5 Sesame Street Stories

[Music] he zoomed through the sky smarter than a speeding bullet furrier than a powerful locomotive able to leap tall futures in a single bound oh my goodness hey I am cute too and know everybody once again it is time for the exciting Adventures of Super Grover from the original Sesame Street story by Emily Pro Kings illustrated by Joe Matthew featuring Jim Henson Sesame Street Muppets a golden ball in cooperation with the children's television workshop the origins of Super Grover daddy where did you ever go wrong and how fill our will kids I'll tell you the story about Grover 20 with a little monster one day is mommy called on the phone inside welcome I have finished your costume yes your time for Halloween I hope you like it why mommy it is a superhero costume uh-huh just with that always wanted the next day with Halloween oh dear I must find a telephone booth so that I can put on my costume superheroes always change into their costumes in telephone booth I shall run and I to the California on the corner because I know that is it kids one [Music] you look nice here have a good time that time on mobile found that Romero he put on his superhero Halloween costume he changed the mild-mannered plain little Grover monster into the brave and fearless [Music] besides flying I have a vision sorry birth and their super strength and I come over handsome perfect I will blow up these balloons in a jiffy with my super breath Super Grover that's enough already hi Robert ABS for healing what's the matter Super Grover that's a horrible thing you're making haha it is after my super-hearing hey oh no he has started practicing his violin oh and I have super smell his Oscar still playing your violin Grover yes since why are you still making their horrible face my son we're hearing telling me that oscar has stopped playing his violin but my kidney developed sense of super smell tells me that oscar has just cooked dinner all that smells like old socks it's our bean sauce oh it's so cute for a mild-mannered flame little Grover monster changed to the brave fearless Super Grover [Applause] [Music] remember distance is very important even if your money makes you a superhero something you're not trying to do and yet these things especially flying because you cannot do it you do not have superpowers because there is only one haha Super Grover and the speeding sled [Music] one winter day Rhonda sooo busy decided to find the biggest and steepest hill she could and go sledding Oh beautiful weren't you I've never gone down this hair on my head I think I'll go for it this is great while Super Grover was flying high above I must see if anybody's been in trouble yeah anybody need help your friendly neighborhood superhero is available right now and you take us what is up my super shock I see something far down oh oh my goodness that little girl is sledding down that big hill how she was going right look at those big tree stands a very bottom of this detail little girl was certainly crash into those three eyes remover must one her how about this super plan I will make a big stuff to show that sweep of the world when that's wicked the girl sees this she will know to slow down her sled and stop oh here she comes now ah little girl it is hi Robert here to tell you you see oh my stop sign did not work hmm i Musti my super brain to think of something else to stop her I wonder what that stuff sign was doing right in the middle of this show huh I have another reporter idea you will build a great big wall of snow that needs to be stopped up it's a girl Oh No a great big wall snow in front of me if I don't watch out I'll crash into it hey how about this super smart I am coming here from the branch of capital tree when that little girl goes either way I will teach her by the tinkles and stop her with my super strength you know sometimes I am your friend with a super smart guy very blue thing what you know what thanks to all the maybe three letters for dad or I might crash right into them oh that little girl's does not even know how to stop Super Grover got up and brushed the snow from his super cape yeah you were going down that hill very fact Oh over that was the best was right I ever had it was stop signs picking up on a moment there it was a great deep wall of snow and then there was a phony blue thing hanging from a tree it was incredible it was fantastic I'm going to do that again you want to lift me super Alma oh my goodness rubber rubber Super Grover and the three bears one day cause we went to the school auditorium to see the school play Goldilocks and the three bears Grover didn't understand that a play is just pretend and that an audience is meant to keep quiet look there she has got in my friend for everything hello brother yo yo ray yeah over here oh really in the play Goldilocks ate up all the bears porridge and Goldilocks sat on the Bears affairs then she went to lie down on the Bears three beds is to just write AB swimmer's Goldilocks fell asleep three bears came home from their walk in the woods oh no baby bear there is a little girl sleeping in your bed yoohoo little girl wake up my little friend Prairie dawn isn't