cool addition to this is when you drag the anchor point of your text to an opening. Then animate the scale of the text so that it seems like the camera flies through that text. And because you're not animating the scale of the layer, but that of the text, the edges of the text won't get pixelated. I've got three more awesome text animations for you, but first a big shoutout to our sponsor Storyblocks Video. It's a growing online library, famous for their high quality stock clips. But apart from that, they've got a huge collection of After Effects templates as well. Things like logo reveals, slideshows, typographies, title animations and more. With an active subscription you can download anything from this library without additional fees. Simply change the text of the template to get an instant animation that looks epic! For more information, make sure to click the first link in the description below! Moving on with the next one: The Glitch Text! But a super easy one, and it looks super epic. Start off by searching for the Block Dissolve effect and drag that to your text. From here you wanna increase the block width and height. Then simply create an animation for the transition completion from 100 to 0. And this will already give you a very nice block reveal animation. Now to top it off, I'm also going to search for the VR Glitch effect and drag it to the text as well. For this effect, I'm going to animate the master amplitude from something around 100 to 0. And that'll give you this pretty cool glitch text reveal. Again, you can save this as a preset for later use, if you like so. Text animation number 4: The Crazy Barrel effect! Start off by searching for the Basic 3D effect and drag it over to you text. What I'm gonna do now is animate the tilt. If you like, you could also do that with the swivel. Create a keyframe, go further in time and change the angle to 5 times or something. The animation has to go very smooth, so what I'll do is expand the property and pull on the level of the last keyframe so that the curve stays flat. The lever of the first keyframe can be pulled inwards. This way the animation will go very fast in the beginning and then slower towards the end. This already looks pretty cool, but we're gonna top it off with some motion blur. To create that, search for the Directional Blur and drag it to your text. Animate the blur length from something around 50 to 0 overtime. If you animated the swivel instead of the tilt, you wanna change the direction here to 90 degrees. Else, you can leave that at 0. And that creates this very cool and smooth barrel roll effect. Again, you can save this as a preset as well. Which brings us to the last super fast title animation effect, which is the ‘Reveal out of nowhere’. Yeah, I'm getting really creative with these names, I know! For this one, all you're gonna need is the Roughen Edges effect. Apply it to your text and simply animate the border from maximum all the way to 0. Now like we've seen before, we’re also going to expand the property and pull the last keyframe lever to the left and the first one also to the left and that way the animation gets an exponential growth making the reveal more natural. And that's it! If you like, you could choose again a different edge type. But this is the basic idea behind it. I hope you've learned something new today, thank you so much for watching, thank you Storyblocks for the support and as always: Stay Creative! Hey guys, for the past weeks I’ve been working on a very special project, which involves this DIY POV helmet. This basically allows me to film from my point of view, and so you can still kind of see my hands. Now, because I’ve been wearing this for a little while now, the helmet is starting to smell.