5 Tricks for BIG ‘80s Drum Sounds


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[Music] what's going on guys in this video we're looking at some tricks for adding a retro 80s flavor to drums i'm going to show you some simple ways to get gated plate reverb snares delayed claps bigger kicks and toms and overall wider more 80s influence sound i'm also leaving a link for you to download this plug-in chain for studio rack free over at waves.com 80s drums let's not waste any more time take a listen to these drums before and after the 80s treatment here's the before [Music] and after [Music] instantly much wider and fuller definitely has that 80s vibe and energy and all within this chain of five plugins so let's dig right in starting off with probably the most iconic drum sound of the 80s the gated plate reverb effect now you can do this on just about any snare for this one i have a lin lm1 snare sample with an oberheim dmx clap on the clap we don't need all the body so i'm just going to roll off with a high pass filter to about 400 hertz and then just to brighten it up i'm going to give it a high shelf at 4k boost a couple db now when i put it together with the snare we get this all right now let's add the reverb for this i went with the abbey road reverb plates now on the plate selector you can choose between the same reverb plates housed at abbey road studios i'm going to go with b i like the way it enhances the low mids on the snare feel free to choose what works best for you now over here we're gonna adjust the damper and this is basically the decay time [Music] right there at four is good all right we're gonna leave the eq section alone the pre-delay the drive we're gonna leave alone for now but we are gonna add some analog noise and hum let's go all the way up with the analog control and last is the dry wet control i like it right there at about 38 and that way we're keeping the attack from the dry signal all right so that's the reverb and we can't do this without the gate so let's open up the c1 and i have it inserted after the abbey road plates now the first thing we're going to do is give it a fast attack we're going to keep the release at 30 and the hold at zero and then you just want to take the gate control and drag it all the way up and then slowly bring it back down until you hear that snare again like that next take the gate closed control drag this down slightly just until you hear that reverb jumping out i'm at about minus 19 and minus 29 and that's gonna make it breathe right along to the rhythm here's before the gate and after all right also right here in studio rack i already went ahead and assigned both the reverb wet dry and the gate to macros one and two and then we can even tone shift the snare and beef it up instantly with macro 6 right here i'm going to show you how to do more of that with torque in just a second but basically you've got all the major settings right here for you on these macros so you can adjust quickly and keep it moving alright now let's move on to the kicks and the torque plug-in i'm using the classic lm1 bass drum sample same exact reverb and gate we used on the snare but for the kick i'm going to go with a little less reverb and to make it sound even more 80s i'm also going to add just a touch of delay right there at about 12 is enough and we're gonna get into this delay effect in just a minute right now let's beep off this kick the layering or adding another sample is one way to go another way is with the torque plug-in i have it inserted here fourth in the plug-in chain now the first thing to do let's lower the threshold control and make sure those peaks are hitting yellow right there at about -51 is good and now we can use the focus control to find the area we want to shift most of the character is in that low range right there at 100 hertz is where things start to jump out so now we just need to grab the torque control to beef it up i like the way it's hitting right there at 510 and then we can just tighten up the resonance with the speed control i like it right there at about 33 and then we can bring out a little boom with the trim control not too much right there at one is enough all right let's a b the kick real quick here's the before and after much bigger and bolder and thicker and using just one sample let's check out the toms now same plug-in chain this time i went with plate a on the abbey road reverb plates and i also adjusted the gate to better suit the toms now let's open up torque now watch the focus area when i play it back you see how the peaks move down the spectrum as the toms got lower and lower instead of inserting torque on every tom hit we can automate the focus and torque controls to move right along with it so that first big peak is hitting right here in the 450 hertz range but as the tone gets lower and lower you need a way to focus on each of those peaks as they go down so what you can do is click on the focus control and then in your daw draw in a little automation starting at the range of your highest peaks in this case it's 450 hertz and then right on the last tom hit bring the automation down to the lowest point at 98 hertz alright now the same thing on the main torque control enable the automation click on the torque control and then just draw in that slope going right down to the last tom hit like that and now when we play it back it's going to shift and enhance right along with every tom hit without losing any of the body or attack check it out here's the before and after all right let's get into a couple sweeteners right now another thing i did to give it more of an 80s feel was i added a clap with slapback delay here i added the same dmx clap and i have it going on every alternating snare hit check it out [Music] but this time instead of the abbey road plates before the gate for this we're going to use the h delay plugin now on the h delay let's take it all the way to 100 wet next set it to ping pong mode and then make sure it's set to host all right we're going to set the delay time to a 16th we'll leave the feedback right here at 60. last thing is to roll off with the high pass to about 75 and the rest will leave alone and now you get this now to control the repetition of the feedback we're going to use the gate all we need to do is adjust the gate open and get closed on the c1 right there at about minus 20 is good or you can also just use macro 2 right here on studio rack to cut the delay off at just the right time just like that you also have control of the overall delay amount with macro 4 right here [Music] all right the last thing i've included in this chain is the mondo mod plug-in another sweetener and it's great for widening out things like hi-hats shakers and effects take a listen to these right up the middle pretty stale so let's turn on mondo mod and make a few quick adjustments first you want to set the sync to auto and then right here on the multiplier you want to set it to 0.5 and you get a nice auto panning effect right in time with the track's tempo check it out now depending on how wide you want to take it you have the range control right down here to adjust that i like the feeling at 50 but feel free to take this as wide as you want for your tracks alright i also have the overall auto pan effect assigned right here for you on macro 7. alright now we made all these adjustments let me play back all the drums with a little guitar and bass so you can hear the final difference here's the before [Music] and after and there you have it some simple tricks for adding an 80 sound to your drums but don't forget to check out the link in the description below you'll find this plug-in chain for studio rack free at waves.com 80's drums also make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to keep up with the latest tips tricks and more from waves audio and until next time thank you for watching [Music] you