it just a problem just look at those bears he must have escaped from the zoo hi had better trips to them this is a job for sorry Paris productive I must change my super roller costume first now let me yes I think I saw it fell upon me I did not say that was right what sorry well I never for happens by it sure is a good thing I remember to put my kid people Super Grover Compton pain to be bottom of my last box never can tell we kept army post and received a flicked on twice or otherwise dual oh well have no fear buried on brave and fearless some robbers will pick those three ugly for roaches pairs but city zoo I do not so Jesus it's happening Grover digitate play those are not real bears you're not going to Clara Donnelly I remember who did Jeremy's terribly vicious rare so they will never ever bother you or anybody else again clover it's only a play Linkin Park hi Robert will teach you big me they're not to bother such a nice little girl look I'm gonna star in red blind this is a big hole thank you we're big ferocious bears like you belong and now are you bears back in the empty auditorium Prairie dawn sat all alone on the stage I will never forget what you did today clover oh thank me we superheroes live to serve now that those three dangerous bears I'm Zoo you can't go on your play never be a star meanwhile please hurry mr. zookeeper sir [Music] Super Grover and the whole story or gone fishing [Music] one former girl Hoover went fishing with a bunch of his friends I'm using my deathbed paperclip promise I'll catch lots of minnows people catch big fish and write it for movies yes chocolate-chip cookie oh one oatmeal cookies oh boy oh boy oh boy goodness there is a hole in this book hey everybody we had record of this flu harassment good will fill up with water and thanks and we will all get well oh my goodness Oregon is so busy fishing isn't delivering that means that this is a job for the robber it certainly is a good thing I remember to pack my Super Grover costume in the bottom of my life back and now if I get terrible business there is no telephone booth under this box or in the cupboard or in this crevice anywhere oh there does not seem to be a token good I didn't go you're not changing to myself who ever asked you why can I change into my girl fashion I give myself a flower Oh what am I going to be quick I just talked to something kinda crazy you'll be yes that hold myself just named oh oh yeah ha ha without my soup for powers I had to use my plain old regular chip finger kiss 1s work just fine while I write on fishies my brother hand oh okay there is another cool book hey everybody I am already plugging up one haul with my kid finger if somebody does not fix that other one oh this pose will fill up with water Thanks hey keep it down Grover caught again everybody was so busy fishing that nobody's idea my watch it please I still real far like this I can just cannot reach that new hole with my toe I will stick my toe in the hole big it will stop do you want this is mine well it is a little awkward fishing this way but it is a lot better than drinking with can you believe it Gruber suddenly notice a corn hole and look at the water from coming in I stole from his other foot into the hole I didn't think for bigger could have done a better job of hooking up people oh my mommy would be so proud but then suddenly Grover caught a fish of big one [Music] hey keep it down Grover Hill frighten the fish away the water started pouring into the boat after whatever asked Rover was pulled down to the bottom he saw could it be was it possible an old rustic telephone booth Grover quickly swam into the old rusty telephone booth and changed into his Super Grover costume you cannot look underwater I powerful remover and picking up this whole big rope to save it from safety and that is how Grover bumster and Super Grover save the day who was that flying blue monster anyway I thought it was a plane it was a new frog it [Music] remember this it is very important even with your money make you a superhero something do not try to do any of these things especially flying because you cannot do it you do not have superpowers because there is only one Big Bird bring spring to Sesame Street adapted from the golden bulk of the same name a Sesame Street story a golden book by lon Collier swindler illustrated by Marcia wind-borne featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets in cooperation with the children's television workshop one morning Big Bird went for a walk down Sesame Street everything was disappearing under a thick blanket of plain white snow gee everything is covered with snow the sidewalks where we played hopscotch and jump rope last summer are all covered even the tire swing everything I like to play on is hidden hmm I wish spring would come Big Bird walks through the park feeling sorry for himself hi big bird no I don't think so I wish it was spring already hey big bird I want to fly down the hill with me it's fun see no thanks I want to ride my unicycle but I can't in all this snow Big Bird the ice is perfect baby come on over no thanks kids I'd rather go rollerskating and the snows too deep I can't even play in