50 Cent Apologizes To Moneybagg Yo After Crude Meg Thee Stallion Comment


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[Music] the report the breakfast club now they're saying all Kelly's girlfriends are to the rescue they're trying to raise money for his legal funds they have a huge plan that they're saying that could get them a lot of big bucks so they can hire Michael Jackson's attorney and that includes a payday through a book deal I thought Michael Jackson's attorney when he got off with Johnnie Cochran am I wrong here I guess he had a couple attorneys oh sure yeah a couple tourney working out when he beat the case initially we knew dancing on the top of the car thought Johnnie Cochran was attorney I'm sure he had a couple but the girls are trying to get out Michael Jackson's attorney so but the only problem is nobody is giving them any money for the book there so they're shopping it around and nobody's made them any office as of why would I want a book deal about those two young ladies and their relationship with our Kelly mm-hmm I would not care mmm Thomas Mesirow lady defense attorney okay I hate Thomas Monroe oh they did there also are Kelly made a plea to the judge he wanted to get out of solitary confinement and put in general population and that is true he's supposed to be a general population as of today I'll kill you don't know what happened to child molesters in general population what happened did you get beat up and sometimes killed remember the story about we heard about all Kelly and all Kelly fightin and they said that all Kelly could fight a lot and he's used to boxing so yeah well you can't fight five or six guys jumping on his ass I doubt that highly but why would he do that I feel like that would be a safety risk not like I care but why would he put himself in a situation probably feel like he's going crazy in solitary confinement he's in a box he can't do anything but walk around he can't speak to anybody probably going crazy I think he'll be a big and if you put back in that box after the general pop and also 50-cent apologizes and this is to money bag yo money bag Gil posted a picture of his girlfriend Megan stylin on a pool table and he wrote she's with whatever I'm with in 50 cent typed under it all kind of good-looking hoes out here the pressure break him laugh out loud and I guess he didn't realize that was his girl then 50 came back and said hey money Baguio I looked at this picture so your comment and wrote that I didn't even know was Megan misunderstanding no disrespect I'll hit you phone later as he should just apologize apologize for being wrong all right and you were on the shop last night I was on the shop on HBO now let's talk about that little bit with Kevin Hart and Kevin Love and Rob Gronkowski and of course maverick Carter lone oz x zj McCallum Paul Vera let's play some clips little knives clubs this this is little nice talking about coming out and with all that early success you felt it was important to make a an announcement recently it's not there like his like being course is just like annoying like growing up I'm growing up to hate so it's like if for me the cool do with this song on top of everything to say this any other time like I'm doing this for attention in my eyes but if you're doing this like why you were at the top you know it's like for real listen I always tell people live your truth and nobody can use your truth against you I just didn't like that line a question in the reason I didn't like it is because of we were sitting around in the barber shop or anywhere I wouldn't be questioning that man about his sexuality like he's 20 years old and I don't even know if he's all the way comfortable being out yet and I don't think a national TV program a big show like the shop you know is the place to have that conversation but I mean you know I understand his TV so I guess the question needed to be asked because people wanted to know but in the words of Kevin Hart okay so what now so Charlemagne was only talking about learning from the goats can you really learn from people like LeBron James and Tom Brady and the reason I asked that those guys are out lies are you talking about the best of the best legendary so even when they ask they ask of certain things from y'all you just can't deliver caused is different that's true 100% I see it many times especially at rookies when I was a rookie Tom wants it to be done in such a certain way because he's at that certain level you weren't but it can go but goats up in made so you don't think it's a go gene I personally do think that ron has a go because of your within your body he also talks about on let's talk about that what's that cuz I totally believe it I believe it's a go gene I believe you can work as hard as you want but some people can do things that you can't like in that and like I asked Kevin love like what is this let me ask ever questioning Kevin lo what is LeBron doing that you're not there can't compare different types of players Kevin Love is a walking 26 and 12 with his own team what immediately became a small conversation when he got on a brown cuz the Brawn is a goat that's my point think about it Kevin and I love Kevin Love Kevin is like six nine sixteen correct 230 like CJ McCollum said he's a 20 and 12 guy 20 still not LeBron James you could be in the same gym when the same jersey eating the same food practicing the same amount of time and still can't do what the goats can do yeah some people are just born with it I just I believe this morning I don't necessarily think it's a gene but let me not it's not in you but I mean like it's not don't mean like it's in your DNA it has to be hmm I didn't then Michael Jordan son none a number or our superstar anything a players they don't have the go gene so what were you talking about him gene that means is in you genes that means it's in your bloodline correct not everybody has it like dog genes you can skip generations that's the mice all I'm saying I believe it's a go Gina I believe it's just something people people can do that other people can't do and I think there's good I think there's great and I just think it's there's greatest of all time coat and it's hard to be that so you don't they don't have I don't think you could work towards it no I think like I said I remember one time I heard Memphis Bleek on um I wanna think it was drink champs and he was talking about being in the same studios jay-z rapping on the same microphones with the same producers but he just not making with jay-z makes that's some people just have that goal gene it's just different I can't I can't explain it you see it you can look at somebody in Tooele go they got something that people don't see the only thing with that is is a like you look at LeBron James and you see and you could tell LeBron James had that gene from barfi you know he was he was just a phenom in high school and for now most genes started right but Michael Jordan mm-hmm he did make his high school team he didn't really start really getting into the swing of things until college and they said that he worked his ass off him did move on but they said other people didn't always if that was the case he would have made the high school team he would have made all those teams if it was just like he always had that goat gene it was just living dormant in him and when he started to work hard he started the unleash his full potential that's it by the way some people got the gold gene and no one ever use it think about all these people that we know that could have been the the best at whatever it is they decided to do but for whatever reason they never got there that's true all right well that is your rumor report were you given your Donald consumer you know man today is Beyonce's birthday mm-hmm you know what I'm saying today is the day that the Queen was born and I cannot believe that Houston with disrespect Beyonce like this on her birthday by disrespecting one of Beyonce's favorite establishments well at least I used to be one of our favorite establishments well take a little trip down memory lane to remind y'all the love that beyonce has for pop eyes oh boy did they I don't think I'm talking about pop eyes no more all right we'll get into that next keep it lockedthis - Breakfast Club good morning [Music]