5 Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects

hi everyone everyday we use a vast amount of different objects from a simple toothbrush to complex technologies like computers or smartphones it's sometimes hard to imagine but every detail on those objects has a specific function for example have you ever thought why your toilet paper has such a pretty pattern or why there are holes on the side of your converses so here are five things you didn't know about everyday objects let's get it on side holes on converse shoes surely you've seen these pair of holes on your converse trainers they have not one not even two but three functions the first and most obvious one is ventilation when enclosed in dense material your feet can't breathe holes allow air to get inside the shoe so your foot wouldn't sweat too much also it protects you from some unpleasant diseases like fungus secondly you can put the shoelaces through these extra holes and your shoes will fit you more tightly we recommend you to try this unusual lacing if you have a narrow foot or if you simply love feeling control on your feet while walking and a third function is the aesthetic one you have to agree converse wouldn't look so cool without these little pieces of style earpieces of glasses when we hear the word glasses a certain image pops in our head two lenses attached to each other and two earpieces but it wasn't always like that if somehow we would meet an 18th century person for example we would be surprised by that weird thing is holding with this hands what on earth is that supposed to be well this story goes back in time when an Italian called salvano de marte discovered some pieces of glass that could be used to improve farsightedness he then put them into a rim made of animal bones and created what we know as eye glasses these early spectacles didn't come with earpieces so everyone had to hold them in their hands because otherwise they'd fall down and break there were a couple of crazy ideas to fix this problem attach the glasses to our helmets or tie them up to the head with a special ribbon etc but since the 18th century thanks to an inventor named Edward Scarlett we have the earpieces that were accustomed to it was he who first thought of putting to good use they're not so beautiful form of our ears and thus he created earpieces that hold on to the ear like a fish to a hook nowadays earpieces are so common that every pair of glasses normal 3d or sunglasses has them and they look just as they did when they were invented back then the black dots between the flash and the camera on an iPhone you might think that every iPhone lover knows is smartphone backward and forward and can easily use built-in apps or download new ones from the store however there are still a couple of details that no one knows what a for for example this little dot on the back of the phone right between the flash in the camera it turns out that's a noise cancelling microphone this little microphone is puts as far as possible from our mouth in order to not hear our voice but background noises as a result the iPhone perceives the frequency of those unwanted sounds and cuts them out leaving just your beautiful crystal clear voice toilet paper patterns history says the toilet paper for hygienic needs was first used in China in the 6th century BC nowadays it's made from all kinds of materials with different embossing patterns and textures it can be humid or perfumed or it can have different roughness absorbency etc some people think the patterns are used simply to make toilet paper more pretty like if the manufacturers were thinking about us so that we won't get bored alone in the bathroom well that is not entirely true thanks to embossing paper has a better cohesion with skin and therefore your ass shines like a diamond after every use colored circles and squares nowadays almost every product in the market has a color block on the package it doesn't matter if it's a pack of crisps or a bottle of milk it's so common there's even a theory amongst conspiracy lovers that this is some kind of method for large corporations to study us relax don't get paranoid the truth is much simpler and more pleasant these squares and circles are tags for color convergence use drink holographic printing therefore they are only for technical control of the package color and have nothing to do with its content thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can