the sandbox anymore where there's no fun at all I'm going home but a did bird walk past Oscars garbage can I love this crummy weather got to chill this hot chocolate down so it tastes good and yucky hi Oscar hey what's the matter big bird it's a great storm you ought to be happy I'm tired of this plain white snow yeah me too I wish somebody would put some dirt or Sun on it or something we haven't had any good blush all winter that's not what I meant after I need the spring I'm sad lumpy I need the spring I'm all ghosts bumpy but called and flush and all that sneezing I hate the snow who needs the Sun I like it freezing let that wind blow oh that's heaven gloomy and dreary another day that is chilly wet and glarry I need the days with a warm and gentle Sun this long dark winter is just no fun it warms my heart to feel the frost I want the warmer days I'd loss of spring spring spring well forget it feather face gee Oscar I'm going to be just as grouchy as you if I don't think of something to cheer myself up maybe I should buy some sunglasses to remind me of a sunny day no wait a minute a great big bright kite might do it I guess my suddenly this shirt had a wonderful idea I'm going to go get some flowers at math and plazas store right now I'll buy some flowers to put in mine then yeah you can get some cactus flowers or a Venus flytrap goodbye Oscar oh there are so many pretty flowers it's hard to decide I know I'll fit my favorite colors a pink one orange one a blue one a yellow one a red one and finally a pretty purple one I feel better already Big Bird walks fast to add Sesame Street with his beautiful flowers Big Bird decided to warm up in some of the counts fireplace as soon as the couch friendly batgirl ours they started to count them [Music] I didn't buy the flower to count them I bought them to remind me of spring um would you like to keep this pretty pink daisy the count thanks Big Bird choking petals would be something wonderful to do walk down Sesame Street carrying his five flowers why there's Delores shoveling snow hi Delores hi Big Bird one Delores are you hurt now big bird I'm not hurt but I am tired of winter and shoveling snow well let me help you up thanks hey Delores you may have one of my flowers it'll help you feel happy again thank you oh it's a tiger lily tiger lilies make me think of a nice warm jungle Big Bird walked on Sesame Street with four flowers he had long feared my cute very adorable friend grow oh boy see look bad no good morning well her my goodness sorry old Grover is very blue well of course you're blue you have blue / no no no no Big Bird I mean I am very sad why I cannot ride my new scooter addition oh gee I know how you feel I can't use my unicycle or play in the sandbox or fly my kite either hey maybe this blue pansy will make you feel better Grover ah this little blue pansy will be so cute are improvers it's a furry body I will tuck it in my cat oh dear only three flowers left but I guess Grover Delores of the counter happier though Big Bird carries with three flowers down the street until he saw another friend Ernie you look cold I'm so cold my tail feathers are frozen where are you calling early to a big bird that he was going to visit Betty Lou because she was sick in bed oh well do you think she would like a yellow daffodil now I only have two flowers left Ernie took the daffodil and Big Bird went into Hooper's store to warm his feathers my big is freezing maybe I'll buy some hot cider to warm up or maybe I could wrap a new muffler around my cold beak gee there's Bert sipping a Figgy fizz what's wrong Bert you look kind of glum ah I lost my favorite paperclip in a snowdrift he that's terrible yeah I'll have to wait until the snow melts to find it Oh big bird what if my paperclip gets all rusted by man don't worry Bert your paperclip will still be there in the spring Oh big bird Hey what are you gonna do with that beautiful rose ha well uh I was going to give it to you Bert to remind you of spring ah thanks Big Bird left Hooper's store he looked at his last flower no I've only got this one purple iris left and it's broken Oscar saw a big bird coming did someone say broken I love things that are broken even if it's the yucky flower it was me Oscar if you like my purple iris them I guess you may have it hey thanks better face now leave me alone and get lost empty-handed Big Bird walked back up Sesame Street toward his nest he had given away all six flowers oh well soon it will be spring look look at all the colors the plain white snow covered street was splashed with bright colors the flowers Big Bird had given to his friends were blooming up and down Sesame Street Big Bird had brought spring to Sesame Street I don't have to wait for spring at all [Music] it can be fun [Music] we don't do state just put them on your toes that's not be hate my big girl hours degree and maybe mind retreat you two can use your part I'm spring is in your horse okay night and yucky again it's all right you can be so lucky I'm gonna stress right oh yeah I'm peachy oh you sure next winter sweet my favorite winter spring and maybe my cherry you can do your part my trick is in your heart [Music] you