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We're going to look at five of the most beautiful and mystical words in the Irish language let's start with this one, Madra Rua, this means Fox and if it was to be translated literally it would mean a red dog because Madra is the Irish word for dog and Rua is the Irish word for red and together Madra Rua means the red dog You could also use the word Sionnach to describe the Fox, Sionnach, but I prefer Madra Rua Tháinig sé ar Mhadra Rua ag siúl tríd an bhféar He came across a fox walking through the grass Tháinig sé ar Mhadra Rua ag siúl tríd an bhféar Our next word is the Irish word for freckles and that is Pógíní Gréine Pógíní Gréine This literally translates into sun kisses because Pógíní comes from the Irish word Póg which is to kiss and Gréine comes from the Irish word grian, which is the sun and together they make up a wonderful way to describe freckles - Sun-kisses, Pógíní Gréine Tá Pógíní Gréine ar a haghaidh, her face is freckled or she has freckles on her face Our next beautiful word is Bláthanna Bláthanna, this is the Irish word for flowers and it comes from the word bláth which can actually mean flower as in a singular flower? but it's the Irish word too for Blossom, so for something to blossom - bláth, so many things blossoming would be the plural of that which is Bláthanna Tagann boladh álainn ó na bláthanna seo, there's a lovely smell coming from these flowers Our next beautiful word is the Irish word for bird Which is Éan and tréad éan is a flock of birds Bhí na héin ag ceol - the birds were singing Éan can also be a common name as well, an Irish name that is often it has the letter A on the end of it, so you might come across the name Éanna which can be related to a bird - Éanna but that was our next Irish word Éan for bird. Our next beautiful words are two words to describe a dream The first word is Brionglóid This is an old Irish word to describe a dream Ní raibh ann ach Brionglóid = It was only a dream Another word to describe dream is the word Aisling which is actually quite a common girl's name as well - Aisling An Aisling Mheiricéanach = the American dream If you enjoyed this video please give it a like and don't forget to let me know in the comments section below some of your favorite words in Irish Remember you can always subscribe and hit the bell notification, so you can be notified whenever I make a new video slán go fóill agus go raibh maith agat.